While The Hubs Was Away

Hello World! I hope this finds you doing well. Hey, I’m posting a second post today. What’s up with that?

I suppose I’m in the mood to get caught up on things.

April 16th – 23rd

It’s that time of the year for new growth. And word is out that there are new baby egrets over at the nearby lake.

Which brings me to the reason our pond is still covered. This guy came for a visit last week, only to discover he was not able to reach the fish, thank you pond net for holding up.

It’s also a busy time in and around the pond.

The fish have spawned several times and I’m working double duty to keep the pond nice and clean. In the process, I think I’m getting a little extra vitamin D.


Monday evening, the hubs called to see if I wanted to watch our show together. While we were worlds apart. Or so it seemed.

Note: If you are anyone that knows me well, you know I’m not a TV person. While I enjoy the shows we watch together, like survivor, Master Chef and Better Call Saul, I don’t bother turning on the TV when the hubs is away.

So on that particular night, he had to walk me thru instructions, just to get the TV on.

Once “we” (the me part of we) got to the right channel, we were all set to watch Better Call Saul.

The fun part was texting between commercials and even during the show. That was my favorite night, as he felt really close.

One day I picked roses from the garden. It makes me happy to bring the outdoors in.


What makes my heart sing – Sometimes things grab our attention without trying to notice. Like this canister at the front of the store in the after Easter clearance sale. Several thoughts that ran thru my mind in like 1 second. 4 dollars and change? really? I love it! It’s cheerful and happy! For that price it’s ours. And so it was. Next year, I’ll have to make a cozy little spot for us to enjoy.


One day the hubs sent a text…”How many pieces of fudge would you like?”

You see, he was in Ft Worth again, staying in the Stockyards next to the candy store where they sell my favorite fudge in the world. Of course not counting my mom’s fudge, her fudge is the best, but only made once a year. That’s another story for another time.

Back to the number of pieces I wanted. I responded “One piece baby, just one.” That was my fudge order.

Well fudge, I didn’t think another thing until he got home Friday afternoon with a couple of boxes of goodies. I wonder if he left enough fudge on the shelf for others. Obviously he was not concerned with sharing. That’s 8 huge pieces of fudge for me. Yeah, he’s not a fudge kinda guy, so it’s all mine.


The best part about this fudge is, the decadence of peanut butter and chocolate in one smooth creamy bite. It is sure to satisfy the craziest of chocoholics.


After the hubs busy week, we decided a laid back weekend was the ticket to rest up. We did enjoy a few dinners out, a quick stop at the ice cream store and a lot of relaxation.

And with that, my wish for you is a Happy New Week.

Blessings – Debbie

Bits and Pieces

Getting Overhauled

Well I’m up for new lenses.

I could already tell my eyes were failing. Turns out, I am in dire need of a bit more oomph. You have no idea how excited I am that I’ll be seeing crystal clear soon! Totally “LOOKING” forward to it.

As of last Thursday, my frames were shipped to the lab.

And I feel blind wearing my old frames/lenses from 3 years ago.


The nose piece hurts my nose – Band-Aids are applied to either side (see image above) for relief. Now all I need is a little sympathy. Perhaps the string orchestra, or even a little violin would work.

On the bright and cheerful sunny side of life, at least I have my old computer glasses. While the prescription is weak, I can still see for reading and computer work.

News to me – I found out I have asteroid hyalosis in my left eye. It’s a benign condition, but something my Dr. will monitor.

The hubs and I both had such a positive experience with our new Optometrist. So much so, that we can finally say the search is over (for our Eye Dr.) after 4.5 years out west.

Monday Happenings

A stroll thru the garden first thing this morning was such a blessing – I especially find our roses add cheerful greetings. I started applying rose fertilizer (every two months) this year and the difference is huge. Trust. And apply to your roses if you haven’t already.


So far we have 14 roses and I’m looking to add more. In fact, I was talking to the hubs over the weekend of how I would like to start some roses from seed in the near future. It sounds much more exciting than purchasing from the local nursery.

Water drops (from the sprinkler) on the rosebud this morning.



I can’t think of a better place to have lunch in the summer. Or in the fall. Or in the winter. Or in the spring.


The sound of birds chirping and the waterfall are all the music I need to enjoy this yummy salad. The only thing missing, is fresh tomatoes from the garden and the hubs. I really wish we lived close enough for him to come home for lunch.


While having lunch, I played with the camera. And took this shot of the bubbles on my glass. It’s crazy the little things that cause a girl to put her fork down to play.


Other Monday chores include laundry and a few other household things. Things that may or may not make a pretty picture. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Back to work! And wishing the very best to you on this first Monday in June. Can you believe it’s June already?

Blessings – Debbie


A couple of things have bugged me. It’s small stuff, really. Nothing earth shattering. But I decided to make a blog note of it, as the little things too shall pass.

Truth – I have not successfully picked up on my healthy eating habits as planned by the 1st of the year.

However, I did have a really good 2 weeks healthy run and had nearly lost the weight I gained over the holidays. And then I fell Flat. On. My. Face. A few days ago. For shame.


What is it about this year and not being able to get control of myself?

Well I started back again today on the plan. And I plan to pick back up with my monthly health status next month. The truth must be told.

Another thing that’s bugging me is my hair. I decided a while back that I would like to let it grow out again.

But this crazy stage is driving me NUTS! Nuts, people!

And I think the hubs knows I really want to grow it out. So he’s been telling me no, don’t cut it, the last few weeks. This is not like him. It’s just not. As he could care less if the stuff is long or short or in between. He really doesn’t care.

And it’s kinda cool to see him tell me no, more like giving me support to get thru this crazy growing out stage. And it’s working, as it would have been long gone a few weeks ago.

I told you, it was little stuff, but I feel better now that I made a note of it. And I think it will help me to keep things in perspective, remind me that it’s just small stuff and to get a grip on the things that really matter.

That’s all for today.

Blessings – Debbie

Work Work Work

And so it was, there were three full days of work + overtime during the evening hours this week.

Turns out, my body is physically exhausted and I told the hubs over lunch (today) that the heaviest thing I lifted all day, is the nail polish. But he questioned that saying, didn’t you lift the lid to the candy jar? Read on to “get it”.

Back to the work part of the post.

The hubs graciously moved all the furniture out of the living room last weekend.

And I started in on the painting of the living room. I was able to complete two coats of the cutting in – Monday.


Then I came up with the bright idea of biting off more than I could chew for the week. On Tuesday I started cutting in both hallways. What was I thinking? I know, right? I worked late as I tried to finish up the last hall.

Wednesday was the day to roll the paint. And by 10 am, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. The living room alone would have been just dandy. But adding two hallways? That was nuts and my wings felt like they were breaking. Nonetheless, I kept chipping away.

And before I knew it, the living room was DONE!


And hallway #1 = Done. I tell ya, I was on a roll and loving the fresh new paint.


By the time Thursday morning rolled around, I had my part in putting what I could back in place.


And the hubs was back home Thursday morning. And guess what he brought, just for me?

Makes me feel a little guilty as he didn’t take any snacks for himself the entire trip (on the plane). Each time they made their way around with the snack basket (chocolate candy included) he took one of these guys for me and didn’t take any for himself. That’s just not right.

Remember the fingernail polish being the heaviest thing I lifted all day? Turns out the lid of the candy jar is heavier. 🙂


Break Time – I had such an amazing break from work (yesterday). And it’s another nice break today. I had another Biscoff and coffee break this morning. Had the best lunch break date with the hubs.

And truly enjoying this Friday. I did have another plan for this week. But it’s just not coming to pass. I had plans to put up the Christmas tree today. I’m so excited about decorating, I can hardly stand it. But for now, the break is necessary. Next week people, there is always next week. Right?

photo copy

It’s so nice having the hubs back in town. We look forward to a nice relaxing weekend around the homestead.

Who knows, that tree may find its way out of the box this weekend.

Blessings – Debbie

Ten Minutes Of Play

Wow, this week started off bright and early. The hubs had yet another business trip out of town (Monday) and I spent all of about 10 minutes playing.

Originally I wanted to scoot to the beach. Play around shooting with sand between my toes. Then have breakfast at one of my favorite beach spots and chill for the day.

But that plan quickly changed the morning of. As all I wanted to do was scoot home and get some major things on my to do list accomplished.

So I stopped by the harbor.

And spent about 10 minutes shooting some of my favorite things while there.


It truly was a beautiful Monday morning.


All was calm and peaceful.


And fun to take a few minutes appreciating the little things.


But I saved my favorite image for last. There is something about this reflection that captures my attention.


Things quickly changed after my 10 minutes of play.

Check back for the update coming – later today.

Blessings – Debbie

Work and Play

The last week has been one of work and play.

First up = Painting and more painting. The walls quickly went from the light blue tint to the light yellow tint.


Play – A play date occurred with my friend after a day of painting.


I still can’t get over how dark it is at 6:30 pm.


But a good meal was certain. I had the Buffalo Wings = Perfection!


Our boys were out of town on business – not a great shot, but it documents our lovely evening.


I’m happy the hubs wasn’t gone too long. And it makes me smile that he thinks of the littlest things he knows I like.


We’ve had 3 dates since his return Thursday. This is his Friday off week. And I consider this to be such a great weekend, it feels like vacation.


Now it’s time to wrap up this post, such that I can get back to our delightful weekend in progress.

Blessings – Debbie

Everything is Beautiful

In its own way.

So today, I tried to focus on things that are not what we would consider pretty. Like the crud scattered on the ground at my feet.

Here is a small heap of debris on the upper terrace. Surely I could find beauty.

I like the way the shadows and light weave in and out.


I don’t have to look far to see other fallen things. Like this tiny old birdhouse I found on its side.


And this little old house too. Turns out, there are a lot of old birdhouses scattered around the property. Now to decide which ones to give a facelift one of these days.


One last shot of a bolt. I love the old rust, it makes my heart sing. This is actually the bolt that holds the front wheel to an old wheelbarrow on the upper terrace.


It was one of those days I needed to slow myself down. Stop. Breathe. Look at things from a different perspective. And enjoy the view.

And now for an update on my Jury Duty – I’ve had to call in and report every evening this week. Something I didn’t have to do the first two weeks. Well, during the first two weeks, they had me calling on Sunday and Monday evenings, both weeks. Then this week, it was a call in every day sort of a thing. So I made my call this evening and was prompted to call back again Sunday evening. Three weeks down, one week of calling in to go. Jury is out on if they need me.

With that, I’m calling it a day.

Blessings – Debbie

Soft and Sharp

Good evening. I find this time of day to be one of my favorite. It’s that time of day when things begin to wind down. The hubs will be in soon. Dinner will be served on the patio in a while. And all feels right with the world.

But today was good too. Food shopping was achieved early morning. I worked on getting an estimate for having some trees in the back cut down. Actually 7 trees will be removed as they are quite invasive. And worked for a while with the camera.

This time last year, I was enrolled to take my very first photography class. I was so excited and could hardly wait for my very first assignment.

This year is a little different. I put my photography classes on hold, such that I can get caught up in the new house. And to take a little rest from school.

But I have no intentions to leave the camera on the shelf. I shot several different objects and tried to frame each one in a unique way.

Taken just before sinking my teeth into this really good melon.


Here we have some succulents. I’m fond of the way these things grow without any TLC to speak of.


Soft and Sharp – Beautiful and Deadly

So I joined a photography Macro Critique group and I love it. Soft and sharp – Beautiful and Deadly is one on the remarks I received on the image below. So I thought it made for a good title too.

Saving my favorite shot of the day for last. With this image, I spent a lot of time finding the angle and how I wanted the subject to be framed in the shot. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.


In the news about my ongoing Jury Duty, I called last evening as I was instructed. And was prompted to call back again this evening. So I just got off the phone and I have to call back again tomorrow. 2 and 1/2 weeks down and 1 and 1/2 weeks of Jury Service to go.

That’s all for now folks, have a lovely evening!

Blessings – Debbie

Finding Myself

Hello peeps! How was your weekend?

The hubs and I enjoyed ourselves around the house as we found new projects to cross off the list. We enjoyed a wonderful “family day” BBQ, where the hubs works. They even had a couple of ice cream trucks on the property passing out “FREE” ice cream. I helped myself to two! Don’t judge.

As the hubs Monday morning alarm rang, I wasn’t quite ready to rise and shine. Perhaps it had something to do with having too much fun over the weekend. And staying up way past my bedtime last evening.

At some point each morning, this is the place I find myself, as I give a cheerful “Hey Babies” while feeding these guys.


After a nice visit at the pond, I grabbed my camera to go shoot some stuff around the house.

This set of old birdhouses (all nailed together as one unit) left by the previous owners has had my attention. They were left all forlorn on the far upper terrace of the backyard.

And one day, I want to make this my project. My wish is to sand the unit down and give each house a bright beautiful color. I have high hopes that it will take on the color of the entire crayola crayon box. And something tells me this will be such a fun project.


All sorts of flowers are in bloom this time of the year. I really don’t know what this is, but I find it so pretty.


Today was one of those relaxing days. A day to find myself. A day to regroup. A day to get lost in thought of where I would like to start the next project.

Of course I would like to paint and get down to the big projects. But, I’ve been on Jury Duty call for the last three weeks, actually this makes my third week with one more to go. I had to call in last evening and then was prompted to call back again this evening. With this in mind, it’s hard to jump into a big project, as I don’t want to leave a mess undone for too long.

So while I’m on Jury Duty call, look for me to be kicking around with smaller projects or just finding myself.

Blessings – Debbie

I’m All Better Now

Something has bothered me for an entire week. And there was not one thing I could do about it.

That is, until today.


The week of frustration was this hair on the back of my neck.


I made a panic call to my salon last week and my girl was booked solid all week. Thoughts crossed my mind, more than once, to take matters into my own hands. Luckily memories  from times past kept me away from doing too much harm. I did some chopping on my bangs (I was trying to grow them out too) this week. I can’t help myself.

The hair cutting frenzy and frustration happened the moment the weather changed. When our temps reach up into the mid 70’s. That’s the precise moment I realized long hair and me do not blend in the spring and summer months. Not that it was hot, but goodness my neck was so hot from all the hair pooled around it.

I took these shots right before my appointment today. I’ll share the after shots tomorrow.

_DSC1352-1 copy

True Story: I woke in the middle of the night last night and had a hard time going back to sleep. It all had to do with the excitement of feeling real fresh air on my neck again.

Another True Story: I told hubby this morning that I was getting this hair cut off my neck today. He said “you better”. I love that he rolls which ever way the wind blows.

Cheers to this amazing beautiful fresh air and the upcoming weekend! I’m all better now.

Blessings – Debbie

My Lenses are Failing

My lenses are failing and I’m not talking about my camera lens.

DSC_2474 copy

I’m talking about my progressive lenses.


With all the photography processing that I got wrapped up in, I discovered my progressives were not able to keep up with me and my computer.

And I realize I’m getting a little older. I realize my eyes continue to fail. And for the first time, I got a pain in the neck from doing too much work on the computer.

Sitting on the computer for hours at a time, I realized for the first time that I have to tilt my head back to use the lower portion of my frames to be able to see the monitor.

Little did I know that could cause such pain. So much so, that for the last three nights I have not been able to use a  pillow.

And the only comfort I could get in the night was to sleep on my back with my head on the mattress.

And the last two days the pain in my neck was a constant nagging pain. I hated complaining to the hubs, but he could tell I was suffering. And all weekend long he continued to try to make me comfortable as best as he knew how.

But the sun did shine down on me today. While I can still feel pain when touching the area, I would have to say I’m 95% better.

Per the hubs request – I made an appointment with the optometrist this morning. The cool thing is this. When I arrived, he already knew my style and had a selection of frames pulled out just for me to get started. Turns out, I fell in love with his #1 pick.

How awesome is it going to be to have a pair of lenses such that I can work as many hours as needed on the computer? Epic, I declare, it’s going to be epic!

Blessings – Debbie

My Cup Runneth Over

I interrupt the holiday posting because I can hardly contain myself. I mean, I put the camera away the day we left Florida (December 31) and have yet to pick it up since we’ve been home.

Today is when it hit me and the urge to get it out was more than I could handle. It didn’t take much when it came to a subject as I had my new favorite coffee cup in the world, in hand.

So that is how this post all came about.

I discovered these cups years ago back home, but for whatever reason, I needed “the one”. The one that fit perfect my hand.

I think they have since worked on their technique and this cup was love at first grip.

It fits ergonomically to your hand as there is a place on the top for your thumb to rest. And the handle, down the side has a place where each finger finds its own little groove. That’s pretty groovy, if you were to ask me.

Of course they make different size handles as not all hands are alike, thus the uniqueness of these guys.

Meet my very favorite cup in the whole wide world!

DSC_1999 copy

What more can I say?


My cup runneth over!

Blessings – Debbie

Finding Me

I find myself back in the world where I’m trying to find me.

I guess I should say that it’s not so much as finding me as it is trying to figure out my new routine until next semester.

So yesterday I started hiking again. My nephew (we adopted him while he looks for a job) joined me in a nice 4 mile hike up and down the hills in the hood. It proved to be a great workout with a few battle scars. I got a fresh blister on my bitty toe. And my muscles ache like mad, especially this morning when my feet hit the floor. Boy was it rough getting out of bed.

And boy was it a harsh reminder that I’m out of shape.

And here I was months ago plowing thru this like nothing.

I told the hubs upon waking that I thought I’d take the day off. I’m dying after all.

So when my nephew approached me (while I was making/packing the hubs breakfast and lunch) to see when we were going to hike. I gave him my “I ache and have a blister and need to rest for a day” line.

He didn’t buy it. He said “don’t you need to keep doing it until it stops hurting?” Nice Buddy, nice way to understand my soreness and bitty blister first thing in the morning. Not to mention I hadn’t had my coffee yet.

I said “give me 30 min”. I’m so glad I did. Thanks Buddy, and I mean it!

The band-aid didn’t help my little toe at all but I managed to kick some butt and knock out those hills. But I’m switching to a blister band-aid tomorrow. Yes, I’m signed up for a 6 mile hike with him in the morning. Yay for having a walking buddy to push me!

In other news, I’m sure you all are dying to know that I found our backgammon set.


Yes, I did! After moving, how long has it been now? Right, 11 months ago. It was in a drawer of a little chest that we never use. I can’t for the life of me remember putting it there, but I did. I found it because we were on a mission to find something, I don’t even remember what we were looking for. But when I found it, you have no idea the joy that came over me! Now the hubs and I are back to our nightly tournaments.

While I search to find things to fill my time, I’m ever so thankful for the little things that have already popped up. I’m sure there will be plenty to fill my time in the days ahead. Things like Christmas shopping and shopping for a Christmas dress and overall looking for a few new clothes. It should be fun!

Blessings – Debbie

I Have A Dream

I have a dream to be all that I can be, no matter where my passion lies.

I have a dream to exceed the expectations I have for myself.

I have a dream to be a great photographer one day when I grow up.  I like to think I’m always growing.  And I like to think of life as one great big growing up experience.

We can dream and keep on dreaming – or we can do something about that dream.

Now that I’ve exhausted photography books and a little two-day photography workshop, It’s time to bring out the big guns.  In other words, It’s time to go back to school.

There comes a time when it’s time to stop dreaming and turn that dream into reality.  Now is the time.

In fact, today is my very first day of school.  And on this very first day, I have a lot of things running thru my mind before I start class.  Things like – What will I learn today?  What will my very first assignment be?  What will I walk away from class holding on to the most?

Would you like to know the most exciting part for me?  I think it’s the anticipation of the weekly assignments.  I’m ready for a challenge as I stand behind the lens.  And ready to take some fun and exciting shots in the days ahead.

Dare to dream, face your fears, challenge your passion and turn those dreams into reality.

But Don’t Stop Dreaming!

Blessings – Debbie

Pass The Tissues

The tissues are piling like snow drifts and I’m *achoo* sneezing in groups of five instead of three.

This is the scene next to me as I recline on the sofa.  Why do I need a fan when it’s 74 in the house?  Good question.

I mentally told myself I was almost better this morning, but my body is telling a different story and so is my squeaky voice.  The truth is in there somewhere.

I believe hubby knows the truth.  He called to see if a bowl of chicken noodle soup sounded good.  He also asked if my favorite pumpkin muffin sounded good to me too.  And it did.

Soon he was home with a yummy bowl of soup.

A baguette

and my favorite pumpkin muffin in the world.

And some good stuff from the drug store to help me get some rest.  Once again, I told myself, I feel better already.

Achoo x 5.  Please excuse me while I grab another tissue and prop my feet up for another nap.  I’m getting better, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Blessings – Debbie