Bits and Pieces

Getting Overhauled

Well I’m up for new lenses.

I could already tell my eyes were failing. Turns out, I am in dire need of a bit more oomph. You have no idea how excited I am that I’ll be seeing crystal clear soon! Totally “LOOKING” forward to it.

As of last Thursday, my frames were shipped to the lab.

And I feel blind wearing my old frames/lenses from 3 years ago.


The nose piece hurts my nose – Band-Aids are applied to either side (see image above) for relief. Now all I need is a little sympathy. Perhaps the string orchestra, or even a little violin would work.

On the bright and cheerful sunny side of life, at least I have my old computer glasses. While the prescription is weak, I can still see for reading and computer work.

News to me – I found out I have asteroid hyalosis in my left eye. It’s a benign condition, but something my Dr. will monitor.

The hubs and I both had such a positive experience with our new Optometrist. So much so, that we can finally say the search is over (for our Eye Dr.) after 4.5 years out west.

Monday Happenings

A stroll thru the garden first thing this morning was such a blessing – I especially find our roses add cheerful greetings. I started applying rose fertilizer (every two months) this year and the difference is huge. Trust. And apply to your roses if you haven’t already.


So far we have 14 roses and I’m looking to add more. In fact, I was talking to the hubs over the weekend of how I would like to start some roses from seed in the near future. It sounds much more exciting than purchasing from the local nursery.

Water drops (from the sprinkler) on the rosebud this morning.



I can’t think of a better place to have lunch in the summer. Or in the fall. Or in the winter. Or in the spring.


The sound of birds chirping and the waterfall are all the music I need to enjoy this yummy salad. The only thing missing, is fresh tomatoes from the garden and the hubs. I really wish we lived close enough for him to come home for lunch.


While having lunch, I played with the camera. And took this shot of the bubbles on my glass. It’s crazy the little things that cause a girl to put her fork down to play.


Other Monday chores include laundry and a few other household things. Things that may or may not make a pretty picture. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Back to work! And wishing the very best to you on this first Monday in June. Can you believe it’s June already?

Blessings – Debbie

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

So the nephew picked up this box of beautiful looking clementines. They are just ok for me, nothing special, other than how beautiful they are to look at.


When the nephew tasted of the real fruit hanging from our trees, he decided to snub his fresh box of fruit. In fact, he announced this morning that the oranges from our trees are amazing after an early morning hike. He proclaimed with conviction as tho I needed convincing. I just smiled and said, “I’m so happy you are enjoying the fruit.” He wasn’t up early enough to know I already had 2 myself.


With plenty of fruit to go around, so much so that it’s rotting before we can get to it all.


It almost seems a shame that these beautiful guys are going to rot in the trash. If I didn’t know better, I would say this is a tasty box of fruit. But I know better, and the nephew will never buy another orange, so long as he is visiting with us.


It’s true, sometimes all you have to do is peel a little to learn a little.

Blessings – Debbie

I’m Not Doing It

Those were my words yesterday when I came face to face with the job I planned to do.

And that in and of itself is quite shocking. Is it old age that changed me? What is it that caused me to dump my job? I really don’t know. Even the hubs was shocked. I can’t begin to put a finger on it. But I do know this about me. It’s hard to press forward with anything when something else takes up residence on my plate. While I’m shocked I put my foot down, I’m happy I took the day to just breathe in peace and paradise.

So on a whim, I asked my nephew his thoughts on going to the beach. And within seconds, we were in the car with our noses pointed in the direction of the deep blue sea.

Upon arriving, we walked out to the end of this pier. And the only camera I had in tow was my trusty cell phone. In fact, my cell was the only thing I had on hand, as my nephew offered to drive. So I had no purse, car keys or anything to tie me down.

Right after I took this shot, he asked if we could walk all the way out there to the cliffs. Sure thing, was my reply.


It was a beautiful day to let go and reflect.


A portion of the pier at low-tide.


Nephew under the pier.


Under the pier


Looking back on how far we had already walked. In fact, this shot does not include where we started.


See the large building in this shot to the far right? Our start line was even further out than that.


Looking ahead, we really climbed over these rocks and made it past that curve (up ahead) and nearly to the end. We wanted to reach the tip, but the rock and hike proved to be a bit overwhelming the closer we got to the end. My nephew suggested we turn around, as I had a couple of close calls (slipping and nearly falling) so we did. He kept saying “step on the big rocks, they don’t move so much.” I must be a slow learner.


 From large rock to smaller rock, we made our way back.


I’m happy he was just as eager to get out of the house as me.


Soaking in the beauty


A journey begins with the first step, I’m glad we took that step.


Ah, finally back to a nice beach where he could slip off his shoes and socks.


From here, we walked another mile or two without having to deal with walking on rock.

He is really good at skipping rocks and I am really good at pulling out the cell phone to capture the moments.


The nephew mentioned staying until sunset or even having dinner at one of the restaurants dotted along the beach. But I could not find it in me to hang at the beach with him, when I wanted to spend the evening with the hubs. So we headed back home.

Surprisingly, the hubs called to see if I would be up for a dinner date last evening and could I be ready to meet up with him in 15 min. 15 min? Not a problem, I’ll be ready!

While sitting over dinner, the hubs asked “how was your day?” It was a fly by the seat of my pants kind of day, all the way down to my last min date with the hubs, and I loved every min of it. And then after dinner, he treated me to Cold Stone for our sweet tooth.

There are times when flying by the seat of our pants is freeing. The liberty to let ourselves go with the flow can be rewarding when we put our foot down and say I’m not doing it, not today.

Blessings – Debbie


I couldn’t think of a better title, as I’ve used that word more than any other word in this post.  So there you have it.

There were a number of things I wanted to conquer today.  One being my toes.

They have not seen a pedi in over a month.  And they were in dire need of a little TLC.  This is not the time or place to share before pix.  You just have to trust me on this.

I love the blue polish I picked up at the grocery yesterday.  It’s just the “right” color of blue.

The name of this polish = Blue Me Away!  Yes, there is an exclamation point on the polish bottle after the name.  Seems fitting as it really blue me away!

While my toes were drying, I got busy on Google Reader and caught up with my reading.

Then I got busy throwing laundry from the washer to the dryer.

While busying myself around the house, I noticed little sprinkles on the surface of the pool.

And then I remembered that we forgot to put the grill cover back on from our BBQ last evening.

Then I realized I needed the camera.  What the camera has to do with covering the grill is beyond me.  I just wanted the camera with me when I stepped outdoors as I didn’t want to miss anything.

Perhaps it’s a good thing I brought it out.  Because this vine will be all trimmed nice and proper when the gardener comes over this weekend.


And then there were two.

I’m glad that there are times in life when goodness shows up.  Sometimes we have to be prepared and on the lookout.

When goodness comes, stop and enjoy the moment.

So the grill did eventually get covered.

The laundry is behind me.

My toes are finally dry.

I had a manicure as well.  My nails are pretty happy now that they are up to snuff again.

I made a run (in the car) to get new walking britches.  I love saying britches.  My grandma calls em britches and I love the word.

One time when I said britches to my step-daughter, she thought I was referring to underwear.  I hope she knows the difference now.

As I was saying, I got new britches and it turned into such a great experience.

Can you believe that this is the first I’ve replaced my hiking britches since I started losing weight?  Me neither.  I guess I have it in my brain that I do not want to buy every stinkin size as I go down.  So I just doubled my britches over in a couple of places and used safety-pins to hold them up.  I’m resourceful like that.

How fun will it be, in the morning, to put on my new britches, sans safety-pins?  It’s going to be epic!

Blessings – Debbie

Coffee – More Than A Dose

It was one of those kind of days when I left the house early with coffee in tow.  As if that wasn’t enough, I hit the local coffee shop mid day.

I sat there with my cup of coffee and my phone in hand.

My phone was the only thing I had to take pix with, so I used it.

I quite like this shot of the waitress and the gentleman across the way.  She knew him by name and they seemed to enjoy each others company as he shared a bit with her about the movie he was watching.

It was a happy place.  And also my very first visit to this quaint little place.  I’m sure it will not be my last.

Yes, it’s the coffee that got me thru 4 different errands and I was back home by 3pm to get ready for our trip.

Hubby treated me to dinner so that we didn’t have to mess up the kitchen.

And the exciting news is this.  I have us all packed and ready to go.  Now if we can get some sleep, we’ll be doing good.

Cheers to fun things to look forward to!

Blessings – Debbie

Tuesday Thoughts

Well here it is, already Tuesday.  And I really had to stop and think about what I did yesterday.  Ah yes, I remember.  I finished catching up on the blog from the weekend BBQ.  I also went food shopping in the afternoon.  Amongst catching up on a few things around the house.

Speaking of Tuesday thoughts, I was reminded again this week of how fast we forget the little things in life and sometimes even the big things.  It was that reminder that spoke to me and confirmed the joy I feel that I have over 6 years worth of blogging and pictures.  While this blog is just over a year old, my original blog was established Jan of 2006.  I hope to keep these thoughts and the chapters of life tucked away in this blog ’til I’m at least 100 years old.

With that, we’re moving right along on Tuesday.  I took this pic a little while ago.  It was taken out by the pool.  I especially love this little flowering bush, but even more so after I played with it in Lightroom.  Love that program, makes me happy.

So hubby has me thinking about what I want to do for my b-day (Thursday) this week.  I spent some time yesterday thinking about what I would like for dinner on my b-day and I think I came up with the place.  My chore today is to figure out where I would like to satisfy my b-day cake/sweet treat on my b-day.  Hubby made a great suggestion this morning.  After doing my research, this place happens to make – from scratch – one of, if not my very favorite cakes.  I’m pretty excited.

Another thing I’ve been researching this week is dance shoes.  I hope to score a pair this week as we’re really looking forward to some private ballroom dance lessons this weekend.  May I add that I can’t wait to West Coast to Mustang Sally?  That’s our very favorite West Coast song to dance to.  Can’t wait to add some new fun moves, should be fun!  Have I mentioned I’m looking forward to Mustang Sal…Oh right, I think you got the point already.

The phone rang a while ago, it was my mom.  She’s on a train from NC down to FL.  She rode up there with my pop to celebrate my nephew’s graduation and she’s bringing the train home as my pop has several more places to go before he can get back home.  She took the train so that she can put another experience under her belt.  She’s cool like that and I look forward to hearing all about her adventure.

Now that I’ve shared a few thoughts, I hope to continue to keep the blog alive with the things that matter most.  Be looking for the little things as they deserve to be remembered too.

Blessings – Debbie

I'm Getting There

Wow, I really did impress myself.  I set a goal to get caught up on the blog and all of the vacation pix by today.  It happened!  I like how the blog allows us to change the date of the entry.  Note:  all vacation blog posts have the correct date assigned to each post.

This is the post where I get caught up from Saturday, May 12 thru Saturday morning, May 19th.

Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13 – This is the picture of what things looked like for us back home.  We chilled, relaxed, rested and basically kicked back all weekend.  And the picture of where we spent hours recharging our batteries.

Monday – While Home Sweet Home was the place to restore our energy over the weekend, we did hit a bit of a rough patch Monday morning.  Why is that?  While we went thru the motions of making coffee and getting hubby off to work.  It was more like, welcome to the day that’s not quite right.  A day I wished hubby could just retire and call it a day.

Tuesday – Tuesday felt much like Monday but better.  Hubby invited me to meet him for lunch.  That seemed just the ticket to brighten my morning and afternoon.  After lunch, I was able to get some much-needed grocery shopping done and I did squeeze in an afternoon nap.

Wednesday – We were getting close to getting back to normal, but not 100%.

Thursday, what did I do on Thursday?  If my memory serves me right, I worked hard on getting those vacation pix in order.  And I blogged.  And enjoyed the garden.

I also discovered I Was Wrong – This fruit tree out back is not a fig tree like I thought the landlord told us months ago.  It’s a Nectarine!  Last Thursday, I walked out to inspect the fruit trees.  Sure enough, the fruit was finally nice and soft and ready to eat.  I had 5 of these guys on the spot with juice up to my elbows while constantly sopping juice off my hands such that I didn’t make a total mess.

Friday Favorites = Wind chimes – Windows open – Birds chirping – Sunshine – A walk in the garden – Fresh fruit from the garden – New shoes – Polish change – and the best part, A lunch date with hubby.  I Love Friday!

Friday Least Favorite Turned Favorites – by the evening = Clean house, laundry done, ironing 100% done, clean sheets and a fresh clean home for hubby to come home to.

Friday – Yes, I finally found my stride and everything seemed back to normal and all was right with the world.

Saturday morning – I enjoyed our beautiful morning and the hand I was dealt.  No alarm, another round of fresh fruit from the garden and it’s the weekend!  Truly a fun-filled weekend to look forward to with the hubs.

This brings us up to speed with Saturday morning May 19th.

Blessings – Debbie

It's Friday

Good afternoon!  I hope your day is moving along in a nice direction.

We had an amazing morning.  Of course we don’t remember much about it as we got to sleep in.  It’s the sleep that was so good for us and I can’t think of a better way to wake up, than being fully rested.

Hubby ended up having to go into work for a few hours.  So I filled in the time by giving myself a pedicure.

Last evening was when I stripped the old polish and prepared my toes for a fresh polish today.

This is the polish I picked up at the grocery store yesterday.  I’ve had such a desire for this kind of green lately.  Only it looked prettier in the bottle.

Is it growing on me?  Do I need a little shade darker?  For whatever reason, it really is starting to grow on me.  A friend suggested a pretty white flower on the big toe.  I think that would make everything better.

After I finished polishing, I ran over to the grocery to redeem a $10 coupon before it expires this weekend.

And in a few min, I’ll be firing up the grill as we have another chicken prepared for the rotisserie.  I have dinner on the brain and I can’t wait!

Cheers to Friday!

Blessings – Debbie

Root Beer

It’s one of those drinks I love but rarely have.

In fact this last week is the first I’ve had one since the summer of 2009.  Yes, I remember, It was when I was invited to our neighbors home in NY.  And I was served my absolute favorite brand of Root Beer.  Stewart’s Root Beer to be exact.   Wish they sold them out here.

Then last week while food shopping, it was as though the IBC Root Beer couldn’t get into my cart fast enough.

So last week became my official Root Beer week.  While visiting my girlfriend, she served up a Shasta and then just the other day my Facebook friend in Germany mentioned having the treat of a Root Beer.  Just the words Root Beer sent me to the kitchen to pop the top of a fresh bottle.


This morning, I was down to my very last bottle.  And popped the top just because it seemed the thing to have on this beautiful Monday.

There was even a day over the weekend when I searched online the top brand names of Root Beer.  I had no idea there were so many highly rated brands.

A&W was what we had at home back when I was a kid.  Not often, but enough for me to remember exactly what all was involved in making our floats.  I don’t dare go down that float path, it could be very dangerous.

And today, Mug’s Root Beer made its way into our home.  I asked the question on Facebook “what’s your favorite Root Beer”?  I got a lot of IBC replies.  But one of my friends said “Mug’s”.  So Mug’s it is this time around.

This week alone, I’ve tried the IBC, Shasta and today Mug Root Beer.  And I have no clue which one is at the top.  Perhaps it’s time for a line of Root Beer shots.  Then again, after this next round, I think I’ll call it a day and let the Root Beer go away for a while.  But I’m sure enjoying it while it lasts.

Blessings – Debbie

The Car gets Beautified

I did a whole lot of sitting while having my car all done up nice and pretty for our date this evening.

The car was washed and the tires are all nice and shiny.  The oil was changed.  Actually, the change was a little overdue and I figured today was as good a day as any to go ahead and get that done.

But you know what always gets me?  It always gets me that the guys changing the oil always try to rake me over the coals.  ALWAYS!  Never fails.  They always find some sort of filter that is dirty and needs changing.  It’s always something.  And I hate the word always but in this case, it never fails.

So today, before they even opened the hood, I mean right off the bat when the guy wrote down the mileage, he told me something or other that I needed to have done.  My response “My husband only wants the $24.00 oil change this time.”  So away he went to get down to business.

As if I didn’t already make myself clear, in he came with two more things that needed to be done.  He said “miss, I know your husband is trying to save on the cost of the oil change, but you really need ___________ and ___________ done.”  I can’t even remember what he said, totally over my head.  But I could have predicted that.  My kind reply  “If you would sir, please make a note of everything on the bill so that I can have my husband look into it.”  Man I’m getting good.  That was easy and I don’t have to sit there making one excuse after another.  And now I have his remarks on the bill so hubby can really check into it.  There is no way on earth I would remember everything they try to shove down my throat.  Not a chance.

The best part of the whole thing is this.  I got to share on the blog the thing that gets me every time at the oil place.  Now I feel I’ve been to group therapy and didn’t have to pay a dime.  I feel better already.

And now my friends, the car is all nice and pretty with a fresh oil change and a full tank of gas.  This means we’re ready to go on a fun date tonight!  Now it’s time for me to think about getting myself ready for a fun night on the town.

Blessings – Debbie

Cajun Shrimp Toes

It may not be what it sounds like, but it sure is a pretty color.  Meet my new polish.  My toes are beach ready this week.

The polish this week turns out to be the brand OPI and color “Cajun Shrimp”.

The components used for the Monday morning home pedi.  I think my pumice slid out of the picture.  But it did make a squeak of an appearance there on the far right.

Clearly the star of the show.  Need I say more?

A few do’s and do not’s that I’ve made a note of in times past.

  • Do make sure it’s a beautiful day when painting those toes – Check, lovely sunny 71 degree day = Perfect polish weather.
  • Do polish the toes in the morning – Check
  • Do not polish late afternoon/evening – See below
  • If I do polish in the evening, make sure it’s a night where I will be up all night long.  And if I do go to bed, just know those toes will turn out with sheet lines all over them come morning – Not today!  But I can’t say the same the last time I polished them.
  • Which reminds me, do not wear socks or shoes all day.  Hate it when I do that – No need for socks on this beautiful day.
  • After polishing, make sure you prop up for a little while to give ample drying time – I propped up an hour longer than I intended.  I got caught up on some much-needed blog reading and time slipped away.  Double bonus!  I think this is going to be one of those home success polish stories to go down in the history books, for me.

In other news:  Our weekend was very low-key.

  • Hubby was sick all weekend.  His head was full of a cold and he just didn’t have the energy to do much.
  • I worked on editing pictures and played in Lightroom a lot.
  • Our printer broke – I think we’re getting a new one today.  Yay!
  • And we talked a lot about our summer plans and trips we plan to make this year.  That was a lot of fun.
  • I picked up some graham crackers thinking they would be a fun snack.  Turns out I can’t control them past the just a snack part.  No more grahams in the house when this box is gone!
  • Turns out I’ve opted for grahams instead of breakfast the last two mornings.  They are quick, easy and oh so yummy with my cup of coffee.  Big No-No!
  • Grahams and all, I still managed to stay within my calories every day.  I just hate it that I would substitute my fruit/veggies for a graham.  For shame!  So yeah, no more grahams, for reals.

And now I’ve blinked and it’s 2 pm on this beautiful Monday afternoon.  Where is Monday going?  It’s time I get the rest of the day in gear, run to the grocery and meet up with the hubby (later) for a little printer shopping date.

Blessings – Debbie

The Battle of the Handbag

For decades, I’ve had an ongoing battle carrying a purse on my shoulder.  I’ve tried to keep them as small as possible and they are not to exceed 3 or 4 pounds.

Oh the many days of going out with hubby and informing him that I’m leaving my bag at home.  I have a thing with lugging around any amount of weight on my shoulders for long periods of time.  There are countless times while out with him that I could really use my phone to reach him.  I may be over in the gardening department of Home Depot while he’s off looking at manly things.  Or sidetracked looking at pretty things while he’s focused on his list.  It’s those times I/we could really use the phone instead of hunting for each other.  Then is when I regret not bringing my purse.

Then there was today when I was off to the mall (with my 3 pound purse) to make a return and pick up a couple of things.  And it dawned on me (again) that both of my shoulders were hurting.   As I continued to switch my purse from left shoulder to right shoulder, I remind myself why I always try to wiggle out of taking my purse anywhere.  And then it came to me, clear as day – I need a clutch purse!

As I made my purchase, I clutched my bag as though my life and shoulders depended on it.

Why I never thought of this before now, I’ll never know.  This little dandy has one zipper on top with two compartments in the middle.  The front has a little snap compartment…

…and the back comes equipped with a zipper compartment.

This was such a joyful moment for me.  This little gem has plenty of room for car keys, cell phone, plastic cards and a little lip stick.  Would you believe I ripped into the bag (in my car) before I left the mall?  I did!  I ripped the price tags off, emptied the paper from it and filled it right there on the spot.  I could not have been happier.  Our very first outing together was to the grocery store.  We really hit it off!

I can almost guarantee one thing.  I don’t think I’ll ever ~ ever ~ ever carry another purse (on my shoulder) again.  Those days are gone.

This little thing made my day…

Blessings – Debbie

A Hodge Podge Good Day

“And if you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

I heard the above quote this week and it stuck.  The photo was taken from our backyard, a place I can truly get lost…

All that’s left of this snail is the empty shell.  From the moment I spied this in the backyard, my instinct was to capture it, so I did.

I never tire of the beautiful flowering trees.

Today was a hodge podge kinda day.

  • Met hubby for a short while
  • Picked up my prescription sunglasses – Love the new prescription!
  • Went food shopping
  • Took care of some business around the house
  • Enjoyed another wonderful evening with hubby.  We got our daily dose of shooting pool and backgammon.

I’ll say it’s been an enjoyable day all the way around.

Blessings – Debbie

Happy Trails To You

Having walked in the wet grass, my shoes were taken off at the patio door yesterday morning.

I didn’t give it another thought ’til the afternoon when they spoke to me as I passed by.

Perhaps it had to do with the afternoon sunlight streaming thru so I took pix of the whole ordeal…

No matter where you go or what you do, here’s wishing “Happy Trails” to all of you this weekend!

Today is Hubby’s Friday off and I can’t think of anything better than hanging out with him.  We kicked around some ideas of what we want to do this weekend.  Namely getting rid of more stuff around the house.  He’s working on advertising on Craigslist, I’m working on getting pix together for him.  It’s turning out to be a great productive weekend.  Oh and we enjoyed a little lunch date out on the town.  I love days like this!

Blessings – Debbie


Today is the day to catch up on the blog.  It appears I’ve taken a very long unexpected break from blogging.

I’m thrilled to announce that hubby and I have been seeking a new healthy lifestyle since mid June.  We’re experiencing good results!

In the above pic, you’ll notice I’m using a “Weight Watchers” jug for my water.  To be clear, I’m not doing the Weight Watchers program.  I’m just eating healthy foods and counting my calories.  Back to the jug, I love it as it holds a whopping 32 oz of fluid.  There are many days I’ll easily drink over a gal of water.


Have you ever taken pix of every single bite you had to eat in a day?  It was August 3rd that I got the notion to photograph my eats.

Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with a generous portion of sautéed peppers and onion.  Topped with 80 calories worth of cheese and loads of black pepper.

Lunch:  After such a hearty breakfast, fruit was all I wanted.

Mid Afternoon Snack:  1 serving of craisins + 30 g of walnuts.

Dinner:  Tuna + Corn + a nice hunk of onion = goodness.  If you’re thinking yuck, you may or may not be interested to know that sardines is also one of my favorite evening meals.  Did you know the little sardine is a giant when it comes to foods?  It’s been dubbed an “Important Superfood”, King of Omega-3’s, Brain boosting, good for joints, High-Quality Protein, without the saturated fats, bone-boosting calcium and known as one of the healthiest fish around.

And that’s a wrap of my food intake for that particular day.  I can’t imagine being a food blogger and taking pix of everything, but I did enjoy the experiment.

August 8 – The day I dug deep into the closet to find an article of clothing to inspire me.

Oats and walnuts are a huge hit.  This is going to keep me on track to get back in that dress.

August 10 – Oh the places I went that morning.  Hubby flew out-of-town bright and early.  I didn’t plan on anything other than to get myself home as we were up at 4am.  But home was not what I wanted to do once I had my cup of coffee.  So I ventured and enjoyed some me time at the harbor and beach for just over 4 hours.  I already have a notion to return again soon…

Lunch on the day hubby left – Lettuce, peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes, ground (Jennie O) turkey burger seasoned with taco seasoning, salsa for my dressing with a sprinkle of (80 calorie) cheese over the top.

August 11 – To say I enjoyed my “Spa Day” would be an understatement.  I’ve been on the hunt for a good hairstylist since we moved to San Diego (nearly two years ago).  Let’s just say “I’ll be back”!  I loved the whole experience.  Next time I plan to stay a while longer to get a chance to enjoy the resort.  I truly was not expecting such a treat…

August 12 – I was such a happy wifey ~ Hubby was on his way home ~ I was down a dress size ~ I was in a dress I haven’t worn since I don’t know when ~ It was such a great day!

August 15 – I was in the mood for a reward while doing my food shopping early that morning.  So I picked up this dandy Prevention mag and found a nice place on the patio to indulge.  I also had a not so pleasant thing happen.  I had my regular cleaning at the dentist and discovered I had a cavity.  The good news “it was small and on the surface” + more good news “no numbing or pain to have it filled”.  The bad news, I was sad, really sad as this makes the second filling in my life.  I guess I just wanted to keep my teeth healthy for life.  Oh well, the world didn’t come to an end.

August 16 – I started walking again.  Do you ever quit something because you have a good excuse and then allow excuses to fill in when it’s time to pick it back up?  Well that happened to me regarding my walking.  I didn’t post this experience on the blog but I did indeed have another fall.  No sooner did my hands heal from my fall (about 6 or so weeks ago) and here I up and fell again!  I don’t even want to talk about it but truth be told, that’s why I stopped walking but not a great excuse as to why I didn’t get right back at it.

August 17 – Cheers!  This brings us to today!  I’m pleased to announce I got my walk in before I so much as had a sip of coffee.  I’ll say that’s a pretty big deal but so worth it getting out there first thing.

With that, we should be pretty much all caught up with August and this makes me very happy!

Blessings – Debbie