Inspiration Meets Concept

We made it to the next photography assignment this week. It’s an assignment that has frazzled  me for days.

Digital Montage – That’s what we’re creating with the images we take.

Montage – the technique of combining in a single composition pictorial elements from other  sources, and bringing them together to make one image.

I spent hours trying to grasp some sort of inspiration that would lead me to a concept.

I had self doubt for a good portion of the week. And wondered If I would come up with something.


During class this week, I was so overcome with passion and emotion from all of the inspiration tossed my way, that a tear or two pooled. I’m such a sap and I’m ok with that.

Then I woke this morning with a concept! I can’t tell you how excited I was to start shooting.

Grape leaves – How would it be if I took images of the leaves and layered them? I would like to add transparency  to some of the areas layered beneath. And change the color too.

It took no time to grab the camera for a little test.

Below is one of the first images I took (without the tripod) Not quite the focus I would like.

But for fun, the color of the leaf was changed. Made me happy!


Then I went back out with the tripod and remote. And shot ’til my heart was content.

And then went to work in photoshop for a bit to see how I felt about it. The below image is just a little test drive, nothing earth-shattering.


To be continued…

Blessings – Debbie

In The Ladies Room

Sometimes I look for inspiration on the internet. And today was one of those days.

I wanted to shoot something unique. Something I’ve never shot or even thought of shooting before.

So I found a photographer looking for interesting shots in the bathroom. And that was just the ticket to get my juices flowing.

So this morning I looked for the bathroom with the most natural lighting. Turns out, the powder room was just the right place. Then I looked for something interesting.


What’s more dramatic than a roll of toilet paper nearly out? The shot below happens to be my favorite shot of the day.


This shot came from the guest bathroom. And I fooled with it in photoshop to make the colors “POP”!


And then I took this shot of a couple of bright shower loofahs, just for fun.


Who knew a girl could have so much fun in the ladies room?

Then I set out to get a few things crossed off my shopping list.

Just so you know, I did finish my book (World Without End by Ken Follett) last evening. And can you believe I had a dream last night about the book? Yes, I was a character in the book trying to solve the troubles of the land. Crazy! This must be a sign that I miss reading the book. TeeHee.

Happy Wednesday!

Blessings – Debbie

Weeds Take on Artsy Look

The dandelions that once speckled the yard have been replaced with clover and so many other colorful weeds.

I rushed out this beautiful summer morning to snap some pics of the weeds before the lawn guy beat me to it.

I even gave a few of my shots an artsy look. The early morning sun was so bright and the rays were like little jewels from heaven.

And a couple more shots of the wild flowers flourishing out back.

And on this beautiful summer day. How about this bowl of bright colorful pasta with some Parmesan Garlic Pretzel Waves.

Wishing each of you a colorful day.

Mosaic Monday

Mary from Little Red House is hosting Mosaic Monday and I thought I’d share a sample of my art.

I was “drawn” to draw these pears last year and can’t stop thinking about the joy each drawing brought.

I’m hoping to use the artistic side of my brain as soon as we get settled into the home we’re currently building, I really miss my art.

This is my first Mosaic Monday post and I look forward to doing more of these fun posts in the future.

Do drop by and visit Little Red House as there will be wonderful Mosaic pictures to enjoy.

Birdbath Finale

I did end up giving it the antiquing medium and achieved what I wanted. I waited for it to dry and added the polyurethane. If you’re reading this and it doesn’t make sense, see post below for more information. Here are a few photos to show her off.

This was taken early evening when the sun wasn’t so bright.

Another thing I did was enjoy a nice 3 hour lunch with my girlfriend Michele. We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants and chilled and had the best visit.

I arrived a little before my date so I took a few pictures while I waited. This was a fun way to help me keep occupied while hubby’s away.

I’m getting ready to run to the grocery as that will give me a little something to occupy my time this evening and I have plans for a movie later on this evening. Hubby will be back to our little nest tomorrow and there’s one happy lady looking forward to his return.

It’s A Birdbath

Or a serving table, or an indoor/outdoor side table. This piece stands 23 ½” tall from the top of the lip to the floor.

I still need to apply the polyurethane this afternoon and I’m still thinking about adding the antiquing medium. Time will tell by this afternoon what I decide. Other than that it’s pretty much finished.

If you’re interested in making one for yourself, here are the instructions and a list of Materials you need for this project.


1 large 18 ¼” terra cotta saucer
2 large 12” terra cotta pots
Aleene’s Patio & Garden Outdoor Adhesive
gloss varnish polyurethane
Apple Butter Brown #819 antiquing medium
Acrylic paints – I used Americana Acrylic Paint (it was on sale yesterday for 77 cents per bottle)
Paint brushes
Sponges – Used these for sponge painting
Paint sponges – I will use this to apply the polyurethane


(First I took the pots to the tub and gave them all a good rinse and wipe down)

1. You’ll be assembling the birdbath/table upside down. Begin by turning the 18 ¼” saucer lip side down.

2. Glue the 12″ pot upside down on the center of the 18 ¼” saucer, lip side down.

3. Glue the 12″ pot right side up to the end of the other 12” pot, end to end.

4. Allow glue to set for recommended time (I don’t) as I get too impatient to paint.

5. Give the entire piece an undercoat with the desired paint color you will be using.

6. Allow to dry 1 hour before adding the final coat

7. Paint on antiquing medium and wipe off the desired amount

8. Seal the entire project with high gloss polyurethane

9. Allow to dry 24 hours

Tips: If using for a table/serving tray. Use a doily or napkin on the tray when serving unwrapped cookies or cakes. Enjoy.

Craft Project

I did, I did, I started my craft project! But not without a little effort as I went to Lowe’s 3x’s and visited two craft stores to secure the materials. After purchasing my pots at Lowes, I found the terra cotta pots 40% off at another craft store, so I had to return my pots. Then after I got home and ready to dig in…the glue I purchased was solid as a rock and no good, so I had to once again make a trip back to Lowe’s to return the glue and get one that was up for the job. It was worth all the effort and I’m already hard at work. Any guesses regarding what I’m concocting? Hint: It’s springtime…


1 large 18 ¼” terra cotta pot
2 large 12” terra cotta pots
Glue – Not seen in the picture
Painters caulk
Caulk gun
High gloss polyurethane
Antiquing medium, apple butter brown
Acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Paint sponges

To be continued…

Week Ended On A Good Note

The last couple days proved to be just what the Dr ordered. I went shopping with a girlfriend yesterday had a wonderful lunch together and I found a few wonderful sales on some things I needed.

Today is another beautiful snow day, I have the easy listening music drifting through the air at a very low volume, and I picked up my pencils for a couple hours. Now I need to concentrate on getting the place all ready for the weekend.

This is where I stopped today.

I’ve concentrated a bit more on the background and have also started to establish some color on the bottle.

This week has ended on a very good note and now I’m looking forward to the weekend with Hubby.

Hello Photoshop – Welcome Inspiration

Inspiration came when I was least expecting. I’ve been thinking about all the fun I used to have in my Photoshop class, way back when. One thing led to another and I grabbed up my camera taking simple shots of items around the house. I downloaded the photo’s and jumped in and got so much more than I ever dreamed.

I not only had fun creating different looks with these simple items but a desire to draw completely washed over me.

Here’s what I started sketching today.

The groundwork for the background is in place and the objects are pretty much sketched.

Below are some samples where my inspiration to draw came from (all thanks to Photoshop).

Post Office Run

A trip to the post office proves to be fun. Of course a trip to the post office is always fun as I’m completely mesmerized in the historic district. Our post office is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the interior is surrounded with beautiful murals.

But first I need to get there, yes, there’s work to be done, the car is already warming and here’s a little snippet of what I got to play in.

I pass by this building on my way to the post office and those red doors always speak to me. I LOVE them! I want to paint our front door red and each time I see these I wonder if I’ll be that bold. Time will tell.

I love the architecture of this place but it’s the tippy top I LOVE most!

This beautiful Church stirs up a child like imagination. I was a dreamer when I was a little girl and I can only imagine the imagination I would have had at this place.

When I look at that door I wonder… Does it creak and what would it be like to pass under that arch? It was so nice to just pause and take a moment …

Here’s a church with a fresh splash of paint – I like it.

I finally arrived at the Post Office (yesterday). It was the day I made sure to have my camera. After I started taking numerous pictures and really giving lots of attention to the art, the post master took note. He asked “Do you know the history of our PO and those paintings”? “No”, I replied. Then is when I learned the details. Those paintings are registered with the Smithsonian. I learned that photographers come from all over to take these pictures and here I was just taking the beautiful art for granted. May I continue to open my eyes more and enjoy these blessings along the way.

Now hubby says that I need to go back with a ladder so that I can be high enough to take those pictures head on! Can you see me now?

A Little Time With Mom

While visiting my family over Christmas, mom and I had a chance to get away for some girl time. My sis-in-law wanted to take in some “after Christmas sales” with her mom and we were invited to join them but mom and I were not really interested in doing that kind of shopping. So we went to visit some of the local area pottery places.

My heart nearly skipped a beat when my eyes feasted on this pottery showroom!

The door commanded a picture

The pottery inside didn’t disappoint.

And the ambiance was so nice warm and cozy.

These appear to be 10th year anniversary plates she creates. I love this idea!

This next place we visited held a rustic rugged charm of its own.

The building in the back is one of his many studio work areas.

This gentleman was a soft spoken man with a warm heart. He and his wife make such a great team and I was so impressed with his knowledge. I’m so happy he was willing for me to take his picture while he was getting this beautiful plate ready for display.

I commented on that plate and how beautiful the detail was and that led him to take us out to his studio work areas for a little tour.

He was commissioned to make 500 cups for a mountain run. Each person that crosses the 20 mile finish line receives one of these amazing awards.

There are no two cups alike as he does all the detail by hand.

He proceeded to show us how he carved them out.

And here’s what the finished product looks like.

He’s so talented and I feel blessed that he went out of his way to share his technique.

One of his many beautiful pieces on display.

A wall of art

So long – This kind man inspired me and I feel so blessed to have experiences like this along the way.

The Pansy’s Return

I’m finally to the point where I can concentrate on drawing again so here’s where we are so far today. I should have a few more updates this week.

Wishing all of you a splendid week!

The Lone Pansy

I’m taking just a smidgen of a break for lunch and thought I’d share the pansy project that I’m working on for Dreams And Beyond. I started working on this project yesterday and I pretty much have the sketch complete. Now I’m concentrating on the foundation by adding layers of color.

A Work In Progress

HTML, Art and Christmas

I just finished all the little finicky things around my site like adjusting the margins and moving my profile from the left over to the right. I’m tellin’ ya none of that went down without me throwing fits with html! I continue to say that I’m through with html and then I dive right back into the slurry mess. However, I love those light bulb moments and I believe one of these days I will embrace html.

In other news: I plan on picking up my pencils next week and I’m looking forward to drawing and getting back into my “zone”. I especially like the part that I’ll be giving this drawing to Dreams And Beyond from India.

I’m debating another free drawing and this time I get to keep something. But it will depend on how much interest there is out there to participate. I’m thinking of launching the next Christmas Gallery Days Giveway around the end of October. Here’s how it would work – I’m looking for a Christmas theme picture. Anything Christmas and the deal is the person I select once again gets the piece of art but I will get to make copies and print out our Christmas Cards this year. I think it is plenty early enough to have this project finished by the end of November but I will need a lot of interest or I will have to come up with something myself. If you have any thoughts or suggestions I’m open, talk to me.

The Winner Of Gallery Days Giveaway

I am pleased to announce the winner of my second drawing giveaway! The winner is – Dreams And Beyond and this is the photo I selected.

I would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to all of you who participated. This was a tough decision and took me a while to finally decide.

Congratulations, Dreams And Beyond! There are a few things I need from you in order for me to get started. I need:

• You to send me your address
• I would like in writing your permission to draw this amazing photo and attach that photo in your e-mail for me please.
• After that, you may sit back, relax and wait for your drawing to arrive.

P.S. – I thought I was going to have some free time on our vacation to draw but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. And I’m lucky to get in a post in now and then. Not to worry, I’ll have plenty of time when we get back home and I still believe I’ll have this done by the deadline.