Springtime in CA 2015

I know, it’s autumn, but I plan to do some spring catching up on the blog. I can’t seem to move forward without catching up. It’s time.

I’m still here. Kicking it and loving life.


In late March, I picked this little vase of goodies from the garden. In hopes to help my sick hubby to feel better. They certainly brightened the space…


Early April – I painted this image with the help of my Wacom and Photoshop.


Happy Easter! We spent the afternoon with friends watching our Red Birds on Opening Day.


A true Cardinal fan and our host.


Bring on the Cardinal color…


The beautiful hostess – Everything was positively delecious!

DSC_0830 copy

Children – Loved taking images of them in and around the pool.





DSC_0805 copy

Bashful – Image taken right after her first bite of dinner…But those eyes and expression…LOVE!


The big boys and girls had it made…


My Red Bird Fan! And my number 1 Hero.


Another early April painting. This is an underpainting (Layer 2) taking on a little shape.


Finished painting.


A little shot of my kitchen window garden with a fresh rose from the garden.


A rose as it begins to drift away. I just love the color!


April 16 – My somebody special on his way to work to present to the customer. I’m happy his meetings went well…


Mid April evening in the garden – Enjoying the last drop of light…


Late April – Amaryllis in bloom.


End of April – We joined Costco! Now that is an event worth noting. It had been 12 years since we enjoyed the benefits of being customers of Costco.


End of April – It’s the time of year when the dragonflies return. They come in all sorts of colors during the season. Here’s a female laying her eggs.


May 2nd – Boxing party was held at our house! The hubs and his buddy putting the brisket on the smoker early that morning. And the sad thing, this is the only shot I have from that glorious afternoon and evening with friends. But the memories are priceless…


Our dear friend gifted us with the beautiful flag (made and painted by her) that proudly waves over our front door.


The heron has landed – I figured a shot was appropriate before yelling at him. Sometimes they are persistent around the fish pond. But my yelling and screaming at them seems to do the trick.


In early May, I had the gardener transplant this tree. I really hoped to keep it alive. Unfortunately, it did not like the new home.


Springtime dilemma is when a girl can’t figure out what color she wants.

photo 2 copy

One of my May dates to Red Lobster with my love = Time well spent.


Another May Date with the hubs at the Cheesecake Factory. Just love this composition at the hostess desk…


An early morning capture of the dragonfly on a net.


And a bee pollenating…


A little capture of the hubs boots at the back door – a nice reminder he was busy in the garden.


My Christmas wish for 2015 came early. As in May early for my birthday! I had told the hubs (months ago – Jan/Feb this year) when I spied this arbor that I would like it for Christmas. Not only did he remember. But he surprised me with this a week before my birthday.


Up on the hill at the top of the winding stair path is where I wanted it. And so it was…


On the morning of my birthday, the hubs knew right where to place the special card for me.


When a statue is larger than life – Sometimes it’s the little things that need to be captured. Just bummed my cell is the only camera I had with me on that May evening night. But a great evening and dinner along the San Diego Harbor with the hubs and a friend.

IMG_2391 copy

May 31st is the day we picked this big guy from the garden – Indeed we kept it on the vine too long, but we grilled it for dinner anyway. The skin was obviously tough but the inside was tender and good.

IMG_2443 copy

One last image – rosebuds in the garden.


And that my friends takes us thru the month of May, 2015.

Blessings – Debbie

Keep Calm and Blog On

That’s what one tells them-self, when said person is a bit more than two weeks behind on the blog.

When one needs to keep calm, it never hurts to have an extra cup of coffee. So I did.

And with this post, I thought it would be nice to say a few blurbs of what’s been going on around here. Sprinkled with a smattering of photos, to keep things real.

Things like – Taking an image of our hard work, what a beautiful wood pile. The hubs did the chopping and I did the stacking. A great big cheers to having that job finished and we will celebrate with many a fire in the fire-pit in the coming days/years.


We started hiking the hood again.


I especially love hiking, just before sunset with the hubs.


I’m back to painting the walls in the house.

Do you know that Christmas music has filled the space in our home, going on 3 weeks? I admit, this is a first. I really don’t know what’s into me, but Christmas is in the air and I feel it. And I’m shopping for a new Christmas tree. I think I found just the one. This is not a non-sequitur people. It has everything to do with painting, as it truly filled the air with every brushstroke and roll of paint with the roller.

Below – A finished image of the family room. The paint color is Behr – Summer Bliss

Don’t mind the stuff on the window ledges, I didn’t have everything back in place when I took this image.


After painting a couple of days in the family room, I took a two-day rest. And I read for two days. The great news = I finished the book for my book club meeting this month.

Fry – Who knew goldfish/fish young were called fry? And that they hatch a brownish color? And they can take up to a year to develop color? And they can change color up until they have fully matured? I’m pretty jazzed with the little yellow and black guy who is changing color before our eyes. And it’s hard to believe that some of the little ones look pretty close to 3″ in size already. I knew none of the above going into this, but it’s a joy learning as we go…


And one day while sitting at the edge of the pond, the reflection begged to be captured.

Speaking of the pond – The fountain sprung a leak and water was seeping out (a little drop at a time). Thankful for a good pond guy who was able to repair the leak for us last week.


Speaking of repairs – The washing machine broke last Thursday.

The best load for the washer to break = the last load. The load you debate even throwing in the wash. You know, a few sweaters that would be nice to have fresh for our cool San Diego nights. I was feeling a bit smug (Thursday evening) to have all the clothes put away and the ironing all up to snuff.

And it’s still in need of some tender loving care. But I have hopes that the appliance man will have things under control tomorrow. Fingers crossed…

I have to put in a big plug-in for the St Louis Cardinals, the hubs hometown and team since childhood. The hubs predicted (before the playoff series) that they would nail it in 6, in honor of #6. What do you know, he was right on the money! We’re looking forward to our Cards in the World Series!

We helped our friends do a little moving down here from LA over the last two weekends. And we enjoyed a nice dinner with them last weekend.

Snapped this guy on one of my little outdoor garden jaunts.


The garden is one of my favorite places to relax.


Let there be birthday cake! Red velvet birthday cake. I whipped this guy up over the weekend.


Our daughter came for a visit (down from LA) and it was her birthday. I couldn’t think of any other cake to bake, than her favorite red velvet.

And I decorated her card with fingernail polish. It’s my new favorite way to decorate the envelope.


 Twas a big celebration weekend of whining and dining.


I spent a bit of time in the garden this morning. Remember? One of my favorite ways to relax.


And shot several images.


 And sipped on coffee.

And spent some time on the phone with my pop.

And I’ve been really good about staying out of the leftover ice cream. I call that a big accomplishment.

And I’m ever thankful we sent “ALL” the leftover cake with Kristy. Lord knows I would have a hard time staying out of that.

And I feel blessed getting this new week started off on the right foot.

Blessings – Debbie


Family pictures are some of the most treasured things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Mine included. My parents and the memories we made over Christmas are priceless.

Mom and Pop


Wise Guy – there is always a wise guy in the family. I don’t recall who placed pop’s hat on like so, but it struck a funny bone. During my photo shoot, of all things.


And during a photo shoot, one must be ready to continue capturing those moments. Mom currently uses the photo below as her profile pic. And I kinda like that.


Now my baby brother, it was his birthday. And we were discussing different angles and laughed at which was his best side. He’s a funny guy.


Mom, in mom fashion made his favorite cake, the German Chocolate Cake. This shot looks legit, but look at that right hand reaching for his fork.


It didn’t occur to us that he would actually eat the whole cake.


It even got a little dicy when he took matters into his own hands. I can’t say that I blame him.


But I can confirm, it was the best German Chocolate Cake ever!

I’m thankful to have him for a brother. I’m glad we’re friends and I’m thankful he has a wonderful loving family to come home to each day. It’s these blessings that puts happiness into the everyday. And the older I get, the more I realize how blessed we are.

P.S. I still have more family pictures to post, but I’m just trying to keep up on the blog by chewing on this bit by bit.

Blessings – Debbie

Now This Is A Strange List

It’s been said “if only” I didn’t… But truth be told, I’d like to think that there is a time and place for all things.

What about going off the deep end? I could say the same for that. Dive in, but know what you’re getting into first.

Too much is too much…Perhaps it’s good to know when the party is over. But while the party lasts, enjoy it!

And the point? Well in the end of all the hoopla, festivities, Christmas and partying, my body reached rotten bottom.

DSC_2043 copy

Would I do it all over again? Of course I would.

I had the idea of posting all of the sweet things I consumed during the nearly two weeks we were away. Just for kicks.

  • Biscoff – those yummy cookies on Delta – I will not disclose the amount eaten
  • Candy bars from the hotel vending machines – too many to count – but wonderful memories with the hubs as we had our sweet treats while playing the backgammon game we brought for late night tournaments.
  • Pumpkin Muffin – from Panera Bread – Enjoyed a nice date with the hubs and sweet treats to end our meal. The hubs had the pecan braid, his favorite PB treat.
  • Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie – from Panera Bread
  • Sweet treats at the wedding
  • Cold Stone Ice Cream – No way of knowing how many trips – Special memories – Especially after dinner with my bro and sis-in-law one evening.
  • Starbucks – a few times – Especially the night we visited with my bro and sis-in-law – after dinner AND Cold Stone, we visited Starbucks until closing.
  • Homemade Banana Bread – At mom’s house Christmas morning with coffee. The BEST!
  • And the sweet goodies consumed at mom’s during Christmas week.
  • Peanut Butter Fudge, mom makes the Best! It’s the #1 sweet thing I remember most during the holidays. Oh, she makes it with the crunchy peanut butter, my fav!
  • Little mini cherry tarts – From mom’s kitchen
  • German Chocolate Cake – Again this came from mom’s kitchen to my little bro for his Birthday. I consumed two (big) pieces alone.

So who makes a list of the sweet things they consumed? It’s a crazy list if you were to ask me. Anyone reading this probably thinks I’ve gone off the deep end. Allow me to confirm, I did!

And my system feels rotten. But I say all of that to say, these are a few of the sweet things I remember. The things that make a wedding, a wedding and Christmas, Christmas and special visits with family blended with coffee complete.

DSC_2039 copy

And for those things, I’m thankful.

And I’m thankful for new beginnings, new starts and a fresh new me that is beginning to feel back to normal.

And I kinda like that too.

Blessings – Debbie

My Birthday Weekend

I had such an amazing birthday and it feels like 3 solid days of celebration. It’ll be hard letting hubby go tomorrow.

Hubby took me to a nice little birthday lunch yesterday. And he took my birthday picture at the restaurant.

And another

I was trying to sneak a picture of my dearest (he was looking away) but he caught me with the camera juuust over the table.

Then he did this and made me laugh.

And then he smiled

And he paid for my lunch

Twas such a happy day, thank you My Love.

We woke early as we had a meeting with the builder first thing this morning.

Hubby and the builder making their way around the front of the house

We’re pleased with the progress and the builder has hopes to have the roof complete this next week.

They framed the front door area last week and their hard work is paying off.

We’re hoping to have the electric and pluming under way in the next couple weeks.

After our meeting with the builder we were starving for lunch. A self portrait of us.

We had our own deserts this time (we normally share if we have desert)

I had chocolate cake made with pudding – Let me just say this baby was moist, fudgy, warm and drizzled with warm fudge with a dollop of whip cream. For honesty’s sake, I ate nearly the whole thing. It definitely passed my taste test.

And hubby had fried cheese cake with ice cream in a raspberry sauce, drizzled with chocolate. It looked amazing.

Hubby and I came home feeling stuffed to the gills and took a nice Monday afternoon nap and all feels right with the world.

I’m heading up to meet hubby tomorrow afternoon as we have a meeting with the flooring place as well as the cabinet place. We’re pulling the trigger on our cabinets and they should be in in the next 5 – 6 weeks. The excitement is building as it gets closer to move in day.

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day. May we never forget those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

It’s My Birthday – Message

I’ve always loved life, each and every day of it and the older I get the more I love right where I am. I love the passage that brought me here and I look ahead to many more amazing journeys. As hubby continues to say “I’ll take you places you’ve never been” and he has so many times.

I feel blessed to be with my true love and thankful to have the perfect lid for my pot. I can’t thank God enough for this blessing just for me. I feel so unworthy.

One of our 8th anniversary pictures – almost 2 years ago.

I’m following my dreams of being a potter when I grow up and one day soon I’ll be back at the wheel in my studio.

One of my several booth areas at a show a few years ago

A different event when I captured a pic of a very happy lady to get my piece of pottery. I love seeing the customers after they select one of my pieces. I think I get more joy from it than them.

I’m living healthier and even though we splurge on deserts or dinners out (like yesterday, today and tomorrow) I’ve still been able to maintain my weight loss. I still have a few more pounds to lose and I intend to get right on that, soon…not today or anything, you know how it goes…why put off today what you can put off ’til tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Do I hear an Amen?

I’m thankful to God for the little blessings in my day to day life. I’m still growing and have so much more to learn but He’s always faithful to me and for that I’m blessed. I have a deep sense of peace and the knowledge that God’s got my back. That’s amazing to me and I love that sweet blessed assurance.

So at the turn of each new year, I’m blessed to be here and today I wish…

  • I wish to make a difference and show kindness to those who need to be uplifted.
  • I wish for peace starting with me
  • I wish to be the best wife for my husband
  • And can’t think of anything more than wishing for each person to feel God’s amazing Love.
  • Love is the greatest gift and that’s what I wish for each person on my birthday.
  • And Pop, I wish you a very special Birthday today too; I’m blessed to have amazing roots and blessed with a great family. I love you Pop and I love it that we share our birthdays!

Pop and me back in the 70’s

Mom and pop on their 40th wedding anniversary a few years ago

I’m celebrating my 41st and my pop is celebrating his 65th birthday.

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I celebrate my 38th birthday. I woke up this morning with Hubby holding me and giving me special birthday wishes.

As I finished packing his lunch he was ready for work and presented me with my special card and gift. He always chooses the nicest cards and gifts. My gift was wrapped so beautifully that it was too pretty to open. Hubby apologized for such a small gift as I was opening the tiny box and out popped an iPod nano. I have so many awesome songs that I can put into that iPod and I will begin the process today! Maybe in a few weeks after I have it all figured out and post a list of my top 20 songs by artist and title.

I got another really cool birthday gift this morning. I just received a phone call and right after I said hello there were 3 voices singing Happy Birthday to me. It was my nieces and nephew. They sang the whole song through while I sat here with the biggest smile on my face. After their song we had quite the interesting conversation about American Idol talking about our favorites and who we were sad to see leave so early. One thing for sure, we were all in one accord when it came to Taylor Hicks!!! The girls used their mom and dad’s cell phones and the house phone to place as many votes as they could.

From the time I was growing up Birthdays always had special meaning for my brothers and me. We were meant to feel like Kings and Queens on that special day. We got to choose the meal of our dreams and tell mom what kind (flavor) of cake we wanted. Mom always made those special cakes tailor made for us. Our birthday cake was always a “big surprise” too. She would cover that cake and not let us see it till that special moment when we were to have the “cake cutting ceremony” or something like that. I received flower cakes, doll cakes and an assortment of cakes while growing up and I wish I had some of the pictures to share, but I don’t. The pictures remain in my head and I have a visual image of them there. My birthday was a day I shared with my dad so I think he got cheated on the choice of food. Dad was 24 years old on the 24th of May when I entered this world as his daughter.

Pizza was ALWAYS my #1 choice meal for my birthday and I am going to carry on with that tradition tonight. I want Papa Johns pizza, thin crust with pepperoni and mushrooms. Oh that sounds so yummy as we have not had Papa Johns in a very long, long time. I’m also going to sit and watch American Idol while I’m enjoying my favorite pizza and hopefully watch Taylor Hicks become our American Idol as another birthday present tonight.

Happy Birthday Hubby

I woke up this morning singing Happy Birthday to my beloved husband. He has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. He’s the brightest light in my day and has the warmest heart.

He What?

  • He tells me he loves me multiple times each day
  • He contends that he loves me more
  • He always knows how to make me smile
  • He calms me when I feel anxious
  • He sings special love songs to me
  • He blows kisses when he’s across the room from me
  • He thanks me for being his wife and for being here with him
  • He shows appreciation for the things I do for him
  • He makes me feel like a queen every day
  • He’s always happy to see me at the end of the day and welcomes me with open arms
  • He knows I need affection and provides hugs whether I need them or not
  • He works hard every day to provide for his family without a complaint
  • He calls his mother and always asks what she would like for him to send – whether it be a goodie box, stamps, thread for her needle work, address labels or whatever her heart desires, and she can consider it done.
  • He knows my deepest thoughts and wishes
  • He calls me sometimes from work and the conversation goes something like this

Hubby: Hi honey

Debbie: Hello My Love

Hubby: Are you busy tonight

Debbie: No, never too busy for you

Hubby: How would you like to join me for dinner…

  • He graduated at the top of his High School class and his sister never even knew ‘til she was here visiting and looking thru his HS yearbook a couple years ago. He’s brilliant and as a child gifted but he never flaunts it.
  • He completed his Masters while we were in Korea. I’ll never forget how gifted he is passing his classes with A’s.
  • He’s the only one in this world for me
  • He’s just what I needed in every way and I’m so thankful he picked me to be his wife