Finding Beauty In The Little Things

Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.

I thought of that quote while I was out making another fuss over the dandelions that are taking over the back yard. Why not make a fuss over the things that may not be the best?

When I look out back it’s so pretty seeing this burst of color.

On such a pretty warm day

It appears I’m doing a full study on these little things

Dissecting their every angle

As they reach for the sky

While the grass frames each little one

This has been fun and I’ve enjoyed dissecting the not so glamorous flowers, finding beauty in the little things.

A Golden Day

Hubby and I are enjoying a very nice relaxing weekend and experiencing summer type weather.

The dandelions are popping up all over the place sprinkling the yard with lots of bright golden color.

So I took advantage of them while they’re here.

If I were a little tiny bug, this is how big the world would appear.

And she’s so pretty and golden

It’s so much fun getting on their level

The three musketeers all lined up with an added touch of a few butterflies.

The backyard dotted with so much color

May your weekend be bright and blessed.

Dew Kissed

An overcast day is what we have splashed with a bit of misty rain = April showers and dandelion flowers.

I noticed our weeds dandelions popping their little heads up through the blades of grass this week.

So I took numerous photos of them early this morning before they had a chance to fully open for the day.

This picture was a fluke but a happy coincidence as I didn’t even know the dew was there.

I came in and downloaded the photos immediately after taking them and was quite smitten with the picture above. I must have tried taking a 100 or more pictures of the dew and nothing, absolutely nothing. Then I tried misting the weeds with water and I still couldn’t get another dew shot to save my life. So I’ll just have to smile at the only one I got out of the whole bunch.

So mileage, that’s what one shot is getting…mileage people. She was cropped into several different portions to come up with this little collage.

And the group of buddies will continue to live happily ever after ‘til the lawn guy comes callin.

And here’s a few shots I took at the exact same time I took the photos above. As you can see, the dew does not seem to appear.

Hmm, now that I think about it…perhaps it was the one and only shot I took with a flash. I remember turning the flash off…If you look really close, the dew is there but I believe it’s the flash that made it sparkle in the first photo. I need to remember that next time.

You are all still very pretty in my eyes though.

Springtime Attire Or Not

Sha spring is coming and little dresses are waiting to be worn. I purchased this little dress weeks and weeks ago to wear to Hubby’s daughter’s graduation.

The weather sure needs to start cooperating though or I’ll have to find something else.

I was in need of some black heels to go with my little black dress and today I found the perfect comfy pair that I can’t wait to wear.

These little numbers are so comfortable – not too high but high enough…

Oh the places we have to go…

Hubby and I enjoyed a nice weekend filled with so many blessings. We shopped, had a couple fun dates and celebrated a wonderful Easter together.

We’re off to a brand new week with so much to look forward to.

A Little Moonshine and Daylight Splendor

I had the desire to check in on the moon last evening after the sun bedded down. The goal was to check on it a bit earlier than the previous evening.

I applied a few different settings and here’s what we came up with.

It was so pretty observing the moon rise just over the treetops.

I believe this particular shot was the twilight setting as I remember the flash going off with it. For all the other shots I didn’t use the flash.

Who knows what setting this was on but one thing for sure…I’m not a tripod. Sheesh, that camera can be so sensitive.

One more shot

Morning broke with birdies singing while I soaked in the beauty of the day.

Caught him taking flight

While he sings his little tune way up there on his perch

Some trees have yet to blossom while others burst with colorful energy.

My friends were making their little morning rounds.

I’m a little bashful this morning, ya mind?

She radiates self-assurance

We must be going now

HEY! Back off or I’ll kick.

Okay, the crazy lady can take a hint…but I thought we were really good pals? Perhaps I’ll share some of my apple with you? How does that sound?

Apple, did somebody say APPLE?

I talk to the deer as if they completely understand what I’m saying. I read their expressions just like I know what they’re thinking. So I admit, I talk to the animals and we bond beautifully.

Many blessings ‘til we meet again.

In The Backyard

It’s a perfect spring day and I took advantage of it by spending some time in the backyard. I spent some time looking up…

Looking up while passing under the pine

Looking up while passing under this tree with all kinds of life.

Looking up at the bird feeders

Filled and ready for customers

And another

We mustn’t forget the squirrels

The customers arrived while I patiently waited for them

I also spent some time looking out. Yes, looking out into the brush, as I could see my friends hangin’ out, rather watching the crazy lady.

My buddy on the left is not quite sure what to think and I see you over there on the far right.

He felt so much better after I warmed up to him

She looks so sweet and innocent

And they look curious as ever

Hey, I see you!

I certainly enjoy my surroundings and I’m thankful for the simple little things.

Happy Spring!

The Majesty Of Spring

How majestic is spring? It has a way of piercing my heart with utter joy and causes me to do double takes every time I get the chance. It was yesterday morning when I noticed these blossoms outside our window.

This was taken yesterday when we had a tiny glimpse of blue skies scattered with white fluffy clouds. I believe this blue sky only lasted 20 minutes or less as we had lots of clouds and rain yesterday. We’re getting more April showers today as well. Yea for the rain, bring on the flowers and blossoms!

So after I flung open all the curtains, I had to have a deeper look for myself so I continued to soak in all these little clusters for a very long time.

Here’s a little close up view

And another

Happy Spring – It’s here at last!