The Good – Bad – And the Ugly

There are times I struggle with a blog title. Like today. It’s the best I could come up with.

We got robbed Saturday night! That pesky squirrel robbed our fish of their food. GRRRRR. Words from the hubs. “I wonder how squirrel would taste smoked over apple wood on our Big Green Egg.”


Speaking of the Egg, this is the beer can chicken we smoked (with the above mentioned apple wood) over the weekend. It turned out so juicy, flavorful and pull off the bone yummy!


We worked a bit more with the wood pile. It’s the wood we saved from having all those trees chopped down 4 weeks ago. We kept the cedar and willow for the fire pit. Luckily, we are almost finished with the chopping and the stacking of the wood. The hubs chops and I do the hauling and the stacking. And it’s working out just dandy.


Up To No Good Monday

For starters – I went to war with a rather large black and yellow snake. The stinker startled me (about three feet away from my foot) as I was on the upper terrace working. So I used the long metal pole that was in my hand and started beating at him all the while yelling “GET – GET!” He dodged my blows. Apparently I don’t have a good aim. And it seemed that he was zigging while I was zagging and just like that, he slithered away. And I held my ground and kept right on working.

Then late afternoon, I fell over the wood and managed to scratched up my arm, eye and gave myself a knot on the noggin. That’s when I decided to call it a day.

And then, of all things, I cut my bangs. And I got busted by the hubs when he walked in the door, yesterday. He will never figure out why I don’t go to the stylist. And I often wonder when/if I will ever learn. On the bright side, they will grow back in no time.

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And now I’m putting this post to rest. Later!

Blessings – Debbie

Deer Speaks

This is the hottest thing off the press at my house. My friend has learned to speak. We’ve been communicating nearly two years but she finally spoke this morning!

See, here she is asking for the apple that I promised the other day, remember that?

I do keep my promises and here’s some apple she generously shared with her family this morning.

Our sunrise this morning.

It’s truly a beautiful spring day although hubby’s having a hard time believing it’s spring. As he states…the summers up here are like winters in FL. He’s beginning to wonder if he’ll ever get to experience summer, let alone spring.

A Little Moonshine and Daylight Splendor

I had the desire to check in on the moon last evening after the sun bedded down. The goal was to check on it a bit earlier than the previous evening.

I applied a few different settings and here’s what we came up with.

It was so pretty observing the moon rise just over the treetops.

I believe this particular shot was the twilight setting as I remember the flash going off with it. For all the other shots I didn’t use the flash.

Who knows what setting this was on but one thing for sure…I’m not a tripod. Sheesh, that camera can be so sensitive.

One more shot

Morning broke with birdies singing while I soaked in the beauty of the day.

Caught him taking flight

While he sings his little tune way up there on his perch

Some trees have yet to blossom while others burst with colorful energy.

My friends were making their little morning rounds.

I’m a little bashful this morning, ya mind?

She radiates self-assurance

We must be going now

HEY! Back off or I’ll kick.

Okay, the crazy lady can take a hint…but I thought we were really good pals? Perhaps I’ll share some of my apple with you? How does that sound?

Apple, did somebody say APPLE?

I talk to the deer as if they completely understand what I’m saying. I read their expressions just like I know what they’re thinking. So I admit, I talk to the animals and we bond beautifully.

Many blessings ‘til we meet again.

In The Backyard

It’s a perfect spring day and I took advantage of it by spending some time in the backyard. I spent some time looking up…

Looking up while passing under the pine

Looking up while passing under this tree with all kinds of life.

Looking up at the bird feeders

Filled and ready for customers

And another

We mustn’t forget the squirrels

The customers arrived while I patiently waited for them

I also spent some time looking out. Yes, looking out into the brush, as I could see my friends hangin’ out, rather watching the crazy lady.

My buddy on the left is not quite sure what to think and I see you over there on the far right.

He felt so much better after I warmed up to him

She looks so sweet and innocent

And they look curious as ever

Hey, I see you!

I certainly enjoy my surroundings and I’m thankful for the simple little things.

Happy Spring!

Winter Wonder

Today was a positively gorgeous snow day as the flakes gently fell to the ground. Our visitors made their daily trek through the backyard and I enjoyed their company.

She is just too cute coming up into the yard.

Best Buds

They’re so beautiful

I think she’s waiting up for her baby that’s lagging behind.

Love that snow on her back – That’s called automatic cooling

One last glance before she’s off – See you tomorrow deer friend!

Deer Pets Or Meat – Or A Little Of Both

I have such a soft spot in my heart for the deer (my backyard pets) as I feed them occasionally and give them lots of my undivided attention. Each time I hear a hunting story, I think of this…

The sweet little thing was just laying out there chilling in my back yard yesterday afternoon.

I went out for a photo shoot and here she is posing after I interrupted her little rest.

Looking at me

Looking away

Something has her attention

Sure enough, her sweet friend

After all that I must say that I had my first taste of deer meat while visiting my family for Christmas. My nephew went hunting with his uncle and they came home with a deer! My brother commenced to put that meat on to cook that morning and by late evening that meat was so tender and liked to melt in my mouth good! It reminded me of roast beef and I could definitely go back for more! I just have to stop thinking about this…

Because they melt my heart.

Good Morning

I can’t seem to get enough of the early morning beauty out our back windows.

November 18th sunrise

November 19th sunrise

Friends that dropped by this morning

A stroll through our backyard

So long my friend!

The snow from the last two days is nearly gone but I have a sneakin’ feeling there’s a lot more to come! It dipped into the high teens this morning and I nearly kicked myself for standing with the door hanging wide open while taking my morning pics. My measly excuse is that my tootsies liked the warm carpet vs. the concrete to stand on. The heater is cranked and I’m off to enjoy the day drawing.

The Cleaning Crew Is Here

My mind has been in a whirlwind of late with thoughts turning towards transformation around here. So I got out my trusty broom and dustpan and swept all the old formatting away. And scooped up a new format to provide a fresh new look.

While I had the cleaning crew at my fingertips, I decided to change the wallpaper and get things ready for autumn while I was at it. So don’t mind me while I’m sweeping around your feet, it shouldn’t take me too much longer to get situated.

And the picture for the day is one of my favorite little creatures that hang out around our place. This cute little guy was out front on the stone as I was running out to do errands yesterday. I can’t believe he held so still for his picture as they always flee the moment they see us. I think he likes me.

The Challenge Is On

The tulip is moving right along. However I can say I’ve had my fair share of challenges. The green hazy stuff in the background has puzzled me from the beginning and it seems to be right there in the front trying to upstage that tulip.

I sought out some help from my online artist buddies and was given some pretty cool advice. So we’ll just have to sit back and wait for that green hazy stuff to be put in its place, back further in the distance where it belongs. I’ve got my work cut out and I’m so ready for the challenge.

Speaking of challenges, I feel challenges are stimulating and worth the fight. There were days when I felt that haze was not doing what I wanted it to do. I wasn’t getting the cooperation out of it that I wanted. And the more I continued to do what I thought needed done, the more it was in the lime light.

I was a bit discouraged yesterday when I had done all I knew to do when my buddy pulled through for me. She gave me such a clear visual and the light bulb finally went off inside my head. I woke with fresh eyes, and a wonderful ray of hope knowing that it can be done. This may take a little longer than I expected but it will be worth the wait!

Gallery Days and Giveaway is still on for this weekend so be sure to come back as I want to give another drawing away!

These turkeys were my brief guests this morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed the little visit I had with them.

Feel free to come back anytime!

A Special Family

I’ve been enjoying the cooler weather with the windows open when I heard a deer cry this afternoon. I looked up there she was looking at me just about 15 feet away.

I went back to drawing and forgot about it until I heard her cry again. Well her cry went straight to my heart and I cut up a bunch of apple and tossed them out the door. I think she must have been looking for her baby as they didn’t come back ‘til this evening. It was so nice to see the family linger a while longer as it took a while for them to finish the apples. I never tire of seeing this special family.

Summertime And The Livin’ Is Easy

I just love that song and thought it would be the perfect title. I could continue singing but I’ll spare you this time. For the record, I continue to embrace summer and am gradually admitting that I actually am enjoying these days. Did I kinda just admit I like summer? Think I did. Yesterday at 3:30 pm it was 76 degrees with the most beautiful blue skies and I’m finding the summer months to be quite enjoyable. It’s never been a steam bath when I open the door to go outside and the evenings are always nice and cool. Sure we’ve had a few warm days but nothing like the summers I’m used to. I still can’t believe that. As my Bobby states, this is like “winter” in Florida and that’s no joke.

As I was on my way out the door to run errands I spied this deer in the yard.

I made a little noise to get his attention and he just looked at me like this.

The weeds continue to grow.

Our wild flowers/weeds continue to grow and I’m still as mesmerized with them as ever. I’m not used to wild flowers lasting this long into the summer but they continue to flourish. The pictures above and below were taken from my yard yesterday afternoon.

I would like to get some shots of the beautiful butterflies that I constantly see but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Oh yea, I would love to capture the cute little chipmunks too. We keep seeing them all over and they are so much smaller in real life than I thought.

I know, I know-wwwa I’m still sounding like a rookie up here and that’s because I am. I’m still amazed at all the little differences in nature than I’m used to. And it seems each new season brings with it new and exciting things for the eye to behold.

I’m on a summer kick folks, look out!

My New ‘Outdoor’ Pet

It’s been so beautiful these days and the deer are ever hanging around as the neighbors have been feeding them out front since before we moved here. Tonight was the first for me to feed this deer and he was such a happy fella. I cut up some green apple and tossed it out the door and before long I had company. I kept the screen door open so that I could get a picture, and he sure did keep an eye on me.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was just over a foot tall and to us he seems to be growing quite fast. He was so cute all speckled white and I may just have to adopt him as my outdoor pet.

Beauty In The Backyard

Last evening while wrapping up a few household chores, this is the beauty I spied right outside the window. I grabbed the camera and by the time I reached the window there were 3 of them! The sad thing is this is the best shot I got.

Magic Gets A Haircut

Magic is our little black furry friend who has the best disposition. Magic has been with Hubby for 16 years now. He is trained well and is not allowed on counters or the furniture, but he does have his very own plush bed that he loves. He has the cutest meow and we have many friends tell us that he sounds like a bird. He loves Doritos and look out if there is an open bag in the house he will be right there begging for a Dorito with his little chirp. Our little feline also has a hair fettish. He loves anyone to let him play with their hair. I sometimes get down on the floor with him to let him play in my hair and he gets so frisky and silly, you would have to be there I guess.

I was never really a cat lover and always loved dogs more. I was allergic to some cats while growing up so I never really hung out with them. I remember waking up and my eyes being nearly swollen shut and from then on I stayed away from cats. Magic has grown on me through the years, and we actually got along too good yesterday.

It was time for Magic to get a bath even though he had one two weeks ago. His beautiful long black hair was matted together really bad. We are upset at the last place we took him to get bathed as I think they left soap in his hair and did not dry him and brush him out well. By the time he dried and after about a week, we noticed he was all matted, poor kitty & Debbie. Yesterday I bathed him and rinsed him out really well, I used the blow-dryer on him and brushed him the best I could. I then proceeded to use the electric clippers on him. Magic, Our beautiful Feline Friend looks a little worse for wear and tear but at least daddy is ok with what I did. He really does look bad as I cut close to two inches off his beautiful long charcoal mane.

Needless to say both kitty and I were completely exhausted last night. I had my shower and pj’s on by 7:00 and Hubby and I were in bed by 9:30 last night. Oh what a good nights sleep will do for the body!