A Weekend to Remember

I remember so many wonderful things over the weekend. So I guess it’s time to document these precious memories.

Memories like this rose blossoming – it was fun to watch over the last couple of days.


And catching this vivid pop of purple. I’m not really fond of this plant, but I think the flowers that shoot up are simply spectacular.


The dragonfly found a new place to rest. Last weekend the hubs and I used a sledgehammer on a faux rock. And the old supports are the last thing standing. Turns out, the dragonfly loves his new perch.


Another form from a different spot.


This guy has been soaring in the yard for years. I’m a bit sentimental but had the notion to shoo him away get rid of it. Turns out, the hubs has a bit sentiment too. I think he stays.


Projects – Outdoor projects continue and work is still being done on the side of the house. The guys dug a new trench and pipe was tied into the backyard for proper drainage to the street. We look forward to next week new progress on the project.

While they were here, we had them chop down the smaller faux rock. It’s exciting to see things evolve around here, making this home sweet home our own.


There was a bit of weed pulling and rose deadheading.


Tomato picking and eating. Talk about the yum factor, let me tell you, that guy was so good!


Happy Father’s Day Wishing – I called my pops to wish him a very Happy Father’s Day. And found this old faded out pic that holds priceless memories of pop, me and my brothers. He was taking us to bedebye. Love that he always had room for us and he still does with all of his heart.


Friends – Friends invited us to their home for dinner last evening.

And when the “Hostess With the Mostess” can strike a pose in the midst of lobster preparation with all the fixins’, she’s pretty amazing. What a tasty meal last night!


Fun with friends…


You guys, now it’s time to pay close attention. See this bouRsin box? Well it’s not just any old box. It holds something very special. The Garlic & Fine Herbs GOURMET CHEESE is nothing short of a party in your mouth. So I just HAD to take this image such that I can find it in Trader Joe’s during my next visit.


I love the festive handle on her cheese spreader gadget.


And while I’m visiting Trader Joe’s, I plan to pick up a package of this too! And hey you guys, if you have a Trader Joe’s, and you have not tried these packages of cheese, I urge you to give cheese a chance. I’m telling you, SO good!


I can’t think of anything more exciting to nibble on while preparing dinner. The olives were SO good too!


+ A few veggies and a fiesta dip I made up to share.


The hubs took the reins over the grill while Jerry looked on.


I think this is the part when they decided it was time to flip the lobster.

DSC_6716 copy

And peace was signed. And all was well.


And the lobster was looking good! Image shot before the flip…


Time to take those bad boys off the grill…


The hubs adding holders for the sweet corn.


Let us eat! All I can say is this – Everything was positively delish!


Sweet Kitty – I’m just sad my camera scared Kitty and this is the only shot I was able to get.


We truly had a wonderful weekend worth remembering.

Blessings – Debbie

A Stroll Does the Soul Good

An early morning visit in the garden on a pretty Friday morning, does my heart and soul good.


Seeing this rosebush covered with roses is truly a sight to behold. Especially since it only bloomed not even a handful of roses last year. My hat is off to fertilizer and all the beauty that happens when the roses are loved.


I had my little stroll following the sprinklers this morning. Perfect timing!


Then I checked on the produce patch. And what I really want to do is pluck this ear of sweet corn and eat it raw, right there in the garden.


Remember the image of this guy a few days ago? Well it’s getting so big! I also noticed quite a few more melon coming along. Fingers crossed for some good summer sweet watermelon.


I’m so glad it’s Friday. For a number of reasons. A: We have gardening plans up our sleeves this weekend B: We’re making chicken Fajitas and rice for dinner tonight C: It’s FRIDAY! What more can I say, the weekend fun is about to commence!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Blessings – Debbie

In the Garden

Our three-day weekend was filled with good things. We did a bit of shopping for the garden – dinning out – resting – working in the garden – oatmeal chocolate chip baking – cooking together, the hubs makes killer shrimp tacos + I make killer garnish = we make the best team – planting in the garden = I transplanted 11 “pup” sago palms – we stopped at an estate sale and I picked up a little something (decor that I want to paint white) for the kitchen and the hubs paid for it = $5.00 – I used a sledge hammer “I used a SLEDGE hammer!” The hubs helped to coach me on how to better swing it, makes me happy he lets me do these fun things along side him + it got my heart rate up = great workout – Had a bit more work done on the pavers + the boys dug a trench out to the road to complete the drainage for the project – the hubs had a dental (cleaning) appointment and I took a nap in the waiting room (you should have seen his grin when I woke up) – And Monday morning the hubs said “I could use another 1,000 weekends like this.

And just like that, it was Monday.

I shot a picture of the leader on my way home. Yes, one hand was on the wheel. Both eyes on the road. The other hand in my purse digging for my cell. And I managed to get a shot. Then I just had to throw it in Photoshop for a bit of an edit. How fun!


We had a visitor again last evening. It looks like our fake decor egret is not holding up his end of the deal. Guess it’s time for me to move it again…

So it’s been a year this week that we added fish to the pond. In this amount of time, we’ve lost a total of 4 to the egret and heron. Not too bad, if you were to ask me. As we will always live with this sort of threat…And I’m thankful yelling works when all else fails…


The hubs knows just the place to look when I’m nowhere to be found, this morning.


She’ll be in the garden.


Inspecting the daylily at all angles.


And spying a daylily just before the bloom…


Checking to see how the red bell pepper begins to form.


And the roses…


Oh, the roses.


They truly have a greeting all of their own.


And just like that, the early morning hours are past and we are well on our way into Tuesday.

Which means, I think it’s about time to get on with a few of the nitty-gritty things, as I just heard the washing machine stop.

Thank you for stopping by on this beautiful summer day.

Blessings – Debbie

To Do

As in to-do list.

I started the day with a number of things on my list of things to do.

First up – Clean the pond. I don’t believe I’ve talked too much about how I like to keep the pond free of debris. But it’s one of those things I strive to do daily. Not because it’s a necessity, I just enjoy it better when it’s clean.

The daily cleaning = netting out any leaves or debris that may have blown in overnight.

Today was the day to actually get in with the fish. During the summer months, I like to dip in about once a week to clean out the lilly pads and flowers that are no longer bloom. Something like deadheading the lilies and pads.

It also tickles me that the fish actually come swimming right up to me the moment I get in. They let me pet them and we’re like best buddies. And if I stand in one place for a while, they begin to nibble on my skin. The whole experience truly makes my heart happy.

Here’s an image I shot of one of the babies. I can hardly believe they are a year old this month. Yup, he was born in the pond last year.


I also wanted to give the roses some attention. I gave some a little extra TLC with a dose of coffee grounds. And while I was at it, I thought I’d shoot an image of the roses, but in a different perspective. I love the array color throughout the garden.


And I took an image of this plant. It bloomed this week for the first time this season. Soon it will be loaded with pretty flowers.


And then I had other things on my list.

Things like returning an item back to the store. It wasn’t a painful task, but it sure felt like it. It’s one of those things I’ve been procrastinating. So it’s a relief to have that little pesky thing crossed off.

And picking up some items at Bed Bath and Beyond. I was particularly excited with this stop as I had three 20% off coupons + one $5.00 off coupon + one $25.00 gift card. I’ll say I made out really well today.

One last stop at the grocery store for some much needed grub and then home sweet home.

My list also included some household chores, laundry and ironing. Done, done and DONE!

And then I got to do something that wasn’t on my list. I took a nap. Because my peepers were heavy, so I gave them a rest. And that sure did a body good.

And now we’re heading into a nice 3-day weekend. I’m really looking forward to it, as we have a few fun gardening things on our weekend list of things to-do.

Cheers to To-Do lists and getting things crossed off.

Happy Weekend Friends!

Blessings – Debbie

Bits and Pieces

Getting Overhauled

Well I’m up for new lenses.

I could already tell my eyes were failing. Turns out, I am in dire need of a bit more oomph. You have no idea how excited I am that I’ll be seeing crystal clear soon! Totally “LOOKING” forward to it.

As of last Thursday, my frames were shipped to the lab.

And I feel blind wearing my old frames/lenses from 3 years ago.


The nose piece hurts my nose – Band-Aids are applied to either side (see image above) for relief. Now all I need is a little sympathy. Perhaps the string orchestra, or even a little violin would work.

On the bright and cheerful sunny side of life, at least I have my old computer glasses. While the prescription is weak, I can still see for reading and computer work.

News to me – I found out I have asteroid hyalosis in my left eye. It’s a benign condition, but something my Dr. will monitor.

The hubs and I both had such a positive experience with our new Optometrist. So much so, that we can finally say the search is over (for our Eye Dr.) after 4.5 years out west.

Monday Happenings

A stroll thru the garden first thing this morning was such a blessing – I especially find our roses add cheerful greetings. I started applying rose fertilizer (every two months) this year and the difference is huge. Trust. And apply to your roses if you haven’t already.


So far we have 14 roses and I’m looking to add more. In fact, I was talking to the hubs over the weekend of how I would like to start some roses from seed in the near future. It sounds much more exciting than purchasing from the local nursery.

Water drops (from the sprinkler) on the rosebud this morning.



I can’t think of a better place to have lunch in the summer. Or in the fall. Or in the winter. Or in the spring.


The sound of birds chirping and the waterfall are all the music I need to enjoy this yummy salad. The only thing missing, is fresh tomatoes from the garden and the hubs. I really wish we lived close enough for him to come home for lunch.


While having lunch, I played with the camera. And took this shot of the bubbles on my glass. It’s crazy the little things that cause a girl to put her fork down to play.


Other Monday chores include laundry and a few other household things. Things that may or may not make a pretty picture. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Back to work! And wishing the very best to you on this first Monday in June. Can you believe it’s June already?

Blessings – Debbie

From The Garden With Love

Our new patio is really taking shape. I know, I’ve been saying this for weeks make that months, but it really is.

It’s been slow going as the guys (two of them) can only work on Saturdays. And some Saturdays they are unable to come.

So for us, this is such an exciting stage as we can begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.


The transition to the pathway, leading to the upper terrace. We really like how it’s coming together.


Pops of purple – be still my heart.


Our corn is ever changing by the day. Check it out!


And the hubs has jalapeño peppers rocking this space! I say “the hubs” because (well unfortunately) my system can’t handle these guys anymore. It’s a sad day for me, but I’m thrilled for the hubs!


We had our very first “little” harvest of three tomatoes last Monday. We were like children in a candy store picking them from the plant.

Gardening is truly a labor of love.

Blessings – Debbie

Feeling Blessed This Week

There is much to be thankful for. We’re especially thankful for each other and time spent with friends.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner out with friends Thursday evening, to kick off our 4 day weekend. We celebrated three birthdays. The hubs, mine and our friend Jules. I call my one friend Julie “Jules”. But it was quite comical as we couples had two Julie’s in the group. The couples kept calling the other Julie “The Other Julie”.

The hubs insists we celebrate my birthday all weekend. So he’s treating me to another birthday dinner and dessert tonight.

Thankful for the book club girls – Mid week, we gathered, we visited over coffee, lemon cake and fruit, we discussed around 20 questions our amazing moderator (Sue) put together (our book – The Last Aloha by Gaellen Quinn), we had lunch and spent the early afternoon visiting…What a great day and visit. Love these ladies! Wish I had all of us in the shot.

I needed a nap (that afternoon) to refresh, before spending the evening hours with the hubs.

photo 4

Vegetable garden – Our garden is producing some really exciting things these days. Exciting things! Like tomatoes…


Our little cherry tomatoes flourish…


Backyard Progress – Remember where I left off the last time? Here’s an image to remind you.


And this image is hot off the press, early this morning.


We hope this is all a memory very soon.


It truly is worth the mess in order to make progress. We’re hopeful to have this part of the project wrapped up by next weekend.


A view from the other side – We’ve given several vegetable plants away this week. We were hoping to get rid of a lot more. Now we’re trying to figure out what to do with all the leftovers…

In other news, we’re enjoying our jacaranda tree in “almost” full purple bloom. As is the oleander tree in pretty white bloom. We certainly enjoy the punch of color.


Now to enjoy the next couple of days with the hubs…Feeling blessed this Memorial Day weekend…And remembering those who gave all…

Blessings – Debbie


I consider myself “officially” unplugged from painting for a very long time.


And it feels so good, people!

While the image above has nothing to do with painting, this happened last week. And I will never run an extension cord under our reclining love-seat again. Enough said.

While the above image has nothing to do with painting, I do feel the above image says it all for me being unplugged tho.

So last week, my project was to cover the dark walls in the this bathroom. And we both wanted something light and bright for the room.


This is the after lighter and brighter with 2 fresh coats of paint on the baseboards. I’m not uber excited about the new paint choice. But I do think it looks better in person, rather than this image. And I do love the light and bright approach. And I’m not even going to consider painting another drop of paint for at least 6 months. I’m telling you, I’m unplugged from painting ~ Yea!

I have considered changing the shower curtain, but I will refrain from spending another dime until we know for sure on the color.


For now, it feels good to be unplugged, to have the brushes, paint roller and paint all put away. And it feels good to move on to other things.

Cheers to being UNPLUGGED!

Blessings – Debbie

I’m Busy Resting While Things Are Happening

Just how does that work? Well, I was busy painting up a storm. So much so that I’m completely pooped after painting all day, yesterday. And 5 days of painting last week, I might add.

So I’m taking today off to post on the blog. And to take pictures. And to enjoy the things others are doing around the house today.

Last evening – I snapped below image (from the neighborhood) with my cell as we were on our way to the Home Depot – Again.

I truly love this time of the day.

photo 2 copy

True Story – Some bunny’s been eating my corn – said the hubs – Better look out bunny, that’s all I have to say about that… I snapped the image this morning with my favorite 105mm prime lens.


And I snapped images of the plumbers toolbox (when he wasn’t looking – of course) with my favorite lens too. I can only imagine what one would think seeing me stooped over their box of tools with a camera.


But I could not help myself. It’s what a girl with a camera does.


And she takes an image of the sink and faucet that was broken out to show things are happening.


And she takes an image of the new sink and faucet (there are two brand spanking new ones going in our bathroom today) propped on the bathroom floor. Because she wants to show things are really getting done.

Love our brushed nickel faucets!


And we have our gardner making the backyard beautiful. He moved a pretty rose such that I can get to it without maneuvering too much.


And working his magic on the things that are much too difficult for me.

The best part of the day was enjoying a little face time with the hubs at lunch. Love when he comes home to check up on the crew and have a little lunch together.

While things were happening, I enjoyed my nice cushy office chair, taking images of my day and blogging. My tired muscles say thank you ~ thank you very much!

But tomorrow is a new day, a day to splash more paint on the walls.

Now to make a little dinner and enjoy the evening with the hubs.

Blessings – Debbie

Let There be Cheesecake + Projects

After a week filled with progress and change around the home, it was nice to chill this weekend. Plus it was good for the hubs to get his rest to shake that nasty cold.

It was good to have friends (Julz and Jerry) stop by Saturday evening for a nice visit.

And do you know what they did? They brought us some chocolate cheesecake…


From The Cheesecake Factory. Now that right there is Sweet Love!


And over the weekend the hubs and I spent time in the garden and spent some more time at the local “Home Depot”.

I picked up a boatload of color samples for the guest bath.

Then came home and scattered the paper samples all over the bathroom. And spent a day picking out 5 different samples that I thought would work in the room.

Then went back to the Home Depot and picked up the samples of paint and splashed it in swatches over the walls.

And guess what happened next? Well it seemed to take a split second to decide which one I liked the best. And I was astounded with how easy the choice was in this room.

And then I asked the hubs what he thought about the one I liked the best and he agreed with my first choice. Let the joy-bells ring!

So folks, this is the room where I will be spending quality time this week.


And I plan to tackle those baseboards with paint while I’m at it.

Fingers crossed it makes my heart sing in the end.

Until next time…

Blessings – Debbie

A Week of Progress

Starting with the powder room.

This room was one of the most stressful rooms ever! I mean, really. Picking out a color to make my heart sing was trying, at best.

I was happy with choices “3” times. 3 x’s people! And after sleeping on the color, I doubted my happy choice.

Luckily I didn’t have to paint the room 3 x’s, as I just purchased samples and painted large swatches around the room.

And 8 different color samples were splashed in there before making the final decision.

But let me tell you, once the hubs helped me choose a color I already liked, that was it. Just. Like. That. We had our decision and paint was purchased last weekend. And the official start date on the painting, was bright and early Monday morning.

And the baseboards got a couple of coats of paint too. It’s like having a brand new space.

Powder Room

And here’s the after shot on its own. My heart truly sings after all the effort and hard work. Now to add the pretties. That should be FUN!


Last weekend we had drain pipe delivered for the outdoor project.


And by the end of the weekend we had it installed.


I have not progressed much as far as taking images this week. But I did take a couple of shots in the backyard.


And for relaxation, I truly enjoy spending time around the pond. They love dinner!


Points of interest this week:

  • Our produce patch is flourishing! And it seems we notice big leaps each week after we fertilize.
  • I painted in 4 different rooms. And I love that I can see where I’ve been.
  • The hubs caught a little cold Thursday and spent the day home sick yesterday.
  • We have another update coming right along in the backyard as we speak. The guys are working so hard.
  • And we lounged pretty much all day today and if feels good to take a nice time-out.

Blessings – Debbie

Baking ~ Gardening ~ Friends ~ Painting

There’s much to be said since I last posted.

And I have a moment to jump on in and post my heart out. Here goes.

I left the blog hanging with my bread making class last Thursday.

Last Friday evening, I was all set to put the lid on this baby and pop it in the oven for dinner. Like so.


And the next thing I recall is this.

  • I had our butter “room temperature” and ready.
  • The camera was ready to take the image right out of the oven
  • The “bread cutting” knife and cutting board were ready
  • We did not bother with the cooling of the bread on a rack phase. No siree! We took a knife to this bad boy right there on the spot.
  • Butter was slathered and we were overcome with the yummy goodness of homemade bread.


I may or may not have had anything else but bread and butter for dinner. Ok, I had the bread for my meal and the hubs had his bread as an appetizer + he had it with turkey, taters and green beans. Yup, I just had the fresh hot bread.

And Saturday morning we made toast. Oh my word, I can’t decide how I like it best. All I can say is this “By now, it’s a very good memory.”

Last Saturday we worked in the garden. We transplanted tomatoes, corn and peppers.

And I caught the hubs on camera taking a much needed break.


I pulled a bucket of weeds.


And the roses were fertilized – What a delight to see the assorted roses in bloom. This particular rose is called “Sun Flare”.


And Saturday afternoon, our friends came over to spend the evening. Actually, we went out for a nice dinner. Then stopped by the Cheesecake Factory for our dessert. And came back to our place for a visit into the evening.


Painting – My “To-Do” list calls for a little more painting in the house. Next up = the powder room.

While it’s the smallest room in the house, it has been one painful experience after another, starting with the valance.

To make a long story short, I still don’t have the valance, as I learned they don’t carry a large assortment in stores these days. In fact, Macy’s had nothing, zero, zilch in the store. But that’s ok, as I’ve decided that I’m going with a white valance.

This is the powder room before image.


This “was” my inspirational color (on Pinterest) for that room.


After 5 trips to the Home Depot and 8 different samples splashed in the powder room (this week), I have the color that makes my heart sing. Now to wait for the hubs to come home, as it’s just as important for him to like it too…

Note: I had a color close to what you see in the inspiration image, it’s just not visible in the image below. Hard as I try, the inspirational color did not work with the counter and flooring color in the room. But finding something that makes my heart sing, is so much better.

P.S. After posting the image (below) on Facebook, the hubs asked if Goldilocks had painted this room. It’s too cute to not make a note on the blog.


I purchased two really cheap brushes such that I could have what I needed to try 4 samples yesterday. Note to self: Do not use those cheap sample brushes. The bristles they leave to dig out of wet paint are not worth it.


One last blurb – The hubs spied our very first tomato Monday evening. We are so excited!


As I think over the last few days and how far along I wanted to be on the painting this week, I’m reminded again – some things are worth the wait and all the extra miles it takes to get the happy end result.

Until next time…

Blessings – Debbie


Do you ever get knee-deep in a project, where it seems ongoing and that it will never end? Well, that’s how I feel on the extended patio area that we’re adding.

It would be nice to have it finished, yesterday. But, alas, it’s going to take a bit longer.

However, I’m thankful for progress.

The guys (two of them) working on our project are only free on Saturdays. And some Saturdays they are not able to work. But we like their work, so we’re willing to take what we can get.

This is where we left of this past Saturday.

  • They were able to do 90%, if not more of the retaining wall in the four hours they were here.
  • + they were able to dig the trenches for drainage (hopefully this coming weekend).


To recap, this is where we were a few steps ago.

  • The wall/slope on the right side of the image was hammerjacked and cut away.
  • The pavers were lifted such that the uneven areas could be fixed and the entire area leveled for the extension of the patio.


This is the view from down below showing the progress of the retaining wall and the trenches that were dug for drainage. It’s where we left off this past Saturday.


A look at the area during the first few steps of the process…

DSC_0123I can’t believe it was just one year ago this past Friday (March 29th) that we walked thru the door of what would become our new home in San Diego. It was love at first sight, as It took us all of 10 minutes to say, “we’ll take it”.

I recall the lump that developed in my throat when I first saw the waterfall and pond. It was a dream. A dream that I truly thought would always be a dream. As I never expected something like this would ever come true.


A year later, we continue to make changes, pour love into it and feel blessed to affectionally call it home sweet home.


One year later, we can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Back to my homework! As I’m adding more projects to my plate this month.

Blessings – Debbie

It’s Springtime

It seems the earth and every living thing with gladness sings “it’s spring”.

Birds are chirping, Birds are nesting,  days are longer, veggies are growing and I can’t help but hear the echo “It’s Spring!”.

It’s also that time of the year when plans and projects take on a new high.

We had an early morning delivery last week – 4.5 pallets of rock retaining wall arrived. We’re still trying to get this project underway.


I love our springtime roses.


And we have our first baby strawberry blossom. How exciting is that?


Since our move to So Cal 4.5 years ago, this is the first I’ve seen a grasshopper out here.

You lookin’ at me?


I got excited and snapped a few images of him, Saturday afternoon. I can’t figure out if those are real lines across his eyes, or if he hopped into a spiders web. Hmmm…


Over the weekend, the hubs and I did a bit more shopping at a few of the local gardening centers.

We enjoyed a nice dinner date Saturday evening.

And worked around the house.

I snapped more images of roses. This one is still holding on to its last few petals.


And took this image of the top of our succulent in bloom.


And and snapped a pic of this rose. I love the layers.


Another thing I love – Monday (today) – The hubs asked me to be his lunch date. That made my day extra special.

Now it’s time to get a few more things done around the house before the hubs gets home from work.

Blessings – Debbie

A Mix of Work and Play in the Garden

It’s been a great day! A day carved to spend in the backyard. I had some weeding I wanted to tend, trimming I wanted to do and to putter around too.

As I passed the rotten pomegranate, it got me to thinking about a photo challenge I wanted to participate in this week. The subject is fruit.

As I thought about it, rotten things are not photographed much. And I thought it would make for a great subject.

There were just a handful left on the tree.

So I picked them and made a little arrangement, like so.


And I took shots of the fruit at many different angles. The shot below is the one I used for the weekly assignment.


Back to pulling weeds.

When all of a sudden, I was stopped by this guy with all sorts of drops left from the sprinklers this morning.

Then is when I dropped my gloves and made a dash for the camera.


It was fun shooting this huge weed at different angles.


Then I decided it was time to stop playing and get back to work.

And I wrapped up sometime in the garden around 2:30 this afternoon.

I think I shall clean up, get comfy and go sit in the garden ’til the hubs gets home from work. It’s just too pretty outdoors to be indoors.

And I may sip on a cup of coffee, just because it sounds good.

Blessings – Debbie