Six Days of Confession – Days 4, 5, & 6

Confession, I’m filling this post with 3 days of confession. I intended to post each day while the company was here, but that proved harder than I thought.

I confess, I hit a rough patch on Day 4 and remained there thru day 6.

On day 4, I thought I would be able to enjoy a slice of fresh banana bread with the rest of the family and stay on track. So I indulged.


And just as I was feeling good about my choice (still gathered around the table finishing up our bread) the doorbell rang.

Not long after, three boxes were purchased. I threw in the towel and joined the group when this box was opened later in the day.

photo 2

And because it was “Super Bowl Sunday” I indulged in the BBQ brisker for dinner.

Day 5 was no better. I must confess more cookies were eaten. And a Mexican dinner complete with a ground beef taco, rice and beans + chips and salsa for me.

Day 6 (yesterday), the hubs and I took our guests to the airport. And the two of us were in the mood for a nice juicy burger.

So we stopped here on the way home.


And I had the burger (med well) piled high with all the yummy fixins’ + the best onions rings ever.

photo 5

On that note, that burger meal lasted me the whole day.

And this brings me to today.

I confess, I finally have a grip, but I gained just a little over 2 pounds in the last three days. But I’m back on the healthy train and moving along in the right direction.

I’ll be back with my health progress at the end of the month, or, sometime around the 1st of April.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 3

As the days go by, I’m surprised how easy it is to stay focused. I think it has something to do with being accountable to the blog.

My bro-in-law made his famous Swedish pancakes + bacon for the family this morning. I know they were as good as the last time I tasted his creation. This time, I had to pass. Instead, I had chobani yogurt, with the added crunch of Fiber One.

photo copyB

The hubs smoked this big guy (12.5 lb turkey) in the “Big Green Egg” this afternoon. We also served baked potatoes + roasted zucchini and squash + roasted Brussels sprouts + rolls. I had all the above minus the rolls = So Yummy!


Then, the rest of the family had a little apple pie a la mode. I served it up and while the guests satisfied their sweet tooth, I started in on the cleaning of the kitchen.


And then made a cup of coffee for myself to top off the lovely day.

Wow, I’m half way thru the “Six Days of Confession” and doing much better than I expected.


Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 2

I confess – blogging every day seems a bit monumental while spending precious time with our out of town guests (the hubs sister and bro-in-law).

And I confess, I did not use my nice camera yesterday. I don’t know how I forgot it. And it kinda bums me out.

But the blog and confession must go on! So I got up this morning at 6:30, to post about confession Day 2 (yesterday).

Our morning was filled with long visits, garden strolls, coffee, tea and breakfast.

I confess, we went out to lunch. And our table ordered this appetizer. And I was the only person at the table keeping my paws “out” of the yummy spinach artichoke dip and chips.


The hubs sis trying one of his sweet potato fries.


And the bro-in-law sampling one of the hubs shrimp.


And the hubs confirming his shrimp po’ boy was amazing per usual.


And I enjoyed this nice bowl of black bean soup. And we all enjoyed the patio dining.


Then we were off to Point Loma.


It’s such a pretty place to take in the views of San Diego and beyond.


Too cute!


And then we were off to the other side of Point Loma – where the ocean meets the cliffs. Actually, the tide was out…


And nice enough to hike down to see the tide pools.


Down – down – down…


While we had a bit of a chilly day, we certainly enjoyed the sights and each other.


Then we were off – Passing thru Harbor Drive.


And snapping pix of whatever grabbed my attention.


And over the Coronado island bridge, I snapped a pic.


And we moved along to Hotel Del – one of the places we love to visit.

Anytime I see sandcastles on the beach, I have to take my shoes off to see what the fuss is about.


I like the detail…


And watching the artist carve love into his masterpiece.


What a pretty ending to our day.


What’s more? Well you know that car, the one everyone in your car is talking about? The one that stands out more than the rest? Well this is the car we chimed in stating it had the best paint job on the road. I secretly think its owned by an artist.


Then we headed back home. Visited some more, enjoyed a nice healthy salad for dinner and more guests (our daughter and her boyfriend) arrived after 9pm.

And more visiting, laughter and family love carried on thru the late evening hours.

This ends Confession – Day 2.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 1

I confess, I was not excited about making six days of (healthy eating while company is here) confession. But you know, we’re into the first day and I have to say, I’m glad I have this place to come for accountability.

I confess that I thought six days of confession would = company comes and I have to eat boring stuff and not have fun.

I confess I’m eating healthy today and having a blast! And it makes me feel good.

The bar glasses cleaned.


And fresh flowers from the garden on display. As we’re getting ready for our guests to arrive.


The hubs took the day off. And I have to say, we make a great team getting this place whipped into shape.

On that note, I confess I’ll be back tomorrow with Confession Day 2

Blessings – Debbie