In The Last 24 Hours

We had a visitor last evening.

The guy down below is our fake decoy egret for the fish pond. The guy up above, just flew in. I actually ran out there and yelled at him right after I took this blurry shot.


This morning – things moved along as usual. I made breakfast and lunch for the hubs while he was getting ready for work.

Made a cup of coffee as soon as I bid farewell to the hubs.

Sat down for about 30 min for a little reading with my coffee.

Then went out to the garden.

And spied this little crimson sweet watermelon for the very first time. And as I looked, I noticed a few more babies. Did you know these guys can reach up to 25 pounds? No matter the size, we’re just hoping for some sweet homegrown melon this year.


And then I went over to check out the tomatoes. It seems they are changing by the day too. Here’s a few of our little cherry tomatoes.


Our red bell peppers are growing too.


And just about the time I was getting ready to pay a little attention to the roses, I hear from down below “Honey, I’m home and I don’t feel so good.”

So I dropped what I was doing and ran down to see what was wrong.

Turns out he was violently sick and asked if I would take him to Urgent Care right away.

I would have done anything to make his illness go away, so off we went to get him some help.

Soon, the nurse gave him dose of Zofran. After a while, he was still terribly sick so the Dr. ordered another dose + a nice IV to keep him from dehydrating.

photo 2blog

After about 20 or so minutes he was feeling a lot better.


While he was enjoying his IV, they were working on his blood samples in the lab.

As it turns out, his blood work checked out just peachy. And he was sent home to rest, drink lots of clear fluids, rest and hopefully shoo this flu bug away.

The hubs seems to be a bit exhausted but feeling so much better this evening. And that makes me one very happy wifey.

Later this afternoon, we had an exciting find in the pond. We both spied the two (very small) catfish our nephew added to the pond just four weeks ago (yesterday). It was a happy moment let me tell you. I still can’t believe they were in hiding all month.

While I don’t have an image of our catfish, here’s a fun picture I took at dinnertime this evening. They have me wrapped right around their little fins and I think they know it too.


I close the day with a grateful heart and much to be thankful for.

Blessings – Debbie

Bits and Pieces

Getting Overhauled

Well I’m up for new lenses.

I could already tell my eyes were failing. Turns out, I am in dire need of a bit more oomph. You have no idea how excited I am that I’ll be seeing crystal clear soon! Totally “LOOKING” forward to it.

As of last Thursday, my frames were shipped to the lab.

And I feel blind wearing my old frames/lenses from 3 years ago.


The nose piece hurts my nose – Band-Aids are applied to either side (see image above) for relief. Now all I need is a little sympathy. Perhaps the string orchestra, or even a little violin would work.

On the bright and cheerful sunny side of life, at least I have my old computer glasses. While the prescription is weak, I can still see for reading and computer work.

News to me – I found out I have asteroid hyalosis in my left eye. It’s a benign condition, but something my Dr. will monitor.

The hubs and I both had such a positive experience with our new Optometrist. So much so, that we can finally say the search is over (for our Eye Dr.) after 4.5 years out west.

Monday Happenings

A stroll thru the garden first thing this morning was such a blessing – I especially find our roses add cheerful greetings. I started applying rose fertilizer (every two months) this year and the difference is huge. Trust. And apply to your roses if you haven’t already.


So far we have 14 roses and I’m looking to add more. In fact, I was talking to the hubs over the weekend of how I would like to start some roses from seed in the near future. It sounds much more exciting than purchasing from the local nursery.

Water drops (from the sprinkler) on the rosebud this morning.



I can’t think of a better place to have lunch in the summer. Or in the fall. Or in the winter. Or in the spring.


The sound of birds chirping and the waterfall are all the music I need to enjoy this yummy salad. The only thing missing, is fresh tomatoes from the garden and the hubs. I really wish we lived close enough for him to come home for lunch.


While having lunch, I played with the camera. And took this shot of the bubbles on my glass. It’s crazy the little things that cause a girl to put her fork down to play.


Other Monday chores include laundry and a few other household things. Things that may or may not make a pretty picture. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Back to work! And wishing the very best to you on this first Monday in June. Can you believe it’s June already?

Blessings – Debbie

Hey ~ Hey

Hey Peeps! It’s been too long. What’s up? I hope all is well in your world.

We just finished enjoying a nice 3 day weekend.

To kick it off, the hubs sent a message Thursday afternoon, asking if I would like to join him for a dinner date.

This is me (ready for my date) waiting for the hubs to get home from work Thursday evening. What a wonderful way to start the weekend!


We also spent a good deal of time at Home Depot. I think we made 3, if not 4 trips over the weekend.

I picked up a handful of green samples.

And pretty much picked out the (green) color for the walls in the guest bath and powder room.

The painting part of this chore is for next month.


Another run to Home Depot – This is the run we purchased the rock for the retaining wall in the backyard. It should be delivered sometime this week.

Hopefully we’ll have another backyard update soon.

photo 2

Saturday Morning – I went to check out our neighbors yard-sale. I came home with a beautiful rose tree and 3 nice rose bushes. Now to find just the right spot in the garden for these beauties.


And Sunday, we went to our neighbors St Paddy’s Day party. What a treat!

We took this pot of gold for the host.


It was a also a weekend infused with a whole lot of dining out.

  • Thursday = Mexican
  • Friday = Pei Wei
  • Saturday = Panera Bread
  • Sunday Lunch = 5 Guys
  • Sunday Dinner = St Patrick’s Day dinner party + dessert

Um, I hate to even tell you what is going on with my healthy eating journey. But I think I just made it pretty obvious.

Let’s just say, I hope to be back on April 1st with a much better report.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend with the hubs and a new week with a fresh start!

And here’s wishing all of you a glorious week.

Blessings – Debbie

Happiness Is

Getting my camera out and finding a fun subject (the dandelion) to shoot.


And blow the dandelion, then take another shot.


And cutting my bangs right before my lunch date. Well, not in the parking lot, but about 5 minutes before it was time to head out.

I really don’t think I’m ready to grow them out. But the rest of the hair continues to grow.

photo 1 copy

My girlfriend and I met (for lunch) at Panera Bread. Makes me happy.

And I was nearly half way finished with my lunch when I remembered to take a shot of my lunch. In case you did not read earlier, I’m doing my best to take images (this month) of  the food I eat when dining out. + I believe it will help to make healthy choices.

I had the turkey chili with an apple. And it was a delight to catch up with my dear buddy Sarah.

photo 2 copy

P.S. The above photo was manipulated in photoshop by using tools in the filter gallery to give an artsy look to a not so pretty picture. I’m still not so sure it looks artsy, but I went with it. 🙂

As for the rest of the day, food shopping and house work are well underway.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Days 4, 5, & 6

Confession, I’m filling this post with 3 days of confession. I intended to post each day while the company was here, but that proved harder than I thought.

I confess, I hit a rough patch on Day 4 and remained there thru day 6.

On day 4, I thought I would be able to enjoy a slice of fresh banana bread with the rest of the family and stay on track. So I indulged.


And just as I was feeling good about my choice (still gathered around the table finishing up our bread) the doorbell rang.

Not long after, three boxes were purchased. I threw in the towel and joined the group when this box was opened later in the day.

photo 2

And because it was “Super Bowl Sunday” I indulged in the BBQ brisker for dinner.

Day 5 was no better. I must confess more cookies were eaten. And a Mexican dinner complete with a ground beef taco, rice and beans + chips and salsa for me.

Day 6 (yesterday), the hubs and I took our guests to the airport. And the two of us were in the mood for a nice juicy burger.

So we stopped here on the way home.


And I had the burger (med well) piled high with all the yummy fixins’ + the best onions rings ever.

photo 5

On that note, that burger meal lasted me the whole day.

And this brings me to today.

I confess, I finally have a grip, but I gained just a little over 2 pounds in the last three days. But I’m back on the healthy train and moving along in the right direction.

I’ll be back with my health progress at the end of the month, or, sometime around the 1st of April.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 3

As the days go by, I’m surprised how easy it is to stay focused. I think it has something to do with being accountable to the blog.

My bro-in-law made his famous Swedish pancakes + bacon for the family this morning. I know they were as good as the last time I tasted his creation. This time, I had to pass. Instead, I had chobani yogurt, with the added crunch of Fiber One.

photo copyB

The hubs smoked this big guy (12.5 lb turkey) in the “Big Green Egg” this afternoon. We also served baked potatoes + roasted zucchini and squash + roasted Brussels sprouts + rolls. I had all the above minus the rolls = So Yummy!


Then, the rest of the family had a little apple pie a la mode. I served it up and while the guests satisfied their sweet tooth, I started in on the cleaning of the kitchen.


And then made a cup of coffee for myself to top off the lovely day.

Wow, I’m half way thru the “Six Days of Confession” and doing much better than I expected.


Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 2

I confess – blogging every day seems a bit monumental while spending precious time with our out of town guests (the hubs sister and bro-in-law).

And I confess, I did not use my nice camera yesterday. I don’t know how I forgot it. And it kinda bums me out.

But the blog and confession must go on! So I got up this morning at 6:30, to post about confession Day 2 (yesterday).

Our morning was filled with long visits, garden strolls, coffee, tea and breakfast.

I confess, we went out to lunch. And our table ordered this appetizer. And I was the only person at the table keeping my paws “out” of the yummy spinach artichoke dip and chips.


The hubs sis trying one of his sweet potato fries.


And the bro-in-law sampling one of the hubs shrimp.


And the hubs confirming his shrimp po’ boy was amazing per usual.


And I enjoyed this nice bowl of black bean soup. And we all enjoyed the patio dining.


Then we were off to Point Loma.


It’s such a pretty place to take in the views of San Diego and beyond.


Too cute!


And then we were off to the other side of Point Loma – where the ocean meets the cliffs. Actually, the tide was out…


And nice enough to hike down to see the tide pools.


Down – down – down…


While we had a bit of a chilly day, we certainly enjoyed the sights and each other.


Then we were off – Passing thru Harbor Drive.


And snapping pix of whatever grabbed my attention.


And over the Coronado island bridge, I snapped a pic.


And we moved along to Hotel Del – one of the places we love to visit.

Anytime I see sandcastles on the beach, I have to take my shoes off to see what the fuss is about.


I like the detail…


And watching the artist carve love into his masterpiece.


What a pretty ending to our day.


What’s more? Well you know that car, the one everyone in your car is talking about? The one that stands out more than the rest? Well this is the car we chimed in stating it had the best paint job on the road. I secretly think its owned by an artist.


Then we headed back home. Visited some more, enjoyed a nice healthy salad for dinner and more guests (our daughter and her boyfriend) arrived after 9pm.

And more visiting, laughter and family love carried on thru the late evening hours.

This ends Confession – Day 2.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 1

I confess, I was not excited about making six days of (healthy eating while company is here) confession. But you know, we’re into the first day and I have to say, I’m glad I have this place to come for accountability.

I confess that I thought six days of confession would = company comes and I have to eat boring stuff and not have fun.

I confess I’m eating healthy today and having a blast! And it makes me feel good.

The bar glasses cleaned.


And fresh flowers from the garden on display. As we’re getting ready for our guests to arrive.


The hubs took the day off. And I have to say, we make a great team getting this place whipped into shape.

On that note, I confess I’ll be back tomorrow with Confession Day 2

Blessings – Debbie

Book Club

All images shot today, were with my trusty cell phone.

We finally had our first book club meet (World Without End by Ken Follett) of 2014! And I for one could not WAIT to see the girls. I believe I counted 16 of us today! And talk about the amazing book.

photo copy 3 copy

Each month a different gal hosts the group and we gather in for a wonderful morning to share and go around the room answering a series of questions.

photo copy 4

But first things first. Lyn had prepared coffee, juice, and peach tea with passion fruit.

Everything looked so yummy!

photo copy 2

And the fresh berries were perfection!


I was a bit timid taking pictures at first, but I thought, just as everyone was getting ready to leave, that I might want to snap a few images to remember. I’m so glad I did.

photo copy 6

Our lovely hostess (Lyn) on the left and Sue. This makes me want to take pictures each time we meet and at least get a shot of our lovely hostess. I hope the girls are warming up to me taking pictures.

photo copy 5

After our meeting ended, I had a few errands to tend to. Like having my oil changed. It was too pretty to wait indoors. So I sat in the shade of these palm trees.

photo copy

And a little note about my healthy plan while at book club this morning.

I had my breakfast before the club and I was able to just look, take pictures and not touch.

But I have a feeling the next 6 days could potentially lead into some pretty major temptation.

Image below was majorly manipulated in Photoshop, just for fun.

PicCollage copy copy

You see, the hubs sister and husband are coming into town tomorrow and will be here through next Tuesday.

The hubs has Julian apple pie a la mode and other yumminess (I’m sure) on the menu over the next several days.

So I’m thinking about amping up my accountability on the blog, by posting my progress each day. I’ve also thought about the title for the next 6 days. I think it will go down something like this – Six Days of Confession. Makes me want to pull up the big girl panties and hold on!

Now I’m not one to watch my healthy eating habits on special occasions, visits with friends and family…But after this long drawn out Holiday craziness of eating coupled with the fact that my healthy eating has finally kicked in, I just don’t feel ready to splurge.

So my goal over the next Six Days is this. Make healthy choices and maintain or lose a little.

I’ll keep the blog posted with truth.

Until next time,

Blessings – Debbie

Tiptoeing Through Temptation

I don’t know about you, but I have such a difficult time saying no to temptation. Especially when my instinct is to succumb to it.

So today it was time to look into my root rot. By golly I haven’t had anything done to the roots since before Thanksgiving. *Gasp* In case you don’t know, that’s a long time for the grays to show themselves.


And as you know, I’m trying to let my hair grow, but this terrible stage is driving me crazy.

So when the gal asked if I needed a cut, I muttered “no, I’m trying to let it grow out.” It was even time to throw a little pity party. She’s really good at listening.


It seems “NO” is the only conversation I’ve had with myself all day. Not only at the salon did I encounter no, but at the mall today too.

I had some returns to make. And as I passed by Auntie Anne’s – oh the aroma was heavenly! And the cookie and cupcake joint made me want to hit the pause button. And there was Starbucks, and Panera Bread and a host of other places dotted through the mall. With a whiff ~ whiff here and a whiff ~ whiff there…

And since my girlfriend was sick and canceled our lunch date today, temptation struck again. Perhaps I could just hop into  Panera Bread for a bowl of soup or a little something, something.

Instead, I confronted my inner meltdown with a harsh “oh NO you don’t”! And just like that, I marched myself home.

No is not often the most enjoyable word, especially when temptation is everywhere.

But the aftermath of a no filled day = NO regrets.

Gotta love it!

Blessings – Debbie

Backyard Work in Progress

We have a lot going on around the home sweet home. While we’re still working on indoor projects, the outdoor projects are coming right along as well.

Like the area in the lower left section of the image.


So far, four trees and stumps were ground/taken out, a few small trees removed and the gravel/rock removed. Next, the area will be leveled, then pavers will extend and a fire pit will be coming soon to the area. We’re excited!

We spent a great deal of time in the great outdoors over the weekend. The hubs tinkered a bit more with the outdoor speaker system and I spent a good deal of time with the fish.

I was pretty excited when I captured the guy below with palm tree reflections. So much so, that I wanted to get a bit artsy in photoshop. Like so.


I love the fish below, she’s one of our new shubunkins. I can’t tell you how hard it is to get a good image of a fish that is always on the move.


And I pretty much spent the day (today/Monday) catching up on things from over the weekend.

On the health front – Just in case you are wondering, I’m pleased with the way I’m making healthy choices. So far so good!

On that note, I think it’s time to start thinking about having a nice healthy dinner.

Until next time,

Blessings – Debbie

Pulling Myself Up by the Bootstraps

What a difference a couple of good days on the wagon will do for the soul.


And what a good feeling to unload (on the blog) the things that bugged me. I feel lighter already!

I had a really good day on my healthy food choices yesterday. And I’m on my way to having another really good day today.

So the hubs asked me out on a lunch date today. It made my day! I loved our conversation too. We visited and reminisced back to when we first met. Makes me smile to think about our journey and how it has brought us to where we are today…

Before our lunch date, I had an idea that if I commit to take a picture of my lunch and post, that it could help me stay on the good health wagon when dining out.

So I did – I had turkey chili with an apple. Then I declared (to the hubs) “this bowl is my  favorite item on the Panera Bread menu.”

photo 4B

I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up the posting of what I eat when we dine out. But for the next month, I believe this is going to be a good way to keep those goals in check.

I’m thankful for bootstraps, lunch dates, great conversations and for keeping the scissors out of my hair another day.

Cheers to pulling myself up by the bootstraps.

Blessings – Debbie


A couple of things have bugged me. It’s small stuff, really. Nothing earth shattering. But I decided to make a blog note of it, as the little things too shall pass.

Truth – I have not successfully picked up on my healthy eating habits as planned by the 1st of the year.

However, I did have a really good 2 weeks healthy run and had nearly lost the weight I gained over the holidays. And then I fell Flat. On. My. Face. A few days ago. For shame.


What is it about this year and not being able to get control of myself?

Well I started back again today on the plan. And I plan to pick back up with my monthly health status next month. The truth must be told.

Another thing that’s bugging me is my hair. I decided a while back that I would like to let it grow out again.

But this crazy stage is driving me NUTS! Nuts, people!

And I think the hubs knows I really want to grow it out. So he’s been telling me no, don’t cut it, the last few weeks. This is not like him. It’s just not. As he could care less if the stuff is long or short or in between. He really doesn’t care.

And it’s kinda cool to see him tell me no, more like giving me support to get thru this crazy growing out stage. And it’s working, as it would have been long gone a few weeks ago.

I told you, it was little stuff, but I feel better now that I made a note of it. And I think it will help me to keep things in perspective, remind me that it’s just small stuff and to get a grip on the things that really matter.

That’s all for today.

Blessings – Debbie

Monthly Health Update

Truth, this is all about coming clean about the things I’ve done. Be it good or bad.


For starters, I planned to have better days. But I didn’t.

Truthfully, I think I had a Panera Bread pumpkin muffin Every. Single. Weekend of the month. Sad but true. Good but bad.

We celebrated a birthday – cake and ice-cream was in order.

And Halloween came…

I hate to admit it, but I waited with great anticipation for the hubs to get home from work. Ok, that came out wrong…

You see, he was bringing the stash of Chocolates for the little ghosts and goblins. And I couldn’t wait to get my paws into the chocolates.

And I’m disgusted with the amount of chocolate consumed last evening. And happy the hubs took the remainder to work today.


But you know what I’m happy about?

While it’s been an up and down battle all month. I’m happy to report I was able to maintain the month of October.


I’ve also come to grips with the fact that I may not lose another pound this month.

We have big celebrations on the horizon and Thanksgiving will be thrown into the mix. And I’m good with being able to maintain.

Here we go into another month of celebrations. Hold ON!

Blessings – Debbie

October Health Update

First things first – Wishing a very happy October 1st to each and everyone!

By the time September rolls around, I get excited about autumn. But October 1st is the real deal. It’s here, my favorite time of the year is here!

Regarding the health update. I was able to take off a few more pounds this month. Not much, but a little.


There were a few setbacks, but I’m bouncing back.


It’s funny how we I always tend to find excuses and place blame on circumstances about why we I did or did not do better.

For me, I continue to place blame on that Big Green Egg. And the weekend we made the brisket. That’s where I’m pointing my finger. It’s all the “Egg’s” fault.

And if I continue to point fingers, I’ll fail.


Truth be told – if I take a long hard look at myself, I can’t point fingers at none other than me. And if I want to see changes, I need to follow thru during the normal day in and day out.


I’m still pleased with the results, but it’s time to stop placing blame and do something about it.

For the month of October, The goal is to have a few more better days and a lot less (day in and day out) party days. Cheers to good health!

Blessings – Debbie