Yesterday’s Purses

Yesterday I started some of my new designs and adding some more details to my purses. These bags still lack the little feet, which I will add today. I think I will add the little knobby kind to these. Hubby thinks my flap on the basket is just a wee bit too big so maybe next time I’ll make a smaller size for that style. I’m thinking that I may repeat my patterns but change the features of my bags. Who knows, I may just become the pottery bag lady. I’m still trying to come up with a catchy name for myself so if any of you out there have any ideas, I’m all ears. For now, I’m Debbie’s Pottery.

I’m so thankful for Hubby as he always wants to see what’s new and happening in the studio. After his long day at work, he wants to see what I’ve been up to. I’m so glad he’s like that. So many of my other friends out at the studio say that their husbands could care less what they do with clay.

Hubby always helps when it comes time for firing the kiln. He is my official kiln loader and unloader. Whenever I have a batch ready, he’s always obliged to help. I was really tired the last two evenings so we did not load the glazed pieces that I finished Wednesday. However, this morning I was feeling rather chipper about the pieces ready to be fired so I asked him if we could load the kiln tonight. He said, how would you like to load it right now before I get ready for work? Boy, was I all over that! He came down and helped me get the kiln all loaded and it’s now firing! YEA! Thanks to Hubby.

You see, I have a “Monster” of a kiln and I’m too short to get the heavy kiln furniture in and out. Even when I’m on a stool, my arms are too short so he is very happy to assist whenever I need his help. He’s the best and such a GEM!

A Day At The Studio

I got to the studio downtown early yesterday with my truck full of pieces to glaze. Got everything all set up and away I went. I thought I would be finished at the studio sometime around noonish and did not get out of there till 5:30. I had all my pieces unloaded and in the glaze room and was literally in there talking out loud to myself, something like this… that one has the black/red combo, I think that one should have the pumpkin/celadon combo. I think I should do that one in turquoise to match the work on the outside, and on and on I went, with a whole lot of thinking in between. Am I the only one who talks out loud to themselves?

I must say we all had such a great time of it out there. There were around 8 of us total working chatting and just having a great day together. I took Monika several pottery books to borrow and a couple new tools to try out. She has come a long way in just a few months of (pottery) playing dirty with the rest of us. Quite a few of my friends were doing raku out in the back and several were throwing pots and a couple of us were glazing. We all stopped and enjoyed our lunch around the table and had a great time of more conversation. The Wednesday group is so much fun and the time goes by so fast that all I think I had to do was blink and it was 5:30.

I had to make a quick stop by Costco on my way home to pick up some chicken and did not get home till 6:30 Hubby pulled in right behind me and we sat down for dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company for the rest of the evening. I love days like that but I sure could not do it every day.

Embellishing My Pot

I’ve been working in my studio all morning and the early part of this afternoon. I’ve been trying to add some embellishments to some of the pieces I worked on last week. I’m making another pot like the one you saw way back when. I’m adding a few more details to this one like the feet, flower and petals. I’ve wanted to make another one of these pots for quite some time now and here it is. I still have quite a bit of burnishing left to do on this pot before it’s completely dry.

Tomorrow I will start my purses and I really need to get these cranking. I was sent an invitation to sell my work at the Mayfest event which will be held for 4 days the early part of May. I have another gallery interested in seeing my purses so hopefully I can get quite a few of these items made to meet my expectations.

I’ve got to get back to the studio and get a few more things accomplished before the end of the day.

Monika Comes To Visit

As some of you may recall, I met a new friend (Monika) at my pottery workshop a little over a week ago. Monica and I met last Wednesday at the studio and had a great day together. Last week I invited Monica over to spend the day. She is new to the States as she is from Germany so I told her I would meet her in town at the mall. She suggested we meet at the bookstore right across the street from the mall and our plans were all set. I had her home number and cell and she had both of mine too. I put my cell on the charger last night and everything was in place to meet at 10:00 AM. I left the house this morning at 9:30 and arrived at the Borders Bookstore around 10 min till 10:00. I waited, and waited and waited. Finally 10:15 rolls around so I thought I should give her a call to see if we are still on schedule for today. My cell was completely dead. I tried to hook it up to my car charger and still nothing. I just did not know what to do so I just sat there for another 25 min. By now it’s 10:40 and I thought I should drive around the mall to see if there was another bookstore and sure enough, there was a Barnes and Noble and I saw her car parked out front. I was so happy to see that she was still there waiting on me. We spent the day at my house visiting and had a nice little lunch together.

Pottery For Mom

I’ve been busy trying to fill my dearest mother’s pottery order. She made a request for a purse made with clay. I love making decorative purses and the people who buy them use them for plants or floral decorations or just plain decoration. I used to make purses quite a bid and never repeat a pattern. I like making one of a kind pieces and destroying my pattern when I’m finished. I have not made any purses in quite a while now but mom wanted one so here is my special design just for her.

She also made a request for a planter/box. She gave me the dimensions and I ran with the design and here is the box complete with handles and feet.

Both the purse and box are still in the wet stages and need to completely dry before the bisque firing. I can’t wait to add the glaze to see how they turn out. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Workshop – A Great Success

My pottery workshop was a great success. Yesterday Margie worked on the soy pot and the vase as pictured above. She taught us how to mix it up a bit with the vase by adding a lid and arms. I’ve added a couple more pictures to my workshop album so you can see the demo of the vase changed up a bit. I am so anxious to get started on some more of these projects myself and incorporating some of these techniques on the pieces I create.

I took over 100 digital pictures the step by step method and will be getting the pictures ready for my friends in the class.

I’m pretty much unwinding today. I’m getting a little laundry and housework done. Hubby and his son just left for Olive Garden and then the airport. What a great weekend and I’m getting started off this week on the right foot.

First Day At The Workshop

Monika, My New Friend

I don’t know where to begin! I came home rambling off to Hubby a mile a minute and have had one of my most favorite workshops EVER! I learned so many things, met a new friend and 5:00PM came way too soon!

I’m working on my pictures and it will be a while for me to get them in the album. Check back later if they are not here when you visit. My Album will include some of my fabulous friends, our great instructor Margie (who went to Japan and studied pottery) and her works and to give you a sample of my day. I can’t wait till tomorrow; there is another full day in store for all of us.

Margie demo’d so many different kinds of textures today and I am truly on cloud 9 right now. I’ve always liked adding texture to my pieces and she even took it to another level. She actually adds a very cool bottom to her casserole as seen in my picture album. Her work has inspired me further.

My new friend (Monika pictured above) is from Germany, she knows 6 languages, lived in Spain, and moved here last August. She dated her boyfriend for 2 ½ years while she was overseas and they are now engaged to get married in July. She and I just clicked from the very moment we met. There was just something about her that I just adored so we plan to see each other weekly now. She has joined the studio and I’m a member as well so we plan to meet each Wednesday at the studio and play in the mud together. She is a real gem and a pleasure to be around.

It’s really hard to put into words my feelings but I’m on a high with all that I learned plus the addition of a wonderful new friend.

Magic Gets A Haircut

Magic is our little black furry friend who has the best disposition. Magic has been with Hubby for 16 years now. He is trained well and is not allowed on counters or the furniture, but he does have his very own plush bed that he loves. He has the cutest meow and we have many friends tell us that he sounds like a bird. He loves Doritos and look out if there is an open bag in the house he will be right there begging for a Dorito with his little chirp. Our little feline also has a hair fettish. He loves anyone to let him play with their hair. I sometimes get down on the floor with him to let him play in my hair and he gets so frisky and silly, you would have to be there I guess.

I was never really a cat lover and always loved dogs more. I was allergic to some cats while growing up so I never really hung out with them. I remember waking up and my eyes being nearly swollen shut and from then on I stayed away from cats. Magic has grown on me through the years, and we actually got along too good yesterday.

It was time for Magic to get a bath even though he had one two weeks ago. His beautiful long black hair was matted together really bad. We are upset at the last place we took him to get bathed as I think they left soap in his hair and did not dry him and brush him out well. By the time he dried and after about a week, we noticed he was all matted, poor kitty & Debbie. Yesterday I bathed him and rinsed him out really well, I used the blow-dryer on him and brushed him the best I could. I then proceeded to use the electric clippers on him. Magic, Our beautiful Feline Friend looks a little worse for wear and tear but at least daddy is ok with what I did. He really does look bad as I cut close to two inches off his beautiful long charcoal mane.

Needless to say both kitty and I were completely exhausted last night. I had my shower and pj’s on by 7:00 and Hubby and I were in bed by 9:30 last night. Oh what a good nights sleep will do for the body!