My Gift From New York City

While Hubby was visiting NY he called to see what I wanted him to bring back to me. I told him truthfully that “all I want is you,” I was honest and did not want anything more.

During his visit to China Town, Hubby noticed this beautiful Asian porcelain lady. I have another porcelain lady by the same artist and he knew that I absolutely love these figurines. He brought her back especially for me and I immediately found the perfect setting just for her. Hubby has the knack for finding perfect gifts for me all the time, but more than the gifts, I appreciate him for always thinking about me.

Wicked – Last Day In The City

Hubby and Sis are wrapping up their stay in the city. Today they checked out what all the fuss was about on Broadway. There was a War protest going on which consisted of approximately 300,000 people and the demonstrators stretched for about 10 city blocks. Look for them on the news tonight, you just might see them. Traffic came to a halt and many roads were closed. After their stop at the protest they went to visit Chinatown and dined at a placed called Wo Hop. Tonight they are off to see the Broadway show Wicked and then do some last min. shopping before they head back to the hotel. This is their last night in the city and I can’t wait to have Hubby back home.

I’ve missed him a great deal, especially in the evenings. I kept myself occupied with my pottery, working in my studio till around 9:30 each night. I took time off today to have a nice massage and then did some errands. I’m just about finished cleaning the house and have the vacuum to run and I will be all done for the day. I’m taking a break from the studio and will be watching some movies later on. I think I’ll have some popcorn with my movie too; they seem to go together nicely.

Hubby & Sis – In The City That Never Sleeps

After hearing from Hubby, I wonder if he is ever going to get a good nights sleep while staying in the city. He was up till 3:00 AM with the sounds of sirens, horns and much noise from the street below, guess they forgot to sound proof the Hilton. In Hubby’s words “They call this the city that doesn’t sleep. I call it the CITY THAT WON’T SHUT UP!!! This is definitely a jungle, but one of steel and machine.”

Last evening Hubby was able to catch up with an old friend (Brennan) they met in the 4th grade and went thru high school together. They were young buddies who loved getting together to play chess and do whatever else boys love doing. Hubby had not seen Brennan in over 25 years so this was a real treat for the both of them. They all enjoyed a nice dinner together then Brennan took them for a quick tour of the Theatre District which included Times Square.

Brennan plays the violin, might I add the “Stradivarius” for the Brooklyn Philharmonic & the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, he is the Concertmaster (or first violin chair) for Brooklyn Philharmonic and Associate Concertmaster for New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. One day I hope we can attend one of these majestic performances.

Hubby & Sis – Off To New York City

Each day I’m thankful for the man I married, the man that my husband is. He is tender, he’s sweet, he’s patient and filled with love. He also respects me as a person. He’s supportive, and is a good father. I guess it’s just the realization of how wonderful a person he really is that makes me appreciate him more and more each day. I love him so much, for being my very best friend, my buddy, my pal. The man I love to spend my evenings and weekends with. I look forward to seeing him come home at the end of the day; it’s the best part of my day. Our evenings are spent together doing whatever it is that we enjoy and it’s such a warm feeling to know that he’s right here next to me loving me.

I will be spending the next four evenings here without Hubby as he has gone to meet Sis in New York City. I know this will be a great time for them to spend together, just the two of them. They have quite the agenda and will be adding things to the list as time permits.

My days will be spent doing the normal things I do around the house and I may take Sis up on that day spa treatment that she suggested that I do. My nights will be spent just me maybe watching some TV and I may check out our “Movies On Demand” and watch a few girly flicks at night. When it comes time for me to put my head down for a good nights sleep, I find myself on Hubby’s side of the bed. I love to snuggle up on his side of the bed using his pillow and sheets. For some reason, I feel closer to him at night over there while he’s away. I’ll be here loving him and holding him close to my heart.


I like using the fat free Italian Salad dressing instead of oil when cooking these. I just took this pic of the veggies I finished preparing for my lunch and will have plenty of leftovers. It looks so good and I’m beginning to smell them, can’t wait for them to come out of the oven. Can anyone tell I’m so excited about eating? My roasted vegetables are cooked with the skins on. It not only saves on time, but it also saves nutrients and I love the skins.

Detox Starts Today

I have not gained any weight nor have I taken any additional weight off. We had the kids during their Spring breaks and I was not able to lose like I wanted too. This will be the 3rd detox I’ve done in my lifetime. I will go on a strictly clear liquid diet for one week. Coffee is completely OUT because I’m not allowed milk as milk is not a clear liquid that can be seen thru. After the end of this week of detox, I will continue to detox but gradually introduce fruit, vegetables and rice. I will then start to introduce fish, chicken and the foods I normally like to eat while I’m on the Weight Watchers plan.

A Day Of Errands

I have quite a few stops to make:

* Hair done
* Check out a few more Eye Dr offices for glasses
* Oil Change for my truck
* Meet Monica for lunch
* Wal-Mart Stop
* Post Office

Yesterday I made my stop at the gas pump and it cost $52.38 to fill my tank! Crazy prices at the pump these days.

Sis made it home safe and sound yesterday evening, I told her she was not here long enough but her dad and I both said we will take what we can get.

I’m having one of those all out of whack mornings. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things this morning. With last Friday being Hubby’s Friday off and having him home last weekend and Monday – Wednesday with Sis being here; it’s really hard to say what day it feels like to me, but it’s Thursday alright and I feel ready for the weekend already.

Sis Has Been Busy At My Computer

Hubby and Sis have been making plans to visit New York University and Columbia University in the next couple weeks. Sis has been accepted to NYU and is on the waiting list for Columbia and will be making her decision soon. She has her appointments set up for both colleges and she is one happy little girl. Aside from visiting the two colleges, she is looking into Broadway tickets and already making a list of things she wants to do on their close to 5 day stay in the “Big Apple”. So, this explains why I have not had any time on my computer today as Sis and Hubby have been upstairs in the office utilizing both computers and making plans.

I’m being summoned from below to wrap things up so we can go out to dinner. I think Olive Garden is where Sis wants to go this evening, so that it is.

Sis Finds A Prom Dress

Sis (Hubby’s daughter) and I had the greatest time at the mall today. She found this dress first thing but asked them to hold it while she shopped around. After shopping and shopping she kept going back to this one. She looks so nice in this dress and we found the perfect heals to go along with it too.

One really cool thing about Sis and me is that we have a great friendship. She and I can talk about anything together from her friends to her boyfriends to cooking or whatever. She has always been quite frank and open and I hold these moments close to my heart. Today we stopped for a little treat in the mall and enjoyed more conversation while relaxing. At one point she stopped and said “I love you Debbie”. I can’t begin to express just how much that means to me and of course I told her “I loved you too.”

A Day In The Yard – First Cut This Spring

It’s that time of year again. We didn’t slumber for long yesterday as we both wanted to get outside and cut the grass for the first time this spring. The lawn is not completely green but it needed a little pick me up. We have two self propel mowers and what a difference that makes. Hubby takes the top side hill and the far back hill and we split up the cutting until we meet in the middle and the job is complete. Hubby takes on the edging and weed eating and I tackle the blowing and making sure I get “ALL” the grass from the edging out of the cracks. I like to see nice clean lines and do not blow the clippings in the yard. The clippings are cleaned up and bagged for the garbage man. It’s so nice having things spruced up again this season.

Any Frames For Me

I have no idea how many pairs of frames I tried on yesterday. There are so many styles, shapes, colors and the variety seems endless. I was able to narrow my search to one pair that I really liked. What I did do however is take my new prescription and I plan to visit other Eye Dr.’s in the area and try out frames at several stores till I hopefully find the perfect pair. Hubby is too cute as he really likes the pair that I currently have and these glasses have grown on him. Every time I try on a different pair of frames…He says, I’m just not used to seeing you in those. What a dilemma here, well I guess that’s just small potatoes.

Go Cardinals

It’s BASEBALL Season! There is something about baseball that I love. From the time I met Hubby, I’ve been a St Louis Cardinal fan. He’s been a Cardinal fan since his early childhood. Hubby and I like to go to the Cardinal games when we can. When the Cardinals play in our hometown, you better believe, we are there.

In the meantime, we watch every Cardinal game from the comforts of home. The Cardinals have won the first 2 games so far! Woo Hoo! Hubby has satellite and we are able to view the games wherever they play. He is also fond of his “high def” and surround sound. When it comes to our games, he wants to make sure he has all the bells and whistles up to date. I’m still back in the old ages when it comes to equipment and can’t figure out how in the world to get everything on. If I had to figure out his remote, I think I would be in a sea of confusion the rest of my life. I’m one of those wives who can’t figure out their husband’s remote to save her life. I’m happy he has everything under control and I must say, I love sitting next to him watching my favorite sport of all. I absolutely love my team and know each player and new players who have joined our team. I also know what position each one plays and am serious about this baseball business. GO CARDINALS!

Crocheting Out The Door

Today I busied myself with a little more crochet. I actually love it very much and I know the work is not perfect and I need Monica’s help on the corners which I’m having trouble with.

That said, my crocheting days are over. I am not able to continue with the crochet due to the arthritis in my hands. My hands are so sore and my fingers hurt too. I’ve had arthritis in my hands for many, many years and I get too cramped with my hands staying in that position for short periods of time. Guess I’ll stick strictly with pottery.