The Bounty That Could

Ever wonder how to make coffee when you are completely out of filters? Well that happened to me today. I refused to be denied and I did not even have a filter back up plan in the pantry. It’s not like me as my pantry holds one extra of everything like ketchup, mustard, mayo and the list goes on da, da, da, da, de, – da, da, da, da, da…

I figured a way around that as I reached for my handy dandy paper towels, the select-a-size jobbers. I took the little sheet and ripped it in half and lay that in the coffee pot as my filter. It worked its wonders and I am now enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, might I add grounds free – thanks to the little Bounty that could!

Speaking of select-a-size, I love them and the only kind I use now, but not just any brand either as I really like the Bounty brand. I buy those at my Super Wal-Mart in the huge 6 roll package in the new Mega size too. Paper towels have just found another good use in a crunch and it’s a wonderful thing. Ahhhhh

Happy Birthday To Me

Today I celebrate my 38th birthday. I woke up this morning with Hubby holding me and giving me special birthday wishes.

As I finished packing his lunch he was ready for work and presented me with my special card and gift. He always chooses the nicest cards and gifts. My gift was wrapped so beautifully that it was too pretty to open. Hubby apologized for such a small gift as I was opening the tiny box and out popped an iPod nano. I have so many awesome songs that I can put into that iPod and I will begin the process today! Maybe in a few weeks after I have it all figured out and post a list of my top 20 songs by artist and title.

I got another really cool birthday gift this morning. I just received a phone call and right after I said hello there were 3 voices singing Happy Birthday to me. It was my nieces and nephew. They sang the whole song through while I sat here with the biggest smile on my face. After their song we had quite the interesting conversation about American Idol talking about our favorites and who we were sad to see leave so early. One thing for sure, we were all in one accord when it came to Taylor Hicks!!! The girls used their mom and dad’s cell phones and the house phone to place as many votes as they could.

From the time I was growing up Birthdays always had special meaning for my brothers and me. We were meant to feel like Kings and Queens on that special day. We got to choose the meal of our dreams and tell mom what kind (flavor) of cake we wanted. Mom always made those special cakes tailor made for us. Our birthday cake was always a “big surprise” too. She would cover that cake and not let us see it till that special moment when we were to have the “cake cutting ceremony” or something like that. I received flower cakes, doll cakes and an assortment of cakes while growing up and I wish I had some of the pictures to share, but I don’t. The pictures remain in my head and I have a visual image of them there. My birthday was a day I shared with my dad so I think he got cheated on the choice of food. Dad was 24 years old on the 24th of May when I entered this world as his daughter.

Pizza was ALWAYS my #1 choice meal for my birthday and I am going to carry on with that tradition tonight. I want Papa Johns pizza, thin crust with pepperoni and mushrooms. Oh that sounds so yummy as we have not had Papa Johns in a very long, long time. I’m also going to sit and watch American Idol while I’m enjoying my favorite pizza and hopefully watch Taylor Hicks become our American Idol as another birthday present tonight.

Happy Trails

I went to Pearle Vision this morning to have them take a look at my sunglasses. They did a minor adjustment and I hope that works. The glasses don’t bother me when I’m in my car driving, but if I’m out walking the ground seems to be dipping down when it’s actually flat. Hopefully the adjustment worked and I’ll be off enjoying happy trails with my sunglasses.

More Info On The Weee

The Weee will be continued on June 19, 2006, same time same place, stay tuned. I’m with you Jennifer. I’ve already asked those kinds of questions. Below is a list of questions I’ve asked and a few other statements from him regarding the issue.

Is it an electronic?

Is something for the garage?

Is it something for inside the house?

Does it belong outside?

He did tell me that the Weee ‘might’ fit under the Christmas tree.

He said I would like it.

He has agreed to give me 1 hint a month but does not promise to answer my questions.

He says his answers are limited.

A side note from the Peanut Gallery. ‘We’ were engaged on Christmas morning, December 25, 1998. I don’t know if this Weee has anything to do with us, but he says it’s an item that must be purchased and if I don’t get it for him, he will get it for himself. I know it’s really an item that must be purchased because he never fibs.

To be continued…

Any Clues? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here’s Hubby sitting in front of his computer playing his game with his headset on but that still didn’t stop home from Weeeeeeeee. Alright, That’s It…I Give, my brain is at a total loss and I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!! Calm down Deb, what’s this silliness all about?

Hubby and I were out on the town today enjoying our dinner and he insists on pulling my chain…He told me that he knew what he wanted for Christmas this year. OK, what’s the big deal here? Well he wants a Weeeeeee, does anyone here know what in the world he’s talking about? My hints were, I have 7 months to figure it out… It’s not on the market yet and he says he has no clue when it’s going to hit the market. Oh, and he also says it’s a treasure hunt. Grrrrr.

He’s having so much fun with me and loves to see me get excitable. I can’t drop it and I’ve even tried to look online but he won’t tell me how to spell it. He just keeps saying Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee over and over again. Have I completely lost it? I must say… He’s not the type to just make things up, so I know he’s serious. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, there he goes again. At least we are both laughing but he’s getting such a kick out of watching me squirm. I thought his expression saying Weeeeeeee would help so I threw it in for good measure.

Debbie Goes Bouffant…

Hubby found a rain cap a few days ago while cleaning out some more of ma’s boxes in the garage. Let me tell ya, that rain hat is brand spankin’ new, still in the wrapping, equipped with a full visor, and says right on the wrapping “designed for bouffant hairstyles.” That cracked both of us up and Hubby chimed in that my hair style fit the description.

After careful inspection, and even opening the bag to have a closer look and trying it on for size…I promptly threw it in the garbage. I didn’t think much about it ‘til Hubby said…“I thought you would have put it in the truck for a rainy day.” Hmm, that’s not such a bad idea so the new rain hat has been rescued as of today and now in my safe keeping and will eventually make its way to my truck. Who knows, one day I might be very thankful for my new rain gear especially designed for bouffant doo’s.

As summer approaches with hot weather and all…I have to get my hair away from my face as I can’t stand my hair making me hot, thus the new doo. My new summer doo is now called ‘bouffant’ in our home.

The Latest News

Our summer is starting to take off quite fast. We are preparing to leave for Sis’s high school graduation next week. She lives up north with her mom and brother. We are all looking forward to a great visit. Hubby’s brother lives in the area so we plan to spend a couple days visiting with Hubby’s brother’s family and their boys. They have a total of 4 boys and they came in pairs like having two different sets of children. The older two are grown and through college and the younger two are approximately 9 and 11 years old. We always have great family times with them and we are all looking forward to our visit.

It’s so hard to believe Hubby’s baby daughter (Sis) is graduating already. She was just 10 when I met her and now she has blossomed into a fine young lady. She is still undecided where she’s going to college so I’ll have to fill you in on that as the time comes.

In other news, my pottery has finally dried and I should be having a bisque firing sometime this week. I will probably wait to glaze the pieces till after our trip and I’m anxious to see what the final outcome will be.

Happy Birthday Hubby

I woke up this morning singing Happy Birthday to my beloved husband. He has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. He’s the brightest light in my day and has the warmest heart.

He What?

  • He tells me he loves me multiple times each day
  • He contends that he loves me more
  • He always knows how to make me smile
  • He calms me when I feel anxious
  • He sings special love songs to me
  • He blows kisses when he’s across the room from me
  • He thanks me for being his wife and for being here with him
  • He shows appreciation for the things I do for him
  • He makes me feel like a queen every day
  • He’s always happy to see me at the end of the day and welcomes me with open arms
  • He knows I need affection and provides hugs whether I need them or not
  • He works hard every day to provide for his family without a complaint
  • He calls his mother and always asks what she would like for him to send – whether it be a goodie box, stamps, thread for her needle work, address labels or whatever her heart desires, and she can consider it done.
  • He knows my deepest thoughts and wishes
  • He calls me sometimes from work and the conversation goes something like this

Hubby: Hi honey

Debbie: Hello My Love

Hubby: Are you busy tonight

Debbie: No, never too busy for you

Hubby: How would you like to join me for dinner…

  • He graduated at the top of his High School class and his sister never even knew ‘til she was here visiting and looking thru his HS yearbook a couple years ago. He’s brilliant and as a child gifted but he never flaunts it.
  • He completed his Masters while we were in Korea. I’ll never forget how gifted he is passing his classes with A’s.
  • He’s the only one in this world for me
  • He’s just what I needed in every way and I’m so thankful he picked me to be his wife

A Few Pieces Of My Art

Today we are (actually Hubby is) working on getting more boxes cleaned from the garage. I’m just the stand by keeping him company while we chat about current events that envelope our lives.

In our cleaning I found a few pieces of my art from years and years ago. I’ve given away most of my better pieces but these are a mixture of oil paints and color pencils.

I have the laundry about finished all except for some ironing that I would like to wrap up today. I need to give the house another vacuum and make sure everything is just so for the weekend.

Wraping Up Another Busy Week

Another week and a few more purses complete. I just finished adding the knobby feet and handles to some of these pieces today. My signature is inscribed to all and now they are in the drying process.

The studio doors are closed for the weekend as Hubby will be home tomorrow for his Friday off. I’m on my way to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend and I’ll be back just in time to fix our dinner. We have our Survivor show to watch tonight and we hope Terry continues to win immunity. We have a busy weekend ahead and I’ll see you guys around soon.

What’s Crackin’ At The Home Front

Is it really Wednesday already? I got up this morning thinking it was Tuesday but I just noticed my blog calendar informing me that it’s actually Wednesday. Where oh where have I been? It’s been a busy week in the studio and guess that’s where my head was this morning. I will be heading back to the studio to finish up the pieces I worked on yesterday. I loved adding the knobby feet so much on the pieces I made last week so I’m going to carry on with the same this week. I probably should change it up a bit but for now, that’s what’s clicking for me.

We have a busy weekend coming as Kristy arrives Sunday. She has her finals this week and her summer break officially begins for her on Friday. Her Aunt will be picking her up Friday and Kristy will spend a couple days there visiting and will be home Sunday. Guess I need to get that red velvet cake on my list of things to do. Actually… the last time I wrote about making the red velvet cake… Kristy later called to ask that I please omit the cake for her as she was watching her weight. Boy did I catch trouble from her friends as they all expected to see that cake when they came over. I won’t let them down so I will prepare a cake for all of them.

Kristy called me a couple days ago to catch up with everything at the home front. She wanted to know about my hair and if I’m letting it grow, the answer is (yes), wanted to know about her dad and Lauren’s trip, and an array of questions. My, her voice was so bubbly and sounds like she’s getting ready for her freshmen year to come to a close.

That’s It! My Rolling Pins Have To GO!

Not So Fast… That’s All I Have!!!

I have a very nice extra long wooden rolling pin. The manufacture did not make the handles separate from the body of the pin so the handles and body are one solid piece. You may ask “why would you buy such a thing” and my answer would be – “that’s what the ceramic stores carry for rolling out slabs manually.” It’s becoming quite painful for me to roll out my clay slabs and both my hands have blisters tonight. Ahhhh, I found the perfect non stick rolling pin advertised in my Clay Times Magazine. Hooray!!! I thought…this is perfect and with that I sent my $52.00 payment off to get the newest, latest and greatest rolling pin. NOT! I just received my brand spankin’ new pin and it’s a piece of junk – when it comes to rolling out clay slabs!!! It’s like trying to roll out clay with a rolling pin made of soft rubber and it’s very difficult to get a nice even thickness thru the entire slab. GRRR! I found myself going back to my wooden pin even though my hands hurt from the blisters but that’s all I had to use. I really need to get a nice slab roller and I guess that is the next big ticket item ($$$) on my list for the studio. One of these days I will be rolling out slabs like there’s no tomorrow.

Adding Feet Of The Knobby Kind

Today I’m working on the purses I assembled last week. I’m adding feet of the knobby kind and also signing my name while the clay is still wet enough for me to work with.

Working with the clay at this stage is a bit tedious as I don’t want to mess up the form I’ve given the clay. In order for me to add the feet without me holding it, I gently lay the piece on a 4” piece of foam to ensure safe keeping. The feet are now in place, and my name is inscribed which brings it to the completion of this stage.