All’s Well…

Fortunately it didn’t reach 22F last night and Bobby was able to get out no problem today. The ground was warm enough to melt all that freezing rain but it did take him a little longer as his windows were completely covered in ice. We’re going to have a cold one yet today with a chance of more freezing rain and snow but it’s not going to last long. Luckily for us, we get these cold snaps but that gloom doesn’t last for weeks on end. We’re supposed to have nice sunny skies tomorrow with a high of 50. Actually we’re going to have highs hovering the high 40’s and low 50’s the rest of the week.

I’m On The Inside.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Brrrrrrrrrr herrr herrr herrr herrr…. We left the house shortly after 6:00 PM with the temperature at a nice 72F. It’s hard to believe that by 9:15 PM it’s already 39F and falling fast. The forecast now says a low of 22F over night instead of the 40F which we are now a degree cooler than that already. It’s so hard to believe it dropped 33 degrees in just 3 hours! The rain is already here and we are back home nice and warm on the inside, all settled in for the duration.

It’s That Time Of Year For Projects…

The above pic is a gingerbread boy I made durning the holidays of 2003
I saw a show that featured this project so I went on line and printed out the directions putting my own twist on him. I even gave him a back pocket. I enjoyed making him so much that I picked up enough supplies to make 2 more totaling 3 gingerbread boys that year. I had no idea at the time what I was going to do with all of them and after completing them decided to give them as gifts to my parents and my brothers families.

From A Distance – To Give The Idea Of His Stature

I never got around to making one for us, who knows, one of these days I may just have to make another.

Very Top Of The Platter

I didn’t have a picture of the little men I created and had to give mom a call to see if she would be so kind to take these pics. Thank you so much mom, if you happen to be reading this.

Post Holiday Ramblings

We had such a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend celebrating and giving thanks. The temperatures were in the mid 70’s pretty much all weekend with nice beautiful blue skies for the most part.

The leaves are beginning to fall covering the earth with a nice big blanket perhaps for the approaching cold front that’s coming. I took this pic of a tree in downtown this past weekend and I’m sure it will begin shedding its leaves soon. The skies have turned grey and there’s mist in the air. The ground and sidewalks are moist from the mist and the temperatures will be dropping to the mid 20’s by the end of the week. Of course it’s in the forecast to warm up during the days to the mid 40’s but the evenings will be quiet chilly. We are so thankful for plenty of firewood to keep our home nice and cozy on those cold evenings.

It’s been a very sluggish day for Bobby and me. We’re having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after this past weekend. Bobby met me for an early lunch and that was so nice to just get out and see him. I asked if I could steal him away for the rest of the day but he needed to get back to work, he’s trying to save as much vacation as he can at this point. So I plan to pick myself up by my boot straps and clean up around here, get to some laundry and prepare to get back into my studio tomorrow.

A Beautiful Afternoon For More Decorating Outside…

More icicle lights this year will be hung from the roof top. Bobby is quite the perfectionist insisting on hanging lights from way up there. My duty is to hold the ladder and make sure he’s doing alright. I still don’t like him climbing the ladder but he likes the house trimmed with lights. I can’t complain and am thankful he goes the extra mile and loves to see me smile.

A pic of holly in our front flowerbed.

Our Day

Bobby’s still working diligently on that newsletter I was up with him till after midnight last night and finally had to retire and Bobby was up till after 2:00 AM working on that. Like he says, when he’s on a roll he doesn’t like to stop for anything. We hope to finish our newsletter this weekend and have it out by next weekend. Bobby and I had our little date at Wal-Mart today, not bad at all. The lady at the register told us how crazy it was yesterday. So glad we didn’t brave the day after Thanksgiving rush. We had a nice time stringing more lights outside and will be back out to finish up very soon. We enjoyed a nice dinner out tonight and that pretty much wraps up our day.

Stringing Lights

We did manage to get to a little decorating outside today. Bobby and I worked at getting 7 trees in the front strung with lights. We actually string the trunks of the trees from the ground upwards to approx 8’.

I worked a little in the flower beds trimming a few bushes back and basically giving them a little spruce up.

We didn’t venture out today to do any sort of shopping whatsoever. We’re not into the mad house out there but we did discuss going over to Wal-Mart in a couple hours. We need a few things for the front yard but after getting all cleaned up and showered, I think we’re going to call it a day and stay in this evening. Actually, I think I could go sound to sleep at this very moment and I may cash in on the early side tonight.

Come Ye Thankful People Come

This makes our second year just the two of us with none of the kids coming home so last year we started our annual Thanksgiving tradition and that does not = cooking and a huge mess since it’s just us. So our new tradition is to go out to eat. We go to a fabulous hotel, where the buffet’s never seem to end and the food is totally out of this world so that’s exactly where we went again this year. Our reservations were for 1:00 PM where we were promptly seated and the service was excellent.
Happy Thanksgiving Ice Sculpture
We spent 2 hours relaxing and enjoying our Thanksgiving meal. The atmosphere was absolutely delightful with the piano and flute playing beautiful Thanksgiving dinner music the entire time. Our bellies are stuffed and we are now relaxing at home for the remains of the day.
Entrance into the buffet

Birds eye view of the buffet

Birds eye view of the “chefs carving the birds”

Ice sculpture of the cornucopia

Ice sculptures were breathtaking and a part of the main decor throughout the dining room

Beautiful dinner music

Children in awe of the chocolate fountain

The King & I

Thanksgiving Blessings

It’s that time of year to review
To remember our blessings
And count our joys.
I’m thankful for my shoes, the shoes I walk in…
And blessed each day with life, love and so many blessings from above.
I choose to be thankful and cherish my life
Endeavoring to give my best each day.
This Thanksgiving is another reminder
To keep on giving
To keep on thanking
And to keep making those special memories that last a lifetime.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Decorating for Christmas is quite the ordeal around here with Christmas music in the background. It’s such a pleasure getting everything all set up.
O Christmas Tree…

Swarovski ornament 2004

The tree in the family room is dedicated to Swarovski, Lenox and Precious Moments. We’ve collected ornaments each year from all of the mentioned. With the Swarovski, we collect the annual star ornaments as well as the little ones too.

A favorite Precious Moments ornament from 1998 is special as Bobby was taking flying lessons that year and working towards getting his pilots license. We have 3 years worth of ‘Our First Christmas Together’. We started dating in 97, got engaged on Christmas morning 98 and were newlyweds in 99; hence all three years were firsts.

A favorite Lenox ornament from 2001.

This 7′ Pencil tree did not make it to the living room, now the kitchen has 2 trees.
The tree in the kitchen features cloisonné pieces that we purchased during our visit to China several years ago.
Kitchen tree # 2
Our little tree in the dining room.
Handrails decorated with tree garland, ribbon, lights and berries.

I still need to get my green and red candles going and I’m pretty much all finished on the inside this year. Now we need to get to the outside.

I’m Pooped…

Don’t know what kind of expression that is as Bobby snapped the pic without me knowing. I may show and tell later, but this is all I have for now.
I’m pooped but enjoying all the decorations around here. I put up two 3’ trees, one in the kitchen and one in the dining room, and then I finished our main tree in the family room but still have one more left to do in the living room. The stairs are adorned with the strands of branch thingy’s with lights and there are several decorations throughout the main floor. Tomorrow I will finish putting up the last tree and give the house a good cleaning.
I enjoyed this so much and so glad this job is almost complete. Now I can sit back and enjoy the Christmas season. Bobby is working diligently on the newsletter as always and insisted we get out Friday to have that picture taken to match the theme that he came up with this year. I’m so glad he takes that extra special interest in the details this time of the year as this season is my absolute favorite, hands down.

A Date In The Stockyards

Stock Yards Station

Bobby and I spent an evening in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards. We just had our picture professionally taken for our annual Christmas newsletter this year and also enjoyed dinner there as well. We strolled down the sidewalks enjoying the shops and a little browsing as well.

Fort Worth Stock Yards

At one time The Stockyards was a center for the cattle industry. Today the Stockyards stand as a center of tourism for the surrounding Fort Worth areas. The area is filled with shops specializing in old Western gifts and antiques.

Riscky’s Steakhouse – Great B-B-Q’s Too

There are numerous restaurants and other attractions such as the Championship Rodeo and a daily move of the famous Longhorn herd at 4:00 PM. At the Stockyards the old west is alive and kickin’.

I had my boots and western dress on and Bobby was stylin’ too.

Studio Days

I’m loving my new clay body. It’s been quite a busy schedule in the studio this week doing what I like best. I’m so taken with large vases these days that I can’t seem to stray on over to the purses yet. I plan to have enough pieces made up this week so that I can get out to the studio where I’m a member and glaze next Wednesday. I always look forward to the Wednesday group as they are such a joy to be around plus we all have pottery in common which is wonderful.

I still need to burnish (smooth) this piece but it will have to wait till tomorrow, duty calls for the rest of the evening.

Nothing Gets By Santa

It seems Mrs. Claus has such a hard time surprising Santa for Christmas. E-Bay is one of our favorite channels to purchase our goodies and that’s where I went to get Mr. Claus some of his Christmas gifts this year. I purchased this brand new 2006 St Louis Cardinals World Series plaque. It is a J.D. Healy plaque that is officially licensed by MLB. It is brand new and measures 13” X 16”. The plaque includes the team logo, photo, roster, season record and all game scores from the 2006 World Series. The only bad thing is that Mr. Claus visits my E-Bay account and has already seen all the fun stuff I purchased.

Monday’s News

Our oldest nephew Brenton turned 13 yesterday. How did that little man that I once cradled in my arms grow so fast? He’s taller than me, ok it doesn’t take much to arrive at my 5’ ½ “ stature, but he’s way past me now. He plays football, basketball and is just an all around great kid.

Dad is moving right along with his Bells Palsy. He is not out of the woods yet but he is gaining a little control over that side of his face. I think it’s going to be one of those longer recoveries for him but his spirits are soaring.

Just made our Christmas reservations. I’m so excited and look forward to our Christmas this year as always.

I’m getting all geared up to get our Christmas decorations out of the attic one night this week. The decorations will begin this coming weekend.

It’s another busy week in the studio, so off I go.