Preparations For Bobby’s Return Home

There are more heavy clouds in the sky, the grass is green and my heart leaps for joy this beautiful day. Bobby is due to come home this evening and I pray for his safe flight home.

I was able to get the yard all nice and manicured yesterday even though much of the time I worked in the rain and the ground was saturated in water. We have rain in the forecast each day for yet another week. It’s so hard to believe that areas in other regions are so dry when we’ve had nothing but rain and more rain the last two months.

The Ground Saturated In Water

Last Friday I took it upon myself to dig up this little baby oak tree that’s just over 5’ tall. The baby started growing right next to another oak on our property sometime last year so I made other arrangements for him. I dug him up and carefully transplanted it to this other area in the yard. I for one know nothing about transplanting trees so I figured all would be just dandy. By that evening every single leaf on the tree had completely wilted and I just knew I killed the tree. All the leaves then shriveled to an awful brown color, leaving no green in sight.

We already have 41 oak trees on the property but I still like the thought of more. I was not ready to give up on this little fella so I continued to visit him each day. I didn’t have to water him as we’ve been getting heavy rains non stop for days and the ground is marsh. Quite frankly he looked pathetic but yesterday I noticed this little bit of green (pictured below) with these happy little leaves and to me it’s a sign. I sure hope his little heart beats and grows to be a full size oak one of these days.

A Good Sign

Bobby’s Flight Got Canceled

My plans with Bobby didn’t go as we intended. His flight was canceled tonight and the earliest flight he can get is Friday evening. There were so many cancellations all day at the airport due to the weather and all flights for tomorrow are booked. Looks like I have a couple more nights here alone.

On the bright side, I have a nice clean house and the laundry and ironing are complete. I’ll have the yard all nice and manicured tomorrow (if it stops raining) and everything will be ship shape by the time Bobby gets home.

After learning Bobby’s flight was canceled, I jumped into my pj’s, called Papa John’s (misery loves company) and ordered my favorite pizza and had it delivered. And that pretty much wraps up how I dealt with it. When plans go awry, it’s good to have a back up plan.

Everybody Left Today

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and before long, the months have shot right by. Lauren just wrapped up just over 2 months with us and has decided that it’s time to go home. She’s ready to see friends and do some cool summer stuff before college this fall.

She spent the last several weeks studying and taking CLEP tests and passed all of them. Which means, she’s tested out of one full college semester (or 16 credits) in a matter of weeks, pretty cool stuff!

The house is empty, no more teenager giggles and jokes or long serious afternoon talks. She’s on her way home and I’m left in my tranquil cocoon.

Bobby left this afternoon for West Palm on business for a few days. If we would have known Lauren was leaving too, I would have been able to go with my dearest on this trip. So as it stands, I’m in for some alone time the next few days, just me, myself and I.


Working outside has been one of my favorite things to do ever since I can remember. And I just finished spending 5 hours gardening and cutting the grass. Thanks to Bobby, my mower worked like a charm with my new wheels this week!

I just planted some heat seeking flowers that thrive in the Texas HOT summer months. They will continue to blossom in our 100 degree temperatures all summer long and they don’t require any work at all, or so I was told, we’ll see. Those are the kinds of flowers I love.

Dallas Red Lantana’s, and Pink & Yellow Verdolaga’s


Oh the beauty of this spider’s web in my holly this morning, with the dew drops shimmering in the early morning sunlight.

You Look Just Like Your Mother

You look just like your mother and I’ve been told that mom and I look so much like my Grandma. I think my dark hair comes from my pop though. During my visit with my parents I was even mistaken for my mother. People have even been known to say that we could pass for twins at different ages. So while I was at mom’s I took it upon myself to scan some very precious old pictures of the family. I will share more later but here we are in our younger years.

Fixer Upper Day

Bobby and I took off this morning towards the Dallas area to pick up a couple wheels for my lawn mower. Little did I know my mower was in bad shape but Bobby noticed problems with it while I was away in FL. Bobby used my mower while Lauren used his mower and Bobby quickly learned I had problems. The back left wheel is nearly broken and the automatic has not been working on that side for who knows how long. Silly me thought that it was power driven on just the right side. He plans to get that all fixed up for me and I’ll be full steam ahead this next week.

I’m not sure if you remember me talking about ruining the blower several weeks ago? Well, several weeks ago, I added 100% gasoline to the blower tank instead of using the gas/oil combo. The blower worked fine the first week. The next week I added 100% more gas to the tank and then is when the blower started acting up so I decided to turn it off. I could smell nasty fumes which really did smell like I blew it up. And the motor was going a little wacko. When I told Bobby about the blower incident, His first question was, “what kind of gas did you use?” Go figure; I used the wrong stuff and we thought that was the end of the blower.

Bobby didn’t give up so quickly on our dear blower as he worked on it yesterday and poured the gasoline out of the tank and doctored the “I don’t know what” (basically the guts) with the gas/oil combination. Then he poured the gas/oil combination into the tank and it fired right up and it runs beautifully. He’s genius!

On our way home from getting the tires for my lawn mower, we just had to stop for lunch. I love these kinds of dates and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch together just the two of us at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Now Bobby’s off with Lauren to do daddy daughter stuff and I’m getting ready to go have my nails done. I plan to do a Home Depot run and a grocery store run at some point this afternoon. It’s a great weekend of getting many things accomplished.

Mumbo Jumbo

  • It’s been a great day filled with yard work. The perks are I’m getting quite a workout just getting all that power equipment started, not to mention putting that stuff to good use.
  • Bobby took us out for dinner to one of our favorite BBQ restaurants. We enjoyed some fabulous brisket, fried okra, slaw and homemade peach (for me) and apple cobbler (for Bobby and Lauren). I figured with all that extra exercise, surely things will balance out on the scale in the morning, right?
  • Bobby and Lauren are off to their weekly tango class which they enjoy so much. It’s hard to believe their 6 weeks of lesson’s have come to a close.
  • Oh, by the way, I got that package of cookies out to ma this week, no problems. My secret was to hide extra cookies in the event we had a little problem. When I pulled my little stash of cookies out this morning, Bobby was thrilled to see more. I gave him a few for his lunch and Lauren polished off the rest today. The cookies are officially down the hatch. Adieu!

Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oh NO

Making Oatmeal-Chocolate Chip Cookies for Grandma, proves to be a colossal task. Hubby and Sis set out to make ma some cookies while I was away. The cookies were made with lots of love and care and placed into the Tupperware container for shipping. The cookies were made to perfection but evaporated out of that container before they even had time to reach the Post Office!

After I returned home, Hubby and Sis were in the mood for another round of cookies so the three of us made cookies together and I agreed to make ma’s cookies Monday (yesterday). Well, don’t ya know, Sunday’s cookies were polished off with some milk by 3 cookie monsters and I set out yesterday to make cookies for ma.

I mixed ma’s batch of cookies and even had a few left over for us. I boxed them in the container and placed the card from Sis to ma in there. Low and behold our little cookie monster ‘Sis’ got into those cookies during the night and I will be making yet another batch today.

When Hubby heard the exciting news that a monster had been into the cookies during the night, his eyes lit up! I put a little baggie in his lunch box so that he could enjoy them for the day.

The good news, I was asked to make a double batch of cookies so that we can surely get ma’s cookies in the mail without a hitch. I promised to make that double batch but asked that this be the LAST of the cookies in this house for a VERY long time.

My Trip To Florida

I had a wonderful stay with my parents from Wednesday May 30th through Saturday June 9th. Mom is improving daily and seems to be feeling better although she’s still taking stuff for pain. Her dark bruises were almost all gone by the time I got there but the aches have a way of letting her know who’s boss and she still has a knot on her forehead. She has two more doctor appointments this week and we hope for more good results.

I helped out in the store every day and was able to help move things around as she directed. I changed display areas several times, vacuumed and tried to keep up with the things that are hard for her to do. Her last day of business is this Saturday, June 16th and they are looking forward to the next chapter.

I didn’t work the whole time though as you will see in the pictures below. We went to Dave and Pam’s one evening for dinner and games and we met them for dinner out one evening. Dave and I also enjoyed a nice cup of coffee one morning and I really enjoyed my time with family.

We had a wonderful evening at Dave and Pam’s and I captured a few pictures of ‘some’ of their pets as they have 8 rabbits, 2 hedgehogs 3 genie pigs and 1 very sweet dog named Buddy.

Ashley and Buddy and Jenny and cute Mr. Rabbit


Dad and Mr. Hedgehog and Ryan and Buddy

I just adored Mr. Kato, a very small monkey from Brazil. This little monkey is 1 year old and full size. Kato drew a large crowd in Downtown Stuart right outside my parents shop and I could not help but capture this sweet picture.

Lunch with Linda is always in order in FL or TX. Linda and I (the gal I’m sitting next to) used to work together for 8 years and her daughter (sitting across from us) Donna and I became friends a long time ago. I called Linda mom all those years ago and still do to this day. She has a son who lives near Dallas so when she flies to my neck of the woods we try to get together too.


Enjoyed a wonderful lunch with an old friend Becky. Becky and I have been friends since she was in college and I was in her wedding 15 years ago. She was not able to attend my wedding as her brother got married out of state on my wedding day. P.S. – This was the longest lunch hour I’ve ever taken as we spent close to 4 hours there!

I spent an evening at the beach and enjoyed a wonderful conversation with my hubby while taking in this gorgeous view. I got all situated under the covered pavillion and rested on a picnic table.

I love little quaint boutiques but this little boutique captured my attention. This picture is taken in the dressing room and must say it was one of the coolest little dressing room I’ve been in.