Back Home

On Wednesday evening, November 14, 07 we arrived back in home and what a delight it was to get back home for a week and 1/2. As we were traveling the song “Wide Open Spaces” came to mind and the feeling of being back home started playing tricks on me. As we passed familiar sights my soul leaped for joy and I could not help the rush of sheer joy that washed over me. I felt like a very dried out sponge absorbing every little detail that I possibly could.

By the time Thursday morning rolled around there was no sleeping in for me, I just had to get up to savor the day. I flung open the blinds as fast as I could and began my little cleaning routine. I had the place cleaned in no time and then I was ready to kick back and let the rest of the day unfold.

Our first big meal that day was our favorite BBQ in town. The chopped brisket sandwich was calling me along with their fabulous fried okra. If I close my eyes, I can almost taste it. We also had the cobbler for desert. I’m a peach cobbler kinda gal and Hubby is my apple cobbler guy so that’s what we had, our favorites.

Normally right after a meal at a restaurant Hubby pays the bill and we leave. This time we just sat there taking in the old familiar feel of that place. And I still remember Hubby’s words to me as he said “I’m just taking this all in”. In some weird sort of way, It was during those “taking it in moments” that we began to feel like we were “Home”. Gasp, did I just say that, Hubby and I are definitely feeling pulled between two places to call home. And I told him that if he ever took me back to live that I would be perfectly happy staying there the rest of my life.

I did something while I was there that I’ve never done in my entire life. I got in a truck with a stranger. Please let me explain – Ya know, Hubby still can’t believe I did that, even after my explanation as that is NOT like me at ALL. So here’s the chain of events. Hubby had a dentist appointment in town and it was quite a procedure and was to last 2 hours. So, the day before his appointment, I took my nails off as he was going to drop me off at the mall and I was going to get a fresh set of nails and perhaps get into trouble for the other hour I had on my hands.

Hubby dropped me off at the entrance of the mall and away I went to the nail salon. I signed in and had just a brief wait. My name was called and I was seated right next to another gal who got there moments before me. We struck up conversation immediately and I truly felt a kindred spirit with her. It was as if we knew each other our entire lives and our conversation just flowed mixed with laughter. We finished up about the same time and she asked would I like to join her for lunch. She was not fond of doing the food court and asked if I would like to go across the street to Red Lobster. Sure I said, I have another 45 min. until my husband is finished at the dentist office.

Away we went out of there chatting all the way to her vehicle like two sisters would do. I got into here truck without even the slightest hesitation and we both began to laugh about this. She started the truck, put it in reverse and backed out. We drove towards the mall entrance and stopped at the red light. As the light was turning green, my cell phone rang. It was Hubby calling to say he was on his way. She said “Have him meet us at Red Lobster”. Unfortunately he was not in a Red Lobster mood as his entire mouth was numb from his little procedure and he needed to stop by the drug store to pick up some meds. She turned her truck around and headed back to the mall entrance where Hubby was to pick me up. When her truck came to a stop I got out and then is when she said my name is “Theresa” and I introduced myself to her as well. That all happened so fast and I’m not even sure of her name now. I just know it starts with a “T” and that’s all I remember. I keep thinking about her and wish we would have swapped information so that we could have remained in contact with each other. I’ll say, Theresa and I sure did have a “GOOD TIME” while it lasted.

Thanksgiving morning dawned and we were like two children on Christmas morning waiting on our big turkey meal. We had reservations at the same place we have been going the last two years and this making our 3rd year there. We left the house at noon and we were seated by 12:30 where we enjoyed a wonderful 2 hour Thanksgiving dinner. Below is the only picture I took to my dismay but let me tell ya, that ballroom was fit for a king.

We had beautiful dinner music by talented musicians who played violins, the piano and flute.

Hubby finally got his wii and all I can say is we have had more fun with that wii than any of our other games in the past. We’ve always been Nintendo, Game Cube and the like buffs but now, I can’t even imagine dragging those old games out anymore. Hubby and I have enjoyed tennis, baseball, bowling and golf from the comforts of home and I’ll say I’m having a little TOO much fun. I say that as both of my arms are equally sore and my legs are so sore too. As much as I enjoyed baseball my arm can’t take another game right now, that pitching did a number on me. It’s a good thing I’m ambidextrous as I can switch arms when one hurts too much. Our favorite games at the moment are tennis and golf.

It’s weird that I didn’t take pictures in TX as Hubby would always make sure I had my camera with me. I think we were absorbing more than taking pictures.

Now that we are back home (up north), I feel like we can finally begin to settle down. There is so much to enjoy here and I know we are going to be taking in a lot in the months to come.

Below is a picture I took of downtown yesterday. The holidays are upon us and the town is coming to life with Christmas décor.

On To The Mid West

Wow, my second post of the day, I’ll say I’m doing pretty good since I haven’t posted in quite some time.

Hubby and I went to visit with Hubby’s mom November 12 -13. Ma is such a very special mom to my Hubby and she loves me and has been the best mother-in-law I could ask for. She became “ma” to me when Hubby and I were dating and I’ve called her ma just like Hubby from that moment on.

The first day we were there we took ma to Wal-Mart where she just loves to shop. And then ordered pizza as that’s what she wanted for dinner. The next day she was up for us taking her to the Steak House down the street and that’s exactly what we did. We sat with her and visited and reminisced once again about old times. I never met Hubby’s father but for some reason, I feel like I know him just a bit from the stories I’m told. He was a tease and loved to joke and ma tells the best stories about him. Pa passed away in 1995 just before Hubby and I met and I can tell ma still misses him after all these years.

She used to play Nintendo up until just a couple years ago but now her vision has failed and it’s too hard for her to use the controller and play at the same time. She keeps herself busy by embroidering quilts and is a part of the “Red Hats Society”. She loves keeping up with different functions and activities and even asks Hubby from time to time to write articles for her to publish in the local paper.

Hubby is her baby boy and she calls him when she needs thread, stamps, or whatever and let me tell ya, he’s her Baby Boy on the spot and fills whatever order she places. He loves ma so much and dotes over her like a good loving son should. That’s just one of the many, many things I love about my honey.

That wraps up our time with ma and here’s a picture below of Hubby with ma. He always gives ma the whisker treatment on the neck and I always get a kick out of her jokingly yelling out his name!

Our Visit In The Mid West

I fell off the Blog wagon and it’s hard to get up, due to being so far behind. I thought I was going to have time to blog when we were back home but for some reason, blogging and vacationing don’t mix well with me. Now let’s see, where was I

We left St Louis on Monday November the 12th and went to Missouri to visit Hubby’s Sister and her Son and daughter-in-law and their two daughters. Little Connie was born just hours before we arrived at the hospital.

Baby Connie was born just hours before we arrived. What another precious little girl God has given our nephew his wife.

Proud parents of two very special little girls. Daddy is holding Samantha and Mommy with her precious new bundle of joy. Samantha just loves her new little sister and we were told that she cried when the nurses took her baby sister from the room.

Bobby’s Sister aka grandma. She’s so proud of her kids and she just adores her grandbabies so much.

Great Uncle and Aunt get in on this exciting day. I was honored to be handed the baby the moment we walked in the room, I must have bonded with her for an hour or so. How sweet it was to hold my Great Niece Connie. Sweet little Samantha was so shy and didn’t remember us although she did let us give her a little hug goodbye when it was time for us to leave.

What a wonderful visit we had with family and we look forward to seeing all of them again sometime.

Visit With Family

I’ve been working on a few pictures from our trip so here goes the first couple days.

Our first night we met up at Ryan and Lauren’s house. Ryan and his mom had prepared 3 different kinds of brownies chocolate, spice and pumpkin. And they also had flat bread crackers, veggies and humus, yummo! What a treat after our trip. Then Lauren showed up with her boyfriend Kevin and we all went out to dinner.

Unfortunately Lauren had to get back to the campus so I only have this one picture with her and Kevin.

Family Night at a wonderful restaurant in Downtown

The next day Ryan and Danni met us and we took them out for lunch and then we went over to visit with Hubby’s family.

Pictures of Ryan and Dani

Dinner with the family, Hubby’s absolute favorite Mexican restaurant for nearly 30 years.

After dinner Luke and Trey started in on basketball out in the drive. Hubby enjoyed that too.


There Is No Place On Earth Like HOME

We are having the time of our lives and our trip has been just what the Dr. ordered. We spent our first two days in St Louis visiting with family. Then we went on to visit with Hubby’s sister and our nephew and his family. Our nephew and niece were due to have their little girl on the same day we arrived. With much delight, we made it the same day little Connie was born and was able to see her just hours after the delivery. That was totally not planned but such a wonderful highlight of our trip. Hubby and I now have 2 great nieces and 1 great nephew on Hubby’s side of the family. After our visit there, we were off to visit ma (Hubby’s mom) for a couple days and then we made our way home. We arrived Wednesday evening and we’re having the time of our lives and we have plans to stay here through Thanksgiving weekend.

There is just not enough words to express our joy to be back into our home and to be in the middle of all our stuff. We left here and moved up north on August 26th and have been staying in a hotel up until just two nights ago when we crawled back into our own bed. There is truly no place like home and we’re looking forward to the day when we can be back into the middle of all our stuff for a while.

I have some pictures to share but I may not get to them ‘til after our return north. So just for now, we’re taking advantage of our time together.

Lunch Date With My Girlfriend

I’m having quite a busy week getting ready for our trip. However, today my friend Evelyn and I went to a nice little restaurant for lunch. The restaurant is an old home converted into a restaurant and a gift shop fills the upstairs portion. The inside is so cozy, warm and so inviting. Each table is an old table from the 50’s era and the décor inside suggests that era too. So from the old wood floors and beautiful area rugs to the decor, it’s the perfect place to visit with friends.

The front of the restaurant has little benches lined in front of the parking with boots on each one. It sets the mood for a nice visit once inside.

This is truly a lovely atmosphere

And my autumn bisque soup in a bread bowl was positively delicious.

Lucky for us we went for a very early lunch as I was able to take the pics before we ordered. It’s a good thing because it was packed with people lining the front entry when we left.

Leisure Day

Today was a leisure day where I didn’t have to be anywhere at any certain time. Hubby left bright and early on his trip to Maryland for a few days so I went with the flow.

I started off by crawling back in bed as Hubby left before daylight and got a few more z’s before starting the day. I went down to breakfast around 10 and met my buddy Evelyn down there. We had a nice little visit until sometime around 11:30 or so and then I was off doing my thing. I went to the mall and splurged on a few clothes and enjoyed browsing through all the wonderful holiday displays.

Then it was time for a little drive where I ended up taking a few more pictures. It was truly a peaceful day filled with lots of blessings.

I thought all the leaves would be gone by now but the beauty hangs on a bit longer.

I also took time along the way for some pretty flowers

One Moment In Time

I’m still clearing my throat a smidge and the Kleenex box is not being reached for as often today so I’m hoping the rest of this stuff clears out soon.

It’s a bit gloomy and the rain has come and gone off and on today so I’ve been getting nice and cozy and doing a little bit of reading and scrapping. I dredged up an old picture of friends at a Thanksgiving banquet and made a little page of us. We girls had on about every color in the crayola box so I antiqued our picture for scrapbooking purposes.

One moment in time friends stopped what they were doing for this picture. And that moment was captured many years ago. I just wish all my buddies were in this picture. Happy times indeed and this brings back so many fond memories of days gone by. I’m so thankful for my life and the wealth of all my yesterdays memories have surely added so many treasures for my tomorrows.