Pretty Snow Fall

It was a disappointment of sorts when we got home to see the snow was long gone. Guess I’m still a rookie but I’m enjoying the snow we’ve had thus far. I did say a prayer for it to stop when I was trying to get out of here for Christmas but now that we’re home, Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. I have not gotten around to praying for more snow yet and I was so surprised to wake to this pretty site.

There are times where I truly think I could get used to this. I’ve abandoned my long winter coat as I detest being all bundled up. A long sleeve shirt and a sweater with a nice fleece are getting the job done. I’ve yet to get out my scarves but I do have my gloves at the ready.

Bobby even chuckled at me a couple weeks ago when we had all that snow on the ground. As we were getting ready to leave the apartment I said “Let me see how cold it is outside”. With a just one step outside I could tell a sweater was all I needed. Has my blood really gotten so thick in this short amount of time or am I crazy? One thing for sure, as long as it’s pretty white, I’m in awe…

I Think I Get To Go To My Parents Today

It appears we’re getting a break in the weather and it looks like my evening flight will depart on schedule. It was such a bummer to learn my early flight was canceled this morning. I was up by 4:45am getting ready for the airport when I learned at 5:30 my flight had been canceled. As a matter of fact, all the early morning flights were canceled and the next flight for me is 5:30pm.

We had more of the pretty white stuff this morning and this was the second day in a row that I was praying for the pretty stuff to stop. Not only was my prayer answered, but have a look at just how pretty it is out my window. I’m sitting here at my computer at the table looking out my sliding glass doors at this beautiful scene. It’s jut not fair for me to talk about and not share the pretty view so here ya go.

I Hope To Fly South Before Christmas

I didn’t get out this morning as the airlines called yesterday and changed my early morning flight today and adjusted it for departure at 5:45 pm. I have no idea if I’m even going to get out today as the pretty white stuff is pouring down as I type. There are a couple airlines that have totally cancelled all their flights for the day and I’m waiting to see what US Air is up to. On top of that, I’m flying into (Philadelphia) and they’re being hit with this wintry mix as well. It seems the weather has taken a turn in the frightful direction and if nothing else, I’ll get to sleep in my own bed tonight. And I’m quite certain that sometime between now and Christmas I’ll get a flight.

Don’t have too much time to fool around as I need to get packed and ready for my flight (if I have one). I don’t look to be back here in the blog realm ‘til after we get back home on the 29th. So here’s wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Right Down To The Wire

Hubby is slaving away on our Christmas newsletter and we plan to have them in the mail drop box by late this evening or tomorrow. I’ve got all the address labels and return address labels adhered to all the envelopes and the postage has been added to the envelopes as well. Hubby’s diligently working on page 4 of 4 and it should be finished soon. I kept telling Hubby all along that we should just send Happy New Years Newsletters but he insisted on getting Christmas cards out and what a great job he’s doing orchestrating our newsletter to get it out before Christmas.

The airlines called this morning canceling my early morning flight due to the blizzard type weather in the forecast. However, I do have another flight scheduled to leave here at 5pm weather permitting. I’m hoping for a nice safe flight tomorrow and hope I can get out of here alright and if I have to wait ‘til Monday, no prob.

Last evening we went to a Christmas party held by (Kyle) one of the guys that works for Hubby. It was a great evening and I met some wonderful ladies there. One of the gals that I was speaking with told me about her sister who is a potter. Our conversation covered pottery, travel, and all sorts a stuff. She left her home and work numbers with me so that I could give her a ring to get together for lunch, catch a girlie flick, or whatever. No matter how cold the temps are the people here are genuinely warm and I love that so much.

That wraps up what’s going on around here. Here’s hoping all of you are keeping warm, drinking lots of coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate, and sitting in front of a nice flickering fire. Blessings to all of you this Christmas Season may you be blessed with Christ, the greatest gift of all.

A Little Shout Out

I started this post this morning but just got around to finishing it this evening. I didn’t take any extra time with my pictures in my scrapbook program and just threw it together. So here goes from where I started this morning.

I’m sitting here in our apartment watching the beautiful snow fall. In my early years I remember snow like this and I remember playing in it when we lived up north, but let me tell you I’m really enjoying watching the pretty snow fall. The branches of the trees are coated in pretty white and the ground is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. I’ve got the Christmas music filling the air and it is truly a beautiful “Winter Wonderland”.

Below are a few pictures taken from our back yard this AM. I’m so in love with the beautiful private back yard and the snow is absolutely stunning to watch. We are expected to have a foot of snow by morning and I would venture to say we are close to a good 10 inches already.

As you can tell we are finally in our apartment (as of yesterday) and I love it, especially the part where we finally have a place to call home! Last evening we met our new neighbors John and Joanna and we clicked from the moment we met them. We were on our way out when Bobby and I noticed two dear approx 10 very short feet away from us. I couldn’t believe it so we stopped and stood and watched them for a moment. They didn’t seem to be afraid of us at all but they scampered just a wee bit as we passed by but they were right back once we passed. John and Joanna were out in the parking lot returning from their evening out when we struck up a conversation with them about the deer. We learned that another sweet neighbor feeds the deer birdseed and these deer have become the neighborhood pets, or so we were told. There are actually 3 deer that hang out and we saw the other one shortly thereafter. I’ll have to take a picture of our outdoor pets one day.

There is so much to do and so little time as I’m south this Sunday and Hubby will be catching up with me Wednesday. So I’ll be spending two weeks in the south and Hubby is so funny when he tells people like our new friends last night when he’s asked what our plans are for Christmas. He says in a drab voice “We gotta spend Christmas with the in-laws” as if he’s looking for sympathy and then he says “Down South”. John and Joanna were good sports as he started looking for his violin straight away.

I don’t know how much I’ll be around the blog sphere the next two weeks but I will definitely return when we get back home. Until then, many blessings to you and yours this Wonderful Christmas Season!

Breakfast And Lunch Dates

What a glorious day with friends. Stefania and I met downstairs and made our way over to a wonderful place for breakfast (the same place Jennifer and I visited yesterday). What a lovely breakfast we had and we both enjoyed the wonderful French toast and coffee. We visited there ‘til around 11:30 and then made our way from there to lunch. We met our friend Evelyn at a different place for lunch where we once again had a very nice long visit. We all enjoyed homemade soup in a bread bowl followed by coffee. We visited until 3:00pm and had to literally pull ourselves away from the table as Stefania had to get back. I’m overjoyed to have met such wonderful friends here at the hotel and we all plan to stay in contact. As a matter of fact, I’m already looking forward to Stefania’s next visit.

A picture of Stefania and me at breakfast

Evelyn and Stefania – Stefania stooping to pet Felix (Evelyn’s cute dog). We are just out front of the restaurant an old home converted into such a nice cozy restaurant.

The benches continue to line the front but now the boots have been filled with holly.

The owner of was delivered her new 8 week old pup while we were having lunch. She was bombarded with questions like what’s her name. She kept telling guests, I don’t know, I just got her. She was beaming and it was so obvious that she fell in love with her cute little fella immediately.

Evelyn and Doug have already found their home and will be moving in just before Christmas. We’re already looking forward to our continued friendship long after we are out of the hotel and truly what a joy it has been meeting such wonderful new friends.


I met a wonderful lady (Stefania) here at the hotel last evening (her hubby had a 2 week business trip here) but the sad thing is they leave Saturday. We made the most of our short time here and arranged to meet downstairs for breakfast this morning. I just had a nice cup of coffee with her as I had a lunch date with my friend Jennifer later. Anyway, we had such a wonderful visit this morning and have made arrangements to go out for a nice breakfast tomorrow morning. My friend Evelyn who has been here almost as long as us, can’t make breakfast tomorrow, so it’s just Stefania and me and perhaps Jennifer will join us too. Then after breakfast we have plans to do a little fun shopping and then we have more plans to meet up with our buddy Evelyn for lunch. We decided just a while ago to make a whole day of it tomorrow. She’s such a joy with a beautiful German accent as that’s where she’s from.

Below you will see a couple pictures I took on my way down to breakfast. It’s so hard to believe it was 5 degrees when I took those shots as it was such a gorgeous sunny day with the prettiest blue sky!

We met at 11:30 so that we would get there before the place was packed. The next thing I know Jennifer was looking at her watch saying “its 2:00 already”. O how time flies when we’re having fun.

This is a picture I took on my way home. I was sitting at a red light right when I whipped out my camera to capture this pretty setting. I still can’t believe how pretty blue the sky was all freezing day long! It was an absolutely gorgeous day spent with wonderful friends.

O The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It is 5 freezing degrees right now and I’m getting ready to venture out of my little warm hut and walk down to have coffee. I’ll have to say it’s a toss up right now, freezing cold and hot coffee or keeping nice and toasty warm in my pj’s. Well I do have a coffee pot in my room with a coffee bag mix but it just doesn’t taste as good to me as the coffee down there. The freezing cold and hot coffee is winning and I’m going to have that cup of coffee. I figure it will warm me enough to get back to my room. Plus I’m meeting my friend down there too and that’s worth getting out for as well.

Jennifer and I will be meeting for lunch today at a nice cozy little log cabin sort of restaurant. And that is definitely worth getting out for today. I have a nice day all planned out no matter the weather! And the beautiful thing about this day is that I see beautiful sunshine in spite of the weather!

In The Air There’s A Feeling Of Christmas

Last evening, on the way to look at our mattress, I noticed this Christmas tree from a far away distance. As I was approaching, I quickly got my camera and put my window down to snap a picture. This totally reminded me of the song Silver Bells (one of my favorite Christmas Songs) as you will notice the many signs in the picture as well as the “Do not walk” red hand sign right smack dab in the front and center of the Christmas tree. The snow covered the ground so pretty white and I felt as though I were driving in a snow globe. That was the first time ever that I’ve driven in the stuff. Thank goodness they keep the roads nice and clear as I would not be driving otherwise. Hubby did give me some tips as he grew up in it, but I think I’ll pass if it gets too bad as I’m not experienced with this stuff.

Oh yes, about looking at our mattress… We found a very nice King size pillow top marked down at a very reasonable price. It will be delivered next week on our move in day right on time for us to get a good night’s sleep. Talk about relaxation, that’s just how I feel as now we have a place to stay and a bed to sleep on. Everything else is just icing on the cake from here on out!

Shopping ~ Shopping ~ Shopping

I was so pleased with everything I got accomplished yesterday. Everything on my errand list was accomplished and my laundry and ironing were polished off by early afternoon.

My friend Evelyn and I met downstairs for breakfast this morning and then we were off shopping ‘til early afternoon. We made our way to an awesome Christmas Store that has the best deals around! Jennifer called to tell me about that new store and the Grand Opening right before our trip home for Thanksgiving. I didn’t get a chance to run by there but I didn’t forget about it. I’ve decided to just look and not touch this year as we won’t have that much time to enjoy Christmas decorations in our new apartment as we move in on the 12th and I head south on the 17th. Also, we don’t have tons and tons of storage so I don’t plan to purchase anything that needs our much needed space. But just because I don’t want anything doesn’t mean I can’t look, we had oh so much fun in that store.

My buddy Evelyn had to get back home as she had a Doctor appointment this afternoon and I decided to continue shopping. So I looked up the Olum’s Clearance Furniture Store that Jennifer just told me about today and checked out what they had available. They had some really cool stuff and I’ll have to take Hubby over there perhaps sometime this weekend. Hubby and I are shopping for a bed this evening and I sure hope we find one soon. We continue to plug away and before long we’ll be all settled in.

Pretty Winter Wonderland

The warm glow on the snow is so pretty. Last evening when we were returning back to our room, I snapped a couple more pictures outside our door. This weather pushed us to get our boots over the weekend and what a difference they make. Now we’re all nice and toasty, and love the fact that I’m keeping warm in this stuff.

A Pretty Wintry Mix

A pretty wintry mix has come our way, who’d a thunk? What a change in the weather since we’ve been back home. We actually had just a tiny dusting of snow the day we left to visit back home but this is what we woke to this morning. The pretty white stuff completely coats the ground and here are a few pictures I took this morning

We’ve had such a crazy busy week but things are going really well. We finally decided to rent an apartment for a year so that we can get a better handle on what area we would like to buy/build.

Now the pressure is off to buy a place and relief takes on a whole new meaning. We found an apartment last week and I could not be happier at this very moment. A place to call home is finally coming our way soon! We should be moving in sometime around the 12th of December and I can’t begin to express just how excited I am.

Let’s just say, we were going to spend a week down south for Christmas and another week back in our old home following Christmas. I’m so stoked about our new apartment that I have no desire to pass by our old home on the way back north. How cool is that folks!?! I am so ready to get settled down and am looking so forward to the New Year!

We are creeping away at our Christmas Newsletter and continue to make progress. But it looks like we are still going to be working on it a while longer. I don’t like being this late but that’s just the way it goes this year.

We did get some shopping done over the weekend as we have a 2 bedroom apartment to completely furnish. First things first as we have been trying to nail a king size bed, and then we will look for the rest of the furniture as soon as we get our bed ordered. Then I have to completely furnish my kitchen as we are not moving anything back home yet. I’m having fun looking for dishes, glassware, flatware, and all the fun stuff to make it pretty. It’s also fun shopping for bathroom accessories and new bedding. I found a great deal on my favorite Egyptian sheets and it will be like Christmas getting our new home sweet home all fixed up. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s so nice, bright and truly beautiful.