Plans For Vacation

Our thoughts have turned towards more vacation time and this time we’re going to go to, drum roll please, TX!!! How did you guess? We’ve been planning another week in TX since we got back to NY from our last visit to TX which was this past November.

We’ve got good excuses though. We need to get back to change the heat over to AC. I know the realtor could do this but we don’t want it set wrong or anything. Hey, it’s our excuse after all. And then we need to turn the water back on for our sprinkler system, don’t know if the realtor could get that figured out, we better get back. Then we need to get the lawn maintenance crew back out on a weekly basis to make sure we are all manicured, not sure if the realtor knows the exact property line for the maintenance crew, we really need to get back. And I won’t mention the few BBQ restaurants we need to visit to see if they still know how to make brisket among others that I won’t mention. We have to get back home!

I’ve been checking flights and I think we’re going to narrow our trip over the weekend and make plans to go back sometime late March.

Twins – My Wish Came True

So many memories come back when I think back on my twin nieces. There was a time when I wanted twins (way before I met my hubby) and I’ll never forget the day my brother and sister-in-law announced that they were having twins. I still remember thinking “I have my twins now” and the feeling of being content settled over me.

The girls were my little cutie pies wrapped in all their sweetness and I was so overjoyed to be their Aunt Deb. As they grew older, they would love to get their little hands on all my jewelry. They would take my rings and put them on their toes and do all silly sorts of stuff with jewelry. I still remember polishing their little finger nails and even giving them hair cuts.

On this particular day I made arrangements to have a nice little outing with just me and the girls for the day. And I’ll never forget all the fun times we had.

Back in the day, they were two of the cutest apples of my eyes and the only girl nieces we have on both sides of our families.

I’m not intentionally leaving my nephews out but my nephews in Dan’s family didn’t live in FL and my little nephew Ryan was just a little guy so the girls and I seemed to bond in those days.

This past Christmas I remember thinking oh how the time goes by. And those sweet little girls are now all grown up into very lovely young ladies and almost as tall as Aunt Deb.

I want to continue making special memories with our nieces and nephews and the times we have with family will be cherished forever.

All Hunkered In

Last evening (late as in just before we went to bed) Bobby went out to get the mail and this

is the goodie he brought in. Every time Clay Times arrives, it’s like Christmas reading through all the pages and soaking in all the lovely pieces of art. It’s an every other month issue so I really cherish it when it arrives. The sad thing is, it’s my last issue but Bobby insists I get it again even though we don’t know how long we’re going to be at this address. As he states, just make a change of address at the time and don’t worry about it. I think he’s on to something and I may have my new subscription submitted before the day is over.

In just a bit, I’m going to be curling up here on the loveseat and ottoman, soaking in the wonders this magazine has to behold. Oh and I’ve just put on a fresh pot of coffee for this grand occasion too!

And as for the day, it’s perfect conditions to stay indoors. We have sleet/rain falling and Bobby is also here with me as the roads are covered in ice. Bobby tried to get out this morning and saw several accidents in just the short distance he went and noticed a slew of mailboxes knocked down at the bottom of the hill. And just about a mile away from home a cop was there and would not allow him to move on any further. He learned that road upon road was closed and the interstate that he normally takes was closed as well. I’m just so thankful he made it back home. Now he’s all set up with his laptop conducting meetings via the phone from home.

The weather conditions should change as it’s supposed to be warming up a great deal today but for now we’re hunkered in. And this is the breakfast I made for Bobby, just because…

Furniture Switcheroo

After getting all situated with our new leather furniture, we found the exact leather furniture that’s in our home in TX. We just noticed it yesterday at the discount furniture store and we decided that we now want that instead of what we already have. We love our set from home as it is a full reclining set. The sofa and loveseat both recline and we like that set so much that we just hauled off and purchased the set this weekend. The store is going to hold it for us ‘til we get rid of what we currently have. Now Bobby and I can’t wait for our new reclining set to get here!!! I’m working on the ad and I’m sure we will have no trouble getting rid of this set.

Below is a picture of what our set looks like in TX and a picture of what we have here in NY that we are going to be selling.

Thank Goodness For AAA

It all started last evening when Bobby flew in from MD. When he got to his car it would not turn over. And the next thing he knew all the power in his car was completely gone. For that matter, he couldn’t even get his keys out of the ignition, strange. So I got a call saying honey can you come get me. Of course and I was there to get him in a flash.

So we called AAA this morning and we had his car towed to his mechanics which is about a 40 min drive from the airport. AAA finally arrived and they were able to get his car in neutral and loaded without much trouble and I had the honors of taking Bobby to work.

We decided to stop for a lunch date on the way and bumped into Quinton (the gentleman who is helping Bobby move the sofa). He’s still on for dinner and will be helping Bobby get our sofa tonight. Right after lunch I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for dinner and got home in good time this afternoon.

Bobby just learned it was the battery and it was deader than a door nail. He tried jumping it last night for about 15 min and no luck. Bobby was not up to fooling around with it himself especially since he doesn’t have his own garage and he’s happy to let his mechanic get him back on the road with his wheels.

As for me, I’m so happy the house is clean and I’ll be ready for them when they walk through that door. But I had better keep movin’!

Happy Weekend!

Wrapping Up Our Week

It seems I’m finally reaching the end of my huge job transferring all of my old posts over. I still have a little ways to go but I’m so happy this job is almost complete. I didn’t realize all the effort it was going to take but its well worth it as I want everything in one spot. So that’s what I’ve been doing pretty much the whole day, transferring posts. I’ve been so obsessed with this and it’s so hard for me to move onto anything else so my plan is to be all caught up and finished over the weekend.

Our plans to move our sofa last night were changed due to the owners having to go out of town for her father’s emergency visit to the hospital. So we are back on schedule to get our sofa tomorrow evening. And Quinton has agreed to help with the move and I’ve agreed to make dinner and Bobby’s agreed to play the Wii with him per Quinton’s request. I’m sure Quinton didn’t need to twist Bobby’s arm for that. So that’s our plan for tomorrow evening.

Bobby is off to Maryland today and will be flying back home tonight. And that about wraps us up for the day. Oh and I’ve been watching the pretty snow fall this afternoon, I’m loving it!

We Get Our Sofa Tonight

Finally our last piece of furniture will arrive tonight. Actually Bobby and his buddy (Quinton, a single young man who works for Bobby) are going to go pick it up. And I’m making dinner for the guys. Bobby has already put in his dinner request so; it’s back to the grocery today to pick up the ingredients for dinner and desert.

Bobby can’t seem to get away from Mexican so I’ll be making shredded chicken flautas and tacos along with Mexican rice and a few other side items. He told me I could surprise him with desert so I’m thinking perhaps churros, an apple pie and Ice cream or making his favorite strawberry cheesecake. I still don’t know but I’m sure I’ll figure it out by dinnertime.

We found the furniture for our living room from an ad in the paper. We got a dark brown Italian leather set complete with a chair and ottoman. The original owners only used this set for a year and its in very good condition. The only problem with it was the sofa had a very bad obvious stain running down the front of it. Bobby proceeded to tell the couple that he was not interested in getting it because of the unsightly stain. Then the lady replied, “It has a full warranty”. So we agreed to purchase the set if the stain could be repaired. So right after Christmas we gave her half the money and we brought the loveseat, chair and ottoman back to our place.

Between now and then, the company was out to her place to repair the damage on the sofa but was unable to repair that revolting stain. So we were told the company was going to exchange the old sofa for a new one. Finally the new sofa will be delivered to the owner’s place today and we get to pick it up this evening! I still can’t believe the deal we got on this set and now we get a brand new sofa. Talk about getting more than what you bargain for, just gotta love it!

Happy Tuesday News

I’m normally not a go back to bed in the morning kinda gal. Mornings come and I greet them with my fresh ‘Cup O’ Joe’ and I’m off to begin the day. However, this morning was a different ball game. I got up with Bobby laid out his clothes for the day and fixed his lunch as usual but did not start the coffee. For some reason I felt like curling back in bed for just a moment.

I lay there for a little while and the next thing I knew I felt like getting up. I don’t remember waking but I must have gone into a deep sleep as I rolled out of bed at 11:55 AM! The last time I remember doing something like that is when I was sick. I don’t think I need to take my temperature as I feel good as new and that extra rest must have been just what I needed.

Of course I could blame it on my night out on the town over at Jennifer’s house last night. She had a Tomboy Tool party and what FUN we had. If you’ve never been to one, I highly encourage you to do so or shoot, just have the party at your house. I promise, you won’t be disappointed.

So here it is going on 1:00 PM and I’m just finishing my coffee, well there is about 2 more sips left in the bottom of my cup. And I just finished eating a little fruit. Perhaps I’ll start to think about some lunch around 3 or 4 this afternoon.

Oh and for the rest of my day, I’m catching up on all my ironing and I have some food shopping to do.

And last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dearest loving mother. She turns 63 years young today and what a beautiful and wonderful woman she is inside out! I feel so privileged and blessed to be given to her as her daughter.

Hope all of you are having a Happy Tuesday and I’ll see all of you around soon! Ta Ta!

Happy Tears

I can’t begin to say how happy I am to have my dearest back home. I was so overjoyed that tears bubbled up from deep within and soon my eyes were a haze of tears from the wave of emotion. There is so much that I miss when he’s away like; I miss cuddling each night while watching TV, a movie or whatever. I miss doting over him, I miss his hugs each day when I least expect them, I miss his voice, his smile and the way he looks at me. I miss the way he makes me laugh and falling asleep and waking up in his arms each day, there is everything to miss about him when he’s away.

While we were busy catching up on all the things I missed, my heart was truly overjoyed and it spewed over the top with happy uncontrollable tears several times throughout the day. It’s so good to have my darling home as he is my better half and right by his side is where I want to be always and forever.

A Gorgeous Day

I just love the view out the back of our apartment and here’s a picture of our gorgeous day.

It’s been quite a fulfilling and gorgeous day. Mr. Sunshine lasted all day long and I’m so happy he didn’t melt all the snow away. We’re supposed to get more this weekend so I think we’ll be all set in that department.

I set out sometime around 3:30 this afternoon to get my nails done. Then I made a few stops along the way home like filling the tank with gas and dropping by my favorite grocery store.

I just got in from all my errands and I’m waiting on a call from my dearest. It’s truly been a good day and now I can prop my feet up and get busy transferring more posts over here.

Ma Is Feeling Better

This pic was taken in November while visiting ma.

Ma had such a bad day yesterday. She was very, very sick and I’ll just leave it at that. Bobby was there right beside her caressing her head and holding her. He was telling me again how good his mommy was to him when he was a young boy and how she did the same for him. He was so thankful that he could give just a part of that back to her.

She was finally able to get some rest and when she woke at 10:00 PM she thought it was morning. He’s been staying right there by her bedside even while she sleeps and he was so happy he was still there when she woke last evening. Bobby said she was finally back to her old self and feeling so much better. She was able to carry on conversations and he could tell she was completely free of the meds.

Bobby’s sister Rita from Alaska will be flying in tomorrow to be with ma and his other sister Cindy from Missouri will be coming in as well.

Bobby will be home tomorrow and I’m ever so ready to be back in his arms.

Ma, Another Pretty Day And Such…

Had a nice visit with Bobby last night on the phone. Bobby told me that he’s concerned with ma’s progress as she’s unable to feed herself nor has she been able to complete her train of thought and she would just abruptly stop mid sentence. However the nurse told him that this was common especially with all the meds that she’s on right now. He’s been such a great son pampering his momma by feeding her and being right there by her side.

I’ve been busy trying to get my site up to date transferring all my old blog’s from my old web site over here. It’s a lot of work but this is the site I plan to call home and it’s worth all the effort.

It’s another beautiful afternoon as I sit here watching the pretty snowfall. We’ve had the pretty flakes around here 3 days in a row and I have sure enjoyed the pretty white ground cover this winter. If it were up to me, the ground would be pretty white all winter long.

I don’t have much planned while Bobby’s gone but I do have tomorrow set aside for a little pampering to have a pedicure and my nails don before Bobby gets home Saturday. It sure is not the same when he’s gone and I’m looking so forward to his return Saturday evening.

Ma Is Doing Really Well

Ma came through her surgery just fine, she is in good spirits and as Bobby says “She’s sassy as ever”. Aw, I’m so happy he was able to be with her and he made it there before she came out of surgery. She’s doing well and she’s so happy to have her baby boy with her.

I must have done something right as I reserved a pick-up truck as it was the cheapest rental on a days notice. When he got in to the rental car place, they had no pick-ups left and he got a Hummer instead. From what I can tell, he LOVES the ride and has not complained in the least about all the gas he’s going to have to put in it.

I also found a bed and breakfast for him. It’s very close to the hospital where ma is and he keeps saying “honey, you would just love this place”. He told me this morning he got the “PINK” room. The owner joked with him saying “normally a man doesn’t select this room” He said “well then it’s a good thing I’m color blind because I don’t mind it one bit”. And if you remember from posts past, my guy is not afraid of wearing pink either, he’s quite confident in his manly shoes. But the main reason he picked that room is because it was bigger and had a larger desk in it. My man’s biggest “need” when staying anywhere is to have “roadrunner” and a desk for his computer. But when I asked if it had pretty fu, fu he said I would “LOVE” it. Now I want to go there next time we see ma. And he concludes with “Honey we should run a “Bed and Breakfast”.

Ma Is In Surgery

Bobby just called to say he’s on his last stretch and will be with his mom in a few hours. Ma’s surgery started at 11:30 this morning and Bobby should be there by the time she wakes from surgery.

Both Bobby and I must be running on fumes today as we got one hour of sleep last night. We were up past 2:00 AM and we were bouncing out of bed by 3:30. Alright it was 2:09 when we hit the sheets but I could not go right to sleep, too much on my mind. I am using the excuse all day that I only got one hour of sleep, so watch out if I goof up.

The airport is just down the road a piece from where we live (approx 15 or less min.) and Bobby wanted to make sure I got home safe after dropping him off at the airport. When he called the house there was no answer so he reached me on my cell phone. When he asked if I was in bed, I replied “I’m at the grocery store”. He wanted to know if I was going to get any rest, it doesn’t look like it. My body does not feel deprived of sleep and I know I’ll be up ‘til nightfall.

I had my friend Jennifer over for a visit this morning and we had a great time. She got me all fixed up with some cool stuff on my computer and I can’t wait to get those tools in motion!

Say A Prayer For Ma

We just learned Bobby’s mother will be losing her other leg tomorrow. She was so upset and in tears when she called Bobby tonight and asked if he could come. He got a flight out and will be leaving at 4:30 AM. Please say a prayer for ma if you think about it. What a wonderful son Bobby is to drop everything to be with her during this upsetting time. His sister Rita and her husband Dan from Alaska will join ma Saturday.

Ma’s been having some trouble with her toe and we learned gangrene set in. We knew she was in trouble and she was taken to the ER today. When she called me at noon before her trip to the ER, she was expecting to lose that toe. But when she called Bobby tonight, it was so sad to learn she would be losing her whole leg. We’re praying all goes well with her surgery.