Music And Art Blend Beautifully

I was able to finish this picture yesterday and have not named it yet. I think I’ll let it rest a few days until it comes to me. I just noticed a few areas that need some tweaking. I should get around to that this weekend.

I also started another sketch yesterday afternoon and have some of the background layers added. And can you guess by now what it is? Another pear indeed! I have an idea that I would like to frame these three pears as a group and display them in my little dining room.

A brand new discovery for me yesterday ~ I did glean this from another artists blog. I turned my TV channel to 434 (which I have engrained in my memory bank) ~ it’s the Easy Listening music channel that plays non stop music/commercial free. And I can’t get over how the pure beautiful flow of music and art blends so magnificently. Speaking from someone who goes through the day in complete silence, this is totally a new breakthrough! And I just LOVE it!!! I’ve already got that channel on this morning and think I’ll enjoy while I clean up around the house today.

I told myself yesterday that when I wrapped up the Pear shown above that I was “finished” drawing for the week. Guess I didn’t listen very well as I already have the other sketch complete. However, I’m done drawing until I get the laundry and ironing complete and the place cleaned! End of conversation ~ (Talking to myself again). And I have a special lunch date with hubby.

Six Month Anniversary

Today marks our six month anniversary up north and I find myself wondering where the time has gone. In some ways it seems like yesterday that we were boarding that plane and moving to the beautiful unknown. They say time flies when you’re having fun and I’m so thrilled to be living and loving life with my life long companion and friend.

In other news ~

After finishing up Pear Set Free (as seen in the previous post) I picked another pear to draw, actually two pears and a few cherries. I’ve got a little sketch going and currently I’m lightly layering in a few background colors to get started. I tend to pick things I gravitate to and at the moment I’m stuck on still life. I’m considering some tropical fish but I plan to wait ‘til something really calls my name.

Release Me

Pear Set Free is gradually coming out of his little cocoon and will be ready to be released in the next day or so. Once again, I can’t begin to express how nice it is working with pencils that were intended for drawing and what a difference they make.

I’m already set up and ready to go at it again with my project and I’m anxious to see where the little path leads today.

As a woman who loves to dote over hubby when he’s home, it’s now so wonderful to be able to put passion into something such as drawing when he’s away. I am finally discovering a daily routine up here and it feels as though I’ve been released and given a new set of wings.

Pear Set Free

I started this sketch after I returned with my new Prismacolors yesterday afternoon and have titled this drawing Pear Set Free. Pear Set Free came to me a moment ago as that is exactly how that pear feels to me and I’m also feeling the same way with my new pencil set. I too am set free.

I have at least another days work left but I’m sharing what I’ve been up to since yesterday afternoon.

I just love my comfy new studio and the view of the beautiful snowfall from where I’m setting is absolutely gorgeous.

Mister Watermelon

There’s more work to be done but I’ve totally run out of energy with the pencils I’m using. So, I’ll make a plan to get back to this picture when I get my new set of trusty pencils.

My last couple drawings have been drawn on sketch paper and used the crayola pencils for drawing (the only color pencils the grocery store had). I will not be waiting for our trip back home to pack my favorite pencils. I’ve made a little list of things I need and plan on scoring a few items so that I can return to drawing this week.

I need fine art paper and a set of Sanford Prismacolor pencils to get started. I could also use a set of graphite pencils and I’ll have a look for those while I’m at it. There are a few other necessary items I want but let me just say “It is so difficult working with the basics”.

An Enchanted Evening

We had a nice little date at a brand new restaurant for us. We went to Moxie’s Wood Fire Grill and it proved to be a very big hit. We have now added that restaurant to our “favorites” list.

One of Bobby’s friends from work told him that we had to try that place telling Bobby just how magnificent it was. What a wonderful relaxing evening and we enjoyed our private cozy little corner. And the dinner was cooked to perfection!

Couldn’t help but sneak a pic of my sweetheart

We started off with a bowl of clam chowder served with fresh bread. We both ordered the Filet and I had the sautéed baby spinach with roasted carrots. Then when our waitress came to the table with the dessert options I couldn’t help myself when fresh carrot cake (my favorite cake) was an option. And Bobby had the raspberry cheesecake. What a wonderful evening spent together.

Beauty In The Backyard

Last evening while wrapping up a few household chores, this is the beauty I spied right outside the window. I grabbed the camera and by the time I reached the window there were 3 of them! The sad thing is this is the best shot I got.

Inspiration Meets Joy

I’ve added a few pictures below showing how the details came together, starting with the one I call finished. Bobby doesn’t call it finished as I have not signed it. That’s the hardest part as I don’t really have a desire for that and don’t know where to sign it.

It’s so hard to believe that it’s been around 9 years since I’ve drawn and I highly doubt I would have picked up another pencil had we not moved to NY.

I’m so overjoyed to have a built in studio right here at home and all I need is my little sketch pad and pencils and any room can be my studio. I’ve taken my pencils and put them in a mug so that I can easily reach for just the one I want without fumbling with the box. My easel would be nice but I’m finding that I can just sit here with my feet propped up with my sketch pad and be totally in a world all of my own. And I like to think of that “world” as my “zone” and there is no other way to describe it.

I’ve put pencil to paper once again and now the subject is watermelon. I’ll give a sneak peak of the sketch but will not be giving play by play. But I’ll share again when the project is complete.

Inspiration At Work

A sneak peak at the changes

When I started my project I went back to some of my instructor’s words of wisdom when I was in college as I still feel like I’m under her instruction and cratique. And our book Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, that was a great book, one of my favorites.

  • Remember to start with the light colors and gradually bring in the darks.
  • Always remember light against dark and dark against light.
  • Look at it and see it, really see every line, shape, fold and shadow and don’t forget to study where the light is coming from
  • Look and study the distance and even reflect on the negative space (Once we had to turn in an assignment by drawing the negative space, that was one of my favorite and most challenging assignments)

Perhaps you will notice the bell pepper has the hint of red shadow from the radish and a trace of orange from the carrot. When I took the picture, I didn’t even see those shadows but when truly seeing the whole picture those things seem to pop right out.

There is still so much to be done with this picture but in doing so it would not be in my best interest to rush. So I’ll pick up my pencils once again and see where the path leads.

I’m not a professional and my paintings/drawings would not be highly sought after but I’ve rediscovered these pencils and am so happy I picked them up again. Who knows, I might have a collage of pictures to hang on my dining room wall soon.


As a starving artist, (starving as in ~ I have not touched a medium since we left TX and I’m starving) I’ve been trying to think of different ways to get inspiration. Well yesterday it hit me. Is there any better way to get inspiration than from the produce section in my local grocery store? The more I thought about it the more I had such an urge to just submerse myself in produce a little longer than usual.

I was going to the grocery anyways so I just threw my little camera in my purse and away I went. Now, I’m a little partial to produce as it has to be my absolute favorite section in the whole grocery. There are times I’m just simply in awe at how beautiful the produce department is. I figured “I’ll just take a few pictures for inspiration sake and be done with it”.

So into the produce section I stroll. Out comes the camera and with just one flash an employee was all over me like bees on honey. He kindly told me that I would need to get permission from the manager to take pictures in the store. So I wheeled my buggy towards the front of the store where I asked to speak with the store manager. He asked me why I wanted to take pictures and I told him that it was for inspiration, art and drawing purposes. I got the ok and they then called the employee over in produce letting him know that I was free to take pictures. When I got back over to the produce department, I thanked the employee and he kindly said that I could just snap away ‘til my hearts content.

Here are a couple inspirational shots for sharing purposes.

When I got home, I took the produce and made a nice still life scene on the counter then I snapped quite a few pictures and I’ll be occupying some of my down time with drawing once again.

I started in on my sketch last night and have pretty much the whole still life sketched and now I’m starting to work on bringing life to my veggies. The thing I’m really missing though is my very “good” color pencils back in TX. I did purchase the Crayola color pencils but I’ll tell ya folks, they are just not the real deal. However, they are filling that art need beautifully and that’s what counts.

I’ve started filling in the sketch and there is still lots of work to be done. But I decided for the first time ever to take pictures along the way. Here’s what I have so far.

Dishwasher And Spoon Tango

Sunday evening after I made dinner for Bobby (a very late 9:30 pm dinner) I was a little too tired for cleaning up and just wanted to relax a spell. Before long I fell sound to sleep in my recliner next to Bobby.

The next thing I knew, he was doing my dishes so I jumped up and asked him to please let me take care of my kitchen. He insisted that I go back to getting my beauty rest, so I had no other choice but to kick back and relax while he cleaned up.

Later that evening after the dishwasher had run, I smelled something burning. I checked around and kept blowing it off thinking it was someone burning something and dismissed it.

Yesterday morning while unloading the dishwasher this is what I found in the bottom.

I have no idea how my wooden spoon landed all the way down there with the heating coil but I’m just so thankful this was the only evidence I found from what I smelled the night before. Next time I smell something burning, I’ll be a little more detailed in my search.

Where Have All The Snowflakes Gone

All the pretty snowflakes that fell cascading into the prettiest white covering have melted as silently as they fell. Who knows where they all went but with the balmy 50 degree temperatures today could be a clue as to what happened.

Snow, it’s in the forecast tomorrow but we won’t hold our breath as we’re not expecting anymore than an inch. So I’ll just go ahead and tell Mr. Weatherman that I would like to put a blizzard request in before the winter is over. Or I would at least like to see more than a foot of snow on the ground and would be happy to see a major wintry mix before Mr. Spring rounds the bend.

Today I had plans to run around shopping for some miscellaneous things for the apartment and then I wanted to run by the grocery to pick up a few items I forgot the other day. But the sad thing is, I left my purse in Bobby’s car over the weekend and my keys and everything went with my dearest to work.

So today I’m working on getting all caught up on my ironing and have plans to do a little cleaning before Bobby gets home.

Let Me Call You Sweetheart

To keep my posting in order, Here’s a little bit about our Valentines dinner and the last couple days.

My sweet valentine had reservations made a week in advance so that we could have our special date on valentines without having a long wait.

There was even that special song “I Love You Truly” sung by a group of musicians. They also serenaded us with “Let Me Call You Sweetheart, I’m In Love With You”. Dinner was delish, the music was delightful but the greatest gift of all was right there by my side. He gave me such a beautiful card and a wonderful gift I wasn’t even expecting.

We had a very relaxing evening last night and watched a nice movie together.

Today we woke late and just hung out and kicked back all day for the most part. This evening Bobby asked where he could take me for dinner and with that he took me to another one of our favorite restaurants. I’m so thankful for my sweetheart and so blessed to have his undivided love each day.

God Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time

I spent a while this morning wrapping up a few more pictures that I wanted to share. There was just something about yesterday that even called for the little things to be noticed. So when going at a snails pace one surely notices the deer prints in the snow and even the tiny cones on the pine trees.