All She Wrote – For Just A Bit

These days seem to fly by so fast, especially now that I have my cp’s to keep me busy. After Bobby left for work, I poured my cup of coffee and settled in to draw. The next thing I knew, it was twelve noon! I reached for my very cold cup of coffee and realized that I had only had half of what I poured and the rest went down the drain. After a little bite for lunch I resumed back to my favorite spot to start in on the cp’s again. A few hours later the mail man was at the door with a package and that was “all she wrote” the rest of the day.

I ordered a new cp book and have not been able to put it down. This book is also very special to me as I met the author Arlene at the new forum where I go all the time now. She is actually the host of the site. I’m participating in her online lessons and continue to work on that egg (her assignment). She provides great constructive criticism and I’m quite taken to her.

So when her book arrived, it was even more special as she signed it and wrote a very nice note inside the cover. Now I’ll be reading through my new book and now I don’t have any plans to pick up another pencil ‘til the book is read cover to cover.

My Goodness you should have seen me tearing into that package, one would have thought it was Christmas! When I opened it to see the note and signature I was quite overjoyed. Then I flipped open the next page and the urge hit to start flipping through the pages to “SEE” all the goodies inside. With that I closed the book and refrained as I didn’t want to spoil it. I decided to savor each and every page and wait to see the goodies one page and read at a time.

I feel so blessed and overjoyed to have found my niche and there is no turning back!

It’s Friday

I know my ova lessons are paying off as I’m learning so much about what I really see, how to define shadows and shape, the best kinds of strokes and basically a whole wealth of knowledge from this one project. I’ve already worked on 5 eggs this week and have many more tries I’m sure ‘til I finally reach the end result.

I’ve recently joined a colored pencil forum and I’ve had so much fun out there posting and gleaning positive criticism from talented artists. It’s also so cool to hang out and visit with others who have the same interests. I am so totally enjoying my new love for pencils.

I took a break from my pencils today to get all caught up on the laundry, ironing, cleaning and food shopping. It feels so good going into the weekend all caught up. I even have Bobby’s clothes all laid out for him to change into when he gets home from work.

Now I’m just waiting for Bobby to get home so that we can start our weekend! In the meantime, I’m going back to the forum to see what else I can learn before the end of the day. Oh, I also need to get caught up on reading my buddies blogs too.

Ova Project

I’ve been hiding away here in the apartment with my cp’s having a hay day these last two days. I’m working on some projects, more like practice lessons this week.

My first lesson ~ take an egg (a white one) and place it on a cloth and draw it. I can’t leave the cloth flat as I want as many folds as I can possibly squeeze in. It’s so much fun playing with shadows, highlights and watching them dance about. But with this lesson, a white pencil is not allowed at all. You truly have to look at the color and shadows and deliver them to a white piece of paper. I’ll have to say I’m having more fun with eggs than I could have ever imagined. I’m learning so much and growing so much too.

I’m not going to share just yet but I’ll post the pics when the project is complete. I may need yet another week with eggs ‘til I get them the way I want ’em. I’ve already worked on two eggs today and I plan to pursue these, who knows, a series on eggs may be in the works.

As for my little toe, she’s hanging in there. As many times as I’ve stubbed my toes, I don’t ever recall anything as painful as this. Hopefully it will be up for some shoes soon.

My Little Stubbed Toe

Man O Man does it ever hurt when we stub our little toes in the middle of the night. Bobby heard the thud and asked if I was alright. I said, I’m ok but man was that little thing throbbing and hurting. Didn’t realize I stubbed it so badly ‘til this morning when I tried to put my shoes on. Actually I did know through the night as I was not able to sleep on my left side as the little fella hurt so bad up against the mattress.

Anyways, we had to return our first TV before we went to TX as it messed up so Bobby ordered the flat screen Sony and it was delivered today. When the man came to the door he informed me that he needed help carrying that big sucker down the stairs as he was all alone. I told him I would need to get my shoes on and that I would be right out. Well back to my poor little toe. I changed more shoes than you can imagine and that little fella was giving me so many fits and couldn’t get anything on without my little toe fussing.

With my lengthy fussing around with shoes that guy had the TV down the stairs. He was able slide the box down and I helped him bring it inside.

I’ve had a little grocery shopping list going but my little toe is keeping me put. When Bobby called to check in on his new TV, I told him of my little toe troubles. He kindly asked for me to put a list together and send it to him and he’s going to do my shopping on his way home.

In other news – We wrapped up our stay in TX and made it safely back home Saturday evening. One thing Bobby and I always do is make sure we have at least one day of rest at the end of vacation so that Bobby doesn’t have to get up and go to work the next day. So we enjoyed a nice day of rest yesterday, slept in ‘til 10:30am, had breakfast around noon and enjoyed a peaceful afternoon.

And as if you don’t already know, I’m going to hang out ‘til that little toe gets to feeling better.

As Time Goes By

We’re winding down here in TX and getting ready to fly back north on Saturday evening. I’ll have to say our batteries feel completely recharged and we’re ready to go back. Yet in the same breath it feels bitter sweet and for some reason it feels like we’ve put closure here in TX. It’s all good.

Bobby has conducted a few meetings from home and I’ve carried on with my cp’s which I am loving more and more! I finished that bowl of fruit yesterday and here’s the finished product.

We’ve had such a wonderful time with friends, had company, dinner dates and lunch dates with friends. Bobby and I have a nice day planned just the two of us in the Fort Worth Stock Yards tomorrow. And I’m getting my favorite fudge in the whole wide world while we’re there! It’s gonna’ be such a fun last hurrah.

Don’t think I’ll be posting anymore while we’re here but I look forward to catching up with all of you when we return.

Dear Friends

Thought I should check in to say hi and to say we’ve had the best week! There is truly no place like home and I can’t get over how I felt like an old dried out sponge when we got here absorbing everything all at once it seemed.

We’ve been on the go quite a bit and we neither one can get over the springtime here in TX. The trees are all in bloom and the blossoms are so pretty. And the temperature ranges between 60 and 70 in the day, wow, it’s gorgeous! It’s funny to me that we get to go back to winter up north and enjoy yet another springtime! I just hope there’s some snow on the ground when we get back.

Time change issues ~ I’ll have to say we timed this flight just right as we didn’t even know when we booked our flights that we were traveling the day before day light savings time. We arrived in TX last Saturday and I didn’t even have to change my watch to CDT and the beauty is we never felt an adjustment.

We had a great time in the Dallas area yesterday and went to our favorite Mexican place over there. Talk about getting our fill of favorite places, we are surely doing it up right. I’m not even thinking about healthy choices at the moment either. Bobby and I are getting ready to go to our favorite place for some “GOOD OLE FRIED CHICKEN” in just a bit. Oh it’s gonna be so good with the homemade fresh biscuits too! Oh yea and peach cobbler too!!!

I picked up some more colored pencils as I can’t seem to get enough drawing in lately. I started this little picture (it’s 9” X 12”) last evening and worked on it a little more today. There’s still so much to be done but here’s the pic. I’m enjoying all the rich colors and variety.

Gotta run, Bobby’s ready for din’ din’!

Bowl Of Fruit

I finished (well not really) my Bowl Of Fruit as planned yesterday afternoon. There’s some tweaking to do but will not have the time to get to it ’til after our trip. But for the most part, it’s done.

I’ve got a few errands to run and the laundry to tend to today and then I’ll feel like I’m semi on my way to getting ready to leave for a couple weeks.

I don’t believe I’ll have anymore news to post before we leave so I’ll say goodbye to all of you for now.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting while we are on our trip. I’ve proved in the past not to do so well posting while we’re away. We fly back north on the 22nd and I will definitely see all of you somewhere in there.

The Week As It Unfolds

It’s been a very quiet morning. Bobby left for Maryland before the crack of dawn (he’ll fly back home tonight) and I’m just finishing up my cup of coffee, make that 2 cups.

As Bobby was ready to head out the door this morning, he reminded me that “we’re going to TX Saturday” and both of our faces were as bright as ever just thinking about our trip home.

I’ve been sort of taking this week in stride letting come what may and have plans to get cracking on the laundry tomorrow and probably won’t pack ‘til Friday evening or Saturday morning.

There were no plans for colored pencils at all this week but yesterday the seams of yearning broke and another picture was started. I’m thinking I’ll have it finished sometime today and I’ll share when the piece is complete. Right now it’s in the yucky stage and really doesn’t want to show its face. So I’ll be nice and wait ‘til it’s all done. I’ll give you a hint; it’s all about fruit again.

I keep thinking I’m all done with fruit for a while but that’s what I’ve been ‘drawn’ (no pun intended) to lately. There have been some other subjects arise and I’m still waiting for the kaleidoscope inspiration to come. Kaleidoscope as in, I would love to draw something that uses every color in the rainbow, something bright and cheery that echo’s “pick me”! Perhaps it will come during our little time away, we’ll see.

Friends From Home

I just received some pictures from my girlfriend Monika back in TX. They recently spent some time in FL and I got some of the cutest pictures of “Little Nicholas”. It’s so hard to believe he’s already had his 1st birthday, my how the time goes by.

We’re leaving for TX this coming Saturday and we will be spending two weeks at home. Bob is going down there on business but only has to work a day (next Tuesday). So Monika and I have already made plans to spend that day together. And then we are making plans for our families to spend some evenings together as well. And I can’t wait to give little Nicholas a big squeeze.

I’ve posted a few pictures of Nicholas below.

Quite A Pear

This pair is Quite A Pear and they entered into completion last evening.

Then came the inspiration to begin the actual way that I would like to have all three drawings matted and framed. And this is what I came up with. I have also decided to use this as my blog headder.

I don’t know what subject I’ll be taking up next, but let’s just say I’m thinking something along the lines of “kaleidoscope”. I can’t wait for the inspiration to come.

Wall Art In Queue

My wall art idea is coming together. I’m still working on the pear drawing on the left but it shouldn’t take long to finish. There is still some tweaking to be done on the other two and they are well on their way for framing.

I laid these out as to how I would like to have them framed and this is what I came up with. The light background represents the wall and the rest is what I have in mind as far as a frame idea. I’m thinking of having these all framed into one picture and should be getting close to finding someone to frame the work.

I still don’t have it in my heart to sign the pictures so I’m thinking about signing the mat before they put the glass in front of them. Still not sure on that so I will consult with the frame place…