Sorting Out Stuff

I’m feeling just a wee bit frazzled as the packers and movers arrive NEXT WEEK! So far I’ve cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, well, that is, all things I no longer want. I’ve also cleaned our closet really good and got rid of a BUNCH of stuff, went through our night stands, dresser and armoire and feeling so good about the stuff/junk I got rid of. I didn’t realize all the junk/er stuff we no longer use/want/need that piled up in those places. Sheesh, the job is done and that’s a good feeling.

So to celebrate my success I’m taking a moment tomorrow first thing and have scheduled a color and cut. And I’ll tell ya; about right now I’m looking so forward to my little visit to the salon. (Sigh)

But I dare not get too awfully excited as we have to take inventory of all the stuff in the house and provide replacement values of everything should something get damaged/broken in the move. That’s a chore that I’m not really looking forward to at all but Bobby is keeping my nerves at bay and helping me to remain calm.

All in all, we feel pretty good about the time we’re making up this week. We originally wanted to have a big going away party this Saturday but we are not ones to push it and have just decided to scrap the whole shebang and that’s just the way the ball bounces.

I’m not doing such a great job keeping up with all of you but rest assured, when we get back home, I’ll have lots more time to catch up. ‘Til then, I may be posting here and there and I’ll see all of you soon!

Stories From Ma’s Passing

Ma’s passing took everyone by surprise. Even the gals in the nursing home were not ready. When we arrived to the nursing home to pick out things for the funeral one of the nurses that helped look after Ma spoke with us for quite some time. She told us this little story that happened Friday April 18th before Ma’s passing on Sunday, April 20th. Ma gave the nurse a quilt Friday evening that Ma had just finished embroidering for a life long dear friend. The nurse who worked there always took ma’s finished blocks and put them together to finish the quilting process for Ma. We are all so thankful Ma was able to continue her work all the way to the end. And we told Ma’s friend that as soon as the quilt is finished we will make sure it gets to them. They wanted us to keep Ma’s last piece of work but we insist that they have it as that’s what Ma would want.

Rita and Dan (Bobby’s sister and her husband) arrived Thursday and she was a bit broken up when she told us this little story. Sometimes Rita and Dan have quite a delay getting their cell phone messages due to their carrier. So when Rita went to retrieve her messages upon their arrival there was a brand new message from Ma that Rita just received as they arrived in Arkansas. Rita said how joyful Ma’s voice sounded and it was like bringing Ma back one last time. Rita couldn’t tell the story without tears streaming down her cheeks and Dan had to fill in some as Rita had such a difficult time talking about getting a message from her mother after she had passed away.

Bobby and Rita were the two siblings that were going through Ma’s things (Dan and I were there to help when needed) and we loaded as much as our rental car could handle. Bobby was using Ma’s wheelchair for transporting things from her room out to our car when one of the residents commented that someone was getting to go home. Bobby smiled and said yes, my mother went to Heaven. They were sorry for commenting but indeed she did go Home Sweet Home.

When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder and Beulah Land were a couple of the songs we chose for the funeral service. But when Bobby and I were on our way back to Texas Saturday evening, he had his Ipod plugged into the dash so that we could listen to his tunes. When the song “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” came on, we were both simultaneously caught up in emotion and said, “this is the song we dedicate to Ma”. We had to play it over and we both listened with tears and our hearts were truly touched. Below is the version that was on Bobby’s Ipod and what a perfect version for Bobby and me to dedicate as our song for Ma.

I was standin’ by my window

On a cold and cloudy day

When I saw that hearse come rollin’

And it took my mother away

Will the circle be unbroken

By and by-y, Lord by and by

There’s a better home awaitin’

In the sky Lord, in the sky

Lord, I told that undertaker

Undertaker please drive slow

For that lady that your takin’

Lord, I hate to see her go

Will the circle be unbroken

By and by-y, Lord by and by

There’s a better home awaitin’

In the sky Lord, in the sky

I will follow close behind her

Try to hold up and be brave

But I could not hide my sorrow

When they laid her in her grave

Will the circle be unbroken

By and by-y, Lord by and by

There’s a better home awaiting

In the sky Lord, in the sky

I snapped this picture of Bobby watching as his Mommy was being lowered. Bobby was the first and only one to go over and take a hand full of clay and drizzle it over her as one last final goodbye to his Mommy.

Ma was such a kind, loving, companionate woman who was always doing something for someone. Even in her last years in the nursing home when she couldn’t walk for many years and at the end became the double amputee. She was a bright woman all the way to the end and even though her body failed she had her bright mind and used her hands to embroider. When she learned of anyone having a difficult time, she was the first to call the pastor to see what could be done to help the one in need.

Bobby is so thankful his mother didn’t have to suffer. We got the call Sunday night April 20th that Ma was not responding and was rushed to the Hospital (less than a mile from the nursing home). They inserted the tube and she was breathing with the help of machines and they told Bobby that his Mother was in grave condition. Bobby came into the bedroom and woke me relaying to me Ma’s condition. Then another call came from the Hospital saying that Ma’s heart had stopped and that they were performing CPR. The very next call was to let Bobby know that they had pronounced her dead. All of these calls took place in less than 30 minutes, it happened so fast.

In life, sometimes we want to at least have a forewarning to let us know so that we can prepare and to have that one last visit, that one last I Love You, that one last moment with our loved one but this time we didn’t get the chance. But as we remember her, we’re all left with wonderful loving memories. We’re left with her sweet voice ringing in our ears, we’re left with those beautiful last words as she always ended her conversations with each of us with I Love You. I’m also thankful our conversations with her were 3 or more times a week and I still remember our last conversation just a few days before her passing. We all feel blessed that she had such a wonderful full life (all 81 years) to the very end.

With that one last look at Ma’s physical body, she looked at peace and her face seemed to hold a smile that reflected her love. As we touched her that one last time and held her for a moment we knew she was no longer here rather in a far better place. We look forward to seeing you on the other side our Dear Loving Ma AKA Mommy as Bobby liked to call her.

Speaking of Mommy, I just want to write in here that whenever Bobby’s Mom would call him, he would answer in an upbeat voice saying “Hi Mommy”. I always thought that was the sweetest thing and he truly loved his Mommy so much.


I’m sorry for such a long post but I wanted to share what was on my heart and there is so much more that I could say but this is it for now. I’m also sorry I haven’t made it back to thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers. We truly felt them and we know Ma is celebrating her Homecoming. Thank You So Much.

Goodbye Ma, We Love You And Miss You…

Bobby and I have been trying to make a few plans for the big family reunion this summer with Ma (Bobby’s mom) but her time here on earth came to an abrupt end late last night.

Words are coming very hard for me so I’m just stopping by to post that we’re busy making funeral arrangements and getting ready to leave tomorrow.

Ma was such a wonderful wife, mother and friend and a wonderful Christian woman with a heart full of love. We miss her already.


By the looks of things one would never guess we’re leaving for 3 weeks to TX. I have yet to start packing and I still need to retrieve the suitcase. I believe I’ll finish up my cup of coffee and then I should get busy as we have dinner reservations in Dallas tonight.

Sometimes I wonder why things don’t seem like reality even while going through the motions. We were just commenting this morning that this would be our final trip back and that’s not sinking in. It doesn’t seem final and perhaps we’re having a little moment of reflecting on all the good times there. We’re “trying” to plan for a big farewell party but I don’t know if we’ll get that pulled off or not. We hope so but if it’s just too much, we’ll have to cancel those plans. And I keep wondering how it’s going to feel pulling away from the house that last time.

One thing we are both grateful for is having a sense of where we plan to live for many many years to come. I keep telling Bobby that I think he’s going to have a very hard time pulling me away from this home we’re getting ready to build. Although he knows I’ll follow him to the ends of the earth in a heartbeat. But Bobby even commented that we may never sell our home up here as we both really like this area. That chapter is yet to be written but for now we will take this one day and step at a time and enjoy the moment.

Wow, It’s Hump Day Already?

As of last night and this morning Bobby had somewhat decided to wait ‘til next Thursday to go back to TX ~ so much to do, so little time. I told him I didn’t care one way or the other and whatever he decided suited me just fine. I got the call this afternoon and he feels we really need to get back and get through as much stuff as possible. I did say that if we leave Saturday that I would like the latest flight possible and he honored my wishes. We will be leaving Saturday early evening and spending our last 3 weeks at the place we called home for many years.

I have exhausted myself with floor plans today and I keep going back to the one we really like. Who knows just yet what the exact foot print is going to look like but we certainly don’t want to rush it.

I do need a break from this and I also need to start thinking about dinner plans. That’s all for today.

Where Am I

Good question, it may take me a while to figure it out ~ Lets see ~ I’m sitting down at the moment and things are beginning to sink in. We finally have everything done on our part and the house in TX is now owned by the company! It’s so good getting that all behind us!

I’m also looking ahead for our new plans to settle down up here. From the time we arrived up north to almost this very day, TX still felt like home. But now the tables are turning where this is starting to feel like home. And it’s so nice to finally have a place to pin point where we plan to live for a very long, long time.

We leave to go back to TX this Saturday for our final 3 weeks back at the home front. We’re going to try and get some major cleaning out and discarding of things done before the packers arrive. But what doesn’t get done, oh well, we’ll get to continue on when we settle in up here. But on the bright side, we’re gonna have a nice big walkout basement where we can store lots of stuff and go through things as time permits.

But where I am right now? If I can be perfectly honest is right up here and I’m starting to feel like we are finally “home”. We’re actually both wishing in some ways that we could just stay here another week or so so that we could move things along with our builder. But it is what it is. We need to be back in TX at least 10 business days before the packers arrive as they need to do a walk through and survey everything and plan exactly how long they need to get us all packed up. They already did this before we left TX but now they say they need to do it again and, well, it is what it is and we’ll be there but this time my heart will be lost up here.

New Home Sweet Home – Due to arrive in the months to come

We had our appointment with our Realtor Saturday over at the development where we fell in love and it truly calls us home. Our Realtor let us know there was a house being built that was just about a month shy of completion. So we went to check out the house and lo and behold the BUILDER was there! Insert a HUGE Praise. It was such a lovely home on 4 acres up on a hill but there were some things we wanted in our next home that this one didn’t have. But since this home was our only choice we decided to get it if it was the only option.

After talking with the builder we learned she had more lots available. And when we heard she had one lake front property left we were sold! We moved forward with that lot over the weekend and she is drawing up the papers and it will be ours soon. The other praise is that she was reserving that lot for herself as it is the best lot with the best views on the lake. She’s going into retirement and was going to build her home there. I don’t know why she let us have that nice piece of land but all we can do right now is say thank you Jesus, thank you Lord! The one thing she did say is this “I really like you people”. And she told me again today that she wants us to be happy and she’s ready to build our home. Bob and I still can’t believe she sold us her lot and we are both pretty much in utter shock right now.

We’ve wanted to build our next home for quite some time now so we are already a step ahead as we started a “wish” list sometime back. I’ve been looking through floor plans on-line and in quite a few magazines she provided. We have a couple picked out that fits what we’re looking for and with a tweak here and there we should be able to pin point the plan soon. We’ll be meeting with the builder again this week and then we will be working with her excavator, architect and engineers to finalize the floor plan and to get things in motion.

We both fell in love with our builder. She’s such a joy to work with and we love her down home personality. And Bob and I feel she’s an Angel. She’s straight and to the point and there’s no guessing with her which we really love. And she has suggested some really good things to consider.

It proved to be an unbelievable weekend for us and we feel patience has paid off once again.

Mr. Kato

I started off my morning at the drawing board. Long after I was hunkered in Bobby called to see if I was ready. Ready? ~ Ready for what? Well he wanted to know if I was ready to come meet him for lunch? I didn’t think twice and told him I would be out the door in 5 min. There are many times like this that he doesn’t have a chance to call me ‘til the last min and not to worry, I can always make a lunch date with him happen at a moment’s notice.

After our little lunch I continued back at the drawing board and the little guy is almost completely sketched. I still have to define his little nose and he is officially a little work in progress at the moment.

And I know Arlene would be proud as I have defined the background. I’ve learned that it’s important to have the background defined before starting the rest of the subject so that’s pretty much taken care of. Even though the bg is not finished it’s now ok to start filling in the subject, which I’ve just started doing.

Another thing about Kato ~ I took his little picture last summer but did not like the background of the picture. I decided to put him on a baby palm tree and then add a nice whimsical background and there ya’ have it thus far.

Below are the pictures I’m using to get Kato’s little expression and show how tiny this little guy really is. And since I’m a huge lover of monkeys, he’s my first try at drawing an animal ever.

Anxious And Exciting Days Are Here

I have no idea what has gotten into me the last few days. Between dreaming of a new place to call home and thoughts of getting out of our home in TX, I have no idea where I am right now. My phone has been a buzz with the Realtor back home in TX as we are getting our home in TX finalized and ready to turn it over to the company. We just received the signed contract today and it looks like things are almost finalized on our end.

We need to secure our flights for next weekend and I’ve already got the rental car reserved. It’s all coming so fast but we feel we are right on schedule. Bobby’s been working with the company and they already have our movers scheduled for that last week that we’re there. And we have both started lists of things we want to accomplish before the packers and movers arrive.

I haven’t been able to concentrate or get into the drawing mode at all today but I did manage to get some food shopping done. Anxious, is that the word? No I think I’ll use excited. No… well ~ to be quite honest I’m both anxious to get back to TX and wrap it up there and already excited to get back so that we can pursue another nest.

Carefree Days And Art

We had a nice time house shopping yesterday. We found a neighborhood that we have truly fallen in love with. It took me forever to get to sleep last night and Bobby had a dream about it last night. We’ve contacted the Realtor for that area and she’s working to get some info to us. There is nothing available at this time but she did say that she’s heard that a couple homes may be coming on the market in the months to come. Guess we’ll just have to wait ‘n see

I’ve been busy drawing as usual, but I’ve put that ova assignment on the back burner for the time being. I’ve been feeling a bit oh, shall I say carefree. And this last picture I wanted to portray my feelings in my art. There is still some work to do on this one but here’s a sneak peak.

A Fun Weekend With My Honey

Last night Bobby took me out for a dinner and desert date. Following dinner we stopped by Sam’s Club to shop around. I got all caught up in the book section looking through an interior design book and Bobby said he was going to finish the isle and come around the other side and catch up with me in a bit.

Shortly after Bobby left I got all hung up on a particular page and couldn’t wait to show Bobby my exciting find. My head was still glued to the book but I saw Bobby’s leather coat pass by and I called out “honey… honey…” Pausing for a second, I looked up from the book calling “honey” to what I thought was Bobby. By this time I realized it wasn’t Bobby and I just began to “act” like I was looking for my husband. Boy I was so embarrassed but at least that guy thought I was looking for my honey.

Today we’re going to go browsing for a house and I think we’re going to march back to look at some of the areas we really liked. We still have the 1 year lease on the apartment which lasts through December but we can’t wait to get our feet wet now that our house sold!

I Think We Sold Our House – And Other Thoughts

How to describe saying goodbye for good is hard to put into words. A good portion of our married life was spent in TX. The thought of sleeping in our bed there at home seems so final, and driving down the familiar roads that lead us “home” concludes our time spent there. And the thought of moving all our things from home will finally bring closure for us.

We were told late last summer that listing our home at the end of the “season” that we may have to wait ‘til next spring (the here and now) for the new season to sell the house. We’ve been well taken care of with the company Bobby works for. They’ve been taking care of all the expenses back home including our mortgage, insurance, all utility bills and the lawn maintenance… They’ve given us x amount of trips back home to take care of things and we’ve been just fine being able to go back home for visits now and then and to check up on things.

We’re just coming into the season for homes to begin selling and we have just recently received not one but two offers! We’re still working on the first offer and it looks like we’re moving forward with those plans. But the party with the second offer is willing to wait to make sure the first party’s plans work out. Bobby and I will be traveling back to TX yet again to spend our final three weeks back home. So we have another two weeks here in NY before we make our final trip home. The beauty of the company is that they will buy the house from us once we get a contract and we don’t have to wait for the closing! And then the company takes care of all the closing costs and all that kind a stuff.

We are both eager to move on and put TX behind us, the future is bright and we don’t have to know what’s ahead to feel content in the present. We’re both so happy to be here and we know there are exciting days ahead up here. We feel that we could live anywhere and be totally content because we have each other and as Bobby always says, home is where you are. Here’s to new beginnings!

Bobby asked me many months ago where I would like to spend my 40th birthday and without hesitation I picked “home” and “home” was where it was going to be. Of course he wanted to know if I wanted a big birthday bash but I know he already knew the answer. We’re neither one into “big celebrations” for ourselves. We’re both home bodies and neither of us are ones for having the attention on us in crowds. Who knows but my bd comes the end part of May and if we’re too exhausted from the travel, I’ll be just fine spending it with Bobby right here in our comfy little apartment. Just being with the love of my life is all I want for my 40th birthday.