I Love Friday

A ray of hope dawned early this morning when I received via e-mail the drawn up floor plan from the architect. There are so many extra touches he added to what we wanted and I feel like I’m finally starting to see the light. I do see a few changes that need to be addressed but overall I’m SO HAPPY!

I’ve got the little washers and dryers busy at the moment and will be changing sheets soon. And hopefully I’ll have all my indoor cleaning and laundry done up by noon so that I can get out and tackle some errands this afternoon.

We don’t have anything pressing this weekend but Bobby has asked me to join him for a dinner date and movies tomorrow. And I said YES!

And if you are in question of how my picture is coming along? Well it’s coming ever so slowly at the moment. I had too many distractions this week that I finally put it away until I can really devote 100% of my attention to it. So right now it doesn’t look like I’ll be back at it until next week.


My Day At The Spa

Yesterday was the ‘Big Day’ for me to splurge on my 40th birthday spa treatment from my Dearest Bobby.

My appointment started at 9:30 a.m. where I was taken to the ladies locker room to change into a nice cozy robe and slippers.

The ladies room

After changing I made my way to the relaxation room ‘til I was called for my massage. The pic above was taken in that room where there was a nice pitcher of lemon water and trail mix. It was a calm and peaceful room with very low lighting. And the very soft sounds of birds, rippling water and music was overpowering and deep such that I felt contact with my inner self. The atmosphere set the stage for a day of complete relaxation.

I started off with a massage that took me into another world. It was amazing, don’t know how else to say it! Right after my massage I went in for my facial and that was another total out of this world experience!

After my massage and facial I moved along to the sauna/shower! I set the temp for a steamy 108 degrees and enjoyed every min!

Then I moved along for my pedicure and picked pink this time.

After all my pampering, I had a very late lunch and I sat at that middle table as seen in the picture above.

The picture above and below represent the beautiful view from where I was sitting.

I had the homemade vegetable soup to start

And the Filet of Sole with veggies for my entrée which I might add was quite good!

The view as I drove away

What a perfect ending for this day. After leaving lunch at 2:30 p.m., I’ll say I had the most wonderful relaxing 5 hours. Thank you My Love for this wonderful gift but most importantly, I’m so thankful for you making each day special.

We Don’t See Eye To Eye

Bobby and I didn’t see eye to eye last evening and considering he’s the ‘King Of This Castle’ he ultimately makes the decisions. I love him and respect him for that but this time my friends, he’s entitled to his opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

So last evening I had to close the windows early (before Bobby got home) as it was getting a tinge cool outside. So after dinner our little deer family was back with two new babies that we have not seen! I was so excited that I was in cutting up three apples to toss out to them and Bobby was preparing to open the sliding glass door and the screen for me. And I really wanted to get some great pics of the little ones but hardly any luck as they were rather ‘high strung’ skittering constantly.

The little family eating up on green apples

The little family scattered about

As you can see the little one on the far left decided to make his little jerking, jumping movement damaging the picture and out of 33 pictures last night, you would think I would be able to get some good ones but it gets worse.

See how they just won’t hold still for their pictures?

So here’s the part where Bobby and I didn’t see eye to eye. Bobby noticed a ‘chill’ coming from the door and commented “ya know, the hottest it seems to get around here is just comfortable”. And he seems to be concerned that summer is not warm enough for his taste. And on that note, we had to agree to disagree. And all is well, happy and wonderful as he thanked me for the bazillionth time for being here with him, for being his companion and for loving him and telling me that home is wherever I am. This guy does amazing things for my heart and for that I’m forever grateful!

A Summer Day

It’s a beautiful summer day and I’m gradually embracing summer although still a little apprehensive of the heat that no doubt will be back. I think at the most we’ve run the ac 4 days so far this summer. We’re having a beautiful high of 73 today and it’s been so nice to have these windows open.

When I think of summer I think of the grill and I’ve always been a big fan of burgers. So today I made one of my very favorite summer lunches. It consisted of a seasoned burger, sautéed peppers and onions and a nice fresh vine ripe tomato. When I make the peppers and onions, I prefer eating the burger just like it is without the bun and stuff I would normally add to the sandwich.

So now I’m back to my little drawing and I’ll be back when it’s finished.

My New ‘Outdoor’ Pet

It’s been so beautiful these days and the deer are ever hanging around as the neighbors have been feeding them out front since before we moved here. Tonight was the first for me to feed this deer and he was such a happy fella. I cut up some green apple and tossed it out the door and before long I had company. I kept the screen door open so that I could get a picture, and he sure did keep an eye on me.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that he was just over a foot tall and to us he seems to be growing quite fast. He was so cute all speckled white and I may just have to adopt him as my outdoor pet.

The Strawberry Festival

Bobby and I started our afternoon at the downtown Strawberry Festival.

And these dogs just made me laugh right out loud. The little Doberman was ready to eat that big Doberman for lunch. The big Doberman was like “ya want a piece of me, bring it on bay-bee”!

Fun stuff to look at and more fun stuff below

Had no clue tie dye was back

Some Strawberries

I love Historic Downtown

And a great day for the Festival considering it was supposed to rain

Jazz music in the street and that little man was so cute pretending right beside the band.

The little rock climbers

We had a nice little rest under this shade tree before we left and then we went to a nice place for an early dinner on our way home.

Now we’re back home to chill the rest of the day.

It’s A Bowl Of Fruit

Dear Readers, I know, I know, I promised to wait ‘til my picture was finished to share but I thought you may begin to wonder if I was really drawing these days. So I’ve decided to post a little update.

I’ve sort of laid the foundation of colors but as you can tell there is a whole bunch more work to go into this pic. Today I’ve been working on the peach and a few of the grapes. Actually the 3 green ones that are hanging over the outside of the bowl.

I realize as an artist I’m scatterbrained as I never just stick to one subject. As you can tell, I’m all over the place, but that’s just how I like to work. Then there are some artists that work from one side to the other and I just can’t wrap my brain around that. I guess for me I like to “see” what the next subject is going to “look like”. I’m sure I won’t finish that peach before I have to nail one of those black grapes. That’s just the way I roll and I’ll never figure it out. But no worries, this will get finished to its entirety as I love this bowl of fruit way too much. Oh and I just had a look at that pear and that’s going to be a ball of fun to finish too!

But for right now, I’m going to have to put this picture to rest as I have other household duties calling. And I just may not be able to pick up my colored pencils ‘til Monday so, stay tuned. And in the meantime, here’s wishing you a delightful weekend!

I’m Glued To Pencils These Days

The last couple days have found me deeply engrossed in art. The sketch is coming right along and this happens to be one of those pictures that I don’t want to end. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m having so much fun with this. I should be wrapping it up in the next day or so and don’t plan to share ‘til it’s finished.

In other news, I spoke with the builder this week and the architect is moving right along with the changes on the floor plan. We should see the changes in the next week and hopefully proceed to the next step soon.

No Such Luck

Oh the hours I spent today searching for a subject to draw and absolutely nothing, NOTHING came to me. The subject must speak to me, and it has to touch me in a way that makes me want to draw every line, curve and shadow.

So I was a bit disappointed that I missed out on a perfectly good day for drawing. But the good news, I think I have secured something to start in on tomorrow. I’m already feeling this subject and I’m looking forward to giving it a whirl.

On a good note, that allergy is completely gone, not even a trace of a cough is left and finally I’m feeling back to normal.

Getting Around To Friday’s Chores

I guess this is going to be a bit of a goose chase as I’m going back to Thursday evening. It was then that I received a call from my girlfriend Michelle (from the couple Donnelle and Michelle that we met in the hotel last August). Michelle was calling to see if I would be up for a trip Friday to the big Outlets.

I threw caution to the wind and everything I had on my list went out the window and I signed up for that exciting trip with my friend. Michelle was here at 9:30 a.m. and we were off to great adventures in shopping. It was a beautiful drive and the company was wonderful and the trip didn’t seem to take that long to get there as we had so much fun visiting.

We hit the ground running in and out of some really fun shops. Michelle nailed quite a few things and the sales were amazing! I didn’t have anything in particular that I was shopping for but I did get 3 pair of socks. We literally shopped ‘til we dropped at a wonderful Italian Restaurant that evening for dinner. The food was prepared by the real deal Italian chefs and as a matter of fact the whole staff was Italian (could’ve been family owned) but one thing for sure, the food was divine!

We made it home by 8 p.m. where I collapsed in a heap ‘til we went to bed that evening. We both slept in pretty late Saturday and then I had to get that afternoon nap as all that shopping wore me slap out. I wanted to make Bobby a nice dinner that evening but he wanted to take me out and that’s what he did. And then he even wanted to go with me food shopping after dinner. That was so sweet of him as food shopping was one of the things on my to do list Friday but he insisted I go shopping with Michelle.

So that brings me to the rest of my Friday’s Chores which is cleaning and laundry. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about the weekends and evenings when Bobby is home that I do not clean or do laundry. Sure I do the dishes when he’s home but I’m talking about clean, cleaning. I just don’t do that stuff as I much prefer to spend our time together. So now’s the time for me to play catch up on all my Friday to do’s and I’m not regretting it one bit.

Letting Go

Ever just wanna’ “let go”? Well that was exactly how I was feeling when I started in on my background today. This background is nothing like the background for these shoes however I thought a twist was needed. I let my pencils do the walking and I followed suit with lots of passion. Allowing freedom brings new creative energy and sometimes that’s just what we need for new ideas to blossom. I’m not calling this a masterpiece but it did bring lots of joy.

Well Bobby gets home tonight and I need to get around here and get some real work done before he gets home. And I reckon I ought to fix some lunch. I had a banana around 8 this morning and I’ve been so engrossed in drawing that I forgot to eat lunch.

Just Me And These Little Red Shoes

Bobby left for DC today, so it’s just me and these little red shoes. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to start sketching today, but once I saw these shoes, I just knew they were ticket.

There’s much more to do but I’m taking just a little break to share what I’m up to.

I’m feeling much better and I think my little allergy bug is almost over!

My New Best Friend

We were neighbors with Frannie for 5 + years and I speak with her more now than I ever did in TX. Sure we had the party’s and visits with them, waved when we saw each other driving away, visited when we were out in our yards and during the holidays while out stringing lights, ya know all the neighborly things we do with neighbors.

Well Frannie and I have become best email buds and we have officially named us as best email friends. It’s true, as we send notes back and forth about our days almost every single day and this has gone on for weeks now. And we’ve been known to pass notes several times during the day.

It’s so sad we didn’t visit more often when we were neighbors as I miss seeing her but what a joy this has been to keep up with Frannie and also hear what’s going on back at the old home front. But I shall say that I want this to be a reminder to spend more time with my neighbors and get to know them while we’re here, because there is no promise that we’ll be here forever.

Plugging Away With Allergies

My little cough is still ever present and going into the second week of this here coughing spell. That little tickle returned yesterday and the coughing continues. I started on the Claritin again yesterday and continued with it today. The tickle doesn’t seem so bad this afternoon and I’m praying this doesn’t last too long.

I did find a site to check on the pollen count for this area and it’s very high right now. I had allergies so bad when I was a kid and thought I grew out of them. I didn’t have any trouble in TX whatsoever but I guess this new area has awakened an allergy I didn’t realize existed. I’m getting lots and lots of sleep too as I went back to bed after Bobby went to work and slept a good two hours and then I took an afternoon nap and that should carry me through ‘til bedtime. I forgot how exhausting allergies can be and I’m so thankful for the rest.