Treat Of The Week

There’s something about autumn and Halloween that set the tone for the upcoming holidays. It’s been a week of celebration here in blogland and therefore I choose to celebrate the holidays.

I won this prize from Tanya over at Sunday Baker. This is going to be my go-to “goodie” cookbook this season as I didn’t think to bring any of my cookbooks to the apartment. So I’m elated right now! Thanks again Tanya!

Tanya is having another giveaway going on through the weekend, so if you would like the chance to WIN something fun, I urge you to visit Grab Bag Game – New Giveaway – Winner! But most of all, you’re going to be a winner as you will fall in love with Tanya’s Blog, she’s amazing!

Wishing all of you a wonderful blessed day.

Don’t forget to visit with Tanya, she’s amazing!

Little Chop Here – Little Chop There

I just had my hair cut a couple weeks ago but something was just not right. I have been letting all my layers grow for the last 2 years and finally it was all one length again. I think the all one length is the part that’s not right. So, a couple days ago I grabbed the scissors on a whim and gave myself layers.

Reasons/Excueses For Cutting My Own Hair

1. To get the “feel” of it before I officially commit

2. I “think” I know what I want but toy with it before I exhaust my stylist

3. I’m a visual kinda gal wanting to “see” what it looks like before hand

4. To completely “SHOCK” my stylist when I go in with long hair in the back and on one side but the other side completely chopped off. I’ve been known to do that on more than one occasion…

5. It’s fun and I think anyone who hasn’t tried it – Well what are you waiting for, give it a try sometime…

6. Saved my biggest reason for last – I’ve secretively wanted to work in a salon since my high school days. I think cutting hair would be a total blast but my biggest worry is that I would do something wrong and upset my clients. That would devastate me, so I’ll continue to play “salon” happily ever after in the comforts of my own home.

Boots and Britches

Here we come!

My little wish for snow came true yesterday afternoon and it snowed and snowed all afternoon! Nothing stuck but that didn’t stop the snow from falling and on into the night it snowed and it continues to snow today. By morning we ended up with a little white dusting and below you will find a little sample of what it looks like around here.

Looking through the brush out back

The leaves still cling to this tree/bush but just a matter of time and they too will be gone

The berries all nestled in

A little coating

Things I Love About Where I Live

Having lived in 7 states and outside the country for 2 ½ years, the north was never on our radar. There were too many other places we wanted to live and living overseas again was one of the things we wanted to do.

So, here we are and I wouldn’t take it back, not for a second. I was tagged by Linda from Florida last week (while I was out of town) asking me to post 5 things I love about my state.

5 Things I Love About Where I Live

1. Number 1 has to be Home – “It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” – Author Unknown

2. The country – I love the country side – It’s a place where things move at a slower pace – I find tranquility no matter where we go and I love living where there is virtually no traffic to speak of.

Photo taken last Autumn

3. Autumn – Autumn is my favorite season! I love the cooler months leading into winter – The changing of the leaves has me mesmerized to this day. The photos below were taken last year and my readers who have been with me for a while have already seen these.

4. Winter – I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for snow. As a matter of fact it was in the forecast last week while I was out of town but no such luck. I was rather delighted as I didn’t want to miss our first snow of the year. We have a mixture of rain/snow/wind in the forecast today and I keep looking out in hopes to see the white stuff.

This was how I spent last Valentines Day!

5. Animals – Oh how I love the animals that I’m not used to seeing IRL. I still do a double take daily as I see the deer stroll through the backyard. And I stop what I’m doing and watch them ‘til they’re out of site.

Beauty in the front yard this past summer

Hope you enjoyed!

My Trip To FL And A Giveaway

Oh my word, I can’t believe I didn’t even post “something” in here while I was in FL this past week! There were days while I was there that I never even once turned on my computer so I’m blaming that on the decline of posts. My trip was fantastic and I enjoyed spending time with my parents and my brother and his family. My nephew wanted a drawing lesson with me and I can’t begin to express the fun we had. By the end of the day his drawing improved from looking cartoonish to “the real deal”. Way to go buddy!

Mom and I shopped, strolled by the lake and sat on the bench by the bank of the lake visiting, went to lunch together and numerous mother daughter stuff. Mom has been like a sister/best friend/and mom all wrapped into one ever since I can remember. Well the “sister part” within the last “15” years or so but my best friend and mom always! I should state for the record that Bobby is my “Very Best – Best Friend”!

I had fun with dad too as I helped him with some projects around the house and it’s always a pleasure working and visiting with him. He’s a character though let me tell ya and he can keep me on my toes. And with him, jokes and laughter are almost constant.

We had several dinners out and mom of course cooked my favorite things when we were home.

I arrived back home with hubby late Saturday evening and I’ve been totally soaking in the time with my dearest. At one point Saturday, hubby called me on my layover stating that he couldn’t wait to wrap his paws around me. And I checked my watch counting down the minutes to be caught up in his arms. He had the apartment completely clean, bed made, his laundry finished and grocery shopping complete before I got home. And when I walked through the door, the place looked so warm and welcoming. It’s truly good to be back home with the man of my dreams…

I’m so far behind with all of you and look forward to catching up now that I’m back, I’ll be seeing you around.

Now for some “FUN” – My friend Tanya is hosting a giveaway and you are all free to to join! Just click on Tanya’s name (above) to enter and perhaps “WIN” this amazing cookbook!


I can’t believe I was one of the winner’s at Jan and Tom’s Place. She threw a Birthday Tea Party for herself on October 8th and had a drawing after the party. Several of us that commented won just by stopping by and wishing Jan a Happy Birthday.

I was so surprised when this arrived in the mail today!

Well I had no clue what I was going to receive in the mail but these gifts are very special to me. I arranged the gifts on my bed for a picture to show the array. In the very front bottom right are Green Tea Body Lotion and Green Tea Body Wash. I’ve already used the lotion and I love it! That tube is going in my purse after my flight tomorrow! (Speaking of flight, Bobby’s taking me to the airport at 4:30am tomorrow!) Then there’s a nice bag of “Tea Of Life” to the left of the lotion/wash. I’m going to wait ‘til I return home to have my cup of tea. In the box there’s a wonderful heart frame and shoe box labels. I’ve got just the picture for that frame and it’s going on my little night stand. In front of the box is a nice set of beautiful note cards – sorry for the glare as they are sealed in a plastic wrap. To the right of the cards are a set of four fruit – fruit scented candles. How did she know how much I love candles??? Moving along to the back left is a book, “The Excellent Wife” by Martha Peace. Jan, this book is going on the flight with me tomorrow! To be a better wife to my dearest loving husband will give me joy. Next to the book is the prettiest card from Jan in the shape of a beautiful pair of shoes and in it were some very lovely words. And that cute little card holds a wonderful array of needles. I can always use needles.

Thank you for these special gifts Jan, I will think of you when I use these little treasures.

It’s Still Autumn

The view from my window this morning

It’s a cool dark and rainy autumn morning, but beautiful in my eyes. It’s the kind of day that makes me feel rejuvenated. Well it’s a good thing as I have much to do. There’s errands to run, groceries to get, and laundry and cleaning these next couple days.

Bobby’s sending me to FL to visit my parents this Saturday and I can’t leave without having him fully taken care of. Normally I lay his clothes out each day (he’s color blind) that’s my excuse to dote over him more. So I’ve promised to have all of his work clothes hung together in sets complete with the tie he’s to wear. I’ve asked him to help me with a list of things he wants for meals and that’s getting checked off today and tomorrow. And I’m leaving him to a spotless abode so I had better get busy. Man I’m gonna miss him.

A Trip To The Spa

The last three weeks had me stressed a little more than I realized. After hearing such great reports from my Dr’s office, a huge weight was lifted but I was left with knots in my shoulders and back.

So last evening I casually mentioned to Bobby how tight I was feeling and that’s all it took for him to insist that I have a massage. He didn’t have to twist my arm and I was able to work a two hour visit to the nearby spa this morning. I’m feeling a bit sore but the knots seem to be worked out. (sigh)

I took the camera as these beautiful autumn days aren’t going to last forever. So here we go… The pictures below were taken at the resort.

A tent all set up for somethin’

A peak through the leaves at the golf course

A little winding path

A cool cabin

Ducks up ahead on the left – I believe they are either headed south or will be headed that way directly

A few of them up close – Have a safe trip dear feathered friends

Better than the Dr’s office

A New Lease On Life

Today must have been the longest day for me ever! I had more blood work and urine testing last week due to the blood in my urine 3 weeks ago. The sample was sent to the hospital for testing and I was told the results would be in today. After looking at all the possibilities on-line the big “C” is what I feared as I didn’t seem to have symptoms of the other things listed. The weekend went really well but today after Bobby left I felt so alone and scared. It’s times like this when I don’t know how to pray that all I can really pray for is God’s perfect will to be done and just leave it in His hands.

Well, I finally received a call from my Dr’s office a few minutes ago saying everything was perfect – and no more blood! I have never been so scared and happy like this all in the course of a day ever! People, I truly could scream from the mountain tops and I thank my Heavenly Father for this good news today! Thank you Jesus!

Now all I need to do is bring the cholesterol down and I feel quite certain I’m going to be able to do just that. I’m asking for God’s help and also doing all I know I need to do as I believe God will help me if I help myself. I’m still on the same eating pattern eating at least 9 fruit and veggies – nuts – yogurt and consuming at least 21g of fiber and 50g of protein a day. I’m getting my protein through beans, nuts and the like and added soy to my diet as well. And as for my beverage, water is still my go to drink and have not had any diet soda in 2 weeks!

I knew exercise was a biggie and I just started my exercise program last week. Bobby got the wii fit for me last weekend and I’m putting it to good use. I’m exercising between 30 and 45 min a day and I’m thrilled that I have not skipped a day of exercise all week.

I’m so thankful for the warning and so happy the really big scare is over. Now I can concentrate on eating healthy and exercising. I have just over 2 months before my next cholesterol checkup and I hope to see a considerable change. I feel I’ve been given a new lease on life and I’m truly grateful and blessed.

A Visit To The Farm

We had a very productive meeting with the builder this morning and we’re hoping to break ground next month.

After our meeting we made our way to the Iron Kettle Farm. We enjoyed ourselves and had such a wonderful time watching the children young and old enjoying this beautiful autumn day.

Welcome to the Iron Kettle Farm

The farmer has so much to harvest

And the Mrs. keeping busy

He seems to be on his way home

And what’s wrong with this picture

A bounty of pumpkins with a sweet little pumpkin on top

Aw, he was just too cute

And he seems to be in a world of his own

Finding the perfect one

Cute little goat

And big plump turkeys

The little ones loved feeding the animals

Wagon filled with Indian corn

A game set up with large sling shots – The kids used little pumpkins to try and launch them through the hoops.

We enjoyed our little visit at the farm and then my darling took me out for a nice dinner. We truly enjoyed our day.

Another Autumn Day

I’m enjoying another autumn day and I’m still overjoyed with the season more than ever. It’s been a while since I’ve lived where the leaves glow like they’re on fire and it takes my breath away to watch the daily changes.

The picture above was taken in my backyard just a moment ago. I was busy unloading groceries when the sun popped through the thick layer of clouds. I grabbed the camera quick to capture the little ray of light that trickled through the trees.

Now it’s back to working on the floor plan as we need to have all the windows and doors throughout the house picked out by Friday and presented to the builder.

I still can’t get over how crazy busy I am these days and I’m sick that I have not had time to get to my dear friends pansy drawing. Little did I know at the time that I would be in such a pickle.

So, my deepest apologies once again and I would like to send out a message stating that I would like to have the drawing project complete and in the mail by the end of November. I hope all can be forgiven as it truly is killing me.

I also stated sometime back how I had the urge to get a job. Well, that has all blown over and as hubby says. “Honey, you’re going to be so busy with the builder and picking out stuff for the home, how are you going to have time to work”? And he’s right as things are really starting to kick in and I’ve already had two meetings with the builder already this week. So let the fun begin!

A Drive To Our Neighborhood

It was a crisp fogy morning as I drove up to meet the builder for an early morning appointment.

The dense fog as I headed out

The sun burning off the fog

On up the road a ways

This will be the little street we live on one of these days

Turkey’s in our (soon to be) neighbors yard

Another neighbor’s birdhouse tucked away in the trees

Meet our neighbor

And another neighbor

And here’s another neighbor on down the road

Fall foliage up close

Looking up through the leaves

And this is part of our backyard view – There’s a 9 ½ acre lake (that’s what the builder calls it) but I call it a nice big pond out back.

And this wraps up the visit of our soon to be neighborhood.

Health Update

I have never had a Health Wake Up Call like I had two weeks ago. I’m doing all I know to do and plunked the rest in God’s hands. Sure there are times I worry but doing all I know to do and praying God’s will be done, that’s really all I can do at this point. I have a brief check-up next week and then another check-up in a little over two months.

I have drastically changed my eating habits and cut back on the “bad” fat and cholesterol… My daily menu is loaded with fruit and vegetables and I’m packing in oats, yogurt, blueberries and walnuts daily.

My loaded baked potato last evening smothered with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots with a huge side of green beans. I should say I like eating my veggies with LOTS of black pepper! No butter on this puppy but I did melt a splash of cheese over the top. This is a salad plate and the food really fills that baby and my tummy let me tell ya.

Yogurt – Contains beneficial bacteria that has been shown to boost the immune system. I’ve been checking this off each day.

Blueberries – Is my go-to fruit and I feel this is one of the best fruits for the body – say no more, I’m in daily.

Walnuts – Even though these critters are high in calories they have significantly higher amounts of omega 3 compared to other nuts and the protein from these rascals is amazing! So I consume ½ serving size of walnuts a day.

I guess you could say I’m pretty much eating vegetarian these days. I’ve completely cut the consumption of red meat but I’m trying to eat fish once or twice a week.

And for the “BIG” thing I gave up this week is my diet soda 100%. Water has become the leading beverage in my life as I feel this body of mine needs a real cleansing. I must say, the health scare has me on the straight and narrow and the lure to eat anything that looks unhealthy during this time is not enticing in the least.

Now, all that said, I do feel that there needs to be some sort of moderation (just keepin’ it real). I found myself really missing my daily cup of coffee and cream. So, I’ve added coffee and cream back in the breakfast slot and the oats has become lunch or dinner. I’m much happier this way and so happy to be on my way to a healthy new me.

The one thing that I’m not up for is taking meds the rest of my life and I’m fighting and praying so hard to keep it that way. And on that note, I’m adding something new this week, so stay tuned next Monday same time same place for an update.

Oh The Places I’ve Been

Oh the places I’ve been all week. This week was supposed to start off slow and steady with drawing at the top of my “to do” list. Everything changed and in a hurry as I’ve had errands and duties 4 of the 5 days this week and a repair man here at the apartment the day I was home.

One of the big changes this week was an unexpected change in our floor plans. I’ve been working on the program “Better Homes & Garden – Home Designer Suite 8.0 ” during my free time and Bobby finished wrapping up all the loose ends around 1:00am this morning.

I can now “almost” officially say the floor plan is FINISHED! Our job this next week is to pick out the windows. We’re pretty much picking out all the stuff we want up front so that the cost of things doesn’t bite us in the end. We’re hoping we can move in by next spring/summer.

After the meeting with our builder today, I drove just about a mile out of my way to visit some of the homes in Historic Downtown. I was hoping to see some fall décor but enjoyed the little tour. Come along with me, won’t you?

We must first Cross the river into Downtown.

On the other side looking back at the bridge we just crossed.

There’s something about this house that makes me think “Hansel and Gretel”.

Quite a charmer with that nice porch out front.

There’s just somethin’ about about this place.

This place had me at hello.

I’m in love with the background.

Green and white with a burst of color.

Sorry for getting the wires crossed.

We went through rain, walked on sunshine and looked at masses of clouds on this crisp 52 degree day. And another thing, someone that saw me snapping pictures asked us (hey, you’re with me remember) “are you with the CIA”? We just didn’t pay any attentention to them and kept right on going. Hope you enjoyed your visit and I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much.

Short and Sweet

Today’s post is short and sweet but the sweet part is just that, SWEET! My blog friend Cindy has her debut on HGTV’s Rate my Space tonight! The segment is called “A Romantic Cabana with an Island Vibe”. This is so exciting and I’m so overjoyed for her.

Presidential debate or not, there will be no way I’m missing her. I’ve got the tivo all set and ready to go. Now the only thing I need to do is wait which I’ve been doing for a while now.