Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you my friends! You pepper my life with friendship, provide wonderful thoughts and give back while I enjoy your posts more than you’ll ever know. Sorry I haven’t taken much time with you lately and know that if you visit, I promise to stop by and visit you too!

We developed a little Thanksgiving tradition of eating out as it’s just the two of us. And we were so pleased with the new place we found. Reservations were made months ago and we enjoyed our drive through the country. I told hubby that it felt like we were going over the river and through the woods… The pines were simply magnificent standing so tall while the snow outlined each bough.

The place we dined

One of the light posts that outlined the drive

Warm Cozy Atmosphere

This man ROCKS my world!

And puts a smile in my heart each day!

The meat carver and owner ~ He’s in charge of carving the rack of lam, turkey, ham and roast. ~ Everything was cooked to perfection and each bite was a yummy explosion of goodness!

A bowl of nuts with a view!

Pie, sweet breads and cookies ~ The pumpkin pie was amazing, you can take my word for it.

Cheese Cakes and Pies ~ Bobby loved his pecan pie.

View out the window from where we were sitting.

After our meal we relaxed a bit with some coffee and then we dove into the desserts. I had a marvelous piece of pumpkin pie and carrot cake too! That was the perfect way to polish off my Thanksgiving Dinner.

Hoping each of you were blessed this day.

Playing In The Yard – The First Time!

We’re in the stages of plotting our home and figuring out just how we want it to sit on the lot. It all feels like such a slow process but it should start moving along in the days to come. Can’t wait!

I met up with my dearest for lunch yesterday and we drove out to the lot. The survey was complete and we’re doing our homework.

The view of our lot from the road

My Dearest – at the back 40 ~ He’s plotting all the property points on his GPS then he plans to plug all the points into the lot online so that he can then decide exactly where he wants the house to sit on the lot. It’s nice being married to an engineer, he is so detailed and I love that about him.

My man in the jungle – Oh right, our back yard… He found another stake!

In Other News

We’re having another gorgeous autumn day, the snow is falling and all is right in the world. It has warmed up to the point that it’s comfortable (no longer in the teens – that’s bone freezing weather for me) and I’m enjoying the beautiful day with balmy temps in the low 30’s.

Pretty plump flakes creating a beautiful snow globe

By 9:00am each branch was coated

Wishing you a joyous day!

A New Day With A Thankful Heart

I nearly forgot how much a sunrise can change from day to day until I started taking pictures. I’m lucky right now as we have beautiful views out back especially now that the leaves are gone. I’m such a cheerful riser and I’m so happy my hubby is too. The dawning of each new day brings a celebration of life and reason to be thankful.

Here are a few sunrises we’ve enjoyed the last several days.

November 21, 2008 – Our beautiful BOLD sunrise!

November 22, 2008 – Such a pretty white blanket! Not much of a sunrise but beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder.

November 22, 2008 – The evergreens have such a beauty that spices things up a notch.

November 24, 2008 – It’s another gorgeous morning with so much to be thankful for.

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Day!

I’m Just Looking

I’m madly in love with my beautiful amazing grocery store; no matter the season, they’re ready. Yes they are, as they practically twist my arm each time I enter; you’d think I’d learn to go somewhere else or is it that I’m a glutton for punishment? Wait a minute here not so fast! They have a selection of olives unlike any other place and the cheese, oh the cheese and the… Come on, I love that place! So yesterday I needed to run out and pick up a few staples to get us through the rest of the week and these are the dishes that continue to twist my arm week after week.

I took that picture (thinking it would last longer and so that I don’t have to rush over to see what they look like – AGAIN) at the expense of getting gawked at by fellow shoppers. So I stood there patiently waiting for shoppers to pass bye so that I could get a nice clear pic of that setup.

But I have to get real; I don’t have the room in our little apartment to store these beauties. I think I’ll just keep looking this year. But then again, look at these babies up close, that green would look fabulous in my new kitchen next year! Stop it, you’re just looking, end of conversation! I really do have to talk to myself. Sometimes I carry on three way conversations between my “real” voice my head and my heart. Trust me, you don’t want to listen in long on these type conversations.

So I walk away and then I have to pass the beautiful Christmas displays, in the grocery store no less.

What’s a girl to do? Look, she looks… that’s what she does and when asked if she needs any help she replies “I’m just looking” *puppy dog eyes and all, sigh*. No Christmas decorations for us again this year, I’m just looking and basking in the beauty all around. (Tear) My traditional week to decorate is this week, the week before Thanksgiving and I think it’s really getting to me.

Hold on though because I do believe I’m going to positively BURST with Holiday Cheer next year! And can’t wait to do the “Just Looking” thing in our own home!

Good Morning

I can’t seem to get enough of the early morning beauty out our back windows.

November 18th sunrise

November 19th sunrise

Friends that dropped by this morning

A stroll through our backyard

So long my friend!

The snow from the last two days is nearly gone but I have a sneakin’ feeling there’s a lot more to come! It dipped into the high teens this morning and I nearly kicked myself for standing with the door hanging wide open while taking my morning pics. My measly excuse is that my tootsies liked the warm carpet vs. the concrete to stand on. The heater is cranked and I’m off to enjoy the day drawing.

White Dusting

I had a fun filled morning frolicking around in the snow with the white stuff providing a coating as far as the eye can see. And the forecast says we’re getting more snow through Thursday.

Here’s a few pictures taken early this morning from my yard


Bird Feeder

Baby Pine ~ No more than 2’ tall ~ Even the old weeds from summer are taller than this little guy.

Pine Cone


Early Morning Light

We had a very enjoyable weekend ~ spent a little time with friends ~ went shopping ~ snuggled under our cozy little throw while watching a pretty snowfall ~ Watched NASCAR and some football ~ I did get sick Sat evening and by late Sun morning was feeling better. I’ll be starting my week with more drawing in hopes to be finished with the pansy by the end of the week.

My Week In Bullets

I take pleasure of our pretty sunrises out back now that the leaves have fallen. This is the sunrise up over the hill this morning.

The week has been filled with lots of interesting things and I thought I would stop by to share what’s going on.

  • We had a couple more visits with the builder this past week and I think all the kinks are worked out to the point we’re ready to start the foundation. The builder is working on clearing the lot as we speak and it’s just a matter of time for things to start taking shape.
  • We started our 10th annual Christmas Newsletter and I’m happy with the progress so far.
  • I’ve been working on Christmas songs lately and have nearly 700 Christmas songs on my ipod. I love the Holidays so much that I’m already soaking in the Christmas spirit.
  • We were so tired last evening that we went in for a nap at 8:00 pm and slept ‘til morning. I feel like a brand spankin’ new person today.
  • I’m doing really well on the nutrition front in hopes the cholesterol is dropping. The weight continues to drop but I’m more concerned about the cholesterol. I’ll find out next month.
  • Hubby is off to Maryland for the day and I’m finding pleasure in a nice clean home with the laundry and ironing complete. This means I have the day to…

    Here’s wishing all of you a pleasant Thursday.

  • The Pansy’s Return

    I’m finally to the point where I can concentrate on drawing again so here’s where we are so far today. I should have a few more updates this week.

    Wishing all of you a splendid week!

    Time For Change – Update

    Photo taken today after I had yet another cut. I wanted a little more stack in the back. It’s hard to see in the pic but I’m happy with it.

    Photo Taken Yesterday

    Anyone who knows me knows that when the urge comes for a change, I don’t wait long. When my hairdresser couldn’t squeeze me in this week, I called someone that could take me at a moments notice and this is what we came up with.

    It’s very similar to the old bob that I used to wear with just a little stack this time. It’s so much lighter and I won’t be searching for pony tails to get that stuff out of my way. I just wish I had taken my camera to have a picture of all the hair I left behind. I highly doubt I’ll ever see a pile like that of my own ever again. Then again, time will tell.

    I Voted

    Since our little town didn’t have “early” voting, we were up and to the polls just before 6 am. We had virtually no lines to speak of and I was the lucky #13 in line at the poll today! We were there before they opened the booth (yes, that’s booth singular) for our “little” district and we were able to stand in the comforts of a nice heated building. As a matter of fact, from the time we left the house, voted and got back home was a very short 25 min! Voting has never been so easy! Happy Voting Everyone!

    Cute little story – Hubby was telling me this morning that when he was a little boy that he wanted so badly to be an American. He wanted to be an American because his mommy always said they were Irish and Dutch.

    The Secret of Cold Springs

    We enjoyed our weekend around the house and it was the perfect time to recline and visit with Liz from Mabel’s House author of The Secret of Cold Springs by Elizabeth Owen. Liz is such a talented author and I’ve enjoyed reading her blog for quite some time. I have high hopes that one day her book will be published but for now she is sharing her book for free for any and all who would like to read.


    The youngest of three teenage sisters, Nora Charles is used to being the brunt of their teasing, but that doesn’t stop her from making tenacious plans to travel the world, write books and ride elephants. After the death of their father, the Charles women seek to make a new start in a new town. Cold Springs is a historic village, its rainbow-hued gingerbread houses clinging to the side of the mountain. Nora and her sisters soon discover that this quaint town has a dark and disturbing history. It’s up to the Charles sisters to save a new friend and discover the dangerous secret behind a mysterious group of women. This tale unfolds amid winding Victorian streets, jack-0-lantern filled shops and hidden passageways. The girls humorously bicker their way through the most dangerous adventure of their lives, only to come face to face with the irrepressible bonds of sisterhood.

    I’m not sure how Liz found me but I’m ever so glad she did. It’s such a joy to visit while she decorates, bakes and shares her love with precious Mabel found here and here and her beloved husband Matt.

    I finished every juicy detail of The Secret of Cold Springs and hope you too get the chance to enjoy as well.