Property Progress

Hubby and I had another meeting with our builder yesterday afternoon.We had a few minor things to take care of and we wanted to see the progress.The crew finally broke ground yesterday and they’re doing a marvelous job!

They dug out the basement and will pour the footers today – if all goes well!We did get about 4” of snow overnight so we’ll see what happens.

A busy backhoe

Bird’s eye view from the road

Our builder (the woman) checking in with the mason

Walkout basement

After we finished our business at the lot, we met back at one of the builders new homes to get in out of the “cooler” elements to finish up our business with her.Have I mentioned how much we love her – Just can’t help saying it again, she’s the best!

After our meeting we drove back out to the lot to see the progress they made while we were gone. Wow he was moving fast in the seat of that backhoe as he had the footer nearly dug!

We’re hoping they can pour the footer today.The mason mentioned that he could use some sort of “heater” to melt the snow from last night so we’ll see how it goes…I doubt we make a trip up there today.

Hubby was all about going back to that restaurant we found the last time we were up there.It didn’t disappoint.

I caught hubby mid chew.

I can’t get enough sunsets even if all I get is a reflection. I was surprised that I was part of the reflection too.

Christmas Memories

Christmas at my big brothers was a wonderful event this year.My parents from down south drove north and my hubby and I drove south to meet half way at my brother’s home.My parents, hubby and I arrived early evening the night of December 23rd to a wonderful meal around the table.My little brother and family flew north to spend this Christmas with my sis-in-law’s family and we missed them this year.

Christmas Eve dawned and Hubby and I slept in ‘til our hearts were content.By the time we were all up and at ‘em (we stayed at a very near by hotel) and arrived the rest of the family had already had breakfast.We already knew that would be the case so I fixed a nice little breakfast for me and my dearest. Hubby enjoying bacon, eggs, hash browns and homemade rolls (my sis-in-law made the rolls and the strawberry jam) with a glass of orange juice.


After we finished our breakfast I was giving Hubby some attention and my dad conveniently grabbed my camera to snap our picture. I have no idea what hubby’s doing here but I love his expression anyways.

Then Hubby wanted to take a pic of me and asked me to smile.

Christmas Eve Horderves is one of our family traditions as mom started this when my brothers and I were very small kids and we still carry on with this tradition.

We’re waiting to dive into the horderves.

After the hordervers our family tradition is to open ALL the gifts. Santa was good to us all this year but the fun part was watching the boys open their gifts with so much excitement.

My Brother and his wife – our amazing host and hostess!

After all the hoopla and gift opening we ventured out to my brother’s out building that he’s made into a great game area for the boys.Our nephews surprised as they walked in…

By this new “Bank Shot” Santa delivered.They were not even suspecting this as they had already received some amazing gifts already.

The boys having so much fun with their new toy!

Pops and my big bro enjoy some “hoops” as well.Actually we all played Bank Shot but I’ll spare all the pictures and move along…

A little later the “Boys” start a rousing game of poker…

Our nephew

While the boys play poker, the “girls” play the Wii Fit! Mom still holds the record on the ski jump – jumping a total of 369 meters – GO MOM!  Here she is on the slopes and there’s no stopping her!

After all the excitement on Christmas Eve, we wrapped up our games sometime after midnight and made our way back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.We did have to set the alarm for Christmas morning as we had a big family breakfast with my sister-in-law and all of her family.

After spending the morning with her family we went back to my brothers to prepare Christmas dinner and there were more games to be played.

Christmas dinner – our amazing hostess taking the picture.

My brother and me playing rummy – at any given time you would find family playing some sort of games from Rook, Texas Holdem’, 5 Card Draw, 7 Card Stud, Rummy, Wii, Bank Shot and Race Cars…

Pops checking out mom’s Rook hand

The boys set up a cool race track that occupies two tables and Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson cars were a big hit on the track!My hubby threatens to buy them Tony Stewart race cars but they’re NOT Stewart fans like us.

Pops and Hubby giving Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon a spin – Now Hubby wants a race track.

Pops walking the tight rope with an audience – It cracked me up to see him put his rally cap on. It was obvious he meant business and he made it to the other side – Way to go POPS!

We thoroughly enjoyed the game room with something for everyone and some great memories were made.

Our last evening was spent watching old family movies (from 20 years ago) and looking at pictures. I have no idea what’s so funny that I’m sharing with them but I’ll never forget all the fun times we shared together.

Hubby and I said our goodbyes to the family Saturday evening…

and got up early Sunday to head back home.

Hubby is home with me this week and I’m enjoying our time together so much. Monday we were able to sleep in and chill all day and did not even as much as lift a finger all day. It was wonderful and we will continue to enjoy the rest of this week. We may take in a movie or something but it will definitely be low key all week.


Just a note to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

With Christmas rapidly approaching I doubt I’ll be posting much if anything at all ‘til after Christmas. We’re spending time with family and heading south first thing in the morning. I’m finally ready with gifts wrapped and the suitcase packed!

A Busy But Fun Afternoon

Our afternoon started with our real-estate attorney. The meeting went well and we are beginning to see things take shape. We had an hour and a half window between our meeting with the attorney and the builder so we planned a little lunch date. While Hubby searched for restaurants in the area on the GPS, I spied a cool looking Italian eatery and Hubby agreed that we should give it a try.

My Date

It was an old train station turned into a restaurant. We both enjoyed the unique ambiance and the food. We definitely plan to return.

One of the many train pictures that lined the walls

After lunch, we made our way to the lot and this is how we found it

We were so pleased with the progress!

The mason and builder arrived shortly after we got there and we immediately got down to business. The A Team – Mason, Our Sweet Builder and My Dearest

Hubby went to great lengths to position the house on the lot. He shared his plan with the exact feet of where he wanted it and they got down to business.

I adore her (our builder) and I wish this shot wasn’t so blurry but I like it anyway.

The crew headed out and I was following behind with the builder. Hubby turned around to see if we needed a hand getting down there.

I haven’t played in mud like this in a very long time. I plodded along holding up my britches and I must have looked funny because I was getting laughed at.

I don’t remember the last time my feet had this much fun playing in the mud. The lower portion of my boot is practically covered in mud. And the guys told me that I needed to invest in some (I won’t use their term)-(so my term) “poop” kickers.

The builder brought a shovel for us so that we could really break ground. This is our first experience to break ground and we can hardly wait for the next step.

Hubby making it official!

I’m beyond excited!

And the crew busy pounding stakes for the footprint of the home!

The mason is hoping to have the basement dug before Christmas… Fingers crossed!

Saturday Meeting With The Builder

The weekend proved to be gorgeous with pretty white stuff as far as the eye could see. We drove out to meet the builder to present to her our last set of changes. We moved windows, added a couple doors in the basement and there were about 20 minor changes in all. We’re finally ready to sign off on the floor plan as soon as the changes are made. As a matter of fact, tomorrow is the day we do just that!

Our builder plowing through the snow (up the driveway) in her 4 wheel drive!

We have truly fallen in love with her. She’s a wonderful woman and we like to think of her as our Angel up here. Having gone through so many realtors and finally finding her has been a joy that we can’t even begin to describe.

This is one of the homes she just finished building and this is the house that we came so close to buying. There were things we wanted that this house didn’t have and then is when we learned she had many other pieces of land available in this development.

This home up on a hill is where we’ve been conducting our meetings when it’s cold. Picture taken out the dining room window.

One of our neighbors homes – she has built all the homes in this development as she purchased all the property to develop many years ago.

The spot where we meet when it’s “not so cold”. We’ve conducted a lot of business there.

They’re making a lot of headway clearing the lot. The snow is gone by now and they resumed clearing yesterday and will hopefully have it finished by tomorrow afternoon.

Pieces of equipment on the other end of our lot – They still have some work cut out for them. Hopefully they’re gettin’ ‘er done!

Pines in our neighbors front yard.

We headed back home late in the afternoon/early evening – A picture out my window/mirror.

And this shot wraps up our evening.

My Take On The Master Bath

We have been spending countless hours in the design stages of our new home. I’ve been working very hard in the master bathroom and this is the layout I’ve come up with. As you walk into the bathroom the closet is immediately on the right. Then the Mr’s “high” sink is on the right and the Mrs. lower Vanity and counter area is on the left. The linen closet is next to the Mrs. Vanity. Walking through the arch the shower is on the right, (hubby’s giving us a large shower with duel shower heads), tub in the center and the toilet on the left.

These are the colors I’m really leaning towards in the bathroom. I’m trying to allow myself to go with the flow and just haul off and PAINT THESE WALLS, for Peat’s Sake! This will be a first for me and I’m really looking forward to coloring the walls in our home other than the builder’s grade basic off white color. I’m so ready for change! We’re hoping to break ground this week!

So… How Was The Aquarium?

Hubby brought me with him to Boston yesterday (he says I’m like his American Express – He can’t leave home without me), he’s on a business trip and I’m playing. And I know what he’s going to ask when he gets back to our room this evening. He’s going to ask me how the Aquarium was. And to be honest, I’m sure it’s wonderful but I didn’t go.

I’ve wanted to go to the Aquarium here in Boston for so long and this was my plan for the day. I was up before hubby and all ready to go down and have breakfast with him before he left for work.

A little breakfast by the fire

After breakfast I came back to the room to gather the info needed for the Aquarium. I quickly learned they didn’t have any parking available so I found the nearest parking garage and after calling the place I found it was going to be 34 bucks (no matter if I was there from 4 hrs to 8 hrs) + 20 bucks for the Aquarium! (GASP!) There were cheaper parking garages true but I was in no mood to deal with the cold, buses and who knows what. And with that I changed my tune quick about going to the Aquarium. Perhaps another time.

Then I thought – Boston surely has some nice big malls and shopping centers, that’s what I’ll do. So I called down to the front desk and the gal told me exactly where I needed to go to fill that need. And with that I programmed the GPS and away we went.

When I arrived I couldn’t help but notice the magnitude of the mall and thought, where am I going to park. Then I saw a grand mall entrance right smack dab in the middle of The Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs and I knew that was the place for me and I would not get lost finding my car.

From my parking spot

I entered the mall and noticed these huge ornaments hung from the ceiling. They were such a pretty sight throughout the mall.

A couple more

A pretty storefront

While in Macy’s this centerpiece caught my eye.

On the other side of the centerpiece was this oblong bowl with these festive serving utensils. I just don’t know how user-friendly they would be.

I love this Lenox Holiday set

Then on over to Williams Sonoma where this large stockpot begged for my undivided attention. WOW I LOVE this pot but it will have to stay right there because…

Say no more!

Pottery Barn is another one of my favorite places to shop. What a pretty tree with the large “silver bell” garland.

Garland up close.

Talbots festive window

But the best thing about the day was that I found a bargain on perfume! I really needed it but have been putting it off lately. So today there was a bargain, buy one and get one of equal or lesser value for $9.99! I fell hook line and sinker for this deal and purchased two huge bottles with this great offer!

Escada – Pacific Paradise and LACOSTE – dream of pink

So there Mister Parking Snob – I feel much better now!

Picture Fun With Hubby

I got this idea from my friend Liz. She did something similar to this with her wonderful dearest hubby sometime back while he was “trying” to watch tv (I think football if my memory serves me right) and it truly made me want to do the same with my darlin’. Thanks for the idea Liz!

The idea was to snap pictures of my hubby while he was busy doing something. Also, I tried to remain quiet as not to disturb him. He’s busy and the only thing to disturb him was to be the flash of the camera. Shhhhhh It’s quiet time from this point forward. So this afternoon was the perfect day to get his many expressions which I love so much.

The setting – He was in his favorite spot (football game in the background) working on our Christmas newsletter. So without further ado here’s my fun with him. Remember quiet Debbie! I want to get his accurate expressions without too much interruption.

Here he is in the ZONE – This is exactly how he looks when he gets down to business.

Then he pauses to think – I can just see his wheels turning.

SNAP SNAP SNAP… He begins to catch on that I’m continuing to take his picture – I love that break on his face with a smile as I begin to get his attention.

Keep on snapping to see what happens… It didn’t take long for him to do this – I finally got his full attention – SNAP! – He cracks me up! (oops, I laughed)

Snap – snap – snap – (I was the paparazzi and he’s my STAR) and then he lets out a big growl – I love his growl – it really is bigger than his bite and he couldn’t scare me if he tried! SNAP!

Don’t stop taking pictures though cause there’s more fun to be had! So Yes this has to be my absolute favorite one. I had the camera ready and when he looked over with a hint of a smile with those pleading eyes begging me to stop. BAM! I GOT IT! And I love him and this pic so much!

And that is where I stop and give him a little kiss and tell him that I can’t get enough of him! He’s the best!

What are you waiting for – try this on your man/woman – it is a TON OF FUN – I’m so glad I did!

Takes Two To Tango

I allowed myself whatever I good and well pleased on Thanksgiving and reality set in quick! I gained (just shy of) a pound on Thanksgiving from eating anything and everything I wanted. Thankfully I was able to dust myself off over the weekend and ended up losing the pound I gained and then some. I’m really hoping for a good report at the doc’s in a couple weeks and I pray my cholesterol is coming down.

I’m enjoying the fresh fruit that I hand picked (at the grocery) and it has merged quite the treaty with my sweet tooth these days.

It takes two to tango and these were my specimens of choice today!

The lovely ruby red grapefruit

And the orange – They make a great duo

Shall We

Tango Baby!

It’s so good to be on the dance floor! Now all I need to do is tango through ‘til Christmas!