Running Behind on My Blog but Staying Ahead of Schedule

I’ve tried to sit down and blog a couple times this week but time with hubby was winning and that = me being a bit behind I’d say. It’s been an extremely busy week of running errands and meeting with the builder. It was a hands on week with house stuff and Friday was my day off to get stuff done around the house. So far we’ve picked out kitchen cabinets and counters, bathroom cabinets and counters, flooring for the house (wood flooring is winning in the kitchen, thank you Linda), and pretty much all the appliances are picked out. It’s been fun!

We’re trying to stay ahead of schedule so that the builder doesn’t have to wait on us for anything. Hopefully we’ll be moving in sooner than later.

One of the days I was up to the house I noted these pretty little wild flowers/weeds down at my feet.

They were too pretty to pass by

We’ve had a relaxing weekend filled with wonderful hubby and wifey alone time. Hubby took me out for a nice dinner last evening and out for Sunday lunch today. I’m relaxed to the point I’m ready for a little Sunday afternoon siesta. We’ll see if sleep wins. I’m looking forward to another exciting week filled with more house stuff to do.

Oh right…the excitement of the week…I learned I need bifocals. Well that’s something I already knew as I’ve been reaching for the magnifying glass. On a sad note my current frames aren’t “big” enough for trifocals and I couldn’t find a pair of frames I like as well as what I have. That’s what the gal told me but I’m going to get a second opinion as I would love to keep using my frames. So, until I get it all figured out or find something to replace my frames, I’ll keep reaching for the magnifying glass.

My Birthday Weekend

I had such an amazing birthday and it feels like 3 solid days of celebration. It’ll be hard letting hubby go tomorrow.

Hubby took me to a nice little birthday lunch yesterday. And he took my birthday picture at the restaurant.

And another

I was trying to sneak a picture of my dearest (he was looking away) but he caught me with the camera juuust over the table.

Then he did this and made me laugh.

And then he smiled

And he paid for my lunch

Twas such a happy day, thank you My Love.

We woke early as we had a meeting with the builder first thing this morning.

Hubby and the builder making their way around the front of the house

We’re pleased with the progress and the builder has hopes to have the roof complete this next week.

They framed the front door area last week and their hard work is paying off.

We’re hoping to have the electric and pluming under way in the next couple weeks.

After our meeting with the builder we were starving for lunch. A self portrait of us.

We had our own deserts this time (we normally share if we have desert)

I had chocolate cake made with pudding – Let me just say this baby was moist, fudgy, warm and drizzled with warm fudge with a dollop of whip cream. For honesty’s sake, I ate nearly the whole thing. It definitely passed my taste test.

And hubby had fried cheese cake with ice cream in a raspberry sauce, drizzled with chocolate. It looked amazing.

Hubby and I came home feeling stuffed to the gills and took a nice Monday afternoon nap and all feels right with the world.

I’m heading up to meet hubby tomorrow afternoon as we have a meeting with the flooring place as well as the cabinet place. We’re pulling the trigger on our cabinets and they should be in in the next 5 – 6 weeks. The excitement is building as it gets closer to move in day.

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day. May we never forget those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

It’s My Birthday – Message

I’ve always loved life, each and every day of it and the older I get the more I love right where I am. I love the passage that brought me here and I look ahead to many more amazing journeys. As hubby continues to say “I’ll take you places you’ve never been” and he has so many times.

I feel blessed to be with my true love and thankful to have the perfect lid for my pot. I can’t thank God enough for this blessing just for me. I feel so unworthy.

One of our 8th anniversary pictures – almost 2 years ago.

I’m following my dreams of being a potter when I grow up and one day soon I’ll be back at the wheel in my studio.

One of my several booth areas at a show a few years ago

A different event when I captured a pic of a very happy lady to get my piece of pottery. I love seeing the customers after they select one of my pieces. I think I get more joy from it than them.

I’m living healthier and even though we splurge on deserts or dinners out (like yesterday, today and tomorrow) I’ve still been able to maintain my weight loss. I still have a few more pounds to lose and I intend to get right on that, soon…not today or anything, you know how it goes…why put off today what you can put off ’til tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Do I hear an Amen?

I’m thankful to God for the little blessings in my day to day life. I’m still growing and have so much more to learn but He’s always faithful to me and for that I’m blessed. I have a deep sense of peace and the knowledge that God’s got my back. That’s amazing to me and I love that sweet blessed assurance.

So at the turn of each new year, I’m blessed to be here and today I wish…

  • I wish to make a difference and show kindness to those who need to be uplifted.
  • I wish for peace starting with me
  • I wish to be the best wife for my husband
  • And can’t think of anything more than wishing for each person to feel God’s amazing Love.
  • Love is the greatest gift and that’s what I wish for each person on my birthday.
  • And Pop, I wish you a very special Birthday today too; I’m blessed to have amazing roots and blessed with a great family. I love you Pop and I love it that we share our birthdays!

Pop and me back in the 70’s

Mom and pop on their 40th wedding anniversary a few years ago

I’m celebrating my 41st and my pop is celebrating his 65th birthday.

An Afternoon With Hubby

This week is flying by so fast that the days seem to be running into each other and here it is Friday already.

Hubby and I had a late afternoon meeting at the house yesterday. This shot is from the back of the home.

In the family room – The ceiling will be open to the second floor.

Up through the trusses in the family room. The roof is going up quick and the shingles were just delivered.

The balcony underway.

A pic of the paddle boat next door – I like the calm summer feel.

Allow me to fill you in on a little secret…

In all of the years we’ve been together (nearly 12, going on 10 years of marriage) today was a first. Hubby and I split ways at the movies, we’ve never done that before. He’s my Terminator expert and I’m…well not so much a Terminator enthusiast as I don’t like anything remotely scary. So he enjoyed the Terminator on opening day while I shopped.

I went to Home Goods and TJ Maxx just to do a little browsing. I found canisters that caused me to swoon and if they had been the right shade of green or even brown I would have had a hard time leaving them on the shelf.

Aw, this made me think of hubby across the way enjoying his show.

Loved the multi color plates and they inspired me to mix it up whenever I can get back into my pottery studio.

Here’s an inspirational metal piece. I like the idea of adding mustard and yellow hues with the green and brown into the kitchen.

I got so excited when I saw this pear!

That I pulled out my trusty fabric color swatches to see if he was the right color.

It was a no go.

I fancied this box and tried to think of a spot where it could go.

It was love at first site with this pear table.

Especially The top

By the time I finished looking over all the pretties it was time to head over to the movies to pick up my dearest.

I only had to wait a few minutes while happy thoughts swam through my head from all the fun I had.

Soon hubby came from the theater with a smile and excitement from his show.

As he got into the car he said “I told you – I’ll be back”

And that ends our amazing day.

It’s going to be a full weekend with the builder and shopping for more stuff for the house.

Hope you’re enjoying your Friday and I wish you a wonderful weekend!

Go With The Flow

It’s one of those go with the flow weekends. Hubby announced (yesterday) that he wanted to go to the movies and see…

You guessed it, Star Trek. So we checked out the schedule and launched our vehicle in the movie vicinity about an hour and a half early. We stopped for dinner before we hit the theater and we shared a nice little appetizer, had our meal and split a desert. Then we were ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

While out shopping and running errands with hubby (yesterday afternoon) he got me all fixed up with a little lap desk and mouse. Welcome to my little office.

He knew my desire to have something for my laptop to rest on and I’ve also wanted a mouse for quite a while. I’ve already gotten so much enjoyment with my new toys in this short amount of time

I just finished giving myself a little pedicure this afternoon in place of my Sunday afternoon nap.

I found the little flower gizmos while shopping last week and wanted to give them a try. Now I’m ready for some open toed shoes.

We’re getting anxious to see the Survivor finale tonight – Should be a great show!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Hooked On My Kitchen

It’s Hooked On Friday’s and I’m hooked on building our new home and focusing my attention on the kitchen.

My pieces of (Korean Celadon) pottery arrived from Seoul South Korea yesterday. Oh what a delight!

Since my kitchen is decorated with green celadon, I was feeling a little on the nervous side of trying to figure out what color I want the walls painted. So I ordered some pottery since ours is locked away in storage.

Here’s a little leaf plate, I already have this exact same plate but in the large size.

And here’s the small peony plate to match the large one I have.

I figured I couldn’t go wrong ordering two plates as a girl can always make room for more, right?

And for a sneak peak of our counter tops.

I don’t have a sneak peak of our cabinets but they will be maple and will match the brown represented in the counters. I think the green pottery will pop with the darker cabinets but now I’m starting to waffle on the wall color as I originally wanted a light green.

I’m going back and forth on the flooring as I would like to go with wood but in a lighter color than the cabinets or shoot, I just may go with tile. There’s so much to think about when building a new home…any ideas for the wall color?

Hope you’re enjoying your Friday and don’t forget to check out Hooked On Friday’s, you too are welcome to join!

Home Takes More Shape

The builder certainly was not playing while we were away. Upon our arrival back home from Kristy’s graduation we stopped by our home to get a gander at what was going on.

It certainly took on quite a bit more shape from a week ago.

Tomorrow is the big meeting with the electrician as we need to know all the extra stuff we want. One of my babies is putting electrical over my kitchen cabinets with a switch below. I also want lighting under the cabinets. And hubby has a list of stuff he wants too. It should be fun!

I’m starting to really hone in on the exact paint color I want the interior walls to be. I’m a big fan of my Sherwin Williams color chart.

I’m getting so nit picky that I just placed an order from South Korea for some pottery (2 pieces) that match my pottery from there.

The excitement builds as I try to get the right color as I only have one shot at this.

If it’s not right I’ll be painting myself, not what I have in mind.

We’re still having fun, no snags yet (knock on wood).

Kristy Graduates College

Hubby and I spent a couple days with his daughter Kristy. She has grown into such a beautiful intelligent woman and graduated college this past weekend.

We crammed so many wonderful experiences in with her in the time we had. There were lunches and special dinners together, ice cream treats at Cold Stone, a fun time in the arcade and visits in her home.

Hubby and Kristy racing in the arcade

Kristy at the wheel

On the evening before her graduation we dined at PF Changs, one of her favorite restaurants. And as always the fortune cookies top off the meal. Not so much the cookie part but the fortune part. We all marveled at her little fortune so much that I wanted a picture.

Graduation day came and she was quite sad. She continued to say she just wanted to stay in college forever. And when the tears would pool in her eyes my heart broke.

Snapped a quick shot of her before we left for her graduation ceremony.

Hubby dropped Kristy and me off and while he was parking she quickly bumped into one of her friends.

Then another

And a couple more

Then the pool of tears began – here she had just wiped her tears and displayed this cute little pouty face.

Hubby arrived shortly and we quickly went in to secure our front row seat.

We were so happy we spied her in the sea of graduates

I spied this guy and his cap says it all.

And this guy I could only imagine how he was looking for his family before the ceremony commenced.

What a beautiful graduation ceremony with an amazing inspiring speaker, I’ll never forget it.

As the ceremony went on into the recognition of each graduate, I had fun on the front row watching shoes. There were girls in high heals and guys in their finest but here are a pair of shoes that really caught my attention let me tell ya.

Soon the ceremony was over and the last name was called. Before the last of the graduates even had a chance to make it to their seats…the graduating class broke out with the wave. Once, twice, three times and then the last wave (the fourth one) came in slow motion. The whole room was filled with cheers and so much emotion. WOW what an ending for their new beginning!

After the ceremony we took Kristy out to her favorite restaurant and then back to her place for cake. We visited with her a couple hours and when it came time for us to leave her little eyes pooled with a fresh wave of tears. It just broke my heart and hubby and I let her know it’s all going to be all right.

Kristy majored in advertising and she has a couple interviews lined out. She will continue working but she’s thinking of going back to school for her MBA next year. We are so proud of her and we wish her the very best.

Happy Birthday My Love

I celebrate Hubby on this his 47th birthday. What a wonderful life with him it has been. It’s filled with laughter so much that my sides feel they could burst wide open and I smile so much my cheeks hurt. My days are happiest when we’re together no matter what it is we’re doing as long as we’re together those times are the best times.

Happy Birthday My Love

Us about 10 years ago

I’m sick that most of our photos are in storage and I only have from the last 4 years on my computer. One day I hope to get the chance to get our older pics scanned in.

His laughter is so contagious

And his touch is welcome always

He’s so handsome on a horse

Or in a three piece suite while enjoying his favorite breakfast

He loves Texas Holdem’ Poker

Or singing karaoke

And wouldn’t go anywhere without programming his GPS

He considers me his best friend taking me with him whenever possible

And for his birthday this year he built himself his own gift – a new computer with lots of bells and whistles.

Sorry Santa, but you don’t hold a candle next to my guy, he’s “THE BEST” by far! Happy Birthday Darlin’, I Love You More!

A Visit With Grandma

We enjoyed a little visit with my grandma for dinner last evening. We were on our way up to hubby’s daughters college graduation and grandma was right on the way. So we stopped and treated her to dinner and a few hour visit.

She’s beautiful as ever and she didn’t know I stole this one of her looking out over the river.

I snuck this pic of her visiting with hubby and got in DEEP trouble for it. I’ll say it was worth the trouble because I love this candid shot of her, just wish that glass were out of the way.

The view from where we were sitting – It was a little too chilly for the patio last night.

A shot of the entry as we were leaving.

Back to grandma’s we went for a little visit and she prepared some nice homemade brownies and milk for our dessert. She told us stories about her and grandpa, I’ll have to share those sometime. She says what keeps her going strong and healthy is the fact that to this day she is not on any sort of medication.

Hubby set up the tripod so that we could get a little group shot to remember our evening.

And I captured a few shots of grandma and grandpa. Such a beautiful couple and I’ve enjoyed this picture of them since my childhood. Sorry about the glare and as hubby says we’ll have to take our scanner next time we go to visit grandma.

Here’s another pic of the cute couple. Grandpa was about 18 and Grandma said she was 16.

At nightfall it was time for us to say goodbye and wrap up the last two hour drive. We crossed over the river and received such a colorful display as the sun was setting. We’re so happy for such a full and blessed day.

Lots Going On Here

Where oh where do I begin? There is so much is going on with our home these days and we are right in the middle of making lots of decisions. I visited with the kitchen cabinet place last week and then hubby went back with me Saturday. The good news is that we have our cabinets all picked out.

I set out today to pick out my kitchen appliances as that’s important for the cabinet place to have all the measurements of appliances so everything fits just so. I think I pretty much have all my kitchen appliances picked out.

I made a little stop at the property while I was in that area and this is what I drove up on.

Here’s a better view of what the builder is working on. The frames are being lifted up, up and away. Can you imagine the time it would take if they had to cart these things up the stairs?

Another view

Here we are going up the road to the back of the little lake out back

This is the view from across the way

And here we drove up the winding path for a birds eye view

As I was leaving the property I noted that I would be passing by hubby’s work around noon so I gave hubby a little jingle to see if he was up for lunch. His words “it would have been a shame if I had missed your call”. He was all about seeing me for lunch so we went downtown for a nice little sit-down and I got to share all the exciting news of the day.

After lunch as we were walking hand in hand towards the car, he pulled me into a little shop that I don’t ever remember being in. The gal behind the counter asked if there was anything she could help us with and hubby replied “my wife likes fudge”. Oh my word, he’s such a dear as he knows what I like indeed.

He made sure I checked it all out to be sure I got just what I wanted.

Does this look amazing or what?

And how about this for a nice treat?

Or these gems

I shoulda got him this little sack of Hunkey Dorey.

In the end I settled on a little square of chocolate fudge and oh what a nice little treat.

The cutest little candy store with my most amazing handsome Hubby making a nice little purchase for me. He made my day meeting me for lunch on short notice.