Knock Knock

We have a front door! That’s the first thing I noticed yesterday when we arrived to our house. We didn’t have any particular meeting with anyone set but we just can’t stay away now.

It was the first time I saw all the garage doors closed, but the side door was added this week.

The foyer

The insulation is completely finished and the sheetrock should be finished soon. We made the final decisions on the bathroom tile and from here on out we should be finished as far as decisions go.

Did anyone notice that I was not brave enough to paint the door red? We picked out white trim for everything else but I really wanted that red door. But I think it will be nice to live with it for a while and then decide.

Does anyone remember how I wanted that dark chocolate on the walls in the master bath? Well I’ll be making that decision soon but I think I’m a big chicken afraid to really go through with that leap. We’ll see…

I have the rest of the colors picked and hubby is dandy with the choices. Even though I have the colors, I still can’t wait to see them IRL.

We have hopes of closing August 1st. It’s hard to believe we have a little over a month, of course we still have to wait and see if the builder will be able to have it ready for us. At any rate, it’s moving right along and we’ll be in before we know it.

Wishing you all a delightful weekend.

Weeds Take on Artsy Look

The dandelions that once speckled the yard have been replaced with clover and so many other colorful weeds.

I rushed out this beautiful summer morning to snap some pics of the weeds before the lawn guy beat me to it.

I even gave a few of my shots an artsy look. The early morning sun was so bright and the rays were like little jewels from heaven.

And a couple more shots of the wild flowers flourishing out back.

And on this beautiful summer day. How about this bowl of bright colorful pasta with some Parmesan Garlic Pretzel Waves.

Wishing each of you a colorful day.

Material and Color Choices

We’re focusing on the last material and color choices. The wood flooring for the main living area has been selected and now we’re working on tile for the bathrooms and wall color choices. I think I’ve narrowed the choice of carpeting for the bedrooms and various areas. Still need to run it by hubby to get his thumbs up.

Here is the current scene in our little dining area in the apartment

We have a full glass set of double doors where lots of light streams in. So this little area has become a full blown work area.

The granite on the left has been selected for the kitchen and the granite on the right has been selected for all the bathroom counters.

Hubby and I had a meeting with the tile man today and had a few things to wrap up with the electricians. The electric wiring is pretty much done and the team continues to make great progress on the insulation.

The sheetrock was delivered while we were there and the guys wasted no time bringing it in.

It won’t be long before things come together.

While there I noticed this tool belt and wanted to snap a picture. It gets better looking with age, at least that’s how it struck me. And for some reason I want to draw it.

I think I have tomorrow off. But I think I’ll be spending quite a bit of time there on the floor with the early morning light. It should be a good time to pick out and finalize the paint color. (Cheers)

I Need to Toughen Up

Hubby just told me that I need to toughen up. Is this a joke or what?

Who me? Toughen up?

(Eyes rolling) trying to figure out just how I’m going to execute just that, Hmmm…

Perhaps I’ll show my teeth, suppose that’ll show someone I mean business?

No? Oh…oh, I got it!

How’s this for ya? Can you tell I mean business?

Oh I give, honey can you help?

That is truly how I felt today.

I met the electrician first thing this morning. See, he put this here board thingy up when I was out to the house back on June 10th.

And this was not what hubby ordered for our dining room chandelier to hang from. He asked for double braces which the builder indeed purchased. However the electrician just bypassed what my darlin’ asked for. (Not a good thing)

We had a little meeting with the builder last Friday and she said the brace would be put up not a problem. Well today the electrician went round and round with me saying what he put up there was just fine. But what he did not understand was that it was not going to be just fine with us. I tried people…I did and he just kept dancing around smoothing it over so I had to call hubby.

Hi honey, (and I told him the situation) and he said “let me talk to him”. Let me insert here that those words put me at complete and perfect peace. And just moments later I heard the electrician say “I’ll put the brace in for you sir.” Now why can’t I do that? Huh? When the electrician was finished with my hubby he passed the phone over to me and hubby said to me “I just need to toughen you up honey”.

It’s so nice leaving that part up to my husband. He has the best way of getting the job done without raising his voice or showing any sort of confrontation. He’s definitely gifted when dealing with people as his edges are polished grace with a strong support backing his views. That is just one of the many qualities I love about my guy.

I also had a little meeting with the flooring man and that went just peachy.

The windows and roof are finished

And here’s a peak around the back of the house.

Hubby got me out of another jam as usual. But the question is “how could I have gotten it done without having to call my Hubby”?

Insulation, A Motor And Windows Oh My

We had such a busy fun filled day yesterday. We made our first stop at the house to meet up with the builder and flooring man. Things went really well and we’re looking forward to the next step.

I was so excited to see the insulation that was delivered Thursday going in yesterday.

The builder says she’ll be ready to start the sheetrock next Friday. I’m feeling a bit giddy right now with things coming together.

The sliding doors off the breakfast bar leading onto the deck were installed

And I saw my first view (this season) of some neighbors fishing across the way.

Remember last week when hubby had his meeting with the electrician and built-in guy? Well, the wiring hubby requested is already in place.

And this gizmo is the motor for our chandelier in the foyer.

I’m so happy Hubby no longer has to climb a ladder as the chandelier can be lowered by a flip of a switch. Excuse the blur, this is the only pic I took.

Today is pretty much going to be low key as we only have 4 stops to make. Okay one stop at Lowe’s and one at Home Depot, one stop for dinner and the other stop at Cold Stone for desert. Should be good!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Under Construction

Still under construction and my days seem to be focused on the house for the most part.

To make things easier on the builder, I dropped by the store to pick up all the light fixtures and bath/kitchen pluming fixtures and delivered them out to the site yesterday afternoon.

As I rounded the bend, I saw a delivery truck just pulling in. That’s the insulation to be exact.

As I walked up the drive he had already positioned the bed to unload the goods

And as I reached the garage they were already hustling to unload the truck.

Shortly after the truck left the electric company arrived to do its thing. (Yea for electric!)

And I spied the builder across the way having a little visit with the electric man.

The garage doors were being installed

And the windows in the breakfast bar were installed.

There’s so much commotion at the house each day that I don’t want to miss anything.

Hubby is working 4 10’s this week so that he can take off tomorrow. (Cheers) So you can guess what tomorrow holds. Yup, we’re meeting the builder in the morning, and then over to the flooring place. We have a few more errands lined out and I’m looking forward to that with My Dearest. We love how things are taking shape and we hope to be in as soon as possible.

Hubby Designing A Built-in

Hubby has been working hard on designing the built-in’s surrounding the fireplace.

This is his design in our last home.

This time, he’s designing it for the TV over the fireplace.

Here he is at the beginning stages with the electrician and the gentleman that’s building the wall unit.

Expressing the need for wiring for his TV and all the components

As well as wiring for our little lamps on the shelves as well.

Hubby and the electrician working it out

Then the gentlemen put their heads together with the electrical and design plan – they concur.

I was busy last week narrowing my decisions on appliances and fixtures and various other items. I did end up changing my mind on the kitchen counters finding something I liked a little better.

I keep questioning my choices as there are several things where I’ve changed my mind. However, things are coming together as it’s crunch time. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

We’ve had an amazing weekend together and have pretty much taken a vacation from house stuff and just spent our time together. We had a nice double date with friends Friday evening and hubby took me out last evening and again today for Sunday dinner.

Here is one of the desserts I had this weekend. Peanut butter chocolate pie to be exact

I’m up a total of 3 pounds within the last few weeks and I can see why.

So, the goal this week is to take off what I’ve gained so that we can have another date next weekend.

I’m hoping to really get back in the groove to get the rest off but have yet to find the right path. I plan to embrace the journey soon.

Adventures In Building

Welcome to yet another day of building adventures. I’ve been to the property a couple days so far this week and have plans to go back out again Friday.

I had a meeting with the electrician today as well as with the builder and things are coming along better than expected.

The first thing I learned today is that we have a “well” and here’s the machine that dug the hole.

We also have windows and doors. The garage floor is all finished and stuff is beginning to pile in.

And the installation of the windows had already commenced

The first time looking through the windows in the family room.

Meanwhile the electricians were hard at work

Running various wires here there and yon

The wires certainly endure a lot of tugging twists and turns before getting to the final destination.

While the roofers continued to put a roof over our heads

I’ve been working on bathroom fixtures, lighting and appliances…so the builder can get the order in this week.

I was so exhausted after my errands that I came in and collapsed in a heap and drifted into a wonderful sleep. I’m rested and ready to tackle my next project.

It’s A Circus

I drove up to the property yesterday morning to go over a few things with the builder.

It was like a circus with boys doing their stunts from the rooftops, playing in the concrete and bringing the magic of electricity and water into the home.

The garage floor was poured early yesterday morning.

And here the boys are giving it a massage with a piece of equipment.

With a little smoothing here and there

Aw, it looks like a baby on the roof. My, he looks so young.

And the two youngins hard at work – we’re getting shingles!

I walked around the back to find a little more commotion

The electricians and plumbers were hard at work inside and I had a little pow wow with them but didn’t take their pics today.

I was looking from the inside out through the garage to spy somebody resting and couldn’t resist a pic. Can you see him out yonder on the heap of stuff?

Can you see him now?

Well here he is

Actually he was waiting on the concrete to firm up a bit more so that he could continue doing his thing with it. How do I know that? Well somebody told on me taking his picture. (Blush) And the poor fella said it’s a hurry up and wait process with the concrete…

There were so many tools and workers each with their own agenda. Each day I visit, I feel that much closer to home.

I have another full day of errands and making final decisions on several items for the house.

A Meeting Of the Minds

It was a meeting of the minds at the house this afternoon.

Yesterday the builder called and asked if we could make it up to the house today to meet with the electrician. So we met with the electrician on hubby’s lunch break.

Notice the roof? It’s really coming along!

The boys got right down to business

Expressing the need for various wiring throughout the house

It looks as though they are communicating just peachy

The electrician gets right down to business – This guy is quite a character, he said “It was so cold today that I decided not to shave my head”

Hubby points out special areas for wiring

And communicating that we need two of something

But the electrician looks a bit confused, I’m sure he got it all figured out but just in case…he got each of our cell numbers + home number in the event he runs into a snag.

We’re amazed with the amount of work they’re getting done. The builder hired on 6 new guys so that we can get in sooner than later. (Cheers!!!)

My nails were in need of a little attention so I had them done today.

Since we didn’t have time to squeeze in a lunch date Hubby treated me for a nice dinner out this evening.

We’re due to have a fairly big day tomorrow as we have to narrow several big items down so that the builder can place the orders Monday. It should be fun.

Wishing you a blessed weekend.

Rando House Update

Hubby and I had a little afternoon meeting out at the house yesterday afternoon. The shingles were not up yet and I was so ready to crack the whip.

But the crew was busy running all sorts of power tools inside and working so hard that I cooled my jets. Is the roof done yet? Okay, I’ll relax already.

The builder is still letting the garage floor settle before she pours the foundation in there and we’re so happy she’s taking her sweet time with that. No rush.

All 3 guest bath tubs were delivered and on site but I still have the master tub to pick out. Suppose I should get on that this week or next. I also need to pick out the material for the master shower as it’s a custom one going in.

We finally ordered all the kitchen and bath cabinets yesterday. By waiting a few days we were able to take advantage of their 10% off sale for June. So glad we got the discount! The cabinet place said our cabinets should be in in the next 4 – 5 weeks.

It’s such a labor of love and exciting to see all the changes week after week.

An Unexpected Blessing

We purchased a little planter almost 2 years ago in hopes to plant some bulbs, which we did. Yes the bulbs are probably making a nice compost in the pot as of right now. We watched and watered, watched and watered and were told it may take ‘til the next season for them to bloom. Yup, I think it’s confirmed the little bulbs are compost as they’re totally not making a peep.

Then all of a sudden…this spring I noticed what I thought to be another weed taking over our precious bulb pot. But this weed seemed a little extraordinary. So I left her be.

Now she’s approximately 16” tall and I’m leaning towards this being a nice little baby tree. Ya think?

Here’s a pic of her little canopy

and her leaf up close

She’s stretching daily to reach for the stars

And I hope to help her reach her goal the best way I know how.

Can anyone tell me what kind of tree this is? I’ve only been a northern gal a couple years and I certainly don’t know my trees in these parts.

I’m so happy my little pot was there to catch her when her seed landed. And I’m pretty stoked that I get to plant this little baby at our new home. This little tree will move in with us and she will take root and flourish to be a mighty tree one day. She certainly is an unexpected blessing.

Mosaic Monday

Mary from Little Red House is hosting Mosaic Monday and I thought I’d share a sample of my art.

I was “drawn” to draw these pears last year and can’t stop thinking about the joy each drawing brought.

I’m hoping to use the artistic side of my brain as soon as we get settled into the home we’re currently building, I really miss my art.

This is my first Mosaic Monday post and I look forward to doing more of these fun posts in the future.

Do drop by and visit Little Red House as there will be wonderful Mosaic pictures to enjoy.