Wheels Roadhouse

I was so excited to hear where hubby’s group was going to dine. It’s a place that’s intrigued us for the nearly two years we’ve been here. And today made our first experience there, now we wonder what took us so long to finally go.

Here is what makes up some of the exterior of the restaurant.

And this is what the interior is all about

Random group shots

One of the guys from the group rolled in ready for the occasion.

And my most amazing husband that loves taking me to these cool “work” functions.

The Last Stretch

Or so it feels. We’re making daily trips to the house these days and last evening after hubby got off, that’s the first place we wanted to go. So off we went.

The guys are making great progress on the siding out back

While the crew inside continues to install the flooring.

Here’s a peak of the paint color I picked for the walls. I was debating a creamy yellowy feel early on and also debated mixing up the kitchen with green. In the end I decided to carry the yellowy feel throughout. I did change colors in all the bathrooms and laundry room and gave them an earthy light brown color. Can’t wait to see that color on the walls. The painting crew will be completely finished by Friday, so we’ll see soon enough.

Those holes up above are going to be plugins over the kitchen cabinets complete with a switch down below. I’m pretty excited about that.

It’s going to be another big day today as we’re going back to the house to meet with the granite people as they plan to make templates for some of the cabinets. The builder is installing cabinets for the bathrooms today and will start on the kitchen soon.

There is so much going on and excitement for us would be an understatement about right now.

Afternoon Moments

I stopped by this little park on my way home from dropping hubby off from our lunch hour. For the longest time I’ve wanted to sit a spell on this swing by the river and just sit there and swing and take in the day.

And that is just what I did. I propped my feet up after giving myself a nice push and chilled.

That’s the bridge I cross so many times wishing I could be over here on this swing.

Not long after I was all comfy cozy, I heard a little rustle in the grass. I looked over to see this little creature.

too cute

And another sibling

But he was my pick

How sweet it was to watch him frolic around the bank of the river with his sibling.

Soon I saw a fisherman approach

And didn’t take him long to get his hook in the water.

What a way to spend afternoon moments.

Finishing Touches

We’re on the last stretch as we watch the finishing touches bring our home together.

Earlier in the week the guys were finishing up work on the drywall

While the crew outdoors did their thing

Hubby had the day off today and we made a lot of rounds. We spent time at the house, the flooring place and then drove out to visit the man making the mantel for the fireplace.

First stop was at the house – the walls were completely prepped for paint and the flooring was well underway.

Hubby visiting with the electrician upstairs.

Breakfast bar area

After we wrapped things up at the house, we drove over to the workshop of the gentleman building the mantel. As we drove up through his yard, I was in awe of the lovely setting. He had lots of barns and silos, old tractors and trucks

and such a pretty view with a nice crop of corn

But the thing I really fell in love with is Mack, he stole my heart.

He was big yet gentle and greeted us as we pulled in.

Hey Mack, I really like you and wish you tons of fun on this great farm.

This is the inside of Mack’s master’s shop

Where tools abound

But the thing I wanted most, was to steal Mack away.

He was such a lovable pooch. Of course I realize Mack has nothing to do with finishing touches, but I got sidetracked, it’s what I do sometimes.

Move In Jitters

Each day that passes we find ourselves on the edge of our seats waiting to move into the house. The builder told us last week that she will be ready for closing no later than the second week in August. We’re beyond excited at the thought.

There has been a bit of decline on the blog and I apologize for that. Too much going on and something has to take a back seat, right? I thought about doing a couple posts to keep everything in order but then I decided to just post all the progress into one. So here we go.

The family room ~ Around July 1st

And here’s how I left it yesterday afternoon ~ July 9th

Kitchen/breakfast bar area ~ Around July 1st

And July 9th ~ Please excuse the mess

The foyer ~ July 9th

My guy in his garage ~ Around July 1st.

Love that guy standing over there so much ~ Around July 1st

Couldn’t believe his garage was already painted complete with light fixtures ~ July 9th

Interior doors all lined up ~ July 9

Here’s the last picture I showed of the exterior

And here’s how she looked yesterday afternoon – The siding is going up really fast and I’m so pleased with the color. ~ July 9th

Ah…waiting, in some ways I wish I could go over there and help move things along. But I’m sure without a doubt I would be in the way and potentially do more harm than good. But in just a few short weeks, these move in jitters will be a thing of the past.

Angels Over Head

While sitting here minding my own business in my quiet little corner of the world, something thundered through the sky. Not once or twice but what seemed like a very long time.

I couldn’t take it, so I called my hubby (in the know) as to what the commotion was all about.

“Honey”, he replied “it’s the Blue Angels practicing for the air show this weekend, go have a peak”. So I did and wasn’t disappointed. I stood out on my little back porch and watched some amazing stunts and then they were off. I caught the last of the practice and was pretty pleased to see these guys having a hay day in my back yard.

I took several pics but this is the only one that turned out half descent.

May your day be blessed.