I’ll Be Ready In An Hour

Ever search for the right words to say or wonder when would be the right time to spill? Well it’s been a long time coming as we’ve had a secret for the better portion of the year. So I’ll just come out and say it “we’re moving to California”.

Some may be asking why, why would we leave so soon? Well, the program hubby was working on got canceled and there is nothing holding us here. Hubby had a sneakin’ suspension early in the year that the program was going down in flames so he started his job search early. The other thing on our plate was to get into our house as fast as we possibly could. All things seemed to channel in the right direction as the house was moving along and opportunity was out there. Then along came a program in California that knocked his socks off.

We’ve talked on and off about California for years as hubby had great interest working on the programs out there. Little did we know it would happen so soon. What a blessing in disguise. I can’t begin to express the excitement we feel but what I can say is this. As soon as I learned about this opportunity I told hubby “all I need is an hour notice”. Normally when hubby asks me about moving I have replied in the past “I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth”. This time, give me an hour baby and I’ll be ready.

I have a little more than an hour notice as the company just bumped up his start date and they want him in just two very short weeks. He’s jumping through hoops with his current job in NY and getting ready to give his notice. We’re in a whirlwind and I can’t wipe the smile from my face.

There is definitely a large piece of our hearts that will be left behind and we will never forget the passion that went into making this our home. Perhaps one day we will have the opportunity to build a home again, this was definitely a great experience.

But now it’s time to wrap things up and hopefully go where we can stay for a very long time. We’re definitely up for this next great adventure as long as I get an hour notice.

A Taste of Home

Welcome to our home. I’ll keep the words brief as I have quite a few pictures to share. I still don’t have pics to share of the bedrooms, dining and living rooms. But here’s what we have so far.

We’ll start on the outside and work our way in

Did anyone notice the green grass already?

Out back

The stairs from the ramp were finished last Friday

The deck

Taken from the back 40

And zoomed in a bit

Entry, love hubby’s idea of hanging the wall art sandwiched between the window and front door

The family room

Family room looking into the kitchen and breakfast bar area, we love the open space

Taken from upstairs

The kitchen

Lovin’ my gas stove – Used a gas stove 10 years ago and loved it, glad I had the chance to welcome it into my kitchen again.

And my sink – I’ve been in love with the large one bowl sinks forever it seems. I’m so in love with this big guy.

The breakfast bar, how pretty the autumn color just outside my window

And again at night – the double doors lead to the deck.

I’m going to finish with the master bath today

His vanity “a bit taller than the her vanity”

Her vanity

Entrance to the tub, shower and water closet

And last but not least is the double shower; this shower was one of the many things we had on our top priority list. We love it!

More exciting stuff to follow.

Precious Memories

As we sift through the stuff that we haven’t seen in two years, we cherish the memories from the past and treasure the things that surround the hub of home.

This chandelier is one of the very first things we received together as a couple, A wedding gift from my parents. We are quite partial and attached to this light that lights our lives.

Much cleaning and care went into hanging this light that hangs over our breakfast bar table.

Breakfast bar – The table and chairs were purchased while we lived in South Korea. Many special memories have been made ‘round this set.

Another angle – Taken from upstairs

My final piece of pottery (standing 19 ½ “ tall) made back in TX. Although this is a fairly recent memory, it’s a fond one as it sports a glaze (rich chocolate) I tried for the first and only time. I hope to use this glaze again one day.

The detail up-close

A beauty collected from our trip to China.

And another taken last evening highlighting the pretty reflection from the light.

The lamps that illuminate the built-ins are blue and white pottery purchased while we lived in Korea.

Found a pumpkin I received from my mother-in-law – had to fill it with candy, not just any candy…the kind that brings the fondest memories this time of year.

And tomorrow we will be having our first dinner guests…so better get busy getting this place ready for guests…More coming soon.

A Chandelier Hoist Proves She’s Worthy

Over the weekend we hung two of the three chandeliers that needed to be hung. We’re hoping to hang the last chandelier this coming weekend. It was no small task but a task worth every bit of effort we put into it.

Hubby started with the chandelier in the foyer. First he lowered the hoist from the ceiling and attached the medallion and frame then wired the chandelier from the ground floor. How sweet!

We unwrapped the crystals securing them on a table for the next step. The next step was to clean each piece and then hand to hubby while he hung them on the frame.

Ta Da, every last drop of crystal was dripping from the frame and now she’s making a trip to the ceiling.

Once the chandelier reaches the top, it automatically connects with the electric above. It’s switched (on the wall) with a dimmer.

Hubby declares he will never hang her again without a hoist system. I’ll admit, it’s one slick tool and I’m thankful he didn’t have to struggle hanging this one climbing up and down a ladder.

Here she is from the outside looking in

And again from the same spot after dark

The next chandelier was hung in the same manner as the previous one. Hubby hung the medallion and frame, then all the unwrapping took place, followed by cleaning and me handing each piece to hubby to hang.

I took several shots of the dining room light.

Another shot tonight

Up close

I love the way this picture turned out, kinda puts me in the mind of a cool piece of art. I took this shot directly underneath it.

Zoomed in from underneath

I’ll be posting more projects around the house as soon as we finish with them, stay tuned.

The Green Green Grass of Home

We’re hoping for green grass in the days to come as we went with the ever popular hydro seed in these northern parts. We’re told we should see sprouts in as soon as two or three days.

Here’s a little snippet from the hefty nozzle and spray to an up close picture on the far right showing what it looks like on the ground.

A view from our far side yard up next to our neighbors freshly cut lawn.

We’re taking advantage of the nice 3 day weekend. We’re installing chandeliers as well as other fun stuff around the house. Stay tuned for more changes.

In Time

The house is still unfolding and spreading her little wings day by day. Although we’re all moved in and starting to settle, there are still things the builder is working on to make our house a home.

For starters, the siding was finished this week

The built-in’s were put into place yesterday – It took quite a team to install them.

Hubby was upstairs guiding the electricians as to what direction the wires needed to go.

Unfortunately the carpenter had to rip off the window trim to get the left side of the cabinet into place.

They were able to ease the unit into place nice and easy, with the trim removed. The builder hopes to have the painters here tomorrow to have the unit painted.

While the boys played, I fiddled with some of my favorite pieces of pottery from South Korea.

This is a lovely double walled piece.

A grape vase that I love so much. I still remember the long day trip, (in South Korea) with a bunch of girls, where I fell in love with this design.

And this matching lid – I still need to find the missing pot for this yet.

A peak out the breakfast bar window this morning – I’ve decided not to mess up the trim by adding curtains.

My neighbors fishing early this morning

I love the way the sun rays danced through this tree in the side yard.

As night fell last evening the little vignette glowed in the foyer

The Emperor

And Emperoress

In time, our once empty house will find a home for all the little pretties we’ve collected through the years. I’ll be sharing as we go.

There Is No Place On Earth Like Home

We’re enjoying our new peaceful homestead, surroundings and neighbors. The other day while out on the balcony having lunch I was delighted to have these guests gallop in and stop for a visit on the distant bank.

The commotion was faint but I could definitely tell they were having a great time. Her pooch is already in for a dip fetching whatever it is she threw in the water.

I never dreamed we would enjoy our backyard so much.

A few days later, that same gal (my neighbor) dropped by for a visit and I was shocked to find she was not a girl rather an older stately lady. She and her hubby both enjoy pottery and the moment she learned I was a potter was all it took for her to wrap her arms around me and a bond was formed instantly.

The next day she dropped by with one of their pottery plates filled to the brim with goodies. My goodness, I love this place so much.

A fisherman threw in his line over the weekend

The boys splished and splashed a week or so ago

And last evening, the last evening of August, we experienced a chill in the house…A chill that required attention. Hubby tended the fireplace (the first time this season) and we snuggled in with a nice warm fuzzy blanket as we watched our movie last evening.

I’m definitely a homebody and now even more so. It truly is good to be home sweet home.

There’s still a lot of work to be done before we’re all settled in. Today is a brand new day to make things happen, one day closer to organization.