Hubby’s Bailiwick

Christmas is the time of year when cards and newsletters are added to the list of things to do. And in our household, hubby holds the reigns to that overwhelming task. If it were up to me, I’m not so sure family and friends would hear from us through snail mail each and every Christmas. But in a perfect setting they would all be mailed the day after Thanksgiving.

This Christmas is one of those years that I know that no one would hear a peep from us. No, not even the slightest peep of a signed Christmas card. It’s a year that I’ve asked hubby if we could just do a Happy New Year newsletter. After all, he’s so busy and I hate the thought of adding more to his plate, so I tried to make his load lighter. But he seems to have a built in Christmas clock and he can’t imagine letting one Christmas go by without putting our annual newsletter together. And this year made no exception.

He finished and presented me with all the copies last evening. That’s when his job ends and my little contribution to the newsletter kicks in. I love my job and feel I totally get the easy end of it.

This was my little set up this morning

Our 11th edition

LOVE those pull and seal envelopes – Many a thank you to the inventor of these guys

Hubby called to see how I was doing and I told him I was on a roll to get them in the mail.

As the envelopes pile up, the newsletter stack (to fold) goes down

By 11:30 the entire stack of newsletters were folded, stuffed, stamped and labeled and in a sack to deliver to the PO.

Indeed they were mailed today and should reach most destinations by Christmas!

So today I count our little Christmas Newsletter blessings. And thankful that hubby takes this job seriously each year. Because we now have quite a nice stash of memories from years past.

Our newsletters have become one of my favorite keepsakes ever. I brought them with me as I can’t imagine leaving them behind. They hold the news of our lives from the very beginning and it’s fun each year to go back and see all the places we’ve been together.

2006 was so much fun to put together. We had our picture taken that year especially for our Christmas card and newsletter. Little did we know (at the time) that that would be our last year in Texas.

The Christmas card of 2006

The Newsletter design

5 cents in the corner

In 2005 we used a picture of our home with snow. I added the little ornaments to the trees and did a few things to make the card.

Matching card and newsletter

2003 Christmas Card – Our first Texas Christmas

And inside the card

A Merry Christmas from Hawaii back in 2001

And the inside of the card – The newsletter was along the same lines as the card.

I’ll always be grateful to my husband for all the work he puts into making our memories special for family, friends and for me. This will be one of those folders that we will cherish forever.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wha??? It appears I’m having difficulty keeping up with my blog these days. So let’s take a step back to Thanksgiving as Christmas will be here soon.

Hubby and I have celebrated Thanksgiving the last 5 years by making reservations and cutting back on the mess as it’s just the two of us. It has proved to be such a great experience and by now it feels like Thanksgiving. It’s a big treat for me and hubby would have it no other way.

This year we celebrated at The Del Coronado Hotel

What a beautiful place

Almost castle like

My dearest and me in “The Crown Room”

We got down to business with a yummy slice of turkey

And didn’t hesitate to jump right in to the fixin’s ~ lots of good stuff under those lids, let me tell ya.

Everything so beautifully displayed

There was a section of nothing but salads.

I didn’t get too cozy with the salad on Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I like/love salad but tried saving all the space for the stuffing, turkey, deserts and the like…

More food along the line of appetizers

I wanted to try clams in the worst way but I didn’t even go for them. If it’s not a food I relate to on Thanksgiving, I don’t touch it. The meal was amazing and the food was all cooked to perfection. This is definitely a place I would eat Thanksgiving dinner over and over again.

Can’t believe I didn’t get some shots of the deserts. All I know is that the pecan AND pumpkin pies were delightful!

A little pumpkin décor

in the midst of Christmas decorations

Our dinner music was lovely

Up close

After dinner ~ looking through little shop windows in the hotel

Pretty flakes strung up in the windows

The wood detail inside made a statement, we even met the gentleman whose company fabricated the wood for the hotel.

We truly enjoyed every facet of our day. And this makes another Thanksgiving dinner we won’t forget.