From The Harbor To The Sea

Yesterday was a full day with my friend Beth. We met at 10am and we made our way to Point Loma, just about 5 miles from her place. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew is that I was going to get to enjoy the ocean.

We arrived at Point Loma where we made our first stop at the harbor

And watched Navy ships

Cruise from the harbor out to sea

We were the audience and enjoyed lots of commotion in the sky and observed lots of touch and go at the base across the way.

And watched sailors pass by

Again ~ zoomed in

Another Navy ship heading out

I think this was the refuel ship – zoomed in

After a nice long visit at the harbor, we made our way up to the lighthouse.

Point Loma Light House (1855 – 1891) – The lighthouse stands over 400 feet above sea level. In January 2004 the National Park Service completed restoration of the grounds of Point Loma.

After spending time at the lighthouse we then made our way downward to the other side to enjoy views of the cliffs along the sea.

The path we trod

Huge boulders

A sign I’m here

I stand amazed


Amazing views

And we climbed along the coast

It was worth the effort

Our descent

We timed the coast side for low tide, so happy we did. Can you see the water line along the cliffs?

A little closer to show the high tide line better

The sounds of waves crashing and views of birds passing was so relaxing

I wanted to take in each and every step along the way. What a peaceful day.

Ever changing landscape along the coast

The path down

Looking back from whence we came

What a treasure at the end of the stairs. It felt crazy standing where waves were crashing at high tide. So happy Beth thought to find out when it was going to be low tide.

This is the spot where we decided to park it for a while. We stopped to just take it all in.

From the same area

I’m still here but not for long as we needed to head back to the condo to get ready for dinner.

So we picked up late afternoon

And went back to Beth’s

View from her balcony just before we all left for dinner

Back over to Fred’s in Old Town for dinner. We’re finally enjoying great Mexican food again!

Love the ambiance there – Rolling out homemade tortillas

Cooking them on the grill

Cheers to great friendships, amazing ambiance and delightful dining outside. Shot taken as we were leaving.

Love our friendship and these days spent together. I still feel like I’m back in yesterday, thanks my friend.

Happy New Year

We were so thrilled to get the call that our friends (Bob and Barbara) were in town (visiting) during the holidays. We had an invite to their place to spend the afternoon and evening to celebrate the last day of 2009.

The two of them “cheers”! Hubby and Bob

We spent the afternoon in the back yard.

Bob and Barbara’s nephew jumping out of his newly constructed fortress

I got you!

Looking off to the distant far right was this very long pier. I think that’s the restaurant I’ve heard so much about, there at the end.

Getting close to the last bit of daylight of 2009

Each shot changed as the sun went down.

Wish I could remember their nephew’s name. He’s standing out there with his board just before sunset.

From the balcony

Big orange ball, sinkin’ in the water… This was our first experience to enjoy the setting of the sun on the Pacific coast. What a sunset and evening spent with friends to remember.

Their nephew playing with his new Christmas electronic gadget.

Linda and her son, nice moment, just wish I had zoomed back out after taking a previous shot in the distance. Terrible quality but love the moment.

Card game – The question I keep asking myself “why did I forget to change the setting when I came inside”? Ugh Hubby reminds me to use the flash but I prefer no flash. But it didn’t help that I left the setting for outdoor shooting. But I want to remember the night so I’m posting the pictures anyway. Sorry…

Bob and Barbara – Looking forward to another visit already.

Friends and family = Good times to remember

Some of the boys

Travis Pastrana New Years Eve 2009-2010 Rally Car Jump – On the west coast the live event took place at 9pm.

And that concluded our wonderful afternoon and evening with friends. We’re light weights and couldn’t last ‘til midnight. But we woke the morning of January 1st feeling refreshed and excited to begin this New Year.

A Christmas to Remember

It was our “first” Merry Christmas in southern California and we hope it won’t be the last.

We had our daughter join us from Michigan. I think the thing she enjoyed most was the beautiful weather here in Sunny California; it’s something she talked about every day.

Christmas morning was such a relaxing time. I started the coffee, visited with hubby and waited for Kristy to wake for the opening of the gifts. Eventually she woke and we began our little tradition of giving and receiving gifts. I must say “we all must have been very good this year”.

Hubby sporting his new robe and anxious to try out the flat screen for his computer

One of the gifts Kristy received from her aunt ~ it truly is a cool cookbook now that she’s out of college and on her own.

Since I was taking pics I don’t have any of me but Santa didn’t leave me out. He totally surprised me with a new Bose head set for my cell phone, some new spinner luggage and some other fun stuff.

Then it was time to do something about our tummies so we got around and made our way to Christmas dinner reservations at 1:00pm. We totally bypassed breakfast, saving all the space for our big meal.

We arrived at the same place where we spent Thanksgiving but reserved a different room this time.


Carving the Roast ~ For the main course they served honey roasted ham, turkey and roast.

The deserts were in a side room and it looks like Kristy found the chocolate fountain ~ yummy stuff.

But the pecan pie was my favorite; I think it was hubby’s favorite too.

We enjoyed the views while we savored dinner. It was cool observing ice skating by the beach on Christmas day.

After lunch we took a little stroll out back

And again

On over to the rink

Some folk came for the occasion

And didn’t miss a beat

While others took their foot work a bit more serious

Children zoomed

While others held on tightly

And it was so cute watching the little one take baby steps with her daddy close behind

Hold on, it’s gonna be alright

Because one day you’ll be able to take on the whole rink in stride

We took a little stroll down by the beach and Kristy enjoyed stepping foot on the pacific coast for the first time. And I have a sneaking feeling it won’t be her last.

This was definitely a Christmas to remember as I’m sure there won’t be another one like it.

It was nice to spend our Christmas with Kristy and the memories made will be lasting ones.