Here and There

Hubby and I started the day sleeping! I was actually quite pleased to sleep in ‘til 9:00 this morning. That’s pretty much unlike me these days but the rest was great.

Hubby had to tend to a few things at work this afternoon and thought it would be a great idea to have lunch together before he went in.

We decided on our favorite Mongolian restaurant

It’s a place where you pile as much meat, veggies and seasonings into one bowl and turn it over to the chef to cook before your eyes.

I started with a pile of spinach (no meat for me) on the bottom and built up layers of carrots, sprouts, peppers, onions, water chestnuts, zucchini, broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn, a few noodles and topped it off with soy, garlic, teriyaki and dragon (flaming HOT) sauce.

The chef took the bowl of goodies and did his thing

Then I gave it a nice hefty dash of chopped peanuts = Total deliciousness

The utensils of our choice – some foods just don’t seem right eating without the proper sticks

This is the part where I can’t fit another bite into my tummy, I give.

Had a mellow afternoon

The top of the evening commenced with a dinner date at Chili’s

Chili’s was right on the way to our favorite electronics store. It’s a place I believe we could frequent at least once a week. The electronics store that is.

While hubby shops, I love looking above the shelves, way above the shelves. That mural in the background reels me in no matter how often we visit.

Cool glow

And stumbled on a couple things for myself

Woo Hoo, My first book for Dummies ever! Hope I learn something.

And another book

A photography class is something I would love to take but the schedule at the nearby campus only offers evening classes. I’m frowning on that as I much prefer spending the evenings with my dearest. Perhaps I’ll find a day class one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll see what these books have to say.

I’m ready to start in on the Dummy book. Wish me luck!

Finding My Voice

A number of things have changed in our life over the last 6 months or so and the blog has (for whatever reason) lost its voice.

It’s a new season, a new day and I’m ready to embrace the blog. I like to think of my blog as a happy spot for me to visit when I’m 80. And with that, I had better get busy filling in the days of my life.

I’ve embraced the changes in our life extremely well. I’m enjoying our new home in Southern California. But these changes have brought some not so nice changes to my figure.

To be painfully honest, I’ve gained some of the weight I lost and none to happy about it. But I’ve embraced it and have been dealing with the issue on a couple different fronts. Exercise and healthy eating (for the most part) make up the ways I’m dealing with it.

I did have a struggle or two to work through

I took this pic (last evening) of what’s left from the blister (on my heel) that I declared was the size of California. Or so it felt.

And this little piggy has had its fair share of problems. It’s a bit bruised and the entire tippy top was one ginormous blister. (Taken last evening)

Love my pj’s, they are so comfy.

I even found my favorite bandages in the process. The big guy in this pack was my go to for that huge blister on my heal. The bandage stayed on through the workout and proved to give “some” extra cushion.

For whatever reason the Waterproof Clear medium size bandage worked like a charm on the little toe. While other bandages were a joke, coming off midway through my workout. Not this little gem, he held a firm grip! At one point I had three blisters and two sores that I was tending. It’s just nice having fairly happy feet again after all that.

For the first few weeks the treadmill was my friend. But this week I’ve switched over to this guy

Meet The Fit Stride Total Body Trainer, we’re best buds every morning.

I like the way I feel and love the workout I’m getting

We spent an hour together today and I worked off 550 calories.

This little gym is part of the perks of where we live. Our apartment building is right next door to the clubhouse, pool and gym. That’s convenience at its best.

View from inside the gym

A shot as I stepped outside. View of the clubhouse and pool area just outside the gym.

Wish I had time to hit the hot tub today but I must play catch up tending to my chores before the weekend. Looking forward to that next week!

May your upcoming weekend be filled with blessings!

We’re In California Honey

This phrase continues to roll off our tongs as if we’re still in shock. Hubby’s said it twice so far today and I know I’ll be hearing and repeating it for weeks and months to come.

Last week I had the privilege of having yet another venture with Beth. This time we took a 4 mile walk on the boardwalk along the pacific coast.

While the raging sea provided lovely rhythm and views, the other side was dotted with beautiful beach homes along the way.

Each place held its own special identity.

What a dramatic entry to the wave place. A place where one can learn to surf. I believe Beth said this arch dates back to the early 1900’s.

I still get tickled seeing vehicles on the beach. This happens to be the lifeguard.

What a great place to walk

And visit

And dream of spending the night in one of these homes. Wouldn’t that be so cool?

Palms peppered along the way

There was so much to take in

To the point that I started looking at the homes as works of art

And this mailbox totally stopped us in our tracks.

We admired the wood floating table although hard to see in this picture.

This place had me at hello

The artist who fabricated this place put so much thought into the design. While this would not be my taste in a home, I’m completely in awe.

Cool fire pit on someone’s deck

Octopus mosaic ~ Neat work of art just outside the lifeguard station.

Here’s the shop where I scored one of those island dresses and a hat. There were some really neat shops and restaurants along the way and if we didn’t have something else planned for later in the day, I believe we could have spent more time along the way.

Beth and me with my new cap

Oh what a walk along the pacific coast

That long pier out over the ocean was our destination.

And closer. I was in total shock when my friend introduced me to those cute little cottages above the ocean. For just $250.00 a night you can sleep over the ocean letting the sounds of the waves rock you to sleep.

How cute is this?

It was amazing to be out on the pier standing right over the crashing waves.

What can I say, I plan to return to this exact same area very soon for another walk. That had to be one of my favorite walks along the beach.

I’m still having a difficult time allowing it to sink in that we actually live here. I think that’s why we keep reminding ourselves. There are times I find myself missing the snow but not enough to get in the car and drive an hour to the mountains to see it. For now, I’m just enjoying my day to day life and love the adventure of our new home sweet home.