Happy Anniversary to My Car

My car has been many many places. We found her way back in 2002 down in deep sunny south FL. She made her first big journey to Texas with us and made many a trip to Arkansas and St Louis and even another trip to FL.

Her next big move was to NY, she likes a piggy back ride every now and then.

She took us safely to Ohio, Michigan and St Louis visiting family at each stop. She’s even stepped foot out of the country taking us up to Niagara Falls and through Canada. She also took us on a nice little expedition down to NC to see family.

She was then carried once again all the way across the country to CA

She’s like my nice warn in shoes, I just can’t imagine parting with her.

The other day hubby noticed that she was almost turning over 100,000 miles. I said “I know, I want her picture when she does.”

Well, days have passed and I forgot to get her picture. But today, I don’t know what it was, but I was sitting at a light, close to my destination when I looked down on her with so much love and saw this!

100,100 miles!  I reached for the camera in my purse as if my life depended upon getting this great milestone before the light turned green.

Then when I pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car, she had rolled over the next mile. It made my heart light up to get these two shots while either at a stop light or parking spot.

100,101 miles, way to go girl!  She is getting older (8 years) and some things are starting to go. Take for instance, she registers 86 degrees outside when it was actually 64. I can live with that, it’s her prerogative.

Today she took me to the optometrist. I’m looking for another pair of frames as it’s time for a new pair.

These frames might be the ticket.

They only had the lighter set so she’s ordering the darker pair like this.

I just found this pair of frames online for half of what they’re asking. If I need to order them online, I’ll just wait a little longer as our insurance will almost cover them. Happy ~ Happy ~ Joy!

Thank you my dear car for providing such great adventures and for being such a good car. I’ll stick up for you no matter what as I declare you’re good for another 100,000 miles. Happy Anniversary, love me.