A Trip Of Work And Play

Hubby and I took a trip to St Louis a couple weekends ago to visit family.  We had such a great time and even had time to squeeze in a Cardinals game!

Ryan, Lauren, Hubby and I enjoy the game.

Our handsome Ryan. He’s such a genuine young man with a great big heart.

Our Beautiful Lauren. She has grown up to be such a beautiful young lady inside out.

Root, root root for the home team. What a great game! Especially in the 9th inning when the Cardinals rally from their deficit to beat Dodgers, 5-4!

We polished off the weekend with family, then last Monday we hit the road for Indy for hubby’s business meetings.

I truly enjoyed staying in the heart of the city as I was able to scoot (walk) around town (while hubby worked) without having to deal with parking.  As a matter of fact we walked to dinner every night and hubby was the only one in a car (to and from work) while we were there.

Just 2 blocks from our hotel was the Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. It is a 284 ft 6 in structure with incredible statues surrounding all 4 sides.

Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

Heard the beautiful top of the hour chime from this church across the street.

Amazing detail of the monument

More details

From a distance

Another side of the monument – The people sitting help to give an idea of the size

The top of the monument from below

Fountain surrounding the lights around the monument

A view of the Capitol from the monument

Indianapolis Capitol Building from our hotel room

Just one block from the hotel was this interesting Artsgarden that stands 17′ over an intersection in Indy. Such an innovative use of space.

Quite creative use of “vinal 45 records” This piece had so much dimension and creative serendipity. I couldn’t seem to get enough of this piece of art.

I used the picture on the right to show the many layers. Still hard to grasp the real deal here.

 Cool table tops

More art. I found the sculpture (top right) to be whimsical, the medium is metal.

My Cup Runneth Over, bottom right ~ had colorful jewels attached all over the background. Pretty neat.  If you click on the pic to make it larger, you too can see if you look close.

And I just liked the colorful painting on the left.

This was my hubby one evening after dinner.

 Weber Grill was amazing! I had no idea this restaurant existed, now I know how good it is.

We left Indy last Thursday evening and pointed our nose in the direction of Champagne, IL (aka hubby’s old stomping grounds from his college days). And his very favorite pizza joint to date! The Chicago stuffed pizza was so delicious!  After our fill of pizza we made our way back to St Louis.

The sunset along the way

The Cross Foundation has completed a 198 foot Cross at the intersection of Interstates 57 & 70 in Effingham, Illinois. Each time we pass by we marvel at this cross and size.

I Had a very unique experience on our way back to the hotel one evening. I captured a pic of lightning in the background of the arch. We passed through St Louis during a storm and I didn’t realize I captured lightning ’til I downloaded the pics.

We had a great time with family last weekend but I got so lazy taking pics.  I’ll just keep those wonderful memories and treasure those good times.

~ The grass is greener at home ~ It’s so good to be home in every way. Pics taken in the backyard the other day.  There truly is no place quite like home.

Blessings ~ Debbie

Old Friends Continued

We picked up again last evening with Brian and family (hubby’s old friend from high school and college).  We met over at the hotel where they were staying and enjoyed a nice stroll to dinner.  We had a yummy meal and then walked from there down to the boardwalk along the beach.

A nice little family picture

I was determined to get at least one good shot of each of the kids.  But it turns out I could not pick a favorite so I made them each a little page of their own.

Their cute 8 year old gymnast.  Sure wish I could have taken pictures of all her amazing stunts.

Their lively outgoing 3 year old (twin)…too cute!

What a cute bright eyed little man (twin) filled with such zest for life.

Hubby had his hands full juggling the twins.  The one down below didn’t want to let go of her turn.

This pic makes me smile.

Happy Sisters


The beach/boardwalk just before dark.

We went up to their room for a little visit and enjoyed the pretty view from their balcony.

We also watched the luau down below

Enjoyed the music and dance

Then said goodbye to our friends.

What a lovely evening and we look forward to visiting them and look forward to their return to see us next year.

Blessings ~ Debbie

Making A House A Home

It takes time to move in but we are certainly enjoying this end of the move so much.

The living areas where we spend most of our time.

Since hubby wanted a pool table, we put the sofa for the living room in our bedroom to make room for a pool table. And then we used the remaining space for our Asian/living room things.  Basically it’s a little sitting area. Our family room is open to the other areas giving an open feel through the house. Now all I have to do is hear hubby rack the balls and I come running! I’ve already played a couple rounds today as I have to do my homework before hubby gets home from work.

I was never into shooting pool but now I can’t imagine not having a pool table.  I’m bitten by this game and hope we never have to part with our new toy.

Blessings ~ Debbie

Old Friends

Hubby and Brian have been friends since High School.  They worked together, played together, went to college together and applied for the same jobs together.

Here they are after all these years still friends.  It’s a shame we can’t see each other more often.  Our last visit with them was 5 years ago.  We’re hoping now that we live in the same state that we can have visits more often.

What a fun family.  They flew in yesterday from San Francisco.  The twins will be 4 soon and the sweet big sister is 8.  We get to spend Friday evening with them and we’re all looking forward to another round of fun.

 There’s just something about watching my hubby with children. He’s amazing, patient and so calm with them. Alexandra was determined to get it right and her expression over a great shot was priceless.

I wish we had thought to get the camera out earlier but I’m thankful for the shots we did get.  They will help us remember the fun times we had.

Blessings ~ Debbie

Happy Independence Day

Let freedom ring and blessings unfold!  This is such a special day, a day that comes but once a year when we celebrate freedom.

This year (since I’m so far behind on my blog) I’m going to share some of the things that bring joy to me in our new beginning here in Cali.

It’s quite pretty looking through the palms on a full moon night.

A fog kissed morning in the backyard

 Evening shadows in the backyard

White roses in the garden

A new little set that rocks and swivels

Come on out and play ~ I enjoy time nearly each day on the patio

A smoothie a day is something I’ve been doing for weeks now.  It’s such a nice afternoon treat in the backyard.

We’re still moving in ~ I just displayed one of my favorite sets of old books today.  Tucked away on page 44 is a bookmark titled Mamma.  It’s soiled a bit but I feel it should be left right where Mamma left it.

And the latest new toy that arrived to our home this afternoon.  I’m particularly fond of the 8 ball, hopefully hubby will leave the solid black one tucked away somewhere.

Hubby scored this Brunswick beauty on craigslist for quite a good deal.  The gentleman who moved it did an amazing job getting it all set up.  I’m so happy he loves his new toy!  It’s something he’s wanted for years but never enough room for one.  He just said “I love this table more every single shot”. 

We played well into the sunset while it cast some pretty strong shadows.  We should have our light fixture hung soon as we’re looking forward to playing on into the evening hours.

Cue ball, three rails, 8 ball in the corner.  I DID that today for the first time ever!  Many thanks to hubby for being the best coach!

Wishing you a Very Special, Safe and Happy Independence Day!  And until next year may we keep the fire of freedom and blessings burning.  Let us not forget.

Blessings ~ Debbie