Would You Like A White Flower

That was the question the gal asked as she was finishing up my pedicure.  Without hesitation, I said “sure”.  It’s always fun to walk away with something totally unexpected and not get charged for the extra.

So I feel like I’m going in circles today.  I’m thinking excitement has a lot to do with it.  The errands kept me going pretty much all morning and for the early portion of the afternoon. Now if I can look at my task list and focus.

All I know is that tomorrow this time, we’ll be headed for Alaska.  And all the stuff on my to do list will be “History”!  YAY!!!

Ready or not suitcase, here I come!

Blessings – Debbie

Plants and Candles

The ivy could very well be my favorite house plant.  I love the way it sprawls all over the place and trimming it should be a crime.

So this weekend hubby and I wanted to switch a roo a certain decorative piece on this coffee table.  I had no problems removing the item but I did want to replace it with a little somethin’ – somethin’.  Hubby requested the certain something be nice and low profile.

We had a little list of things to do, so while we were out shopping I picked up this little fella.  So happy hubby likes.

And the pot was just the ticket too.  On the list, I jotted down a sandy brown pot as I wanted a nice contrast with the dark Asian furniture.  Not only was it a nice contrast but it picked up the dark too, big perk for me.

I also scored some candles for the candle holders.

I’m so partial to these candle holders as my mom gave these to me a few years ago.  And they finally made themselves to home next to this Asian piece of furniture.  The candles are vanilla scented but I can’t express how many times I picked up the pumpkin scented candles and debated over the two.

And this little ivy made her way to the other coffee table in the family room.

I forgot to water my houseplants before our last trip and the little plant in this pot did not make it while we were out of town.  I like this ivy all sprawled out a lot better than the other plant I had in here.  So sorry the watering and care after our trip didn’t revive the other one, I’ll just have to take better care of this one.

Speaking of trips, we’re getting ready to leave for Alaska in just a couple days.  The excitement is building and we are so looking forward to this time together.

The tip of the week is to water your plants before your trips, unless you want to replace them.

Blessings – Debbie

The Waves Called Us To Lunch

After such a wonderful time at the beach yesterday, it seemed the place we wanted to be again today.

So Karen and I took our hungry tummies to a different beach where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch and let the time go by without a care in the world.

That’s actually glass behind us that reflected our ocean view.

The view from our seats – Loved the open windows and cool breeze

This passion fruit tea was so refreshing – very nice treat.

We started off with the Crispy Calamari – macadamia nut crusted, sweet & sour glaze – I would get this again, it was that good.

I had the Beachside Veggie Sandwich – cheddar & swiss cheeses, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, cucumber, sprouts, onion, lettuce, and squaw bread – this was such a good sandwich with the yummy seasoned taters and grilled onions.

Since we knew we were both having desert, we left food on our plates saving room for our sweet tooth.

And for desert, I had the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie, chocolate peanut brittle with vanilla ice cream – I will positively get this again.  Had not quite 1/2 the brownie, all the ice cream and chocolate peanut brittle.  WOW!

It took a little over two hours to work our way through lunch.  It was so nice to not have to be anywhere or do anything but just enjoy the experience.

After lunch, we walked out back for a little afternoon stroll along the beautiful coast.

Karen – We still have one perhaps two more visits (tomorrow and ?) before she heads back to the east coast.

Oh what another wonderful day.  When given an opportunity, take advantage of it as we only have one shot to make the most of today.

After such a fun filled food day, this is the only thing I wanted all evening.  There was no twisting of the arm for this cup.

And now that I finished the last drop, I kinda could go for another.  I think I’ll use my better judgment and call it a day.  G – Night All!

Blessings – Debbie

Where The Waves Crash

That would be a clue as to where you could find us today.

Since pictures say 1,000 words, here’s a collage that sums up Karen and my footprints.

And all of this breaks down to beautiful weather, gorgeous views, lunch at a cool beach-side outdoor restaurant, drinks at another beach-side restaurant mid way, and great company!  Loved every aspect of this day. 

Surfing class well underway

Karen posing with the parasail in the background.

We loved watching the dolphins at play.  See them?  You can click on the pic to enlarge if you need to.

We watched a lifeguard rescue mission.  Don’t know how urgent it was.

Although the picture below looks like solid ground, it’s actually a pier with little cottages dotted on either side with ample parking for the guests too.

We walked on down past the cottages to enjoy the view down below.

We walked out further to where the waves were breaking and watched the California surfer dudes catch some waves.

When they weren’t catching waves, they were waiting on them, which didn’t take long.

This boardwalk is one of my very favorite places to be when the beach is involved.  The beach is on one side and homes are peppered on the other.  As a matter of fact these homes butt right up to the boardwalk.  The peeps in this place were living it up.


This plant was right along the boardwalk in front of someone’s home.  What a happy looking plant.  Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the beach or topic, I couldn’t leave it behind.

It’s a bird, no it’s a plane in the picture  That kite (with the plane in the background) really looked like a plane in the distance.  Loved all the kites flying, especially the patriotic one on top.

Our day came to an end much too soon.  So we made plans again tomorrow.  I’d say our coping skills are spot on!

When good things come to an end, make another plan, good things are sure to carry on.

Blessings – Debbie

A Slower Pace

My pace quickly changed and resting and getting lots of it has been key to feeling my “old” self again.  One of my favorite things to do at a slower pace is to practice shooting pool.  I find it so refreshing.

Hubby used to break for me ALL the time.  Now he’s encouraging me to give it a try.  I’m working on the oomph!  Even when I use his heavy cue stick, they still don’t break as good as when he does it.  I got a long way to go Baby!

It’s always a fun time when shooting pool is involved.  

One of the things we’ve (Hubby and I) been learning together is how to use the diamond system on the pool table.  Hubby has it lodged in his brain much better than me but it’s interesting.  As he says, I’m a competitor and he declares we will not only have a Mr. Pool Shark in the house but also a Mrs. Pool Shark one day.  I’m so happy this is something we both enjoy equally.

The Diamond System – This diagram is for the Three Rail Kick Shot

One of the things Hubby’s started doing at the end of every game we play is to randomly place the cue ball and the object ball randomly on the table.  Then I use the Diamond System and three rails to sink it.  It’s a lot of FUN when I figure it out and do it!  However, there are areas on the table where the Two Rail Kick Shot works best.

He says my job this week is to practice ~ practice ~ practice!  Both times he called yesterday I was shooting pool and practicing and enjoying every min of it.  He lights up when he hears how enthused I am shooting pool.

Another thing I’m practicing is the strength in which I hit the ball.  I found this idea online.  The idea is to hit the first ball very soft and then gradually hit the next ball a fraction harder and so on.  It’s a lot more difficult than it sounds.

I should take an after shot, the balls are all over the place.  Oh what a mess I made with this lesson on try # 1.  There’s lots of work cut out for me, to achieve the desired goal.

I took a break from shooting pool and got down to some business.  This is my favorite desk/work area.  With a cup of coffee, I was good to go!

Sometimes a nice slow pace is just what we need to get our juices going.  And with that, I’m excited to see where those juices will take me today.

Blessings – Debbie

The Party’s Over

This concludes Ryan’s visit with us.  His last day (Friday) was spent in LA with Hubby and what an enjoyable day they had.

They drove through Beverly Hills

Made an entrance on Venice Beach

And marveled over Muscle Beach, a gym outdoors at the beach – A place where well known body builders work/have worked out and those with a membership as well.

As they say, time flies when we’re having fun and our time with Ryan definitely went by so fast.  Saturday morning dawned and it was time for him to fly back home.
Ryan and Hubby in the backyard – Too early in the morning for our night owl to rise and shine.

There’s a time for everything as all parties must end at some point.  He’s back to school and started his new semester today.  Wishing you the very best Ryan!

Blessings – Debbie

Party At Our House

Hubby had a few of the team from work over (last Thursday) and it turned into such a fun party where shooting pool was center stage.

After dinner, Karen and I were in cleaning up AND keeping a close eye on the cookies (in the oven) when Hubby asked “where’s the camera”?  I’m thankful for the reminder as we have a few pics to remember the evening.

Q, Phil, Joe, Ryan, Nick and Hubby gathered ’round.

For this round it was Ryan, Q, Nick and Hubby

Q, Hubby, Ryan and Phil

Q and Karen enjoy a round

As always, we had a fun time and already look forward to our next round of company.

Blessings – Debbie

Boardwalk + Beach = Bliss

A walk on the boardwalk along the beach proved to be a fun day with Ryan this Wednesday.

This picture was taken in honor of his friend Carmel.

Just chillin’

There’s so much to take in

Lets go fly a kite – such a beautiful windy day to fly

Lifeguards are dotted all along the beach

I’d say we walked a little over 2 mi but this path goes on for 20 or so miles up the coast.  This has to be one of my favorite ways to enjoy the beach.

And one of my favorite ways to have a nice drink under a little shade on the edge of the beach before we head back home.

Some of life’s most enjoyable blessings don’t cost a dime.  I’m already looking forward to my next visit to the beach.

Blessings – Debbie

An R & R Kinda Day

Yesterday was one of those days that Ryan and I were just in the mood to relax.  And relax is exactly what we did.

  • Ryan got to sleep in really late
  • we met up with Hubby for a nice afternoon lunch at Ryan’s choice restaurant
  • Ryan and I then hit the grocery store
  • Came home and rested some more in between both of us doing a few loads of laundry
  • Went to the mall where he scored some really good deals.

By the time we got home it was time to begin dinner as hubby was on his way.

The boys kept me company playing chess at the breakfast bar, there in the kitchen.  We are truly enjoying our visit with Ryan.

Hubby was actually multitasking as he was repairing my computer that had a major crash yesterday.  Yay, he fixed it!

We polished off the evening with a movie the boys had rented.  What a great day all the way around.

Ryan and I are having another nice slow start today, but it’s sure to be a fun one.  As I was in making another pot of coffee, I noticed this little hummingbird on the branch just outside the kitchen window.

They create such a buzz as they chase each other.  Geez, they almost took my head off this morning as I enjoyed my coffee on the back porch.  Well not really, but I did duck.  🙂

Well, it’s time I get off this computer and get on with our day.  We have a fun one planned!

Blessings – Debbie

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

A day at the zoo is where we (Ryan and I) could be found.  Ryan and I hit the road at 9 as we had a 107 acre zoo to explorer.  With over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species, our day was sure to be a fun one.

The Koala Bear was one of the first exhibits – Sweet little ones getting their rest.

Cool Camel

The statue of the ancient condor – With a wing span of 7 – 10 feet

He’s just chillin’ on this beautiful day

The ever so cool Meerkat posing for her picture

W arrived just as the elephant was walking up to the feeder – He’s having lunch

So many different kinds of turtles – I have such a love for these creatures

A shot of Ryan with the turtles

He’s pretty cool

Extinct American Lion – The American Loins were about 25% larger than today’s African Lions.

We made a note of this

 Sichuan Takin – Having a nice peaceful rest
 Hey beautiful you

Addra Gazelle – Hails from Africa

Lesser Kudu – From Africa – Loved his horns

The Polar Bear – My very favorite zoo animal ever!

But I’ll keep my distance

And admire their beauty and respect his strength from afar

Hello Mr. Zebra – Your stripes are precise

The beautiful flamingos

Mr. Hippo having a swim

Now he is one cool cat as long as he’s on the other side of the fence

He was way back there pacing and pacing and I could hardly get a shot.  Suppose he was hungry.

Just the two of them hanging out

We think we remember this being some sort of viper.  Check out his wild looking head in the lower left.

Hey dude, I forget your name but you’re pretty awesome looking.

Hey “Big Boy”, I forget your name too

And you are certainly one big lizard

Such beautiful flowers and tropical trees.  I just wasn’t thinking about taking pictures ’til the end.

Ryan shopping for souvenirs/gifts – He found a couple of really nice gifts

We had such a wonderful time and when it was all said and done, home was the place we wanted to be.  Actually, we were both dreaming of a nice afternoon nap and resting our feet.

Ryan’s way of chillin’ in the pergola up on that rock – He’s out there with pen, paper and coffee – Working on lyrics for a new song for his band back home.

And this concludes another great day and visit with Ryan.

Blessings – Debbie

The Journey

We had talked of doing a couple different things today but things can change in an instant when boys want to play in the backyard.

And play they did.  The mountain behind our home is one of the things Hubby’s wanted to conquer and Ryan was all over that again today.

So I sent them off slathered in plenty of sun screen and lots of water and away they went, off to the back 40.

So happy Hubby took pictures all along the way

And these pics make me wish I had gone too

What a beautiful journey

There was no stopping them as they focused on reaching the top.

What amazing views they had.  They even got to sign the book (see Ryan signing the book in the pic above) at the top of the mountain.  Hubby knew it was there and I’m happy they were able to find it.  Way to go guys!

It was nice of hubby to call me now and then so that I could run out back to see them.  At one point it took forever for me to find them.  Hubby told me exactly where to stand and explained where I should point my head and I finally saw both of them WaaaAY up there waving their canes.  I was filled with a rush of excitement for them. 

What a nice day and I’m so happy they’re making such great memories.

We enjoyed a nice meal this evening and Ryan gave the restaurant a 10 out of 10 score for his meal.  I’d say he’s had a 10 out of 10 day.

Life’s journey takes effort but the prize is where to focus.

Blessings ~ Debbie

Day One With Ryan

It was important to start his vacation by sleeping in.  After all, vacations should revolve around plenty of rest, no?

After some much needed sleep Ryan and I headed over to pick up hubby (at work) for a nice little family lunch date.  At some point between lunch and dropping hubby off, hubby and Ryan both noticed these wheels.  Ryan said it looked like the wheels were was from Mad Max.  Crazy!

After lunch, Ryan and I did a little food shopping and then back home for the afternoon.

One of the things Ryan wanted to do upon his arrival last evening was to climb the mountain behind our home.  Another thing he wants to do is go home with a nice tan, thus the swim trunks.

After about an hour, I dug out the binoculars and started looking for him.  And about every 30 min or so I continued to look but could not spot him out there.

So I took a few pics in the garden and enjoyed the great outdoors in the backyard.

It was sometime around 5 when I saw Ryan and my did he ever look drained from his afternoon hike.  But there is no stopping him, as he declares he wants to hike it again.  He loved it!

Soon hubby was home and dinner was in the works.  Ryan loves the kitchen and cooking.  Seeings he’s vegetarian, he likes cooking as he wants to know exactly what he’s eating.  Such a smart one he is.  Hubby’s already hitting him up to make us some bread.  He’s been baking for Panera Bread for many years and now going to college full time.  We’re so proud of him.

Now he and hubby are off to the “Toy Store” aka Fry’s Electronics.  I’m quite certain the boys will find something they just got to have.

It’s been a great day all around and we’re looking forward to a nice fun family day tomorrow.

Blessings ~ Debbie

We Have Company

Our Ryan (hubby’s son) flew into town last evening and what a joy it’s been visiting.  We were all ready for a bite to eat and Macaroni Grill was just the place to get the job done.

Our evening was spent around the pool table and hubby and I both enjoyed shooting rounds, visiting and catching up with him.

Plans for the weekend were discussed and great memories are sure to be made.  Now if time would stand still for a little while…

Blessings ~ Debbie

Hat Rack

A few weeks ago hubby asked Mr. Lee to hold his pool stick.  And Mr. Lee continues to keep up his end of the bargain.  Sorry for posting the same pic again but here’s the visual in case you forgot.

Let me introduce to you Mr. Lee’s friend (I’ll have to ask hubby his name).

 Anyway, I just noticed for the first time ever that hubby used Mr. Lee’s buddy to hold his hat…like so.

This just tickled me to no end when I saw it and I think hubby thought it would.  He must have put it there last night after I had gone to bed.  I have no idea his motive.  Whatever it was I’m grinning ear to ear.  Was it that he wanted me to laugh?  Did he just stick it there for the fun of it?  Was that initial D just for me?  Sure, he’s had this hat but it’s not one he normally wears.  I’m so confused and can’t wait to ask what was behind this.

In other news.  I just got home from having my hair colored.  Boy it needed it!  I feel I’ve earned every single white hair, now I like to dress them up!

I passed by the roses in the garden and I stopped right in my tracks, turned around and gave them my utmost attention.

I love the free cheer I received

I’m so smitten that I may have to just go pick him and place him by the kitchen sink.

But first things first.  I must work before I play, so I’m off to shoo away the dust bunnies and mop my floors.

Blessings ~ Debbie

Nothing But Blue Skies

From here through November, this is what is in our forecast.  At least that’s what they tell us in these parts.

Here’s our house top on the lower right.  That mountain out back always looks a bit larger from the front than when we’re out back.

A swanky bird feeder I noticed in the hood today

and this feeder with part of our roof in the background 

It does a body good to breath the fresh air, soak in the blue skies and enjoy what we have along the way.

Blessings ~ Debbie