Almost New

Earlier this month we, well not “we” but the bike shop gave our mountain bikes a complete overhaul.  They’ve been sitting in the garage/storage for years and were in dire need of a little TLC.  There were tubes, brakes, saddles and handlebar grips changed out for new.  And both bikes were given a nice polish before they were placed back into our hands.

Along the path this morning.  Twas a joy ride…

With blue skies to pretty backyards, it was a great way to spend the time.

I really like these new grips, so comfy…Not sure that the picture shows the true effect.  But these guys are not round rather they almost seem a bit flat on the top providing comfort for the hand.  So happy the “bike repair man” sold me on these grips.

and this new odometer/clock gizmo ~ Thank you hubby!

And this new saddle.  For all of you professional bikers, do not laugh, I quite like my new cushy seat.

I’m getting used to these 15 gears again.  Haven’t used them in the past quite like I need to now with all these challenging hills.

Hubby and I are looking forward to hitting all those trails you see out there in the distance.  Back in the day, this was something we both enjoyed doing together.  We look forward to hitting the road and putting our matching set to good use.  Fun times = time spent together doing the things we enjoy.

Blessings – Debbie

A Simple Reflective Day

I’m not sure what exactly got a hold of me today but whatever it is, its triggered my sappy side.

From the excitement of having hubby home for the Thanksgiving holiday ~ to enjoying the Christmas Spirit filling our home ~ to thoughts drifting off of home and how over half of our lease is up on this house we call home.  But the one thing I am, is happy and feeling blessed to be right here where we are at this very moment.

We cooked in the kitchen and made pot stickers together and if felt good hanging in the kitchen together.

The plates were prepared…

Hubby watched over our stickers

These guys were an amazing little treat…Now I’m trying to think up what we’re going to come up with for dinner.

We sat at the little kitchen table across from each other and the view out our window was a special treat.  Sure we enjoy this view, but perhaps I’m getting a bit sentimental knowing this will not be our view forever.

I took a familiar stroll out back…

And things, even though they’re the same, looked different…

The sunbeams reached through the trees and I soaked them up as much as humanly possible.  I felt like parking it in the backyard all day.

And then I came in and started the wrapping of a few gifts.

When hubby asked what I wanted to do earlier today.  I really thought staying around the house sounded best to me.  I enjoyed our simple day and as the hours weave in and out I’m blessed to be spending it with the one I love.

Blessings – Debbie

Happy Thanksgiving

Since we don’t live near family, Hubby and I started our own Thanksgiving Dinner tradition by making annual reservations = I’m thankful I don’t have to cook + clean up for just the two of us. And the bonus is that we get to enjoy a huge variety of traditional Thanksgiving food that I would not have the energy or space for. Sigh, reservations were at 1:00 and now we’re home with full tummies + a nice clean house.

A quick snap of us after our dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner buffet

The meat carving station

A portion of the salad bar…

And a birds eye view of all the sweets!  I had a sampling of so many of these yummy treats.  The pumpkin and pecan pies were so good, amongst a host of other goodies…

My handsome hubby enjoying his goodies.

I felt beyond blessed to be sitting across the table from him this beautiful Thanksgiving day.

Right in the middle of my picture taking I got caught.  I love it when that happens – he made me smile.

He did scold me – I may or may not have chuckled.

“stop taking my picture”

 I wonder what this sign means.

But this last look more than melts my heart.  And I wish I could convince him that I love him more.

One thing he would never do is taunt me when it comes to cherries.  This was about 5 min. after I got in trouble.

A gift for me…I’m thankful he made this Thanksgiving day so special.  What great conversation we had around our little table.

He truly has a magical way of making my little light shine.

While enjoying the atmosphere, I slipped out to the patio…It was just a bit too chilly for us to comfortably dine but so pretty none the less.

The San Diego Sky line from the patio.  We crossed that bridge to get to the island.

We passed by the Hotel Del

What a pretty hotel.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving there last year.

Such beautiful scenery all along the way.  “Honey, we’re in CA” was repeated again in the car.  It’s impossible to count the times we’ve said that since we moved here just over a year ago.

Coronado Island Yacht Club

And one last shot. I find such beauty in this bridge each time we pass by.

A heart of Thanksgiving is one I want to carry with me all the days of my life.  And my greatest desire is to be the best helpmate I can be for my husband.  While I feel so blessed to have the gift of life, I feel the greater blessing spending the days of my life with him.

Blessings – Debbie

Christmas is My Very Favorite Holiday

As we approach the upcoming Holiday Season, Christmas would be the holiday I push to celebrate.  While I like decorating for autumn and Thanksgiving a couple months before Thanksgiving, I feel a stronger urge to do the same for Christmas.  While Silent Night plays in the background and Christmas tree lights glow in the corner, I feel thankful and blessed  with life, joy, happiness, peace, family, friends and each other.

The family room tree is our special tree, dripping with ornaments we’ve collected together as a couple. The tree holds ornaments from Precious Moments, Lenox and Swarovski. And each year that passes, we add another ornament from each category to the tree.

New Tree topper – I finally got the courage to make this bow.

Mantel – A look up close

The game room was sprinkled with a few decorations.  The doorknobs were touched with jingle-bell decorations, garland was added to the mantel and a little tree tops the chest.

I added some pictures of several ornaments from our favorite Christmas tree.  We love how the collection expands year by year.

Precious Moments 1997 – Our very first Christmas together as a dating couple.

Precious Moments 1998 – Our very first Christmas together as an engaged couple.  Hubby asked if I would be his wife Christmas morning 1998.  This was also the year hubby flew solo. This ornament has very special meaning to us.

Precious Moments 1999 – Our first Christmas together as husband and wife.

Lenox – 2000

Lenox – Cherub

Lenox – Each year we collect dated ornaments as well as some that aren’t dated.  These are a few of my favorite.

Swarovski – we’ve collected these stars annually since 1997.

This is the 1999, our first year as husband and wife.

Swarovski – 2001

Swarovski – 2007

We continue to move into the season embracing the blessings in our life.  So in the height of this week of Thanksgiving, shall we continue to count our blessings and not forget “The One” responsible for these blessings.

Blessings – Debbie

An Unexpected Trip

Hubby left for Indy the end of October for a week long business trip.  But his business trip was extended into the second week of November.  That’s when he called to see if I’d like to join him.  We rushed out to secure my flight and I was on that plane the very next day.  That was the best unexpected trip a gal could ask for.

An early morning view of Indy from the balcony of our suite up on the 20th floor.

Another shot of the city

Indy after the sun went down

A little night shot.

Staying downtown provides great shopping during the day while hubby is away at work  There’s also great restaurants for our evening dining experience.  Love those evening strolls with hubby.

Indy is not too far away from family either.  We were able to spend time with our handsome son Ryan and his sweet girlfriend Abbey.

We also got to visit with hubby’s brother and two of his sons and one of my favorite sister-in-laws.

After a fun filled weekend with family, hubby and I made our way back to Indy for another work week.

I had another highlight in the middle of the week.  I got to spend the day with an old friend that I haven’t seen in 11+ years.  We spent time shopping, eating and mostly visiting.  I love how some friendships have a way of reconnecting no matter the distance or span of time between visits.  Our visit truly did my heart good.

For an unexpected trip, I’d say I was blessed to not only be with hubby but to cover some pretty awesome ground that wasn’t planned.

You never know how your plans can be altered and the unexpected can turn into some of the most amazing journeys.

Blessings – Debbie

Passion Meets Pottery Once Again

I hardy know where to begin as it’s been so long (over 3 years) since I’ve been in the studio.  But make no mistake, pottery was very much a part of my thoughts, hopes and dreams the past few years.  It’s been a few weeks now that hubby and I made room for my studio.  Hubby had the electrician add the proper wiring for the kiln and I’m officially back in business.

Below is the first piece I made the first week of November.

Handle up close

I attached little clay pieces on each flap to resemble snaps on each side

A peak of the profile – The clay is still very wet at this stage…

I’m so delighted to have a wonderful studio where I can put my imagination to work.  There should be more art to come in the near future.  My goal is to have my pieces in the local galleries by early next year.

When things in life get pushed to the back burner, never give up.  For they are sure to resurface at the right time.

Blessings – Debbie