Mom and Dad Visit San Diego – The End

I realize I’m so far behind on the blog.  So far behind that I’m not liking it one bit.  So I decided today that I would compress mom and dad’s rest of the visit into one (huge) post.  Be prepared for lots of pix in this entry.

A pic of us in the garden.

This was my parents second full day, a day we wanted to just chill around the house.

This picture was taken on our street several doors down.

It truly was a day filled with lots of this…

and that…

And gathering around this table for great outdoor dining.

And this was brought into the mix each day.

Ah, evenings around the fire, so nice…

The next day (Sunday) we worshiped at Shadow Mountain in San Diego

My parents from where we were sitting.

A visit to Old Town Sunday afternoon.

Where we stopped for a little Sunday dinner.

Pop noticed the sign, I wanted a pic of him with it.

Back home in the backyard… A nice place to relax during the afternoon/evening hours.

One of the many massive boulders in our backyard.  If pop could have slipped this baby in his suitcase, I believe it would be in his backyard back home.

My parents in the backyard after a day well spent.

This brings us to our last full day together.  Monday June 13th was the day we went to Point Loma.

It was a day to enjoy the Pacific, where the ocean and cliffs meet.

We watched this ship sail out of the harbor…

And enjoyed the view.  The sign below warns of the recent falling rock.

Even though the sun was still hiding that morning, we found beauty in this day.

The view below of the cliffs (where we were earlier) as we drove up to the top of Point Loma.

Another view…

Point Loma – My parents with the National Monument.

A view of the harbor, Navy Base and downtown San Diego from the other side of Point Loma.  The sun was working hard to chase the clouds away.

Our next stop (the same day) was Mount Soledad.

The sweeping views from there are amazing.  Looking North up the coast of southern California.

From Mount Soledad looking south.  We can see downtown San Diego on the left meeting the horizon.  We can also see Mexico, Point Loma, Coronado Island and many other cool places from the top of this mountain.

At day’s end, we enjoyed our last dinner outdoors and our last visit around the fire.

Soon darkness fell and our fire went out.  The next best thing to do was to come indoors and shoot pool.  Another important thing was to bake fresh oatmeal choc chip cookies.  And yes, fresh coffee was served.  Then again, we had fresh coffee morning and evening each day (while they were in town) whether we needed it or not.

This wraps up our nice little family visit with my parents.  We were so delighted to see them and already look forward to our next visit.

Blessings – Debbie

My Parents Visit San Diego Day 1

My parents flew into town last Thursday for a nice little visit with us out here in San Diego.

On Friday, June 10th we drove into downtown San Diego and crossed the Coronado Bridge for a little tour of Coronado island.

We snapped a few pix – below is the famous Hotel Del.

Next stop – USS Midway Museum, one of America’s longest-serving aircraft carriers.

Mom and dad on deck.

Hubby and I were shot in the Midway Brig AKA the prison for sailors who got out of hand while on the ship.

The pretty view from the deck with the Coronado Bridge in the background and the famous kiss statue in the foreground.

There was something special about being on the deck where many served our country.

Hubby and Pop on deck.

The “famous kiss” statue.

After our tour downtown, we moved along to oceanfront dinner reservations.  We arrived a bit early so we enjoyed a little stroll out back.

My folks, the two that helped shape me into who I am today.  I’m so blessed.

The evening hours were centered around visiting, coffee and shooting pool.  I can’t think of a better way to spend time with family than this.

Blessings – Debbie

Our Little Road Trip

Why is it that when I get behind on the blog, all other posts have to wait?  I’ve been wanting to post our little venture from last weekend all week-long.  I also have more things to post but I seem to want to post things in order.  So, here we go back to a week ago Friday.  Cheers to getting caught up and more posts to come from this past week.

The long and winding road trip – Hubby took the corners nice and slow as I have a tendency to get a wee bit car sick.  Luckily the motion didn’t bother me too much.  He’s such a good driver.

Follow the curve in the road…

It was such a pretty drive.

The views were ever-changing…

An hour later we arrived to this quaint little town…

Mil’ Fluer Cochin Bantum Chickens – These cute guys roamed around the outdoors of the galleries.  Too cute, I’ve never seen the like in my life.

I was smitten…

This is the home where the chickens live.

We shopped…

It was the first time I’ve seen these Coke bottles, I thought they were picture worthy.

We had a nice little lunch at the local Italian restaurant.

1 horse power right here waiting to give another ride around town.

Last but not least we used yelp to find the best rated pie company.  Let me back up and say…You can’t go to Julian without getting a piece of apple pie.  There are many places that offer pie but we were in search for the top rated company.  The other pie companies may be great but we were delighted with our choice.  Thank you yelp!

We enjoyed our visit but that pie had to be the highlight of our day.  After all, it was one of the main reasons we went.  It’s cool sometimes to break out and see what the fuss is all about.  It was a great experience.

Blessings – Debbie