Making Memories

Hubby and I are back home and getting settled from a little vacay up north to see our daughter.

What a joy to spend time with Kristy.  She is a delight and we were blessed to get to help celebrate her birthday.

We also had the treat of meeting a couple of her really good friends.

The Birthday Dinner was celebrated at Benihana.

This pic did not turn out so well but I think the blur made it interesting.

I was so disappointed with the way those pix turned out…I could cry.  I think I like them in sepia the best, but still, I’m sick about it.

While visiting Kristy, hubby and I had a chance to scoot over (an hour away) to visit with Grandma and her two sisters Great Aunt Ruth and Great Aunt Barb.  Left to Right – Aunt Ruth, Grandma, Aunt Barb and me.  ‘Twas a lovely afternoon where hubby and I treated them to lunch.

I’m happy we were able to squeeze in another trip this year.  So many good memories were made.

Blessings – Debbie

Hair Drama

I consider hair drama to be an ongoing thing of mine.  In years past, I would go from long to short in an instant.  All it would take is a bad hair day, to just go have it all cut off.  Then more drama would follow as I went through stages of allowing it to grow out.  It’s been a yo-yo just like that since my 20’s.   Ask my mom, she used to call me scissor happy during my sudden cut outbursts.

So this time, I had it all planned out.  I was going to work thru my outbursts and enjoy the long hair thru the holidays.  I was to wait thru the New Year before I made any drastic changes to the length.  Of course, over the summer I was tempted on more than one occasion to cut it off.  It was during those times that I would reflect on years past.  So I kept it.  In fact, I’m proud of myself for keeping it around this long.

I work to have long hair – I force myself to keep long hair – I’m a fan of long hair – And I’m a prisoner to long hair (when I get it)

But it’s not what I want when I have it.  I’m thankful I stuck it out this summer – fought the urge to cut – By the time I was ready to cut it, I could no longer remember what the reason was for keeping it so long all this time.

So I had it cut!

I came to grips with it this week.

As I looked down, I had to take one last pic…

It makes me wish I cut it sooner.  But there is a lesson here.  Hopefully the next time I think I want long hair, I’ll remember how much I’m not a fan of it for myself.  Not to confuse the fact that I will always be a fan of long hair..Anyone confused?  Yes?  Me too!  I’m just trying to convince myself otherwise.

Blessings – Debbie

A Walk in the Park

It’s one of those beautiful cool autumn days.  A little too cool for my thin blood to get out for my walk first thing.  So I hung out doing laundry and a few things around the house until it hit about 64 degrees.  That’s the time (9:30am) I hit the beaten path.

The combination of sunshine (vitamin D) and the crisp air, made the perfect blend for a hike.

This tree loaded with buds and blossoms made my heart sing.

I ended my membership at the gym and can’t imagine going back.  I get free day pass offers, but this is the place I’d rather be.

Many days I take on new paths.

Remember Forest Gump and how he took off walking?  That is exactly what I felt like doing today.  I struggled with the thought of going back inside.

Note:  Boo at me for not having my camera.  All pictures were taken with my cell phone.

Another mile was added to my route.  And stops to enjoy the view were necessary.

Words can’t express how great it was to breathe in the cool fresh air.  Nor can I describe the joy this peaceful setting brings.

Losing weight is a beautiful walk in the park.  Cheers to the weekend, good health and walking!

Blessings – Debbie

The Battle of the Handbag

For decades, I’ve had an ongoing battle carrying a purse on my shoulder.  I’ve tried to keep them as small as possible and they are not to exceed 3 or 4 pounds.

Oh the many days of going out with hubby and informing him that I’m leaving my bag at home.  I have a thing with lugging around any amount of weight on my shoulders for long periods of time.  There are countless times while out with him that I could really use my phone to reach him.  I may be over in the gardening department of Home Depot while he’s off looking at manly things.  Or sidetracked looking at pretty things while he’s focused on his list.  It’s those times I/we could really use the phone instead of hunting for each other.  Then is when I regret not bringing my purse.

Then there was today when I was off to the mall (with my 3 pound purse) to make a return and pick up a couple of things.  And it dawned on me (again) that both of my shoulders were hurting.   As I continued to switch my purse from left shoulder to right shoulder, I remind myself why I always try to wiggle out of taking my purse anywhere.  And then it came to me, clear as day – I need a clutch purse!

As I made my purchase, I clutched my bag as though my life and shoulders depended on it.

Why I never thought of this before now, I’ll never know.  This little dandy has one zipper on top with two compartments in the middle.  The front has a little snap compartment…

…and the back comes equipped with a zipper compartment.

This was such a joyful moment for me.  This little gem has plenty of room for car keys, cell phone, plastic cards and a little lip stick.  Would you believe I ripped into the bag (in my car) before I left the mall?  I did!  I ripped the price tags off, emptied the paper from it and filled it right there on the spot.  I could not have been happier.  Our very first outing together was to the grocery store.  We really hit it off!

I can almost guarantee one thing.  I don’t think I’ll ever ~ ever ~ ever carry another purse (on my shoulder) again.  Those days are gone.

This little thing made my day…

Blessings – Debbie

The Journey

We’ve heard a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step.  There are days on this weight loss journey where the view seems to stay the same.  And no matter how hard I work the number just doesn’t budge or it even goes up.  It’s those type mornings I grow thick skin, suck it up and accept that our bodies vary and the downward cycle will come.  I say that especially for those of us who weigh every day.

This morning was one of those major rewarding type of mornings.  I had a really happy meeting with “The” Digital Scale.  It was extra loving and it totally made me feel special.  It’s a crazy good feeling when the numbers are honest and the hard work finally shows thru.  It’s mornings like this when my skin gets a little thicker knowing I won’t see a result like this for a while.  All the more reason to work hard and eat healthy.  Good results will continue to come.

My days are taking much better shape now that I have my hiking game on.  Exercise has become much less of a struggle getting out the door.  I’m driven and I feel stronger than I did weeks ago.

The journey begins when I walk thru the door…

The path less traveled proved to be quite enjoyable.

Oats and walnuts were the perfect hearty boost after the hike.

My healthy journey started back in June, but it’s taken this long to finally feel equipped with all the tools I need to settle into this life commitment of good health.  It’s been a great one day at a time experience and no doubt I still have lots to learn.  In the meantime, I’m gonna keep on truckin’!

Blessings – Debbie

Happy ~ Beautiful ~ Crisp ~ Autumn ~ Monday

Picture taken from my hike this morning, the only time I took a moment to stop.

I beefed up my exercise by hiking a bit further with an approx elevation gain of 750 feet.  My tracker states I climbed more but I don’t believe it.

Hubby and I have a date in mind to mountain climb again.  And I’m working hard to master it – something I never thought I would enjoy.

“The odds of hitting a target go up dramatically when you aim at it.” – Mal Pancoast

Blessings – Debbie