I'm All About The Sale

I love when I discover a sweet sale on something I need.  Especially when it’s 80% off!

Shoes are one of the things I need most.  I have very few in my collection as I’m just not a big fan of shoe shopping.  I won’t get into it now, but, trust me when I say “I have an old faithful pair from 2000.”

My 80% off deal of the day!

When hubby asked tonight what all I gathered for myself this week, he jotted down every little detail.  I had no idea where he was going with this, but, I soon learned.  Next thing I know, this became his FB status.

My wife Debbie is ready for our Christmas vacation.  She has:
  • A new dress
  • New necklace
  • New shoes (80% off she reminds me)
  • French manicure with a “fine sparkly silver line” ($2 extra) …
  • Pedicure done in “Christmas Red”
  • Hair is died and cut (again)
  • She has a pretty flower in her headband

How much did this all cost?  It doesn’t matter.  We’re ready

I love how he celebrated my excitement this evening.  I’m still excited over my $17 and change dress and the necklace I snagged from the clearance rack.  ‘Course I didn’t think (at the time) to tell him about all my deals or those would have made the headlines too, I’m sure.  But, I’m not sure he’s as giddy as I am over the sales as much as he’s genuinely happy with my excitement.  Either way, I’m one happy lady, he made my night.

Blessings – Debbie

Are You Ready For Christmas

When asked, are you ready for Christmas, I can finally sit back, relax and say a hearty yes.  I can’t tell you how good that feels.  But, allow me to say, it’s feels great!

Even down to a nice relaxing visit to the hair salon late afternoon.

This was my mid afternoon cup of coffee at the salon.

Taken with my cell and toyed with for a bit in one of my apps.

 So, I ask, are you ready for Christmas?

Tick Tock, it’s Christmas week already!

Blessings – Debbie

Our World Revolves Around Home

Whether near or far from home, there is one thing for certain, there is no other place on earth as comforting and soothing as home sweet home.  We depend on it to always be there no matter what.

It’s just the place to find that perfect peace and rest.

It’s the place where love abounds.

Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays.

Where we come to grips with ourselves and life.

A place of refuge like none other.

It’s these times during the holidays and seasons of good cheer when our kitchens are a buzz with all sorts of treats.

And the time of year when weight can creep on like a leach.

Last week I spent many hours in the kitchen preparing for our annual Christmas party.  Many hours went into making sweet treats and an assortment of all kinds of food.

And yes, last week I gained more weight than I care to admit.  But I will, because this blog is about truth and honesty and it’s totally freeing to just get it out in the open.

I gained just under 5 pounds last week.  Eekkk

I truly wanted to go into denial and not weigh in, but that was not the way to move forward.

And it felt like the end of the world.  Like I would never get back to where I once was all those (almost) 5 pounds ago.

However, on this journey, I’m learning more about myself than I have in the past.

I’m learning that our bodies are VERY forgiving!  It’s extremely shocking how forgiving our bodies are, if we get right back up and keep on going in the right direction.

I got right back up after the party was over.  All sweet treats and food was sent away with guests, such that there was not a single thing to tempt me.

And don’t you know, those (nearly) 5 pounds melted off in just 3 days!  I’m still in disbelief, but I also know that this is the way our bodies behave when we get right back to eating healthy.  Thank you Jesus!

I’m going to remember this as we go into the Christmas season.  I may (who am I kidding,) I will put on some poundage over Christmas.  There is no way around it.  There will be fudge, peanut brittle, brunch and dinners to attend and I’m all about being on board with the celebrating.

I love this quote “Most people worry about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, when they really should worry about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas”.

That said, Christmas celebration is in order.  And I know when it’s all over, those pounds too shall drop off just as fast if not faster than I put them on.

As I contemplate the New Year, I look forward to finding complete health, a new place to call home, family trips and continued spice in life.

Blessings – Debbie

Today We Celebrate Us

In the beginning, there was a Christmas party, December 13, 1997.  From this day forward, we would never be without each other.

Today, tho it’s cool and rainy on the outside, the homefires are burning on the inside.

I made an early morning shopping run as I tried to dodge the rain drops.  I was hit by a few drops, but overall, I’d say it was perfect timing considering it rained on and off all day.

Hubby and I shared a simple lunch date mid day.

And the pool table is already set up and I’m so ready to sit, chill with a cup of coffee and play our favorite games into the night.

Blessings – Debbie

From the Kitchen Sink

Last week revolved around the kitchen sink while preparations went into organizing a party in our home Saturday evening.

White elephant gifts were purchased and wrapped for the party.

And candy canes were sprinkled around the tree.

By the time Friday rolled around, the kitchen was in full swing.

On Saturday the kitchen was in complete shock with loads of dirty dishes and mixing bowls piling up.

Hubby in true hubby fashion swooped in and kept the kitchen clean All. Day. Long.  And  just like magic he had everything organized and the hors d’oeuvres and dinner items had name cards in front of each dish.  I love it that our day was completely enjoyable and totally stress free.

Soon the guests began to arrive.

Folks mingled, played pool, the wii and xbox 360.  Hors d’oeuvres were served at 5, dinner at 6 and around 7ish the white elephant  gift exchange commenced and lots of fun was had by all.

But the sad part about the entire evening is this “I have no pictures to show for it”.  The special moments visiting and playing games defined the night.  I was so wrapped up in fun that I was afraid to start taking pix as the moment would have been lost.

Guests stayed and played with us ’til the wee hours of the morning as Texas Holdem’ Poker was the last game played amongst friends.

Hubby and I chilled in the family room ’til around 1am when we both decided it was time for some much needed sleep.  I put blinders on to the huge mess in the kitchen and decided the next day would be the perfect time to handle it.

Sleep soon came, but much too early hubby slipped out of bed Sunday morning.  That’s when I tugged on the covers and with a kiss on my cheek from hubby, I was out like a light ’til 11am.

And just like that when I entered our little world, the house was completely clean and all put back into place.  The dishes and mess in the kitchen was just a memory as hubby totally whirled his magic wand and made the mess disappear.

As I repeatedly thanked him for all of his help, he was thankful for me getting lots of rest and not waking until he had it all cleaned up.  He rocks my world even if he had left it all for me as I try to tell him “It’s my job”.  But I do love his eagerness to surprise me and his desire to make all the days of my life happy.

Blessings – Debbie

The Dr is Here

When this season rolled around, my drinking lots of water rolled out.

  • Drinking water right now doesn’t sound as good as it did during the summer months.
  • I’ve been dipping into hubby’s Diet Mt Dew the last couple of weeks and thinking about my old friend Diet Dr Pepper.

So apparently I talked myself right into purchasing these guys a day or so ago.  The Dr made it to the shopping list and into the shopping cart today.

I’m thinking this could turn into a slippery slope.

They were brought into the house in quite a large quantity.  The reason = they were on sale.

I’m sure in the days to come, I’ll come up with a really good reason to drink lots of water again.  Until then, I’m going to ration these guys and enjoy the Christmas Season.

On a really bright note – I’ve continued to make healthy living a top priority.  I’m down another 2 pounds this week and I’m amazed to see these unusual results.  Being down 2 dress sizes and celebrating how great I feel is pretty exciting.

The thing I continue to remind myself when I want to splurge on sweet things is this fact.  Eating healthy is not a piece of cake.  The End

Blessings – Debbie