News Flash

Hello Friends!  It’s been a week and by all indications, it seems I’ve been away.

Indeed, we did step away.

The hubs, our buddy and I went on a little road trip.  We enjoyed a little disco music to pass the time.

I still remember “Hot Stuff” as one of the songs from the day.

I took a shot of the prettiest truck on the road.

This is a sample of our view during three of those miles.  It was a very painful 3 miles as it took an hour and 1/2 to conquer those 3 miles.

Cars began to over heat and drop out one by one.  Our car protected itself by automatically cutting off our AC supply.

A sampling of the views along the way.

Hubby was on business, I was along for the ride and time with the hubs.  I love that he wants me with him when possible.

We did get a chance to meet up with old friends (Gerald and Eileen) we had not connected with in 9 years.  It was a total blast.  I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t take a single pic that evening.

In other news:

  • We turned on the AC (in the house) for the first time (this year) a week ago.  It’s still hard to believe that when we do run it, it only runs a few hours during the mid – late afternoon.
  • I’m officially signed up and ready to take a college course this fall.  I’m pretty excited as it’s not just any course but a photography course.  I even have my parking permit and I look forward to the first day of class.
  • Regarding my class:  Over the weekend, I printed out the map of the campus and located my building and place to park.  I also printed out a map of my building with all the room #’s.  Makes me happy that I’ll know exactly where I’m going the first day of class.  The Bonus = Hubby is going to give me a test run to the campus before I go it alone such that I’m familiar with the area.  He’s the Best!
  • I bought a boat load of my favorite varieties of K cups today.  And no, they were not on sale.  I’m just a little fearful for when September rolls around.  As some of you may already know, Green Mountain will lose its main patent on K Cups.  So what’s the concern?  Well I noticed I couldn’t find my favorite blend at the place where I normally buy it.  I also researched over the weekend and learned that it is on backorder in some stores.  But I put my fears to rest when I discovered it at a shop today.  I piled it in the cart as if I wouldn’t get another shot of it for months.  I feel better about that, but I wonder, did I get enough?  Or did I buy too much?  As I hear the price of this stuff is going to plummet when the patent ordeal is over.  Time will tell.
  • In the last week and 1/2, we visited our new favorite sub restaurant 4 x’s – Might I add, their egg salad is amazing!
  • Last week, during our travels with friends, we visited Cold Stone 3 x’s.
  • In the last week, our dining experiences ranged from Mexican to Seafood and everything in between.
  • We went with a digital phone in the house.  It’s sweet and clear and only 30 bucks a month for unlimited long distance calls.  We like having a home phone, especially when the deal is sweet.  Bye bye AT & T!

So, hello Monday evening!  I’m looking forward to a great week.

Blessings – Debbie

We’re on a Food Roll

Well if it isn’t already Tuesday.  Good Day!

Since this post is all about food, perhaps it’s a good thing I’m/we’re getting some of my/our cravings out-of-the-way such that we can get back on track.  That is a good thing, right?

We (the hubs and I) had some pretty amazing dates over the weekend.

We found the best sub shop in the world.

In fact, our subs were so good, we went back the following day.  And we’re already planning our next trip back to the place this week.  I already know what I’m having.

We also filled our sweet tooth cravings with Cold Stone.

It’s pretty obvious where this post is going.

To be completely honest, we have not embraced the healthy way of living 100% the last few days.  Although we did go to Panera for lunch yesterday and we both had a salad.

We’re trying to balance the good with the bad and the ugly.  I’d say we’re doing a pretty good job.

Another random foodie note.  We have the most yummy sweet treats growing in our backyard.

This is one of the figs I picked and enjoyed.

As of today, I’m looking forward to a dinner date with the hubs and our friend.  It’s going to be a fun time, I already know it.  But I’m not sure what we’ve decided on.  It’s between Mexican and BBQ.  Either way, it should be good!

In fact, we’re going to carry on with dinner dates this week, we already know the time and place where we will be meeting up with friends tomorrow evening.

And the day after that, I “think” we’re going back to the sub place with a friend.  I’m telling you, we are on a food roll all week…

To be continued.

Blessings – Debbie

When the Sun Goes Down

It commands attention.  It’s hard not to sit and watch the sky as it changes color.  So last evening, I found myself taking in the last bit of sunshine.

But lately, there is something that drives me nuts when the sun goes down.  I’m learning that I’m not as young as I once was.  I can’t stay up with the hubs like I used to.  Last evening I turned into a pumpkin before 9 pm!  And I hate that!  I do!  I also hate the word hate but I really do hate not being able to stay up with him.

I think I managed to hang out with the hubs until midnight once last week.  And it was a big deal.  And I was able to sleep in with him last Saturday morning.  And that was a big deal.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a brilliant idea.  Yes, I would take an afternoon nap and sail thru the night with the hubs.  I had it all planned out.  We would stay up late, sip coffee and watch movies.  While the idea was great and the afternoon nap was wonderful, the plan failed.  And I hate that too.

One of these days I’ll be able to go the distance with him.  I just wish it could be every day.

But let me tell you, this morning was a big hit.  It’s so easy to jump out of bed with a full tank of rest and energy.  I was ready bright and early to hit the trail with the neighbor girls.  Today was the first day for me to join the group (there were 7 of us today) for a weekly hike to Starbucks.  I’m already looking forward to next week.

Can you believe I didn’t so much as take a picture this morning?  The moments passed.  The conversations were great and…well?  It could not possibly get any better than that for a Thursday morning.

I’m already looking forward to seeing this great group of gals next week and the week after that and…It just does a heart good.

Blessings – Debbie

Hey ~ Hey

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been such a busy girl this week.  I’m going thru more stuff and getting rid of more things.  I made a run with stuff today and it feels quite liberating to let go.

I picked up my new frames last weekend.

I like them, but there is a bit of an adjustment.  The distance is perfect, but reading presents a bit of a struggle.

While it’s not too bad, I feel it’s just my eyes getting used to the new prescription.  I’ll give it a couple of weeks to adjust.

I’m a busy girl today so I don’t have the free time this afternoon to post much.

Looking forward to the hubs getting home from work and chilling with him this evening.

Blessings – Debbie

The Blessings

Don’t you just love a good experience when the blessings fall?

This morning, while on my hike, I received one of those beautiful showers of blessings.

As you know, I am passionate about exercise.  And today the neatest thing happened.  I ran into my neighbor (Rhonda), the gal I met months ago.  She’s the one who was traveling to Panama and Spain for hiking trips.  Yeah, she’s pretty amazing.

Photo from the hubs and my sunset hike this past weekend.

Anyway, I bumped into Rhonda again on my hike today.  I’m so glad I did!

She has a group of neighbor gals who meet at her house once a week for a 3.25 mi hike to Starbucks.  And I was invited to join the group. I can’t wait!  New friends, a hike and Starbucks – Oh Joy!

She also hosts some sort of class once a week in her home (on the deck overlooking the lake and mountains) where the instructor comes in.  I think she said Tai Chi?  I hope to start that group this week as well.  I’ve never done Tai Chi but she said, no worries come on over.

There are so many wonderful perks and blessings all in one.  I don’t have to get into my car and drive for anything, she’s my neighbor!  I adore her and connect with her.  I look forward to meeting more neighbors and making new friends.

The gals also meet at 7pm at her house every night for an hour or so hike.  Since I prefer spending my evenings with the hubs, I don’t think this is something I would be interested in.  But I think this is awesome to have such a great group in the hood.

Where it stands now, my heart is overflowing with joy at the thought of connecting at least once a week for exercise, fellowship and Starbucks.

I’m so thankful for the blessings that came my way today.

Photo from my hike this morning.

Blessings – Debbie

Truth be Told

When one is in doubt, there could be more.

One of my readers had question the other day about the way I look after my 3.5 mile hike.

It reads –

“I love reading your posts but I always wonder….do you hike all dressed up? and how do you look so pretty after a 3.5 mile hike? 🙂  I’m all sweaty and red faced…lol…just wondering ;)♥ “

Um, for starters, I apologize for making it seem I look anything other than this.

Today, I huffed and puffed with an elevation gain 1,347 ft.  I perspired and got all red-faced.  As you can see, my hair even got a little yucky and sweaty too.  I was a hot and sticky mess.  We will not discuss how I smelled when all was said and done.

But I bet you can guess how it went in my brand spankin new hiking britches.  Total bliss.

The hike was amazing.

Here are a few of my favorite pots in the neighborhood.

I have no idea what these were used for, years ago.

This almost looks like a cannon.  Boom!

I would know what this is, I’ve used one a time or two.  Just not for a pot.  One day…

This neighbors garden woos me.

It looks like the perfect home for fairies, gnomes and trolls.

It’s amazing how the scenery changes from one place to another.

It’s a beautiful and perfect distraction from the way I really look.

Do you have a question?  Feel free to ask in the comment section.  I will do my best to answer in an upcoming post.

Blessings – Debbie


I couldn’t think of a better title, as I’ve used that word more than any other word in this post.  So there you have it.

There were a number of things I wanted to conquer today.  One being my toes.

They have not seen a pedi in over a month.  And they were in dire need of a little TLC.  This is not the time or place to share before pix.  You just have to trust me on this.

I love the blue polish I picked up at the grocery yesterday.  It’s just the “right” color of blue.

The name of this polish = Blue Me Away!  Yes, there is an exclamation point on the polish bottle after the name.  Seems fitting as it really blue me away!

While my toes were drying, I got busy on Google Reader and caught up with my reading.

Then I got busy throwing laundry from the washer to the dryer.

While busying myself around the house, I noticed little sprinkles on the surface of the pool.

And then I remembered that we forgot to put the grill cover back on from our BBQ last evening.

Then I realized I needed the camera.  What the camera has to do with covering the grill is beyond me.  I just wanted the camera with me when I stepped outdoors as I didn’t want to miss anything.

Perhaps it’s a good thing I brought it out.  Because this vine will be all trimmed nice and proper when the gardener comes over this weekend.


And then there were two.

I’m glad that there are times in life when goodness shows up.  Sometimes we have to be prepared and on the lookout.

When goodness comes, stop and enjoy the moment.

So the grill did eventually get covered.

The laundry is behind me.

My toes are finally dry.

I had a manicure as well.  My nails are pretty happy now that they are up to snuff again.

I made a run (in the car) to get new walking britches.  I love saying britches.  My grandma calls em britches and I love the word.

One time when I said britches to my step-daughter, she thought I was referring to underwear.  I hope she knows the difference now.

As I was saying, I got new britches and it turned into such a great experience.

Can you believe that this is the first I’ve replaced my hiking britches since I started losing weight?  Me neither.  I guess I have it in my brain that I do not want to buy every stinkin size as I go down.  So I just doubled my britches over in a couple of places and used safety-pins to hold them up.  I’m resourceful like that.

How fun will it be, in the morning, to put on my new britches, sans safety-pins?  It’s going to be epic!

Blessings – Debbie

I’m a Work in Progress

Good Day!  And what a good day it is.  I have so much to be thankful for.

We were blessed with such a pretty night sky last evening.

Night sky with a bit of reflection in the pool

This morning dawned and a lovely day appeared.  This was an early shot from my hike today.

Can I tell you a thing or two?  Yes?  Please don’t judge.

You see, we all have heard the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, eat lunch like a prince, and eat dinner like a peasant.”  I totally get it and understand how breakfast will jump-start that metabolism among other good things.

But I’m just not that much of a breakfast person.  I don’t wake up starving.  And even when I get back from my morning hike, I have no desire for food.

It seems all I really want in the morning is coffee.  So I’m up to 2 cups each morning.  1 cup while I’m getting hubby’s breakfast and lunch ready.  And the second cup after my hike and shower.

A picture from my hike this morning.

By the time noon rolls around, I’m ready to start thinking about a bite to eat.  Yesterday I had lunch at 1:30 and today 12:30.  I pretty much eat when I’m ready for a bite.

Back to breakfast.  I’m beginning to warm up to the idea of having breakfast like I used to.  Because it’s good for me.  Lest I confuse you, just because I’m warming up, does not mean that I’m close to being ready.  Give me at least another month on this one.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?

One more thing.  I told myself (last weekend) that I was done buying soda.  I told myself “when my soda is gone, it’s gone.  Period!”   Apparently I fought back on that too.  Because the pantry has enough soda for at least two more weeks.  But It’s only a matter of time when I will be drinking water and lovin’ it.  But for now, I’m really into my Diet Root Beer.  Sigh…

Another shot from my morning hike today.

My Total Today – Distance = 3.51 mi – Elevation Gain = 1,227 ft

I’m a work in progress and taking it one thing at a time.  I think that’s all part of what makes this journey fun.  I have my calories completely under control.  I use my smart phone app to log everything that goes in.  And I’ve moved into my exercise program this week just swimmingly.

Cheers for the good and Cheers to the areas that need work.

Blessings – Debbie

Blaze A Trail Thru Summer

Good Afternoon!  Today is a big day.  It’s the day when I dip a bit deeper into health.

I’m not sure about you, but I’m just not the kind of gal that can take on a whole bunch of stuff all at the same time.

No, that would not be me.  I can feel myself shutdown at the thought of biting off more than I can chew.

I take things little by little, such that I don’t have a panic attack walk away from the thing I want so badly.

So last week, I totally embraced eating my daily allotment of calories without exceeding the feed limit.  Amen!

And as I look into this brand new week, I can see that there is room to add exercise to the list.  I’m ready for it.

On this beautiful blustery Southern California morning, I set out for my very first hike of the summer.

It was good to reconnect with nature.

And I’m more than ready to whip off these last 15 or so pounds.

On a good note, I dropped 3 pounds last week!  A testament that I am taking this serious. But I know it’s only a matter of a week or two that I will be back to only seeing a pound or 1/2 pound loss per week.

The goal is to find my stride.  And now that our travels are over and life is back to normal, I can focus and blaze this trail to goal.  And ultimately goal for life.

I’m happy with the progress and so thankful and proud that my hubby is on this journey with me.

Blessings – Debbie

The Joy of Long Holiday Weekends

It makes me smile to see so many things in full bloom.  And to enjoy fresh fruit from the backyard. Hubby brought up a fresh orange for me the other day.  It was so good and fresh – So I had to run back out to check out the figs.  The figs are still green, but I keep making a trek every other day or so to see how they are coming along.

A picture along the path.



One of our favorite meals would be our simple grilled lunch.  I’ve been jonesin for sausage peppers and onions.

I think my little grill foil packet was the best.  I loaded it up with peppers onions and Italian sausage (cut before cooking) + added smoked paprika and garlic salt to the mix.  It was simple but the flavors were spot on.  I did not have to add any type of oil, butter or water.  The veggies and sausage made plenty of juices.

And hubby’s been in the mood for a turkey dog, fries and an ear of corn for quite sometime.  So today, we both got our fill of the things we wanted.  It was so good, that we’ve talked about doing round 2 tonight.

Old Books

I have a “thing” for old books. One of my favorites is the old Bible on the top right.  Published 1839. I purchased that Bible some 21 + years ago for only $5.00.

I wanted to change-up the mantel this weekend.  It was seasoned with old books and was inspired by pinterest.

Monday is Coming

Hubby spent part of his weekend working in the garage.  And we’ve decided this has been the best 5 days in a row at home.  I sure wish I could order a few more vacation days on top of the already 5 day holiday I got to spend with him.  But I suppose his vacation days will come in handy another time.

Until then, it’s time to start embracing the fact that Monday morning is just around the corner.

Speaking of Monday, I think it will be a good day to start something new.  More on that tomorrow.

Blessings – Debbie

Happy Holiday Weekend

Good Friday Afternoon!  I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday week/weekend and keeping nice and cool one way or another.

We’ve had some Fun Filled Days.  As hubby has been off work since Tuesday evening.

  • We checked out this open house on our street.  While we’re not “quite” ready to buy, it’s fun getting our feet wet again.

  • Had some fun errands together – Love doing stuff together, even when it involves Home Depot.  I can have more fun in that store than a shoe store.
  • Enjoyed some really good movies
  • and to think “it’s only Friday!”

But most of all, I’ve enjoyed being totally kick back with the hubs.  Let the chilling continue around here.

Blessings – Debbie

Baby Steps

There are times when “Baby Steps” turn into giant leaps.  But for now, I’m just working on “Baby Steps” period.

This week is all about getting myself back into the health wagon.  And the way I see it, I’m not ready to do everything all at once.

This week is all about focus.

And by that, I mean getting my calories “ALL” under control.  I’ve managed to do that both yesterday and today.  But there are still areas to work on.

Things like:  Getting more protein, exercise, taking in more water…All things I will embrace in time.

Take today for instance, I found a new coffee flavor, it’s so yummy.

And this afternoon, I wanted another cup.  Now I normally (before Keurig) have one cup of coffee in the mornings.  But with this new Keurig thing in the house, I’ve had 2 – 3 cups a day.

So what did I do with my afternoon yearning for another cup of coffee?  I had it.  The calories come in the form of cream added to each cup = 105 calories per cup of coffee.

That just means 210 calories less that I can spend on food today.  And I’m ok with that for now, but not for long.

Yup, this week is all about weighing, measuring and counting every calorie that goes in.  And not exceeding the feed limit.  Because, that’s what it’s all about.  Baby Steps.

Blessings – Debbie

Good Health 1 Year Anniversary

As we tuck June away for another year, it’s a reminder that my journey back to good health is 1-year-old.

I picked another rose today.  May it be a reminder to take the time to continue to smell the roses.  And may it remind us that while life passes by, there is balance when we stop from our busy routine.  Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.  And find balance in whatever it is that we do.

I’ve come a long way but I still have a long way to go.  In fact, it’s a lifetime commitment.

Every area of life requires balance, as does this journey to good health.

I haven’t had a lot to say about my journey the last couple of months.  That’s because this has been a real test.  A test to see if I’m really committed to this lifestyle.  Will I stop when the party is over?  Or will I get back up?

We were out-of-town a total of three weeks in the last two months.  We celebrated both of our birthdays.  We took some time-out to dine at our favorite restaurants and ordered exactly what we wanted.  Yes, the best fried onion rings in the world made it to my plate, ice cream from Cold Stone was enjoyed more than I care to admit…It’s been two solid months of celebrations.  Or taking the time to smell the roses, if you will.

There was a major weight gain that took place during this last trip out-of-town.  Up until this trip, I maintained (of course gained and lost) my weight no problem.  Being away from home for 13 days, eating with the rest of the crowd.  And celebrating “big”.  That’s what we did and that’s life.  And it’s ok to allow ourselves these things.  No regret.

I did have a number in my head of what I thought I would gain.  Turns out, I was one pound under my expected gain.

Once we returned home, I lost 1/2 of that gain in the first 4 days.

Since then, I haven’t been practicing my good health guidelines.  While I have not gained, I certainly have not lost.

Today is the day, the day I have had in my mind the last two months.  The day I will get back to the health plan my Registered Dietician laid out for me last year.

I’m ready mentally, emotionally and physically to feel the way I feel when I eat for my health.  It’s time.

As far as the weight loss, it will come.  I know it.  There is no rush and I realize that it can become a bit harder getting the last of it off.  The way I see it, I still have 15 – 20 pounds to go.  While I have weight to lose, I do not have a set date for goal.  I will get there when I get there.

Cheers to good health and the desire to have it more than ever.

Blessings – Debbie