Under the Weather

You know you’re not having the best of days, when your body is not up to par.

That’s the way life treats us sometimes.

So I took the day off and stayed home.

Managed to get caught up on the laundry.

And took a few shots of my rings.

I took a few shots of them this morning, but I like the way the images look in the late afternoon light.

Shot late afternoon – I like the soft light feel.

_DSC0528 as Smart Object-1

Jewels sparkle in the beautiful sunshine. Image below was shot this morning and it looks a bit too “harsh”?

_DSC0477 as Smart Object-1

I’m feeling a little better and hopefully I’m back to my old self tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s the hubs Friday off work week. We always look forward to these three-day weekends. And if I’m better, we have plans to go hiking again. Fingers crossed.

Happy Weekend to you!

Blessings – Debbie


Good afternoon! Thought I’d hop over to give a little update. Notice I said “little”.

Regarding my class this semester:

  • I am so excited with all the new things I’m learning.
  • I was a bit overwhelmed in class Monday.
  • Still overwhelmed today, but new things are beginning to sink in.
  • The thought crossed my mind again that this class is way over my head.
  • The thought crossed my mind that I’m thankful for such a deep learning experience.
  • And the thought crossed my mind that I can’t imagine photography minus this class.

Feeling blessed, overwhelmed and excited to have the privilege of learning.


Shot this rose as it was drinking in the last bit of sunshine today.


Have a lovely evening!

Blessings – Debbie

A Fork In The Road

I started off this beautiful day with a nice little photo shoot in the backyard. The fork was my inspiration.

_DSC0060 as Smart Object-1

I messed a bit with the dials and waited for the sun to rise a little more.


I love the color of morning when the sun splashes light around.


Soon it was time to pack the camera and take it to the shop for a cleaning.

I’ve had a little concern with some new found specs on the images within the last few days. Turns out, my sensor really needed a good cleaning.

But there came that fork in the road and the path was not pretty. It’s when I learned they needed my sidekick camera all afternoon. Turns out they were really swamped.

It was a sad thing.

And I took a nap after lunch to help pass the time. Actually, I really needed a good nap.

Now that my batteries are charged and my camera is clean, no doubt we’ll be partners in crime again soon.

Blessings – Debbie

Just Me and My Lens

When a girl gets a new lens, all she wants to do is play! But first things first, she must go to class first.

So after class, I took my new 105mm 2.8 lens out for a little stroll, just the two of us.

This shot of ground covering and all that amazing color had me at hello!

Nothing stopped me from getting right down on the ground.

_DSC0010 as Smart Object-1

There was a clear ground + flora + lens = bond, happing right there on the spot.

_DSC0001 as Smart Object-1 copy

This little branch (from a sweet-gum tree) has the most amazing little buds forming. It was pretty cool to get behind the lens to see the detail as it’s very hard to make this out with the naked eye.

_DSC9882 as Smart Object-1

A fun shot playing with the settings to see what I could come up with.

_DSC9972 as Smart Object-1

I did not change the color of this deep magenta shot below. There were a sea of these flowers all in bloom. My goal was to focus on the little pedals just in front of me and to blur out the rest. I think it turned out to almost give a painterly feel.

_DSC9951 as Smart Object-1

This last shot was an old antique contraption of sorts in my neighbors yard. I thought it would be fun to shoot the wheel on an angle. And to give the prime focus on that bolt out front.

_DSC9960 as Smart Object-1

Overall, I’d say my little stroll not only turned out to be fun, but to view the world around me with a fresh set of eyes aka the new lens was quite refreshing.

I’m smitten with that lens, totally SMITTEN!

Blessings – Debbie

A New Lens

I love weekends!

I love time with the hubs!

And I love the unexpected nugget the hubs picked up for me while we were out on our lunch date and errands.

The Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8 lens is the lens I’ve been drooling over since my lady friend allowed me to give hers a whirl last week. And the hubs made that lens come to life for me today.

For the longest time the hubs has been asking “what lens do you want next”? And I continued to say, “I don’t know”? I knew the prime 105 was right up at the top of my list but I also have another lens close to the top as well. So it was hard to know which one I wanted without having a one on one feel with each lens. So last week after my little twirl with my friends lens, I knew. I knew without a doubt the next lens I wanted to add to my stash.

Here’s one of the first of 70 + shots I took on my first spin with the girl.

_DSC9747 as Smart Object-1a

Now the journey with this lens has just begun, as I’m looking forward to throwing it in drive tomorrow, and the day after that and…


Blessings – Debbie

Happy Friday

I get so excited when each weekend rolls around. It could have to do with the house getting a straightening, cleaning bottles whirling, the dust rag swinging, laundry swishing and home sweet home beaming.

But truth be told, while I like all the above, I really look forward to spending 48 hours with the hubs. It’s what makes my world go around.

In honor of this being Happy Friday, I thought I would share a little more from yesterday.

The shot below came to life by getting up close with that fireplace. This shot was taken from the backside looking out to this magnificent view. What I find exciting with this shot, are those deep dark clouds with rays of light squeezing thru.

While I find this shot exciting, it won’t be used for the assignment. However, I may go back another day and play with my camera settings to bring the foreground into focus. And nail the exposure in the foreground.

_DSC9670 as Smart Object-1

Another shot from the property was this shell of a tree that once stood strong. I love how it is all hollowed out with such strong growth surrounding it.

_BLOGDSC9688 as Smart Object-1

This assignment calls for another 40 shots. And 2 of those 40 will be museum matted for critique in class.

So over the next few weeks, I hope to be sharing shots with foreground and background in mind.

With that, I’m off to finish what I was up to = preparing home sweet home for the weekend.

Blessings – Debbie

Foreground Background

We received our next assignment, it’s all about Foreground and Background. I’m pretty excited as I knew just the place where I wanted to shoot for this assignment.

While I’ve traveled by many a time, I have yet to capture it on camera. That is, before today.

And I was so excited to shoot today. For me, it was all about the weather. I love how I got in just after the storm. Dark clouds hung heavy in the sky while the sun began to peak thru the clouds.

I shot this image every way you can imagine. And then I thought I think I’ve exhausted this for now.

_DSC9642 as Smart Object-1

But an hour or so after shooting this once upon a time happy home. I stepped back.

And it was then when I grew to love the composition even more.

I was nearly on my ear as I was as close to the ground as I could get.

And I knew all was right with the world.


One more shot – where young children once played in the front yard.

_DSC9634 as Smart Object-1

Who knows, I may have to make another appearance as I can’t seem to get the joy from that experience out of my mind.

Blessings – Debbie

A Little More Mundane Practice

After a nice long three-day weekend with the hubs, I decided to pick up my camera and continue taking shots that had to do with the assignment that is due this Wednesday. While my assignment is complete, it never hurts to explore more possibilities.

And since today is a school holiday (Presidents’ Day) it was nice sleeping in an extra hour and taking things a bit slower than my usual Monday morning.

And with that, I started off the day with my camera, even before the hubs left for work.

I think I caught the sentimental bug a long time ago. While just a young gal in my very early 20’s, (21 ish) I picked up this old “memories” book at an antique book store in Darien, CT.

_DSC9516 as Smart Object-1

It seemed the right thing to do.

_DSC9497 as Smart Object-1

After all, it was a keepsake of Bernice. The pages are filled with beautiful well wishes from the mid to late 1880’s. I wish I could find the closest family member to pass this beautiful book to. For now, it’s in good hands.

_DSC9536 as Smart Object-1

The little jot up the center of this page reads – Ber remember “small particles of dust” – I wonder what special meaning that has between these two girls.

I thought it was interesting taking a few shots in the shadows of foliage outdoors.

_DSC9528 as Smart Object-1

While reading such beautiful well wishes for this girl, I’m reminded how life is fragile, short and special. And that planting seeds of kindness are sure to reap something special.

Another idea was to shoot one of my favorite dolls. I’ve always been a nut about dolls. These days, my favorite dolls are the porcelain dolls we picked up in Asia many years ago.

_DSC9489 as Smart Object-1a

It was a lot of fun capturing these images in the early morning light streaming thru the window.

_DSC9477 as Smart Object-1

Yi Sun-shin – April 28, 1545 – December 16, 1598 – Yi Sun-shin was a Korean naval commander, famed for his victories against the Japanese navy during the Imilin war in the Josen Dynasty.

We picked up this carving during our stay in South Korea to “remember” with them.

_DSC9436 as Smart Object-1

 Never forget…

_DSC9441 as Smart Object-1

May the memories we make last a lifetime and may we not forget to pass them down to the next generation.

Blessings – Debbie

Happy Valentine’s Day

So this morning, the first thing the hubs said to me – “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I feel blessed to have and to hold My Love who loves me every day, as if it were Valentines. And I’m thankful the I Love You’s are heard morning, noon and night each day throughout the year.

In honor of today being Valentines, I switched up my day and did something I haven’t done in years. I dug out my colored pencils and the rest is history.

What can I say?

The last few days have been busy.

  • I finished up my photography assignment this week.
  • Discovered the very next lens I want to add to my collection. It’s the 105 mm f2.8
  • I picked up my colored pencils today for the first time in years

I was inspired by one of my fruit shots a few weeks ago.

I took some shots of a mixture of fruit on a cake plate for my Mundane to Masterpiece photography assignment.

But today, I had the urge to begin a sketch.

_DSC9355 as Smart Object-1

I felt the need for some me time. And since I’m all caught up on my school assignment and the reading, I thought it would be fun to do a little drawing this week. And since Monday is a  school holiday, why not jump into the pencils for a few days, right?

So there you have what I’ve been up to all afternoon. I really enjoyed my day.

But the thing I’m looking forward to the most is getting the hubs all to myself for the next three days.

Perhaps I’m a little on the giddy side because we are back to just the two of us under one roof as our nephew left this morning.

I haven’t mentioned much of our nephew (the hubs sisters son) staying with us while he looked for a job, but he’s been with us since October.

And as much as we love our nephew, it’s nice to have the nest back to just the two of us.

And with that, I’m off to begin the evening celebration which will more than likely involve the two of us staying home – Throwing another log on the fire – Catching up on a show or two (we missed Survivor last evening as I was out like a light before 9pm) – and enjoying each others company.

Blessings – Debbie

My Choice

There are times when it’s difficult picking my favorites.

While I need 40 shots to turn in for this (Masterpiece from the Mundane) assignment, I had to narrow it down to two pictures for Museum style mounting for critique in class.

After shooting 1,000’s of pictures (literally) over the last two + weeks, I finally made my decision on the two pictures that spoke the most to me.

This shot is all about color and the shallow depth of field. Something about it draws me in.

Mundane 001

Remember all those shots of the splash I posted way back when? Well I finally made my decision with this shot as “The One”. There are many things I like about this shot.

  • The cloudy/rainy day went hand in hand with the splash
  • The position of the glass in front of that colorful rock
  • The color, oh the rustic orange, aqua blue, greens and browns = YES
  • The position of the lime as it falls
  • The splash above and the splash below
  • The activity all the way around in this shot draws me in
  • And there is something about the shallow depth of field (blurred out background) that really does it for me


Now to get these guys printed and given Museum style mounting for critique in class. Then I’ll be all set for my presentation.

The professor actually extended our due date as we now have another week to work on our assignments. I’m calling my work done and ready to move on to the next exciting assignment.

Have you any idea how much I love my Digital Darkroom class? Coming home at the end of each class with gained knowledge is quite a thrill. My love for photography is running wild about now!

Bits of news around here:

  • Spent all morning working on my assignment
  • Enjoyed a lunch date with the hubs
  • Planned to have one on one with the iron and ironing board
  • Worked on my assignment/computer all afternoon
  • Thinking about breaking out the iron and ironing board about now
  • Oh, I had my first round of Girl Scout Cookies last night – Gotta love the Thin Mints
  • The husband is to blame for the Cookies
  • I’m to blame for laying a hand on them

Now before it gets too late, I’m going to march right in there and do something about my ironing.

Until next time…

Blessings – Debbie

A Masterpiece from the Mundane

The last few weeks, I’ve worked pretty hard on my (Masterpiece from the Mundane) assignment. The Masterpiece from the mundane was to simply take shots (of anything) around our home (inside or outside) to create a masterpiece. I need 40 shots total to complete the assignment.

Here are a few of the shots I took this weekend to finish up the assignment.

I thought it would be fun to gather thread from my stash for one of the shots.

Mundane 015

And my colored pencils came to mind too.

Mundane 005

I really had a lot of fun working with these guys.

But this was the most exciting thing that came from all the playing. To keep the pencils from rolling all over the place, I took a piece of tape to hold them together.

And as I was moving them around, they sort of did something like this (below) on accident. So I tweaked them by spreading them out and I really like what happened.

Mundane 008

 As far as our weekend goes, it’s been just great!

Friday, the hubs and I made a nice little trip up to LA to visit our daughter and her boyfriend who flew in for a few days. We enjoyed dinner over the ocean, as the restaurant was on a pier/stilts and the waves crashed below us.

And I have absolutely no pictures to share. I know, shocker. I was afraid of getting too camera happy with the daughter and her boyfriend. Little did I know the daughter told her boyfriend to be “ready” for pictures. Makes me sad I left the camera behind. Next time,  I won’t fret about my camera being in the way. Look out, I’m going to make up for lost time the next time around.

But the beauty of the afternoon/evening is this – we had such a great time together. And I told our daughter that I really, REALLY like her boyfriend.

The last couple of days has been quite relaxing just hanging out with the hubs. Tonight we have a fire crackling in the fireplace and I think we’re getting ready to play our usual evening round of backgammon. And I think I’m getting ready for a cup of coffee.

Cheers to a wonderful weekend and for being all set for class tomorrow.

Blessings – Debbie

Fireworks in the Middle of February

That’s what I like!

I’m not one to learn by hearing, although it helps to hear it first, then go thru the actual motions.

So in class the last couple of weeks, I found myself struggling. I even told the hubs that I would be happy with a B in this class. And I meant it. While I’ve given all I can give, this class has really kicked things up a notch. And the more he kicks things up, I worry that I’m not absorbing enough to do all the requirements for this assignment.

But finally, today, we got to work on our projects. We finally got to go thru the motions of all that he’s been teaching the last couple of weeks.

And all I can say is this. I did not have a lightbulb moment, folks, I had the full fireworks grand finale!

By no means have I “arrived”, I’m just trying to say – now that I’m going thru the motions of the different actions we need to perform, I finally feel like I’m “in the ballpark”. And that, my friends is such a great feeling.

Cheers for today, as it has truly been my cup of tea.

DSC_7864 as Smart Object-1

And I spent all afternoon (at home) repeating the motions we went thru in class. So much so that I completely lost track of time.

And did not get around to checking my e-mail until 6 pm.

And felt really bad that my sick buddy e-mailed me earlier today and I didn’t get back to her until just now.

Crazy things happen when one gets absorbed in the things they love.

I look forward to losing myself more often this semester. I’m looking forward to great things happening, more fireworks sort of moments, the joy of learning and hopefully another A this year.

Blessings – Debbie

Hello Spring

I say “Hello Beautiful Spring”!

Tis true, it’s spring at our house, see? It does my heart good to see the beauty.


And there was fog and dew visiting our house this morning too.


Enough such that I played in the yard a couple of hours just trying to capture the essence of the day.


While I did smell the roses, I also took the time to capture the stepping-stones along the way.


Then I broke for a little lunch date with the hubs. My favorite part of the day, by far…

And ran a few errands. Then my late afternoon I worked a bit on my photography class reading assignment.

And now I sit in the early evening hours drinking in the fact that spring is really on the way. Have you noticed how it’s staying lighter a bit later?

Spring, I’m ready for you!

Blessings – Debbie


Oh what a day! I hope you had a good one.

It’s almost a rude awakening when the Monday morning alarm rings. As these days, it means it’s time for me to get up. I don’t wait for a snooze, as I immediately hop out of bed, shower, get ready for class, make the hubs breakfast and lunch, and make my way out the door to class by 7 am.

I wasn’t so sure I would like this schedule, as it throws a bit of a twist rolling out of bed that early. But for some reason, I seem to think I kinda like it. Just don’t ask me next Monday when the alarm goes off.

One of the things I like about getting up and at em, is the joy of getting out of class by 11 and having the rest of the day to work on my assignments or what have you.

Today I was able to catch up on a little reading, do some computer work and pretty much get caught-up on a few things on my to do list.

Finally evening has rolled around and there is something special about this nice peaceful quiet end.

I captured this shot just before the sun went down. Now I’m sipping a nice cold glass of Root Beer. And all feels right with the world.


And here’s a shot I took last evening, just for fun.


Now is the time to sit back, do a little more reading and wait for the hubs to walk thru the door.

Good night all!

Blessings – Debbie

Trash to Treasure

While on our hike the other day, we came upon this scene. The scene of what I thought to be an accident from years gone by.

I thought this car came from the road up this steep mountain. And I thought it came tumbling down.

Tumbling down indeed, but with the help of someone helping it down the mountain.

As the hubs quickly noticed, no engine. And that it was missing major components that would be here had it been an accident.

Feb 1 184

I was eager to learn as much as I could. So I snapped a pic of the other side of the car. I doubt this door ever comes to a close again. And a small tree is beginning to take residence between the car and the door.

Feb 1 188

Some have already signed that they have been here.

Feb 1 201

The spot where gas once filled the tank.

Feb 1 196

And what is left of the wheels that once took passengers here, there and yon.

Feb 1 205

And what some see as junk, I saw as a treasure.

Many MANY thanks to the hubs for allowing me to snap ’til my heart was content.

Blessings – Debbie

And Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We’re cheering for the Ravens in this house, how about you?