Kick Up a Heal or A Tail Feather – And Ring In Spring Break

Good Monday to you! I thought I would have a chance to scoot over and post the new do over the weekend. Turns out, I spent every last drop of time with the hubs.

We enjoyed a couple of dates and had the best QT a given weekend can bring.

Here’s a shot of the new do. My neck is enjoying the cool So Cal breeze.

_DSC1440 copy

I’m kickin’ up my heels for Monday!

And caught this guy kickin’ up his heels this morning too.


And passing out high-five’s as well.


The bird, just outside my window had his tail feather up for the day as well.


It’s a day of kicking up heels and tail feathers or what ever there is to kick up, as I’m officially on Spring Break!

I have some fun things planned and looking forward to diving further into photography.

Happy Monday!

Blessings – Debbie

I’m All Better Now

Something has bothered me for an entire week. And there was not one thing I could do about it.

That is, until today.


The week of frustration was this hair on the back of my neck.


I made a panic call to my salon last week and my girl was booked solid all week. Thoughts crossed my mind, more than once, to take matters into my own hands. Luckily memories  from times past kept me away from doing too much harm. I did some chopping on my bangs (I was trying to grow them out too) this week. I can’t help myself.

The hair cutting frenzy and frustration happened the moment the weather changed. When our temps reach up into the mid 70’s. That’s the precise moment I realized long hair and me do not blend in the spring and summer months. Not that it was hot, but goodness my neck was so hot from all the hair pooled around it.

I took these shots right before my appointment today. I’ll share the after shots tomorrow.

_DSC1352-1 copy

True Story: I woke in the middle of the night last night and had a hard time going back to sleep. It all had to do with the excitement of feeling real fresh air on my neck again.

Another True Story: I told hubby this morning that I was getting this hair cut off my neck today. He said “you better”. I love that he rolls which ever way the wind blows.

Cheers to this amazing beautiful fresh air and the upcoming weekend! I’m all better now.

Blessings – Debbie


I’m glad it’s spring! You?


My body is well-adjusted to the time change and I’m loving the longer lighter days.

The photos in this post represent spring around our house.

All images were shot with the Micro Nikkor 105mm 2.8 lens – today


Yesterday was my last day of class before spring break next week.

Easter is here already? I thought it was just Christmas.

The pages this year seem to be turning at record speeds. And I can’t believe that 1/4 of the year is almost gone. The hubs and I were just talking about that last weekend.

This semester is by far my favorite school semester. EVER!

It’s the little things in life that I find fascinating.


I now have my new favorite teacher. EVER! Perhaps it has something to do with me enjoying the subject and wanting to glean everything that comes out of his mouth. But boy is he a great teacher. As a student, it is obvious that he truly cares about his students, he’s passionate about teaching and wants each of us to do well.

I could say my new favorite thing is photography. Then again, hasn’t it been for quite sometime? It’s a rare day that I don’t pick up my camera and shoot.

And it makes me happy that I have something as small as a camera that provides such joy while my hubby is off to work.

Having the opportunity to do what I love and love what I do, is something I never want to take for-granted.

I already have two photography dates set up for next week, during my spring break.

The joy-bells continue to ring, Happy Spring!

Blessings – Debbie

Cheers To…

What’s up? I hope all of you are having a lovely week.

Our weekend was kick back relaxing. I love those kind of weekends with the hubs. It’s the times when coffee is sipped slowly, games are enjoyed together, long visits with the hubs and vacation planning with family was discussed = all around quality time shared leisurely together. It’s these weekends together that make us long for retirement, when we can spend every day together.

On Monday, I had another great class. I’m learning such amazing new things. I know I’ve said this before, but really, each class builds from the last. And I’m beyond excited to learn how to better process my photos.

Yesterday my head was about to explode from information overload. And I get to go back for more tomorrow. How exciting is that?

We shipped my camera in (last week) for a little sensor cleaning and to have another issue looked at. All week I seemed to struggle as I tugged my old camera off the shelf. While I took a few shots, it was hard to really get into it as I soon realized how much I missed my Nikon.

But I learned something in that short span of time. I learned that I have a greater appreciation for it, as the absence was quite painful.

So cheers to having my Nikon back in my hands today! It’s 100% clean and healthy and all set to shoot again.

I had it out of the box in no time, attached my new favorite lens and was taking pix in less than two shakes of a lambs tail. It’s true, that is all I wanted to do when I opened the box.

My heart nearly went pitter pat when I saw this big guy buzzing all over the wisteria. This guy also showed me who’s boss. I shot when I had the chance and ran when I got the vibe that he was out to get me. Did you know that the buzz of this guy drowns out the buzz of a bee. I mean, he sounds like a jet engine for goodness sakes. Scary to think I was this close. No humans were stung during the shooting of this guy.


Cheers to relaxing weekends, learning and enjoying my camera now more than ever – if that’s possible.

Blessings – Debbie

Growing Pains

As a student, I experience growing pains. I want to get it. And I want so badly to absorb everything that is tossed my way. And some days my brain is so full, to the point I feel my brain shut down.

And I get the deer in the headlights look. What?


While I’m keeping up in class and jumping thru the hoops the professor requires, I just don’t “get it”. In other words, I’m doing things to be doing them but I still feel like I lack understanding behind it.


Then there are the days when the light bulbs begin to go off. Like yesterday when Sarah suggested we get together for a lunch date after class and then cruise over to her house to give me a hand with my Digital Darkroom (Photoshop) troubles. She rocks!

I left her home yesterday having experienced another huge break thru. Thank you Sarah!


And while I gained a bit more knowledge, I still have such a long way to go. And I don’t claim to know it all yet.

As with anything, there will always be room for growth in photography and making good images.

Our next assignment is all about humans. And I panic wondering if I can find the right person and create an image worthy of presentation.

While I put a lot of pressure on myself, I think it’s that pressure that drives me. So I’m using myself these days for practice as I learn how to better edit the photos I take in RAW.

Cheers to the lightbulb moments and those dear friends and loved ones along the way to encourage.

My dearest hubby listened to me jabber for nearly 30 min, if not longer. And he shared in my excitement as I told him all about my day, last evening. I was a ball of excitement with so much to share and it makes me happy that he cares and takes interest in my passion. He’s the best!

Blessings – Debbie

Feeling Colourful

Good day my friends! All I can say is – “this time change makes me so very happy!”

Cheers to an alarm that works, a nice hot shower, a mug to hold coffee, and photography class bright and early. Oh what a good day!

And since I’m feeling colourful, here I am (7:20am) as I arrive to class with my mug of coffee, ready to start this lovely day.

892054_417860681639293_467982094_o as Smart Object-1

Recall the excitement I shared about my day in the hills (last Thursday) shooting? As it turns out, none of those shots work for the assignment. But I do have another shot that I would like to share from that day.

The old Farmall Tractor that once could…

_DSC0993 as Smart Object-1Blog

Below is my choice #2 – It is printed, matted and ready for critique Wednesday.

Foreground 018

 And here is my choice #1 – This guy is printed and ready for critique as well.

Foreground 005

Looking forward to critique and seeing what the other students present.

It’s times like this when the assignment is complete that the best feeling washes over me.

But I can’t let it rest as I already have a head start on my next assignment due in about 3 weeks.

This class rocks!

Blessings – Debbie

A Desperate Photographer

Those are the words I uttered to the hubs while I was trying to figure out where I would shoot today.

But before I talk about today, I’ll back up to yesterday.

Yesterday my shutterbug buddy (“Sarah” ) and I thought it would be a great idea to get out and shoot together.

Meet “Sarah” , I’ve talked about her a few times on the blog and here she is again.

_DSC0820 as Smart Object-1

I’m in awe of the images she captures. She and her hubs are amazing professional photographers.

_DSC0817 as Smart Object-1

And I feel blessed that I had the privilege of meeting them and becoming friends. We had a ball of fun.

_DSC0861 as Smart Object-1

I thought it would be fun to play with one of the shots I took, you know, take it over the top in Photoshop like so. Made me happy.

_DSC0848 as Smart Object-1 copy

After our nice little outing that consisted of lunch, a stop by Sarah’s house and a nice photoshoot, it was time to call it a day.

But for some reason, I could not for the life of me figure out what to shoot for our foreground/background assignment. While I have all 40 shots ready to turn in, two of them need to stand out above the rest.

I have one in the bag, but I still needed “The One” to make that a total of two for critique.

I fretted all night. Woke this morning fretting and wondering, where should I go.

I was in favor of our nice cloudy skies but the choices that rolled around in my head included:

  • The Beach
  • Pier
  • Boats
  • The Hills

Head for the HILLS! It washed over me when I saw a beautiful picture on the weather channel, it’s right where I wanted to go, the great big hills with deep dark clouds.

This is the path. And I drove deep into the hills. Up into the clouds. And all felt right with the world.

_DSC1029 as Smart Object-1

Soon I had the urge to make a turn off the beatin’ path, so I did. I found myself  winding my way down a road I had never been.

And came upon a really cool antique car junk yard.

The security gate was WIDE open, so I pulled in.

I had no worries because my camera was with me. It’s fun being a photographer because we have a really GOOD excuse when we are where we may or may not belong.

My car was the only “civil” car on this huge chunk of land. Soon I hit the locks on my car and away I went.

Only I got stopped in my tracks just a few steps out. It was an elderly woman coming towards me from the gate on the other side of my parked car.  Long story short, turns out I was standing on a chunk of her 18 acres.

Oops I uttered under my breath *with a great big friendly smile* I squared my shoulders and said –

Good day! What a beautiful place you have. I’m a budding photographer in school with a really big assignment. I see you have an amazing tractor in the distance, may I take some shots of your tractor? It would make a lovely image. I also noticed the old cars way over there on the other side, what great shots they would make. May I take some shots of the cars too?

The nice woman said – You are free to shoot this tractor by the barn and that tractor in the distance. I also have a windmill, you are free to shoot that too. But that’s about all. That land with the antique cars is rented, so I can’t give you permission to go over there.

I thanked her kindly and wished her a lovely day before I set out to shoot.

_DSC0997 as Smart Object-1a

The woman didn’t say anything about this lone car out on the dusty road on the way out to shoot the windmill, so I took the shot, in fact, many.

_DSC0981 as Smart Object-1

In the distance, I could see dust stirring from a truck heading my way. As the truck approached, I stepped over to the side of the narrow dirt road. The truck slowed and came to a stop, right next to me.

Down went the window of a young man looking at me rather puzzled. I broke the silence stating I met the nice woman up the way…

With a grin crossing his face he said “she’s my grandma”.

I explained to him that she had given me permission to shoot some pictures on her property.

He exclaimed “Take your time, it’s ok”.

And I wished him a lovely day and thanked him for his generosity AND for taking such good care of his grandma.

Oh the pictures I snapped. And the thought that such lovely folks let me on their property to shoot brought a smile and added joy to my day.

Now to sift thru a boatload of pictures to figure out which one to use for the assignment.

I feel blessed.

Blessings – Debbie

A Pain In My Back Side

Here it is, already Tuesday.

I left the blog hanging last Thursday. I was under the weather, remember?

And I wanted so badly to feel better such that the hubs and I could get out and hike over our 3 day weekend.

Truth be told, I was physically in pain. Pain caused from over doing it while taking pictures last week.

Goodness knows the many ways I twisted myself while holding the camera still to capture 1,000’s of fun shots, literally. And you know I looked silly in the process. And you should know, the more awkward I look while taking the shot, the better.

So I woke last Thursday with the most outrageous gripping pain in my left shoulder-blade. Pain that seemed to grip the left side of my body. Pain that shot thru my body, All. Day. Long.

I really hoped and crossed my fingers that I would be able to sleep it off Thursday night.

But I woke Friday and it was still there. Saturday, it was still there. Sunday it was still there, but about 80% better.

Hot ~ HOT showers and lots of stretching, those were my physical friends.

So I picked up the camera and started fooling around with it.

I shot a few cents, for what it’s worth. This shot was taken Saturday on a tripod. I was rational, thinking as long as I didn’t hold the camera it was ok to shoot, so I did.


More pocket change.


Since I was feeling a bit better on Sunday, I made my way to the blossoms minus a tripod. I thought I was feeling well enough to shoot again.


And squatted down low for shots like this.

_DSC0707 as Smart Object-1

In no time, I had taken well over 100 shots, but the sad thing is that my body was feeling it once again.

And the moment I walked back into the house, I said “why did I just do that”! I was so upset with myself while the pain creeped in like a thief stealing my joy.

More HOT showers, more stretching and more frustration followed.

But I can say, I did not lift the camera yesterday.

Have not touched it today.

And it sits there taunting me and it’s hard to just let it be.

I’d say I’m right at around 90% today and getting better and better as the days go by. The key is giving my muscle time to fully heal before I put the camera in gear.

One thing that I can report, the hubs and I had the most amazing weekend at home.

We didn’t leave the house.

Our jammies stayed on for three whole days and it felt GREAT!

All that to say, I hope I learned my lesson. And I plan to start building a few more back muscles such that I can strike and hold whatever poses I want, while capturing what I find amazing on the other side of the lens.

Blessings – Debbie