My next assignment is due in a couple of weeks. We’re working on “pano” and learning how to stitch pictures together. I have a total of 3 pano projects to turn in.

Here’s one of the projects I started this morning.


The above shot consists of 12 shots taken portrait style = 3 rows x 4 across. I’m delighted with the way it came together. The above image, needs a bit more processing, but at least it kinda shows what I’m up to.

Below is another pano. I just finished stitching this guy together. Unlike the shot above, this image consists of 5 shots (portrait style) stitched together to make a nice long pano.

I’m not happy with the image below, so I believe I will give it another shot this week.


This assignment is teaching me a lot, as each pano assignment is a little different, unique and fun. I can’t wait to let my right brain run free on the third pano assignment. It’s the pano/image that’s going to be the most artistic, infused with a bit of serendipity as I like to think of it. And I can’t wait to get started putting those pieces together.

I feel blessed (little by little), that I’m able to grasp what the professor wants to see in our images. On that note, it’s back to work.

And if you were here yesterday, I’m happy to report “I’m back to my normal happy self.”

Blessings – Debbie

I Felt Less Than A Flower

When I didn’t want to get up and go to class today. We (the hubs and I) have so many exciting things on our plate and the last thing I wanted to do today, was go to school.

I’m a little shocked at myself as I love my class. This semester ROCKS! I have the best teacher! And the things I’m learning in class blow my mind.

But it was just one of those days where I just wanted to stay home.

I’m so happy my hubby knows me well. He knew if I skipped class, that I would beat myself up for it. So he talked me into going. Thank you, My Love!

I felt less than a flower when a gal tailgated me for miles on my way to class. I couldn’t shake her from my bumper for the life of me.

I felt less than a flower when a student picked an argument with me over a term I used. The frustrating thing, is the term I used had nothing to do with the point I was trying to make. It was just a word in my sentence. Wish I had used another word before I got to the point I was trying to make. The other frustrating thing about the whole thing is – that student interrupted the conversation between me and another student. Interrupted me while I was trying to talk to the other student. And completely had me frazzled before class even started.

I felt less than a flower when I had a difficult time understanding a procedure during lab today. At that point, I had completely shut down. I could have burst into tears, as the wall holding them back nearly broke.

There were a couple of other things that happened, things that made me feel less than a flower. But I can’t think of a good way to spell it out on the blog.

Indeed, I felt less than a flower. I felt more like a weed.

To make things better, my buddy Sarah and I set out on a photography shopping trip. We had a nice lunch date. And completely chilled and enjoyed our visit. It was refreshing.

I may have felt like a weed today, but what makes me bloom is when my dearest catches wind that I had a difficult day. He just called to listen, as he wanted me to tell him all about it. He’s the best!

It’s days like this that make me realize that no matter what, I have friends and the dearest husband who really care.

It dawned on me when I got home, to shoot a picture of a weed. It’s how I felt. So I went out searching for my very own personal weed. I love what I discovered blooming amongst the thorns and thistles. In fact, I had to mush out all the thistles and weeds surrounding this beauty to get this shot.

You know how you know, when something is right? When you feel it in your gut that this is it? That’s exactly how I felt when I discovered this guy. Made my heart sing.


I may have felt like a weed most of the day, but I’m thankful to enter the afternoon and evening on such a happy note.

Blessings – Debbie

A Smattering

I’m sorry to say, but this post is all over the place. Just wanted to let you know up-front.

It’s been a busy last three weeks.

A good but busy last three weeks.

An overwhelming last three weeks, as my classes are getting more and more involved. But I’m hanging in there. Learning a lot. And hanging on for dear life. Or so it seems when I get overload.

And really looking forward to summer.

This shot was taken on one of our drives/errand date filled weekends. 3 weeks ago ish? It’s a wonderful weekend to remember.


I love coffee and I love surprises – The hubs surprised me with this really cool thermos early April. Love the rubber grips + I really enjoying drinking out of this guy in photography class.


It appears we are going thru another downsize. It was time for the pool table and light to go. Thank you Craigslist for pulling thru again!


A lot of spring cleaning is in order this time of the year. But I took a rest in Photoshop to do a fun edit on this shot that I took weeks ago.


Below is one of the before and after shots I worked on in Photoshop class. The lesson called for us to use an old photo in need of help.

I’m thinking she is my Great, Great Grandma? The black and white on the left is the finished product.

There were many hours involved as the detail was brought back. If you enlarge the shot, you will notice the detail in her hair, face, hands, eyes, glasses, jewelry, buttons, folds in her dress and scarf and the detail on the chair. As well as touching up the background. This took upwards of 8 hours hand drawing the detail via mouse attached to the computer. I found this work therapeutic.


My latest assignment calls for stitching together 5 photos to make a large pano. This is just one of the 5 to be stitched together.

I can’t wait to see how this looks with all the pieces in place.


So today I worked a bit more from a different place. I like this spot.

I particularly like how the sun only sprinkled the wild flowers with golden light.


This fallen tree caught my eye.


As did this flower.


And just like that, I’m calling the blog caught up. Whether it’s all caught up or not. And I feel a great sense of relief getting this off my chest. And I feel a little guilty that this post is harsh and broken into many directions. But it’s a little reminder of some of the things I/we’ve been up to.

The things that make me happy today.

  1. I went to the grocery for the second time in two days. I know, right? But I’m happy to have the ticket item (I forgot yesterday) for the hubs tonight.
  2. Laundry is nearly caught up, just one load to fold.
  3. The blog is semi caught-up.
  4. I think I have enough shots to complete my rather large assignment – due in 2 weeks. Makes me extra happy.

Thank you for checking in. I trust you are well and having a wonderful week.

Blessings – Debbie

Breaking the Silence

I interrupt the silence because, well because, I’m so far behind and there is so much to report since I last updated.

The last I checked, I was just getting ready for my spring break. That was 3 weeks ago! And during spring break, so many things happened.

For starters, I asked my girlfriend if I could have a photoshoot with her beautiful children. She said YES!

So we met at the local park where we spent hours playing.


This cutie had me wrapped right around his bitty finger.


We had a blast playing on the jungle gym!


Bubbles were blown and carefully watched as they drifted away.


And lots of fun was had, as this little princess loved to pose.


Made for some great shots.


She was up for anything I suggested AND she loved it!


Random special moments, frozen in time.


Balloons were passed out as the first fun gift. The little man thought I was pretty cool for bringing balloons. And his big sister felt like she was at the fair.

The little guy worried the balloon would pop!


Sweetness as she watches the little brother.


Then I passed out the lollipops at the end of the photoshoot. It seemed the thing to do as I wanted to give one last treat as a Great Big thank you for helping with my assignment.


The little guy said “this is my favorite lollipop in the whole world” – Not to mention he gave the best hugs and unexpected kisses “on the lips” of all things! What’s a girl to do?


My heart overflows with so much love for my sweet friends.


And I can’t thank them enough for giving me a shot.


And that wraps up a little of what happened 3 weeks ago.

Blessings – Debbie