Memorial Day Weekend

It was truly a weekend to remember.

Months ago, we made plans to meet up with the hubs old childhood buddy. And what better place to meet, than in LA to watch their favorite baseball team (St Louis Cardinals) play the LA Dodgers.


The night before we made our way to LA, I posted on FB that I would be in LA watching the  Dodgers/Cardinals game.

And what do you know, our friend from Phoenix comments on my status saying that she too will be at the game!

That’s her up there in the stands waving at us. Can you believe that? Thank you FB as we would have missed seeing our friend.


We were down front just to the left a bit and 10 rows from home plate. So we got on the phone and told her there was an extra seat and to come on down.

Down she came and stayed a whole 5 innings with us. Then she said she should probably get back to her family. It truly was a treat as she too grew up with the hubs and his buddy. How cool was that?


This little cutie sat right in front of me. And I couldn’t help myself, so I took his pic.


And another shot of his cuteness. I love the way his little feet dangled over the edge of his seat.


And this little cutie sat right next to the above mentioned cutie.


So I had fun taking his pictures too.


It was such a beautiful day with a nice cool breeze.

Thank goodness for the sunscreen we slathered ourselves in. Especially when I noticed a little area on the hubs wrist next to his watch where a small bit of skin was missed by the sunscreen. Twas a bit red.


Bottom of the 9th = The Dodgers fans had their rally caps in place. And as hard as they worked for the win, our Cardinals held their 5 – 3 victory. What a great day.


For dinner that evening, we met up with our daughter at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach.


We were lucky enough to have outdoor seating with this beautiful view. Might I add, their red velvet cheesecake was SO good.


And then it was time for the hubs and I to make our way back home to San Diego. This is the view of the full moon that evening as we headed south.


And soon after, I fell asleep as the hubs drove us home.

I always feel bad when I fall asleep on him.

Maybe next time I’ll be able to keep him company for the duration.

And this wraps up our fun day spent with family and friends.

Blessings – Debbie

Summertime Blessings

It’s official, it’s summer! And I’m completely wrapped in so much excitement that I can hardly contain myself.

For starters, we moved to a new home!

While we’re still getting organized, we’ve come to love the new outdoor spaces. The Koi pond lacks fish at the moment. But hopefully it will be ready for colorful life soon.


I’m enjoying the garden art the previous owners left.


This is a fun little set left for us to enjoy. It’s also a reminder that I need to give it a little cleaning.


Another beautiful piece of garden art left. I just love it!


I captured this lovely flower a few nights ago, just as the sun was setting.


Words are few but we feel blessed and our hearts are full of so much excitement as we move in and make this our new home sweet home.

Blessings – Debbie

A Visit With “The Ladies”

So I’m working very hard on my Final. I believe I mentioned this in the post yesterday.

It dawned on me that I asked my neighbor (a couple of weeks ago) if I could shoot some images of her chickens. She said “Sure, come on over!”

But I was a bit downhearted this week knowing she was out-of-town.

So I did the only thing I knew to do.

I sent her an e-mail last evening asking if I could still shoot her chickens.

She replied – “I’m out-of-town, but you are free to come over and play with the girls, I’m sure they will enjoy your company.”

So I did.

Hi girls! I’ve come to do a photo-shoot.

DSC_4943 Color as Smart Object-1

The same image in black and white. I need one black and white image for this assignment, so I think this is the shot I’m going to use. In all honesty, I prefer it in color.


Why hello there little lady. I sure wish I knew your name.


Thank you for posing so pretty for the camera.


And I wish I knew more about each one. Like her, I would tell you all about her, if only I knew.

DSC_4955 as Smart Object-1

I love her dark face and beautiful contrast.

DSC_4979 as Smart Object-1

She was up on a perch, enjoying herself.

DSC_5105 as Smart Object-1

I seriously could not believe how friendly the girls were. They came right up to me, pecked on my shoes and one even hopped right up in my lap. I kid you not. By the end of my visit, we were acquainted.

DSC_4956 as Smart Object-1

Thank you girls for such a fun visit. Now for the hard part, as I narrow it down to 5 shots.

Sigh, my final is complete and I’ll be ready for critique next week. That = one happy lady right here. Thank you so much my dear sweet neighbor!

Blessings – Debbie


Good Afternoon!

A smattering of thoughts on the front burner:

  • The awful pain I experienced last week is g.o.n.e!
  • Although I still have a few more days on the meds
  • My Digital Darkroom Semester is rapidly coming to a close.
  • I’m working on my final.

Here’s an image of a little lady I shot this afternoon.

FinalLadyBlog Object-1

I somehow have in my head that bugs would be a pretty cool subject. So after class I purchased a little 3 dollar bag of bugs. Turns out, the real deal is a lot more fun to shoot.

But you never know, I may totally change my mind regarding my subject. But no matter what, I do know I will be shooting with the 105mm Nikon Micro Lens. Love that lens!

  • I’m looking forward to summer
  • Painting my toes and nails in all the fun summer colors
  • Sipping tea, infused with honey and lemon
  • Summer BBQ’s and patio dining
  • Summer salads
  • Gardening
  • Watermelon
  • Special dates with the hubs
  • Planning a summer party in the backyard
  • Taking a summer break from school
  • Having some fun photo shoots (this summer) at various spots in San Diego with my lady friend.
  • And thinking about doing a health update on the blog sometime in June. I turned the corner to good health 2 years ago, this coming June. And all I can say, It’s a great feeling from the inside out.

I’m sure I have a few more fun facts on the front burner, but they will have wait for another day.

Until then…

Blessings – Debbie

Crazy Week of Diverticulitis

It’s been one of those crazy weeks. And it all started sometime during the night on Sunday.

It came swiftly thru the night and attacked my lower abdomen with a severe pain.

Monday morning, I didn’t say anything to the hubs, or anybody for that matter. As I thought to myself.

It has to be a very sore muscle, that sounds about right from the work I had done over the weekend.

As I put one foot in front of the other, the pain would not subside. I continued to tell myself all day, that it was just a muscle.

It was onwards and upwards to school, to work on my project.


That evening, I pretty much sat on the love seat nursing myself and still didn’t say a word to the hubs about it.

Nighttime rolled around and the rest came and went like waves. Rest a little, lay wide awake in pain as I tried to find a comfortable position. All the while wondering if morning would come.

Morning did come! And that is when I told the hubs all about it. Followed by saying “I think I’m going to call my Dr. right away.” The hubs said “Don’t mess around with that, call your Dr. as soon as the office opens.”

And so I did. And the nurse put me on hold and soon I was talking to my Dr. who thought it necessary to be on the phone with me. After asking a series of questions, she said. “I want you to go straight to Urgent Care and do not drive, have your husband drive you”.

As I was calling the hubs, he was getting into work. And he said “Hold on for just a few minutes, I’ll be right there.”

Back to the house he came, ready to do whatever he needed to do to get me back on my feet.

He ushered me into Urgent Care and from there Urgent Care sent me directly to the Hospital/ER.

The hubs took this shot just before my warm blanket arrived.


After the Dr. prodded in a few areas, the decision was made for a CT Scan.

And so it was, I had the hubs by my side, drank the fluids necessary, had an IV going and jumped thru the hoops necessary to have my very first CT Scan. Although I did put a stop to the morfeen they wanted to put into my system. I would much prefer the pain than to have that stuff making me sick to my stomach.

Then I was wheeled away to have a CT Scan look see. It wasn’t bad at all. But the die part was my least favorite. Die was pumped thru the IV and into my system. And the crazy taste and burning sensation all thru my body, even my tongue, was just a little too bizarre.

Soon we knew what was causing all the fuss. I had a case of diverticulitis. Description below taken from Mayo Clinic.

Diverticulitis (di-vur-tik-u-LI-tis) occurs when one or more diverticula in your digestive tract become inflamed or infected. Diverticula are small, bulging pouches that can form anywhere in your digestive system, including your esophagus, stomach and small intestine. However, they’re most commonly found in the large intestine.

Diverticula are common, especially after age 40. When you have diverticula, the condition is known as diverticulosis. You may never even know you have these pouches because they seldom cause any problems, such as diverticulitis.

So that diverticulitis is what has had my attention the last few days. But I’m happy to report it was this, rather than something else.

I’m following strict Dr. orders regarding what I eat. It can be a bit controversial when I see different opinions out there on the web. But I’m doing what I’m told as I would much prefer a bland diet as to have that pain anywhere near me.

Our Tuesday began at 8am with a phone call to my Dr. and ended at 4:30 when we left the ER. I was so happy the hubs insisted to be right there with me all day. I even tried to get him to break for lunch, but he had no part of that. He’s something else and I love him more than he will ever know.

The hubs even stayed home Wednesday to be sure that I was going to be ok. I’m on the mend and feeling so much better today. It is amazing what a lot of rest, meds and diet for this disease, will do for a body. Cheers!

And I leave you a picture from the garden, as it would not be right without a pretty shot.


Blessings – Debbie

A Safari

Last Thursday, friends got together for a day filled with fun and adventure. I think there were 13 of us to be exact.

We were off to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park! Such a pretty place where special animals get to call home.


You never know what will be around the next corner.


But I can tell you, African music and ambience set the tone for a great day.


Off we go!


First stop = Feed these beautiful creatures.


such fun!


I believe we were on the receiving end of this.


Wouldn’t you agree?


Sheer joy experience.


I had no clue at the beginning of our journey that we would come face to face like this.


One thing is certain. This guy enjoyed our visit too.


By guys, see you around!



We got to greet a baby! This little guy was just 8 weeks old and weighing in at approx 200 lbs.


Time for breakfast!


We got a little chuckle at the male lying in the mud. He was rolling around making his call of the wild for all the ladies. And letting all the males in the area know who’s boss.





I’m still in awe…


The next guy we got to feed was a rhino. How cool is that?


We also enjoyed giving a friendly pet.


And then we said goodbye. Sorry buddy, you finished all the apples.




Total joy ride…







We were fascinated with the length of his tongue and how he used it to secure his food.


What a great day to remember.


When our Safari journey came to an end, we made our way to lunch. Tables were arranged with tablecloths (specifically for our group) overlooking the valley and beautiful scenery.

I have no picture to share, but the memory is lodged in my mind, never to forget.

Blessings – Debbie