What Friday Is Made Of

I got to spend the entire day around the house, it’s just what I needed.

There was a little:

  • coffee sipping
  • gardening
  • picture-taking
  • rose and flower admiring
  • flower transplanting
  • fish tending
  • afternoon tea
  • back-porch sitting


And a stop at the little gardening station in the far back.

This little can on the shelf drew my attention. And I paused to think of the previous owners who grew over 150 roses on the property. They did scale back on the roses and we’re enjoying the few that remain.


Copper Pipe Guard Posts – So the hubs hammered some copper pipe around the pond. And my what a difference it makes when I need to find a new place to move the fake egret.

All I need to do, is slip his one (straight) leg down the pipe and he’s standing “firm” and guarding the fish – like so.


The dragonfly seems to like the pipe and he thinks his job is to be on guard too. And as soon as I move the fake egret to his spot, he flies over to the spot the egret once stood.


I change the “fake” egret at least a couple of times a day. That lets the big birds understand this guy down here is busy and not hanging out in one place too long.

The heron did visit the neighbors backyard again this morning. I’m watching him, as I’m on my post too!

And I hope we can discourage him enough, such that we can enjoy having fish without too much concern.

We are two weeks in and the fish are really happy with their new digs. And I find it cute that they follow me when I pace in front of the pond.

I wasn’t so sure how they would respond when I got in the pond today. I had a little lilypad clean-up to tend to. And would you believe they came right up to me? Those little guys are something else. One of them slithered up against me and caught me off guard.

I hope to have them eating out of my hand one day.

For now, we’re enjoying them and taking things one day at a time.

Blessings – Debbie

Plan A

It appears the “Plan A” that was shifted from Monday and put in the Thursday slot (today) is just not working out.

So I really wanted to go to the fair. Alone. At my pace. To view all the spectacular images entered into many categories of the photography competition. I have friends who have their work on exhibit. And I wanted to see those images. I have a couple of friends who came in first place in a couple of different categories. And I’m bummed that my plan A just didn’t work out.

All plans are fun when we make them. But sometimes, something has to give.

Like having my roots colored because my girl had a cancellation this morning.

And if my girl didn’t have a cancellation, My plan A for the day was to stay home sweet home. After a busy week with the neighborhood girls, I was in the mood to be around the house.

And perhaps the fish had something to do with it too. As I missed them.

Would you like to know one of the sweetest things the hubs did yesterday?

So yesterday, I was involved with my very first book club with my new neighborhood girlfriends.

I was invited to come to the meeting even tho I had not read the book. Now after sitting thru the discussion, the novel is in my hands and I already have a good start on this book.


Back to yesterday. I was going to be away (at the book club) from the babies for a couple of hours.

And the hubs got worried that something could happen to the babies, especially since I would be gone during the usual hours the heron shows up for food.

And he couldn’t bare the thought of me getting hurt and losing a baby to the heron.

So the hubs checked his work schedule, came home to guard the babies. And he made sure our back-up decoys were armed and ready to scare the big birds away. And was back to work in time for his next meeting.

And he left the sweetest note, letting me know he had been here.

That is just like my guy and I love him so.

In other news:

Enrollment Begins July 2nd – So I received the college course schedule in the mail yesterday. Actually, the hubs brought it in.

And all I could see = Enrollment begins July 2 – WHAT!


And all I could think about is how nicely I’m sinking into summer and how I wasn’t ready for this.

So we turned the pages to the photography section and discovered thru the process that I need to take off this fall semester.

Sometimes we need to take a load off.

Cheers to hunting for paint colors and other things for the house. And cheers that school is not part of my “Plan A” this fall.

Blessings – Debbie

San Diego – Wild Animal Park

Situated on 1,800 acres, home to more than 2,600 animals representing more than 300 species.

Its renowned botanical collection represents 3,500 species and 1.5 million specimens. More than anyone can see in a day.


So the girls in my neighborhood set the date for a Safari. I was so happy to join this wonderful adventure with them. (Yesterday Morning)


While I don’t know this little gal up in the front, I was totally smitten with her.


They call it “WILD” for a reason. Twas fun watching the animals kick up some dust while claiming their ground.


It’s fun to watch these guys at mealtime.


It was a treat to see this 38-year-old White Northern Rhinoceros out for a stroll. She is one of the 7 left in the world. It’s sad this species is going extinct, right before our eyes.

Bit of trivia, she has lived past her life expectancy of 35 years and still going strong.


You never know what you will run into on a stroll thru the park.


there was something about her sweet face that I just had to capture.


We learned a bit about owls too. Did you know the owl has 14 vertebrae in their neck? That’s twice as many as we have.

Did you know the owl’s eyes are fixed? And the great thing about having 14 vertebrae in his/her neck is that it allows them to spin their head all the way around.

Have you any idea by looking at his size how much he would weigh? I really thought this bird would be quite heavy. Turns out, he only weighs in at 5 pounds. He truly is made with a lot of feathers.


More Safari adventures to come, I’m sure. But this is all for now.

Blessings – Debbie

A Supermoon And Trouble

The Supermoon last evening – From our home. It was pretty overcast, but beautiful.


As we said goodnight moon and drifted to sleep, I was not thinking about trouble.

Nor was I thinking about trouble this morning when the hubs asked “what are your plans for the day”? My response went something like this. Well my plan A did not work out today, so that is shifting to Thursday.   I think today will be one of those days spent around the house. And I mentioned a few things on my list.

While working on my little list, I had a visit. A visit I wasn’t expecting and it changed my whole day.

And the fake egret was not able to deter Mr. Big Bird today.

And I had to yell at him again today, as he ruffled my feathers. I can’t believe he just nonchalantly landed on the patio like it was his surf and turf. Shame on him!

I’m so glad my plan A failed.


So today I hooked up the other decoy. It’s a scarecrow motion activated animal deterrent. I set the motion sensor so strong that when I opened the patio door, it went off. And I was at peace.


Turns out, I wanted to be on the patio today. So I turned off the scarecrow motion detector sprinkler and decided that I wanted the afternoon shift.

It was another beautiful day.

The patio is where I normally have coffee, lunch and our dinners. The weather has been amazing. We’ve yet to turn on the AC. And so the patio was just the place I felt like chilling. My sore muscles from working in the garden over the weekend, enjoyed the rest.

So, I loaded up on reading material and learned a lot more about fish, water gardening and a few more tricks to use to deter Mr. Big Bird from our fish.


Sorry about the wilted roses, I picked those a few days ago for the patio and it looks like I need to refill with some fresh blossoms.

We still have 10 fish. But I’m beginning to worry.

The hubs contends that as long as I’m here, nothing will get by me.

But I worry for the days I’ll be away. The hubs reminded me that on the days I’m away, we’ll arm that pond with a little extra back-up.

We are already looking into a few more options, as we see trouble on our doorstep. And we hope to protect our little fish from all harm.

Right now, I’m in writing the blog while Elvis is playing “Are You Lonesome Tonight” out on the patio. I understand the radio can deter birds too.

Blessings – Debbie

A Blog About Fish

You would naturally think this blog has turned into a blog all about fish, predators and the egret decoy. And rightfully so, as that is where my heart has been all week.

While others have gone before us with this pond filled with fish, we are still learning the ropes. And making our way step by step.

And I can’t begin to express the amount of enjoyment these little guys bring into our lives.


And learning the heron makes his rounds, Every. Single. Day. Sometimes he’s here 2 and 3 times. But our decoy egret has done an amazing job keeping all predators away. We are amazed.

The heron is back in our neighbors backyard again this afternoon. And he’s still mad. And we wonder if he will eventually make a move. Or will he eventually catch on that this pond is not for him.

The crazy thing about him today, is that he’s been over there pacing that yard just over 2.5 hours and still counting.


In the meantime, our fish are happy. Our waterlilies are in beautiful bloom and all is right  with the pond.


True, the hubs and I have an eye out back. But we’re still getting things done in the house.

The hubs has been working with the electrician in the house all week. He’s having the house wired with speaker cable for surround sound, the patio speakers wired, new TV cable, new internet cables and installing a home network center. Most of the above is beyond me, but it should pretty cool.

It’s nice to see things taking shape and we look forward to making this home for a very long time.

Blessings – Debbie

One Week Anniversary

The fish arrived one week ago (yesterday). And on the first week anniversary, one of the gals began so spawn.


We were told that it’s the time of year for spawning, but getting to watch it unfold was truly amazing.

There was one very unhappy visitor. Remember the heron and our fake egret decoy from the post yesterday? Well that heron had a fit as our fake egret was guarding all the commotion. So the heron landed in the neighbor’s backyard, once again. This time he was HONKING, loud! I take it he was mad that he couldn’t enjoy fish for breakfast.

While sitting at my desk (windows open) I could not only hear the mad heron, I could hear the splashing and commotion from the fish.

I’m glad I thought to grab the camera to shoot a few images.


It’s times like this that remind me of the circle of life.

And how blessed I am to be a part of God’s beautiful creation.

I would like to call this the love dance.

It’s really cool to watch the males swim with the female to fertilize the eggs as they fall.


I also did some reading up and found that the female can lay from 500 to 1,000 eggs. I would have never guessed. But I am aware that they do eat the eggs. And I’m aware that the babies can hatch anywhere from 3 – 5 days.

So, I’ll sit and count the days. And watch and wait and wait and watch, and sit on the edge of my seat, waiting to see if any babies will make it. I’m hoping for at least one little baby, just one. Time will tell.

Guess who the hubs spied at our house again this morning?


I really wish we didn’t have to worry so much about trouble lurking.

But it’s yet another reminder of the circle of life. It’s nature, it’s what big birds do.

So we’ll do our best to protect our babies while understanding these guys are here doing what they do in the circle of life. And hope they find food elsewhere to keep them strong, beautiful and a part of our beautiful circle of life.

As of this evening, we still have 10 fish!

To be continued…I’m sure.

Blessings – Debbie

Heron, We Have A Problem – The Egret Has Landed

One of the things we’ve known about having outdoor fish as pets, is that trouble could lurk. Ok, trouble more than likely will lurk. No, take that all back, trouble WILL in fact lurk. And if we’re not careful, a really big problem could arise. And the fish could be no more in a matter of days.

As we’ve heard, birds are the biggest threat.

And yesterday morning, the egret landed in my arms from FedEx. I could not get him out of the wrapping fast enough. As we needed back-up “Right Away”!

Standing at a whopping 41″ tall, I’d say he looks pretty cool and real to life. Don’t you think?


So, the hubs ordered the egret as a decoy. As we know, birds do not share space while hunting for food. And we learned that a large statue of an egret would send a heron flying for the hills.

I love that the hubs is all about protecting our babies. The Egret stands as Top Cover and more reinforcement is on the way. The hubs also ordered a Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler.

The cool feature about the scarecrow, is that it will blast the bejeebers out of anything that moves. I’m fond of the motion sensor feature with an unexpected noise. It’s harmless, but quite effective to any creäture who dare crosses the line.

All the above to say, we had our first encounter with a heron on Monday, just 4 days after our fish arrived. As good luck would have it, I so happened to hear something coming in for a landing. Right there in front of me he was there, a huge heron! And I yelled “GET OUT OF HERE!”

Now, I’m not one to yell, but when it comes to protecting, I surprised myself. And that would be a first that I have ever yelled at a heron on my patio or anywhere for that matter.

That guy (I don’t even think he fully landed) went, up, up and away as if his dear life depended on it! Don’t tell him, but I would never do anything to hurt that beautiful creature. Just for kicks, do you know that harming one of these guys could result in as much as a $10,000 fine? So yea, I’m going to play, but play nice.

I scared him enough that he didn’t dare come back the rest of the day.

Tuesday – I was ready for the heron, as I had a feeling he would return. And return he did. I was out on the patio when I heard him coming in for a landing, so I gave him another tongue lashing.

And over he flew and landed in the neighbor’s yard. (Grin) I don’t see much for him to feed on in the neighbor’s backyard. It’s time to move on, young man/lady.

While he did move on, he was back later in the afternoon. But he still could not get past me. I’m learning that I make a pretty darn good blocker, all by my lonesome.


After guarding and protecting the last couple of days, I could hardly wait for the back-up to arrive.

Wednesday = yesterday, the pond was armed and dangerous. VERY dangerous with our brand spankin’ new 41″ egret. Reference the first picture up above. He’s worthy of another little peak.

And just like clockwork, the heron was back!

I could feel the blood race thru my body and my heartbeat was more than just a regular beat. And I was on edge as I watched from inside.

Don’t mind the picture quality of the shot below. It’s just the shot I was able to get looking out from the dining room and thru the screen door and share the proof that he’s been here.

Can you tell he’s scared?


Me neither. Other than the fact that he didn’t dare come any closer.


The heron trolled the mid to upper backyard for nearly 30 minutes. I was the eye from the house looking on as I didn’t want to disturb his behavior. I had to see who was going to win, the “fake” egret or the heron.

May I insert that I had little faith in our fake egret. I really expected some sort of bird fight. And I knew the heron would knock the fake egret over with one swift blow to the head with his long gigantic bill.

For starters, let’s just say, the fake egret did not flinch! He stood his ground. And he made me proud.

But the heron, on the other hand, had some funky movements going on with his very long neck, but he didn’t dare move in.

I could see defeat when the heron lifted up and over to the neighbors backyard where he stayed another 30 or so minutes waiting on the egret to leave.

I have to hand it to the heron, he was one very patient bird, but the egret has patience that will outlast the hunger of the heron.

And one more thing. I played with the heron’s head, I did. I moved that egret 3 x’s yesterday. I hear you’re supposed to move them around, as herons will get wise to one standing in one place for months on end. The pond man told me to move him around at least once every 2 weeks.

So in my mind, I’m playing a game with that heron and he’s going to learn that my fake egret means business.

Just wait ’til the hubs gets his scarecrow motion sensor sprinkler. We will have the safest fish on the block. No worries little babies, we got ya covered.

Blessings – Debbie

Around the Pond

Good Day!

It is a beautiful good day.

I would like to give a little update on the goldfish.

Let me just say, they are coming around. I mean, really coming around. And they seem to be getting to know us.

They no longer “dart” for cover when we approach the pond.

They are beginning to feel freedom and it’s obvious for us as they now play and make quite a splash as we look on.

And each morning when I feed them breakfast, I count all 10 of them.


And I count all 10 of them when I’m not feeding them. And I count all 10 of them each time I visit. I can’t help but want to know that they are all safe and doing well.

We are quite smitten with our babies and find them to be an extra special addition to our home.

Blessings – Debbie


Dragonflies are some of the most interesting creatures to watch.

Today, I had the opportunity to spend some time capturing them on their turf.


By the pond.


Can you believe I watched these guys defend their turf by shooing a bird from their perch? Made me chuckle just a little.


And the fish, how could I leave out an image of them? Well I can’t. This shot was taken at dinner. It’s shots like this that pull me right into the world of abstract images.


Today I spent several hours outdoors. It seems to be my favorite place to chill, reflect and shoot images.

Days like this are so refreshing. So, tomorrow calls for a little gardening, a little photography and a little more porch sitting.

Blessings – Debbie

Peaceful Weekend

Our weekend blossomed with peace, quiet, birds chirping and fish splashing.

The hubs found just the right spot to install our flagpole.


And Old Glory proudly waves in our new backyard.


It’s a colourful Monday here at the house.

With the pic below, I like how the water movement lends to an abstract image. I also like the 105mm used for this shot.


We had the electrician over this morning to provide a lot of goodies for our home. I especially like how the hammer drill made work look like fun.

Happy Colourful Monday and the best to all of you this week.

Blessings – Debbie

Day One

I found it so difficult to relax, most of the day.

I worried about the fish.

And why they would not come out of hiding.

And called the pond place with a bunch questions. Like “why are the fish hiding and why won’t they come out to eat?”

And was told that I need to relax and give the fish a few days to adjust to their new home.

So I sat on the patio overlooking the pond for hours.

Watched their every LITTLE move.

And I find the shot below reflects my day. NOTE: the ghostlike fish in the bottom left. I don’t know how I captured the shot, but I love it. It looks like a goldfish should be there. It almost  looks like a ghost. Perhaps it’s a reflection playing tricks?


And it made my heart flutter just a bit to get the shot below.

Meet Shirley!

Yes, I named her and two others today.


And if Shirley is a boy, I’ll just have to call him Sherman and name his girlfriend Shirley.

It was around 4:15 when I noticed all 10 fish playing. Oh how I counted each and every one.

And watched as they moved around the pond in one large school.

And you know what else made my day?

The hubs not only was the first one out to the pond this morning, to check in on the fish, he also sent a message, later, to check in on the babies.

That right there made my heart skip a beat. And it makes me so happy that he really cares about these little guys and girls.

I’m sure we’ll be pros at this in no time.

Blessings – Debbie

Well Worth The Wait

I dreamed of having our very own pond for over a decade. It’s a dream I never dreamed would come true.

But as you know from previous posts, dreams do come true.

And now that we’ve settled into our home, with a pond, void of fish, it was time to do something about it. The hubs has been nearly as excited to have fish as me. And that makes me so very happy.

And now, after (nearly) 14 years of dreaming, fish and plant life were introduced into our lives this morning.


I was nervous as I drove home, with my car full of life.

Nervous, as I wondered if I had the knowledge necessary to care for everything.

Jitters fluttered thru me, as I could not wait to introduce our beautiful pets to their new home.

From observing their previous living quarters, I had a gut feeling that the guys and girls would love their new digs.


These are the pets that make my “pet” world complete. And I’m having the hardest time getting anything done. Other than watching over them.


In my dreams, I’ll be dreaming of morning.

And dreaming of the next time I get to visit our beautiful pets.

I feel so blessed. And yes, these guys were well worth the wait.

Hope I can get some sleep tonight.

Blessings – Debbie

Safari and Friends

Tuesday and Wednesday were a blend of new neighborhood friends, a Safari hike and  old friends.

So I had my first neighborhood outing with the girls this week. We went for a hike over at the San Diego Safari Park. What a treat!

I’m disappointed that I didn’t have the real camera.

So these really bad cell phone shots will have to do.


I don’t know what I did to get the clear in the center and blur around the edges. But it was not what I was shooting for.


But the images give a little idea what we saw along the way.


I spy an EGG!


One last shot from our Safari ~ Walk on the wild side.


After the awful cell phone shots, I couldn’t help but want to shoot something with the real camera before the end of the day.

Flower and Bud At Sunset

As I look back on Tuesday, it turned out to be a day ~ blended with new friends, a lunch date with the hubs and a little more work accomplished around home sweet home.


Wednesday was blessed with friendships.

A little Lunch with friends on the patio.

Fresh banana bread, hot out of the oven, with coffee, after lunch.

This guy was a treat to watch all afternoon as he darted around the pond while performing quite a few touch and go stunts there at his post.


How Does Your Garden Grow – Apparently, our garden comes equipped with a very old sewing machine. And I have no idea why it was ever brought out to the garden. No idea why it’s in the flowerbed. But in a weird sort of way, it’s “growing” on me.

And my girlfriend mentioned that this would be a cool drink station when we have company. Not a bad idea.


I’m thankful for new and old friendships. Thankful for valuable time spent getting to know new friends and valuable time sharing with dear friends.

I feel blessed.

Blessings – Debbie

Upside and Downside

On the upside, I captured a shot of our babies the other day.

On the Downside, they were gone yesterday morning! They got big so fast and here I thought I would get to take pictures of them learning to fly away.


On the upside, I find the flowers and my early morning strolls in the garden so refreshing.

DSC_6280 copy

On the downside, I failed to clean the filter/basket (for the pond/fountain water feature) the right way and I completely lost the prime on the pump/falls. It was a sad day as I was looking forward to bringing fish home today.


On the upside, the hubs had the pump/fountain primed, once he picked up the tools needed at Home Depot.

And this shot was taken just before sunset.


On the upside, I still get to pick up our fish this week.

On the upside, I’m so blessed the hubs cares about my dreams and wishes. So much so, that he insists on making it a priority without me asking.

I’d say the upside of the last few days is > the downside. And for that, I feel blessed.

Blessings – Debbie

Dreams Do Come True

For the last three years, soon to be 4, we’ve been renters. Very happy renters. Renters with no intention of purchasing a home until we felt reasonably certain we would be in one place for more than a couple of years.

For three + years we rented. Not something we’re used to, as we’ve been homeowners every stop along the way.

For three + years, we enjoyed the shoes we were in and it felt good to be free to go at a moments notice.

But we also had dreams to be homeowners again one day.

Our dream to become homeowners developed into a plan right before Easter. It’s then when the hubs and I were discussing the possibilities of becoming homeowners by the end of summer.

Things at the hubs work made a giant shift, for great things to happen. And it looks like we could potentially stay in beautiful Southern California for some time.

I’ll never forget that weekend. It’s the weekend I started searching Zillow. The weekend when I put the search for a home in full swing.

Yes, that was the weekend I found our home. It was a home listed “by owner”, of all things. I made the call, left a message. And sent an e-mail to the homeowner as well.

And don’t you know, the homeowner and I finally connected.

Now normally, I’m the scout and do all the leg work. Then when I “find” the place that I “think” we can call home, the hubs is brought in for a look-see.

Not this time, I said to the hubs “Honey, I can already tell that I want you to see the home.” I knew by looking at the pictures, (on-line) that I wanted him to see it too.

The hubs agreed. We would go on his Friday off and have a quick peak.

Good Friday, that’s the big day I’ll never forget. It was a day we had a major list of things to do. We had a road trip planned, and wanted to be on the road by 10AM.

So our appointment to look at the home was scheduled for 9AM. That should give us plenty of time to see the house and be on our way.

At 9AM sharp, we rang the doorbell. ~ I get choked up thinking about it.

The homeowners greeted us with genuine warm smiles, shook our hands and welcomed us into their home.

A lump developed in my throat at once. And I knew before looking at the house that it felt right in every way. I just knew.

But what was the hubs thinking? I had no clue.

We went from room to room and I felt “this is too good to be true”. The home had a brand new concrete roof, new copper plumbing all the way thru, granite counters in the kitchen and baths and a white kitchen.

I had dreams of a white kitchen here in the south. It truly was a little dream come true.

The home was naturally light and bright in the daylight and I felt a cheerfulness about it that tugged at my heart.

Since we were constantly with the homeowners, I was not sure what the hubs was thinking. After all, we had big plans for the day and buying a house was something we just started talking about.

And then we were escorted out thru the double sliding glass doors that led to the covered patio.

The garden was more than just a dream come true, it was my very own personal miracle.

Back up nearly 14 years ago. Then is when the hubs and I toured Asia. And it was then that I fell in love with Koi ponds and gardens.

And for the nearly last 14 years, I’ve jokingly asked the hubs for a koi pond one day. I’ve torn pictures out of magazines for nearly 14 years. And I have a book with clippings of beautiful koi ponds. And goodness knows how many koi pond ideas I’ve gathered from Pinterest and my Houzz app…

While I’ve had really big dreams of a koi pond “one day”. I never thought in a million years that my dream would come true.

Well don’t you know, this place came with a koi pond that far exceeded my wishes and dreams. Yes, dreams do come true. But this time, it’s bigger than a dream, it’s a miracle.


Since living in So Cal going on 4 years, the hubs and I talked on and off that one day if we did buy, that it would be nice to have a yard with no grass to cut.

And don’t you know, there is not one blade of grass. It comes with beautiful plants and trees. And lovely winding stone paths with a series of steps that lead up and around the garden. Yes, dreams and miracles do come to pass.

But still, I wondered what the hubs was thinking. As you know, we had big road trip plans that day. And buying a house was not on the list of things to do. Just a quick peak.


Privacy was one of the key factors on the top of our list. And this is the view from the sliding glass doors in the master bed.

The view we see without lifting our head off the pillow.

In fact, our first night in the new home I woke at 3AM and was wide awake looking out on this scene glowing in the moonlight until 6AM. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Once we finished looking at the property, the homeowners gave the hubs and me a chance to have some alone time.

The hubs looked at me and I looked at him and we knew we found the place.

And do you know we made an offer right then and there? But the funny thing the hubs said that I will never forget is this “well I really didn’t come to buy a house today, I just thought I was coming for a quick peak.” It’s something the homeowners will never forget either, as they remind us of those words every time we see them.

And we dropped our road trip and list of things to do in an instant. And enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and visited with the homeowners for 3 hours. 3 HOURS!

And made an appointment to be over to the escrow office, that afternoon, along with the homeowners.

And do you know, the homeowners fell in love with us. And we just adore them. And we have become friends. And the hubs had lunch with the homeowner before we bought the house. And they made brownies for us when we visited. And she stocked our freezer with meals and dessert as a treat when we were moving in. And we have an invitation to their upcoming housewarming party.

But before we became homeowners, I felt the shoe was going to drop. It all felt too good to be true. Even the day of closing, I was worried.

I suppose I worried they would sell it to someone else, as they were offered more than what we offered. Yes, they had another offer in shortly after us. But the couple liked us and wanted us to have it and told us flat-out that they would not engage in a bidding war. But I was still worried, as the bidding wars out here are killer! Especially now. And even tho we had a written contract, I still felt the shoe could drop at the last min.

When the closing finally took place, it was hard to grasp it all. After we moved in, it was still hard to grasp. But I’m finally coming around. And the hubs told me that I had better get used to it. Will it ever sink in?

It’s taken so long to tell the story and truth be told, I’m no longer waiting on the shoe to drop. Dreams do come true as we are blessed to be the caretakers to this place we now call home.

We’re grateful for the many blessings we’ve received.

Blessings – Debbie