There is Always Next Week

That’s what I said last week about digging out the Christmas Tree with sore aching muscles.

Remember? I had been painting this room while the hubs was out-of-town.


And when he came back into town, he helped get the rest of the furniture moved back into the living room. In fact, he moved the furniture one evening after I had gone to bed (early) exhausted. And when I woke the next day, it was as tho somebody took a magic wand in there.

Then over the weekend, “the Tree” made an appearance as the hubs got it all set up for me. And we enjoyed the lights and flickering flame in the fireplace while relaxing during the evening hours.


But this new 9′ tree took many days to fluff the branches and decorate. Well wort the effort, if you were to ask me.

Wednesday afternoon, we had the opportunity to see rare drama here in So Cal. Image shot from my neighbors driveway. We’ve had rain on and off ever since.


Wednesday = morning book club meeting with the girls. Words are few, but my heart is full of the love we have for each other in this neighborhood and group. Then we went out for the end of the year luncheon at Olive Garden. Good times, laughter and visits = My heart beats joy. Then I had a little Wednesday afternoon scoot over to Costco with my neighbor and friend. Amazing day all the way around.

And then is where “There is Always Next Week” comes into play.

On Thursday (yesterday), I finally finished the Christmas Tree!


I must say, I’m so delighted I took the painting of the house chore on before the holidays. It’s not only nice to have it done, I finally have the paint color of choice on our walls after many many years of wanting to paint the place we get to call home.

It truly is a blessings making this place home sweet home. Hopefully for a very long time.

Blessings – Debbie

Work Work Work

And so it was, there were three full days of work + overtime during the evening hours this week.

Turns out, my body is physically exhausted and I told the hubs over lunch (today) that the heaviest thing I lifted all day, is the nail polish. But he questioned that saying, didn’t you lift the lid to the candy jar? Read on to “get it”.

Back to the work part of the post.

The hubs graciously moved all the furniture out of the living room last weekend.

And I started in on the painting of the living room. I was able to complete two coats of the cutting in – Monday.


Then I came up with the bright idea of biting off more than I could chew for the week. On Tuesday I started cutting in both hallways. What was I thinking? I know, right? I worked late as I tried to finish up the last hall.

Wednesday was the day to roll the paint. And by 10 am, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. The living room alone would have been just dandy. But adding two hallways? That was nuts and my wings felt like they were breaking. Nonetheless, I kept chipping away.

And before I knew it, the living room was DONE!


And hallway #1 = Done. I tell ya, I was on a roll and loving the fresh new paint.


By the time Thursday morning rolled around, I had my part in putting what I could back in place.


And the hubs was back home Thursday morning. And guess what he brought, just for me?

Makes me feel a little guilty as he didn’t take any snacks for himself the entire trip (on the plane). Each time they made their way around with the snack basket (chocolate candy included) he took one of these guys for me and didn’t take any for himself. That’s just not right.

Remember the fingernail polish being the heaviest thing I lifted all day? Turns out the lid of the candy jar is heavier. 🙂


Break Time – I had such an amazing break from work (yesterday). And it’s another nice break today. I had another Biscoff and coffee break this morning. Had the best lunch break date with the hubs.

And truly enjoying this Friday. I did have another plan for this week. But it’s just not coming to pass. I had plans to put up the Christmas tree today. I’m so excited about decorating, I can hardly stand it. But for now, the break is necessary. Next week people, there is always next week. Right?

photo copy

It’s so nice having the hubs back in town. We look forward to a nice relaxing weekend around the homestead.

Who knows, that tree may find its way out of the box this weekend.

Blessings – Debbie

Ten Minutes Of Play

Wow, this week started off bright and early. The hubs had yet another business trip out of town (Monday) and I spent all of about 10 minutes playing.

Originally I wanted to scoot to the beach. Play around shooting with sand between my toes. Then have breakfast at one of my favorite beach spots and chill for the day.

But that plan quickly changed the morning of. As all I wanted to do was scoot home and get some major things on my to do list accomplished.

So I stopped by the harbor.

And spent about 10 minutes shooting some of my favorite things while there.


It truly was a beautiful Monday morning.


All was calm and peaceful.


And fun to take a few minutes appreciating the little things.


But I saved my favorite image for last. There is something about this reflection that captures my attention.


Things quickly changed after my 10 minutes of play.

Check back for the update coming – later today.

Blessings – Debbie

Work and Play

The last week has been one of work and play.

First up = Painting and more painting. The walls quickly went from the light blue tint to the light yellow tint.


Play – A play date occurred with my friend after a day of painting.


I still can’t get over how dark it is at 6:30 pm.


But a good meal was certain. I had the Buffalo Wings = Perfection!


Our boys were out of town on business – not a great shot, but it documents our lovely evening.


I’m happy the hubs wasn’t gone too long. And it makes me smile that he thinks of the littlest things he knows I like.


We’ve had 3 dates since his return Thursday. This is his Friday off week. And I consider this to be such a great weekend, it feels like vacation.


Now it’s time to wrap up this post, such that I can get back to our delightful weekend in progress.

Blessings – Debbie

Rustic Monday Travels

I spent a bit of time last evening mapping out all the places (along the Pacific coast) I wanted to stop. The hubs made sure all spots were correctly plotted on the GPS.


The Pacific ocean is near and dear to my heart. Image below taken with the cell phone. All other images in this post were taken with the “real” camera.

IMG_0089 copy

Clouds hover overhead.


Rugged cliffs – where I spent the morning breathing in and out, as the waves pounded the cliffs.


On up the road. I did shoot this photo from the driver’s seat. But I was at a traffic light, does that make it ok?


Another favorite stop.


I was so jazzed about my breakfast date. I found this cute little place on yelp. It had over the top amazing ratings. Sadly, the restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays. I made a note of it.


I did the next best thing. I spoke with a gal in passing along the sidewalk. We exchanged helloes followed by me asking where I could get a nice breakfast in the area.

She pointed me to a quaint hotel within walking distance.

This rustic place had me at hello.


And the ladies room was perfect to freshen up. Love the individual towels for drying hands.


On into the restaurant.


I asked to be seated on the patio.


What shall I have for breakfast?


First things first – Coffee


Breakfast is served, so yummy!


The road less traveled was just the ticket. There was no chance of interstate driving, it wasn’t an option.

I was in the driver seat while shooting this image too. Is it ok that I was completely stopped in the road? I had a clear view behind me (no cars) and my four way flashers were on during the shooting of this image.


And I stopped along the way to enjoy the moments. I pulled off the side of the road for the image below. Sometimes you just have to stop where there is only a little tiny side of the road to pull over. Just because.


However, I did make an unexpected – no parking zone stop (earlier) to snap a pic or two. And I may have made a certain someone unhappy, as the police arrived on the scene. I was lucky as the police had no problem. Other than it was obviously time for me to move along.

I’m thankful for rustic days like this. It gives a chance to view the world thru a clear fresh lens.

Blessings – Debbie

Monthly Health Update

Truth, this is all about coming clean about the things I’ve done. Be it good or bad.


For starters, I planned to have better days. But I didn’t.

Truthfully, I think I had a Panera Bread pumpkin muffin Every. Single. Weekend of the month. Sad but true. Good but bad.

We celebrated a birthday – cake and ice-cream was in order.

And Halloween came…

I hate to admit it, but I waited with great anticipation for the hubs to get home from work. Ok, that came out wrong…

You see, he was bringing the stash of Chocolates for the little ghosts and goblins. And I couldn’t wait to get my paws into the chocolates.

And I’m disgusted with the amount of chocolate consumed last evening. And happy the hubs took the remainder to work today.


But you know what I’m happy about?

While it’s been an up and down battle all month. I’m happy to report I was able to maintain the month of October.


I’ve also come to grips with the fact that I may not lose another pound this month.

We have big celebrations on the horizon and Thanksgiving will be thrown into the mix. And I’m good with being able to maintain.

Here we go into another month of celebrations. Hold ON!

Blessings – Debbie