Company’s Coming

And the place is a MESS!

But when a girl gets a last minute phone call from a girlfriend she hasn’t seen in 7 years. And her friend states she and her family will be in town (San Diego) over the weekend. A girl drops everything and opens her home no matter what shape it is in.

So the boys were back to work (yesterday) digging out that hill (left side of image).

Next goes the retaining wall.


The boys also picked up the pavers as we want to have a nice flat surface all the way thru.

Here’s the view earlier this week, notice the pavers?


Image below shows that the pavers were lifted + we had some areas that were no longer level so it was a perfect time to start again with a fresh clean slate.


After the retaining wall goes up. They will add gravel for the foundation, then add the sand over the top of the gravel to provide a nice even surface for the pavers.

One of the big workhorses for this project is the new duel wheel, wheelbarrow.


What a heavy load!


Next up. I wanted to share a picture of the strawberries we planted last weekend. We “hope” to keep the birds out. And to get a nice little bounty for ourselves. We’ll see…


My geranium makes me so happy! I can see it from the kitchen, and it seems to be happy in the garden. New buds are beginning to blossom.


On that note. I have a house to clean, laundry to tend and friends coming over tomorrow.

I’m one happy girl looking forward to the weekend.

Blessings – Debbie


I’m skeptical to use a 20% off the entire purchase coupon, when the coupon expired 5 months ago.

photo copy

 But it was a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.

And I’m told that Bed Bath & Beyond redeems coupons that have expired. News to me! I was still skeptical.

However, I thought it was worth a shot when I uncovered the expired 20% off entire purchase, coupon.

So I went to BB&B to stock up on my K Cups.

Then on my way to check-out, I noticed a hat (atop my head in the above pic) on a rack next to the check-out lane.

And it looked like just the hat I was looking for. I was in need of something to keep the sun off my face and neck during outdoor activity.

So I thought to myself, I may as well scoop it up with my coupon. So I piled the hat on too.

Guess what? The clerk took my coupon and applied the 20% off to my entire purchase.

Am I the only one who was not aware that BB&B redeemed expired coupons?

Goodness knows I won’t be tossing expired BB&B coupons in the future.

Cheers to expired discounts!

Blessings – Debbie

The Backyard Was Jacked

with a jackhammer yesterday.


It’s quite a powerful tool, as it pounded thru the granite rock.


It’s hard to shoot the magnitude of the job, but here’s an image up close to see a little better.


A pick…


was used to dig out major roots and the not so major roots.


And the flat shovel was used to…


make the area smooth. We still have a long way to go from start to finish, but progress makes us happy. Oh so happy!


A view from the upper terrace. We plan to extend the pavers over and carry on with the retaining wall.


And for a little pond reflecting today:

The fish seemed pretty skidish this morning.

This guy in particular. I took this image of him this morning and I haven’t seen him since. I’m pretty sad, as he was my favorite fish.


Now the fish are in hiding under a large rock area and I can’t get a count. I just hope they continue to take cover and pray I see my favorite little guy out and about tomorrow.

This is the only evidence I gathered floating around this afternoon.


All in all, I think the fish population will survive whatever comes our way. And if we must take matters into our own hands, I’m sure we will find another decoy to “help” keep those critters out.

Exciting News! I saw my first dragonfly (this season) around the pond today. I can’t express how exciting that was. Just so you know, I was in the middle of a conversation with the hubs when I interrupted the with “OH LOOK – A DRAGONFLY!” It pretty much went down just like that. Tee Hee, super exciting!

That’s all for today.

Blessings – Debbie

Hopeful Green Thumb Gardners

A few of the fun things we did this weekend.

For starters, the hubs had Friday off! I love our three day weekends.

It was a fun weekend to think about the garden and we talked more about the things we want to add.

Then we visited a nursery and had a very good vibe with the owners.

We shopped at the local Home Depot.

I picked up some plants and hanging baskets.


And planted some lavender. I love the fragrance of these plants.


Heck, I liked it so much that we made another run to replace the plant I potted in “the fish” weeks ago.

So far we’ve noticed – bees, butterfly and hummingbird attraction to this plant. I think we need more lavender.


We picked up another hangar, hanging basket and geranium. I had a hankering for a little splash of red up on the hill.


We hope to make this a happy home for the new plants.


We also planted a basket of strawberries.

And then we planted some seeds:

  • Beefsteak Tomato
  • Heirloom Tomato
  • Red Cherry Tomato
  • California Wonder Red Pepper
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon
  • Crimson Sweet Watermelon

We still have a few more things to plant, but we’re waiting for the right time.

In the last week, I noted the waterlilies making their way back. One thing I learned this year, is that the lily goes dormant in the winter (lily pads and flowers die) then produce new leaves and flowers in the spring. Cheers to signs of pads returning!

Off the subject of gardening and “switching gears” to my car.

It’s all better and back in our garage! Turns out it was the fuel pump. We’re happy to have it back and starting on command.

I’m thankful for the glorious weather, outdoor living, outdoor dining, open windows and gardening with the hubs this weekend.

Blessings – Debbie

It All Started at 10:30am

We’ve all had days like this. You know the kind of days I’m talking about. Or at least you may know what direction I’m going. It’s not the jolly of sorts direction. If you get my drift.

There were plans, yes plans to hit two grocery stores. Just because I can’t find everything we like in one place. And because I so happen to be out of things we needed at said two grocery stores.

Note the Bounty supply peeking over the back seat. That’s right after hitting up the said second grocery store.

PicCollage b

And when I finished up at the second grocery store, I was going to head home for the day.

Guess what? That’s when plans shifted ever so slightly. Turns out I wasn’t going anywhere, at least for a while.

My car would not start. So there I sat.

We try not to think the worst at times like this.

PicCollage copy 4 B

And hope for the best.


And smile because the hubs takes the damsel in distress call. He’s the BEST!


And he rescues me by picking me up (after a little while, as he had a meeting to attend) But still, It’s always nice to know I can count on him for anything, any time of the day or night.

And so he arrives at the second grocery store and we pile all the groceries from said two grocery stores into his car. Then I drop him back off to work. Then I run the food from two said grocery stores home to the fridge.

I was feeling extra blessed to have AAA.

So I call to let them know I need a tow to our mechanic. Then drove back to car to wait on the AAA guy to arrive.

Bye Bye car! Hope you feel better soon!


And I finally made it back home at 3:30 this afternoon.

Turns out I saved the best run of the day for last. As I have the hubs car and he’s going to need a ride home from work in a while.

I’m hopeful we have both cars back in the garage soon.

Blessings – Debbie

Happy Feet

For years, I’ve questioned if my feet would ever be happy while hiking.

For years (when hiking) there is always a visit with band-aids. It seems several toes require additional TLC.

I have “not so nice toes” that like to mess with the toes nearby. As the nail will cut toes next to them, from the friction and pounding when going downhill. And because my toes are not nice to each other.

It’s a sad day when I’m a couple of miles out when I realize – A) I forgot the band-aids today or – B) The band-aid is slipping off and beyond use.

Then is the part when I hobble with a bit of frustration. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Perhaps that is one reason why I’ve given up long daily hikes.

But you know? The answer came like a beautiful lightbulb moment. It’s the day I was talking with my friend (Beth). It’s the moment she told me about toesocks, of all things.

And the thought of combining my feet with toesocks was perfect, like bread and butter.

So I ran over to the shopping mall with high expectations. I searched high and low in every shoe store of the three story mall. And not one store had what I was looking for. What a let-down.

But then, just like that, I thought about our favorite place in the wide world to shop. AMAZON! Of course, they have everything. Don’t they?

I found this brand with high reviews and decided to make the plunge.

The order was placed Friday evening, and this pair was in our box yesterday afternoon. And I wore them all evening.


Later in the evening, the hubs asked “how do you like them?” I replied “so far so good, but I need to put some miles on them for the full review.”

And miles, oh the miles did I put on this pair of nifty socks today.

But I must say, it took me a little longer getting out the door than I wanted. I was skeptical. Worried – I don’t know if that that’s the right word. But something caused me to drag my butt.

          Images below – Shot with the cell phone this morning.

photo 1 copy copy

But I started out the front door and did not look back.

And before long, all I wanted to do is walk. Climb. Take it all in. And pray my feet would be happy for once.

photo 4 copy

As I reached the 1 mile mark, I had happy feet! And I had a brief inner challenge at that point to see if I could stretch for a 5 mile hike in the hood.

So I kept walking and walking. And the socks seemed to be holding up their end of the deal.

Stats for Today:

Distance 5.20 miles – Average speed – 2.7 MPH – Total Time (including the stops for pictures along the way) – 01:54:15 – Total Ascent/Descent (FT) – 837/844

I have Happy Feet, folks! And this my friends, makes me so very happy.

On that note, I think the pavement is going to be seeing a lot of me in the weeks and months to come.

Blessings – Debbie

A Moment

Sometimes we need a moment.

A moment of silence, a moment to recharge, a moment to regroup, a moment…

Whatever that moment of need is, we sometimes need to drop everything and take it.

I took a moment of silence on the blog over the weekend.

I spent many moments reading over the weekend. In fact, I read Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. What a great read! + it’s a good thing, as I’m ready on the early side for the book club this month.

The hubs and I devoted our weekend to relaxing moments. There was nothing pressing for either of us and the rest and relaxation = perfection.

We took the weekend moments to live in our jammies. Love moments like that when the only place we want to be is home sweet home.

My (Monday) morning moments were spent deadheading roses.


And taking images of the fallen.


And shooting images of ground cover in bloom.


And pretty much enjoying the morning in the garden.


Moments are spent one way or another.


And sometimes a good rest is all that is needed, to make our work week moments shine.

Blessings – Debbie

Love Inspired Images

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday! I hope this finds you doing well.

While reading thru my bloglines this morning, I came upon a post with “love” inspired images. Some shots were taken with hearts and chocolates and pretty much an assortment of fun, love infused, inspirational shots.


One shot was of a gal with heart shaped lips holding a chocolate. And since I don’t have chocolate in the house, I set out to create my own image holding a flower.


I have to say, today is the only day I’ve adorned my lips with a heart and probably the last. But it was fun!

Another love infused moment – from yesterday.

I enjoyed finding a home for our collection of matchboxes around the world. From Europe to Shanghai, South Korea, Japan, Hawaii and so many places in-between…


The hubs noticed when he walked in the door. And what a fun little memory lane moment it was.


And I loved shooting a couple images of the collection this morning. It’s a wonderful reminder and special keepsake of some of the places we’ve been.

And now I love to look forward to the weekend.

Today I’m wrapping up all the loose ends in the house and pretty much have everything back in order since our company. I’ll be making another quick grocery run and preparing for a fun filled weekend for – just the two of us.

Blessings – Debbie

Happiness Is

Getting my camera out and finding a fun subject (the dandelion) to shoot.


And blow the dandelion, then take another shot.


And cutting my bangs right before my lunch date. Well, not in the parking lot, but about 5 minutes before it was time to head out.

I really don’t think I’m ready to grow them out. But the rest of the hair continues to grow.

photo 1 copy

My girlfriend and I met (for lunch) at Panera Bread. Makes me happy.

And I was nearly half way finished with my lunch when I remembered to take a shot of my lunch. In case you did not read earlier, I’m doing my best to take images (this month) of  the food I eat when dining out. + I believe it will help to make healthy choices.

I had the turkey chili with an apple. And it was a delight to catch up with my dear buddy Sarah.

photo 2 copy

P.S. The above photo was manipulated in photoshop by using tools in the filter gallery to give an artsy look to a not so pretty picture. I’m still not so sure it looks artsy, but I went with it. 🙂

As for the rest of the day, food shopping and house work are well underway.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Days 4, 5, & 6

Confession, I’m filling this post with 3 days of confession. I intended to post each day while the company was here, but that proved harder than I thought.

I confess, I hit a rough patch on Day 4 and remained there thru day 6.

On day 4, I thought I would be able to enjoy a slice of fresh banana bread with the rest of the family and stay on track. So I indulged.


And just as I was feeling good about my choice (still gathered around the table finishing up our bread) the doorbell rang.

Not long after, three boxes were purchased. I threw in the towel and joined the group when this box was opened later in the day.

photo 2

And because it was “Super Bowl Sunday” I indulged in the BBQ brisker for dinner.

Day 5 was no better. I must confess more cookies were eaten. And a Mexican dinner complete with a ground beef taco, rice and beans + chips and salsa for me.

Day 6 (yesterday), the hubs and I took our guests to the airport. And the two of us were in the mood for a nice juicy burger.

So we stopped here on the way home.


And I had the burger (med well) piled high with all the yummy fixins’ + the best onions rings ever.

photo 5

On that note, that burger meal lasted me the whole day.

And this brings me to today.

I confess, I finally have a grip, but I gained just a little over 2 pounds in the last three days. But I’m back on the healthy train and moving along in the right direction.

I’ll be back with my health progress at the end of the month, or, sometime around the 1st of April.

Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 3

As the days go by, I’m surprised how easy it is to stay focused. I think it has something to do with being accountable to the blog.

My bro-in-law made his famous Swedish pancakes + bacon for the family this morning. I know they were as good as the last time I tasted his creation. This time, I had to pass. Instead, I had chobani yogurt, with the added crunch of Fiber One.

photo copyB

The hubs smoked this big guy (12.5 lb turkey) in the “Big Green Egg” this afternoon. We also served baked potatoes + roasted zucchini and squash + roasted Brussels sprouts + rolls. I had all the above minus the rolls = So Yummy!


Then, the rest of the family had a little apple pie a la mode. I served it up and while the guests satisfied their sweet tooth, I started in on the cleaning of the kitchen.


And then made a cup of coffee for myself to top off the lovely day.

Wow, I’m half way thru the “Six Days of Confession” and doing much better than I expected.


Blessings – Debbie

Six Days of Confession – Day 2

I confess – blogging every day seems a bit monumental while spending precious time with our out of town guests (the hubs sister and bro-in-law).

And I confess, I did not use my nice camera yesterday. I don’t know how I forgot it. And it kinda bums me out.

But the blog and confession must go on! So I got up this morning at 6:30, to post about confession Day 2 (yesterday).

Our morning was filled with long visits, garden strolls, coffee, tea and breakfast.

I confess, we went out to lunch. And our table ordered this appetizer. And I was the only person at the table keeping my paws “out” of the yummy spinach artichoke dip and chips.


The hubs sis trying one of his sweet potato fries.


And the bro-in-law sampling one of the hubs shrimp.


And the hubs confirming his shrimp po’ boy was amazing per usual.


And I enjoyed this nice bowl of black bean soup. And we all enjoyed the patio dining.


Then we were off to Point Loma.


It’s such a pretty place to take in the views of San Diego and beyond.


Too cute!


And then we were off to the other side of Point Loma – where the ocean meets the cliffs. Actually, the tide was out…


And nice enough to hike down to see the tide pools.


Down – down – down…


While we had a bit of a chilly day, we certainly enjoyed the sights and each other.


Then we were off – Passing thru Harbor Drive.


And snapping pix of whatever grabbed my attention.


And over the Coronado island bridge, I snapped a pic.


And we moved along to Hotel Del – one of the places we love to visit.

Anytime I see sandcastles on the beach, I have to take my shoes off to see what the fuss is about.


I like the detail…


And watching the artist carve love into his masterpiece.


What a pretty ending to our day.


What’s more? Well you know that car, the one everyone in your car is talking about? The one that stands out more than the rest? Well this is the car we chimed in stating it had the best paint job on the road. I secretly think its owned by an artist.


Then we headed back home. Visited some more, enjoyed a nice healthy salad for dinner and more guests (our daughter and her boyfriend) arrived after 9pm.

And more visiting, laughter and family love carried on thru the late evening hours.

This ends Confession – Day 2.

Blessings – Debbie