New Growth and Color in the Garden

Happy Weekend!

It’s an exciting weekend. We’re relaxing, enjoying each other and the fruits of our labor.

Early this morning, I snapped a few pictures to remember some of the things in bloom late January.

Last weekend we started our annual garden. We are thrilled to see our tomatoes already! Each day we take note of how much they are stretching towards the sunshine.


Our little daisies made an appearance too!


Out in the garden, the blossoms are many. The ice plant in full bloom.


What a delight to watch the ground cover that we planted last year. It is filling in beautifully.


Our birds are in full bloom too.


Even the tiny flowers on this rather large bush are so delicate yet colorful.


The honeysuccle adds such a punch of color on the upper terrace.


The roses tend to bloom year round in So Cal. Another bud getting ready to share its beauty.


While we enjoy the growth and beauty, it’s still a little on the chilly side to stay too long out doors in the early morning hours. We have mid to upper 60’s in the day and low to mid 40’s at night. Welcome to winter in southern CA. But we are not complaining.

While the seasons change, I’m thankful to find beauty along the way.

Blessings – Debbie

The Best of Both Worlds

Hey, hey peeps! Thanks for stopping by. Today I’m enjoying all things new and hope you are having a great day, wherever you are.

There are times we want the best of both worlds. And some days we can have it. And sometimes we only want the best of both worlds for just a bit.

IMG_2875 copy

Take for instance the days I wish for both long and short hair at the same time. Yesterday was not one of those days. No, I was done with long hair. Completely done!

So I found the scissors and cut to the approximate desired length/favorite  bob of all time on one side, while I waited hours for my hair appointment to finally arrive.

Note: this is not the first time I’ve pulled a stunt like this. Teehee.

But what was I thinking? I had errands to run before my hair appointment. Oh well, I walked out the door with my head held high, knowing I was living the dream of long and short hair for just a day. And passers by may have looked at the half bob on one side and all the long hair and thought to themselves. “Could this be the new do for 2016?” I doubt it but it was fun to think when someone may or may not have looked my way thinking crazy lady right there.

IMG_2856 copy copy

Do not do said mentioned above “IF” you have not given ample time to think about said decision. I gave it about 6 months of strong desires to get rid of it.

My reasons vary as to why I wanted it off. The heat of summer and hair on my neck do not get along. Which is one of the reasons I was trying to wait out the winter before cutting. It’s constantly in the way and I’m not a fan of wearing it up all the time, especially when I’m sleeping. Not an option. I became a slave to long hair and kept it around because I really like long hair.

My reasons for cutting it off are simple, I really like short hair too. And I’m certain in a couple of years, I will want the best of both worlds again.

IMG_2882 copy

Until then, I’m enjoying the carefree days of short hair.

How about you, do you make quick decisions? Do you take the time to think things out? Do you make crazy decisions and jump head first into your decision before the desired help has arrived?

Good stuff to think about, No?

Blessings – Debbie

Happy New Year

Much has happened between now and the time I last posted.

I feel like I’ve been sick for way too long. From dealing with muscle issues in my back for a couple of months to catching a cold on Christmas night. It finally feels good to have the old me back.

A big Happy New Year shout out from our home to yours!


Little reminders from the last couple of months.

This friendly reminder was shot at the salon. A nice reminder that shows how they love to treat their customers.


A nice reminder of my love for putting all things Christmas up on the day after Halloween. Better known as November 1st. It makes perfect sense to enjoy those evenings when the time change hits and makes the world dark before it should.

IMG_2647 2

The best reminder of family. We traveled to see family for thanksgiving. What a special treat to have my two siblings, all nieces and nephews. Our nephew and his new bride. Our nephew and his fiancé, mom and dad and my grandma. Talk about great memories with family, it doesn’t get any better.


A reminder as I was getting ready to have my bookclub friends over to discuss our 2016 schedule.


A reminder of the morning beverages for the girls.


And a little reminder of the fruit bowl and other morning snacks (brownies and biscotti) on the dining room table. Following our morning meeting, we girls headed to Olive Garden for a wonderful lunch and more fellowship.


A reminder of the hubs amazing smoked brisket over his 2 week Christmas holiday. Loved spending those two weeks together around home sweet home.

While I don’t have a photo of the amazing chili he made with the brisket leftovers, I will never forget how wonderful it was. I rank it as the best chili ever made.


I don’t have a reminder picture of the fish we purchased for our pond, but I’ll never forget that wonderful experience with the hubs over Christmas. If you are reading this, My Love, Thank You!

A reminder of carolers on Christmas day.


A pretty reminder of where we sat enjoying our Christmas dinner. The view of ice-skating beneath the palm trees with an ocean view, what a delight.


A beautiful reminder of how we stayed until nearly sunset. We savored desert and slowly ever so slowly sipping my coffee while visiting with the hubs and taking in the view.


Approximately 2 hours after our Christmas dinner, I told the hubs “I feel a sore throat coming on”. And on the morning of December 26th, I woke  to a sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy head sort of cold. The sort of cold where the hubs dropped everything and took care of me. After the 1st week, I told the hubs, “This feels like a 3 week cold”. Turns out, it was a 3 week cold.

A reminder of how pretty it was one morning as the sun came up. Especially since it rained the day before. A reminder of how the hubs made me promise to stay inside while I was sick. A reminder of my view from the sofa where I sat feeling miserable from my cold that morning. A reminder that I obeyed and took this image from inside the house. Thank you for taking care of me, My Love. And bringing medicine to me when I did not feel like moving. You’re the BEST!


Our New Years Reminder – I was still sick, but we watched the ball drop at Times Square, per usual. We kissed, yes, the hubs kisses me, even when I’m sick. And wished each other a Happy New Year. And chose to get an early start on sleep that night. No staying up for us until the New Year on the west coast, when we can watch it ring in on the east coast.

While I only have a few reminders in picture form, I’m thankful for the blessings of family, love and feeling back to my old self again.

Happy New Year!

Blessings – Debbie