A Thanksgiving To Remember

Hubby and I have a Thanksgiving tradition.  The tradition revolves around sleeping in, getting all pretty and driving to the place where our reservations were made.  I suppose it has to be one of my/our newer favorite traditions.  Here are the perks:  no cooking ~ no leftovers ~ no mess ~ no clean up ~ where the two of us enjoy each other and the day.  I’m so happy we started this tradition a number of years ago.

Where hubby and I spent our Thanksgiving, The Hotel Del.

I was able to catch a break in the clouds when the sun came out for a spell.  May I insert that it was so cool to be barefoot on the beach on Thanksgiving?

Blending Christmas decor with Thanksgiving seems the thing to do and now I can’t imagine not blending the two.


The food was amazing!

In fact, there wasn’t room enough to try everything.  But I’m sure it was all cooked to perfection.

The dinner music was so lovely…

And the ambiance was perfect.

Hubby and I were lucky enough to have this window seat, looking out to the ocean.

There was ice skating in paradise.

And a very happy couple.  We spent a good 4 1/2 hours and enjoyed everything all the way around…

As I wake from fond memories of Thanksgiving, I’m so thankful we have no treats lurking around to tempt me.

I’m thrilled to announce that I lost a little more weight during Thanksgiving week.  To be exact 2.2 pounds!  I also measured my waist this morning to see how I’m coming along.  Turns out, my waist is a whole 5″ smaller so far this year.  I’m so thankful for that too!

It’s been a great year and so far, I’ve reached my weight loss goal and then some.  This was done by setting mini goals + reaching them + continuing to set mini goals = success.

But the most exciting key I have in my pocket is the fact that hubby is right here doing it with me.  He’s my biggest fan and for that, I’m grateful.  I wouldn’t be where I am on this journey without him.  We both look forward to reaching our goals and keeping this healthy lifestyle for life.

May we continue to give thanks long after Thanksgiving.  May we continue to love and appreciate our loved ones.  And may we never forget WHO has given us these blessings.  Thank you Jesus!

Blessings – Debbie

3 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving To Remember

  1. Debbie-Love the pic of you two together! Glad you had a fab Thanksgiving dinner together. That place is gorgeous! You look great BTW!!!

  2. You and the Hubs look amazing!! SoCal living is really agreeing with you both! : )
    The pictures were fantastic from The Del – the food looked incredible. You Stewarts have got it right.. skip all the work and there are no left overs to indulge in afterwards!! Kudos!

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