The Flower Fields of Carlsbad, CA

As morning coffee was sipped, the thought came to me of getting out and doing something today.  I had a couple of thoughts A – Drive up to the mountains for a peak at the snow or B – Drive to The Flower Fields.

It turned into a short tug-of-war.  The strings of my heart tugged towards the flowers, a place where I could roam.  50 acres of flowers, it sounded wonderful.

The question when I arrived was, which way to turn.

The path along the way was perfection.

And the flowers were strikingly beautiful.

Beautiful flowers, stretching as far as the eye could see.

There were rides – Hello there sir!

And I was happy as a clam to be in the midst of it all.

What a jolly man.

So jolly.  And what a treat to see the pacific ocean from this spot too.

I like how this guy waved when he noticed the camera.

Be still my heart…The color of Carlsbad is amazing.

How many petals can a flower have?

I’d like to think that for every flower, there’s a smile.

The sweet pea maze is so cool.  There was every color imaginable climbing the fence.

Twas fun!

Hey, another tractor – What a great team of men and women working such that visitors could have a great experience.  And what a cool way to see the flowers.  I opted to stay on foot.  I got to stop and enjoy the flowers when I wanted + get my exercise.

Known for their 50 acres of flowers, I’m impressed with all the amazing things they do to make their fields shine.

Today made my 2nd annual trip to the fields.  I’m thinking this will turn into an annual tradition for years to come.

My heart is full and running over with joy.

Blessings – Debbie

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