Happy Thanksgiving

Wha??? It appears I’m having difficulty keeping up with my blog these days. So let’s take a step back to Thanksgiving as Christmas will be here soon.

Hubby and I have celebrated Thanksgiving the last 5 years by making reservations and cutting back on the mess as it’s just the two of us. It has proved to be such a great experience and by now it feels like Thanksgiving. It’s a big treat for me and hubby would have it no other way.

This year we celebrated at The Del Coronado Hotel

What a beautiful place

Almost castle like

My dearest and me in “The Crown Room”

We got down to business with a yummy slice of turkey

And didn’t hesitate to jump right in to the fixin’s ~ lots of good stuff under those lids, let me tell ya.

Everything so beautifully displayed

There was a section of nothing but salads.

I didn’t get too cozy with the salad on Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I like/love salad but tried saving all the space for the stuffing, turkey, deserts and the like…

More food along the line of appetizers

I wanted to try clams in the worst way but I didn’t even go for them. If it’s not a food I relate to on Thanksgiving, I don’t touch it. The meal was amazing and the food was all cooked to perfection. This is definitely a place I would eat Thanksgiving dinner over and over again.

Can’t believe I didn’t get some shots of the deserts. All I know is that the pecan AND pumpkin pies were delightful!

A little pumpkin décor

in the midst of Christmas decorations

Our dinner music was lovely

Up close

After dinner ~ looking through little shop windows in the hotel

Pretty flakes strung up in the windows

The wood detail inside made a statement, we even met the gentleman whose company fabricated the wood for the hotel.

We truly enjoyed every facet of our day. And this makes another Thanksgiving dinner we won’t forget.

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